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					                              GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND

                        TENDER NOTICE NO. : 09/2007 – 08

1.    NAME OF WORK                     :         Construction of Bridge across river in between
                                                 Meghatari and Karhraiya and bridge across Dumuhiya
                                                 in – between gram Gadhibad and Dumardeeh in
                                                 Koderma district.

                                                                   Amount of       Cost of
Sl.                                                                                                Time of
               Name of Bridge Work               Estimated Cost     Earnest        Tender
No.                                                                                               Completion
                                                                    Money         Document
 1     Construction of Bridge across
       river in between meghatari and
       karhraiya and bridge across
                                                   217.01 Lacs     4,34,100.00        10,000.00   12 Months
       Dumuhiya in – between gram
       gadhibad and dumardeeh in
       koderma dist.

2.    Officer inviting Tender / Bid                   :     Executive Engineer,
                                                            Rural Development Special Division, Koderma

3.    Period of sale of tender document              :      From 04.03.2008 to 10.03.2008

4.    Last date and time for receipt of bid           :     Date : 11.03.2008 Upto 15.00 Hrs (03.00 PM)

5.    Date and time of opening of tender / bid        :     Date : 11.03.2008, Time : 16.00 Hrs. (04:00PM)

6.    Place of sale of tender / bid documents         :     1.    Chief Engineer’s Office,
                                                                  Rural Development Special Zone
                                                                  F.F.P Bhawan, Dhurwa, Ranchi

                                                            2.    Superintending Engineer’s Office
                                                                  Rural Development Special Circle

                                                            3.    Executive Engineer’s Office
                                                                  Rural Development Special Division,

7.    Place of receipt and opening of tender / bid : District Control Room, Ranchi.

8.    Earnest money as mentioned as Sl. (1) be attached in form of 8/6 year NSC (8th Issue) from the Post
      Office of Jharkhand 3/5 year Post Office time deposit or bank guarantee of any Nationalized Schedule
      Bank situated in Jharkhand State valid upto 2 years from the date of opening of tender in favour of
      Executive Engineer, Rural Development Special Division, Koderma.
9.    Tenderer or his authorized representatives may choose to be present at the time of opening of technical
10.   Contractor registered in R.D.D. / R.E.O. can only participate in tender. At the time of buying the tender
      documents the photocopy of registration, income tax clearance certificate, sales tax clearance certificate,
      labour license and character certificate must be attached with application.

11.   The price of tender document is Rs. 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand) only which is non – refundable and must
      be in the form of bank draft in the four of Executive Engineer, Rural Development Special Division,
      Koderma payable at Koderma.

12.   The work is to be done on “Turn Key Basis”. The D.P.R, drawing etc. available in the Department may
      be seen in the office of the undersigned on any working day for reference only. The Contractor,
      however, is required to make his own design and drawing and drawings based on his survey,
      investigations etc. at site which will have to be approved by Chief Engineer, Rural Development Special
      Zone, F.F.P Bhawan, Dhurwa, Ranchi.

13.   Work details are as follows : -

                                                              Approximate       Carriage       Total Length
                     Name of Bridge Work                      Total Length      Width of       of Approach
                                                               of Bridge        Deck Slab          Road
 1                               2                                   3               4                5
 1     Construction of Bridge across river in between
       meghatari and karhraiya and bridge across                                               200 M in each
       Dumuhiya in – between gram gadhibad and                    162 M            7.5 M          Bridge
       dumardeeh in koderma district.                          (108M & 54M)

14.   Time of Completion : 12 Months

15.   Tenderers must have experience of bridge work of total length 162 M out of which length of one bridge
      must be of 81 M having raft / well / pile / open type of foundation etc.

16.   Tenderes are advised to visit the bridge site (on their own cost) to study the details and conditions of
      work site.

17.   Tender is based on “Two Envelope System” of “Technical” and “Financial Bids”. Financial Bid of only
      technically qualified contractors shall be opened.

18.   The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject tender without assigning any reason thereof.

19.   The details of the terms and conditions of the tender may be seen in tender / bid document which will be
      a part of agreement (F2).

20.   The department will not supply / provide any construction equipment and materials such as roller,
      cement, steel etc.

21.   Work is to be executed on the basis of guidelines and provisions of MORT & H specifications and IRC

22.   The contractor is required to establish his own fully equipped and functional quality control laboratory
      at the site of work before execution of the work for quality control test.

23.   Tenderer will be not allowed to sublet the work and it found doing so his agreement will be rescinded
      and will be recommended for black listing.
24.   Consultancy fee for preparation of D.P.R. will be deducted as 1% of D.P.R. value from the 1 st on a/c bill
      of the contractor and no payment will be made to the contractor for this separately.

25.   Normally, no time extension shall be granted, except extraordinary conditions arises. After schedule
      time of completion the payment will be made after deduction of 10% (Ten percent) of the agreement

26.   Work will be not allotted to such tenderer whose previous work is pending or working is unsatisfactory.

27.   During allotment of new work to the tenderer his work load in Rural Development Department (R.E.O
      & M.G.S.Y) will be considered as per his financial capacity and availability of tools and plants.

28.   Postal tender will be also accepted so that it may reach to the offices mentioned in Sl.(6) before the due
      date and time.

                                                                       Executive Engineer
                                                                Rural Development Special Division