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					General Medical Officer (GMO) Manual: Administrative Section

Convalescent leave
Department of the Navy
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

(1) Introduction

Convalescent leave (CONLEAVE) is the term used to describe a period of authorized absence (usually 30 days or
less). This is part of the care and treatment prescribed for a member's recuperation or convalescence (i.e. surgery).
CONLEAVE is granted to members in a medical treatment regiment, after release from an inpatient episode of care.
Such leave is not chargeable to a member's leave account. There is only one period of CONLEAVE per
hospitalization, but it can be renewed upon approval of Head, Patient Administration. (Note: CONLEAVE may be
granted up to 42 days after childbirth.)

(2) Recommendations

This type of leave is not granted to patients with disciplinary action or separation proceedings. CONLEAVE is
granted by the member's commanding officer upon recommendation of the medical officer. However, under certain
circumstances it can be granted by the military treatment facility (MTF) commanding officer. Physicians should be
diligent in recommending CONLEAVE so that the period is adequate for the patient's recovery.

A physician may recommend convalescent leave after an outpatient or ambulatory procedure visit. Particularly
contagious diseases where sick in quarters (SIQ) may not be appropriate. It still would need to be granted by the
member's command or the MTF commander/commanding officer if the member is attached to a ship that is out at
sea, or if a member is assigned to a remote duty station. In any case the member's command will be notified.

(3) Final points

    (a) The MTF having medical cognizance over members in a civilian hospital or Jackson Amendment Facility
        will grant the CONLEAVE. Lastly, administrators of Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) facilities can
        grant CONLEAVE.

    (b) Members placed on CONLEAVE must return to the MTF at the end of the leave period for further

    (a) NAVMEDCOMINST 6320.3


    (c) MILPERSMAN article 3020020

    (d) MILPERSMAN article 3020360

    (e) DoD Directive 1327.5 of September 24, 1985

Reviewed by LCDR Robert A. Rahal, MSC, USN, Assistant Specialty Leader for Patient Administration, Bureau
of Medicine and Surgery, Washington, D.C. (1999).