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									                       Single Status Steering Group Minutes
                                15th November 2007
                           Lawrence House, Nottingham
Attendees:   Gareth Harries     NCC Single Status Project Manager
             Liz Dobson         NCC Head Of Catering & Facilities
             Gary Ward          Unison Representative
             Christina Sanna    Unison Representative
             Chris Hill         Unison Representative
             Kirsty Spencer     Snr Job Analyst, Single Status Project
             Debbie Ellis-Perry On behalf of GMB
             Ozzie Taylor       T&G Representative
             Nicola Burton      Equality & Diversity Consultant
             Liz Willett        Single Status Project
             Dave Green         GMB Representative

Minutes                                                      Action      Deadline

1. Apologies

Gary Chambers        GMB Representative
Mick Till            T&G Representative
Ben Browne           NCC Director

2. Minutes Of Last Meeting/Matter Arising

Following information to supersede previous

GW was not at previous meeting.

Update on JE, JNC Youth Workers:

CS expressed concerns that JNC (Joint Negotiating
Committee) Youth Workers will be excluded and NJC
(National Joint Council) Youth Workers will be included as
both are on the same Job Description. GH believes that
JNC Youth Workers are included in the Job Evaluation

GH to provide CS with clarification at a separate time.         GH         Next Meeting

Sign Off Job Evaluation Rank Order: (2nd paragraph).

GW stated that one job was found twice on the hierarchy
scoring differently in each evaluation. KS stated that one
of the evaluations was to be disestablished. GW is not
confident with this particular data due to this instance.

Appeals (3rd Paragraph)

Appeals panel members need to be looked at and training
given. CS states that Moderation Panel members or Job
Analysts should not be included on the appeals panel due
to their involvement in the original evaluations.

Re-grade Under Existing Scheme

CS stated no cut off point for re-grades under the existing

Other Business (2nd Paragraph)

Clarification needed regarding pay modelling.

Other Business (3rd Paragraph)

Trade Unions will not strike over Job Evaluation

OT states concerns regarding communication on Single
Status as staff do not know where they stand. Members
should have regular communication including future goals
and timescales.

LD and GH to discuss methods of communicating with            LD GH   TBC
inaccessible staff.

3. Update on Job Evaluation

A few new Jobs are filtering through to the Single Status
Team e.g. Registrars have changed and are now under
NJC Terms and Conditions. These posts are to be

Baselining to be checked again to make sure all posts are
covered by an evaluation.

KS stated a process is needed to ensure HR makes Single
Status Team aware of these new/amended posts. GH
stated that the Moderation Panel would need to be
reconvened to moderate these new posts.

4. Sign Off

CS stated position has not moved. No analysis on the
Rank Order between February and July. Too many
changes. CS understands why these changes are but
cannot sign it off for those reasons.
OT requested an up to date Rank Order. KS to distribute.      KS   Next meeting

GH, regarding the Moderation Panel, feels a member of
Unison should be a part of the Panel. Andy from TWU
could also perhaps sit on the Panel. KS confirms that after
initial training of new members the Moderation Panel
would need to meet for approximately 1 afternoon a

OT to request and advise the Single Status Team if this is    OT   Next meeting

5. Moderation of Waste Management and Street Scene

Neighbourhood Services restructure. Dawn Dickens and
John Robinson have worked together and this will not
happen in time for Single Status. KS stated that the ‘old’
evaluations will require moderation before they are re-
established to ensure these are robust and consistent with
the jobs in the rank order.

It was agreed that a new unison representative would be
identified to sit on the Panel and that training would be

It was agreed that a Unison representative would be
identified to sit on the Panel and that training would be

OT worried that restructure is now not going ahead. LD
assures OT that restructured is not halted, just taking
longer than the Single Status Project.

Pay Modelling

GH hoping early December to sit with Unions to look at
pay models. CS stated Unions needs training on this, GH
explains that instead of Pay Model Software, Excel has
been used as is more accurate and much quicker so
separate training should not be needed.

CS states that for the appeals process Management will
publish the GLPC scheme as previously stated by BB. GH
stated that this must be referred to BB for a decision on
Gender Pay Gap - templates

GH raised the issue of the gender breakdown information
required by national office. CS confirmed that there were
templates available and agreed to forward these to GH.        CS   Next meeting

GH stated that he and NB are to undertake an equal pay
audit post implementation. LW made the point that
implementation of Single Status would resolve equal pay
issued but not eradicate the gender pay gap because this
is caused by other factors such as the glass ceiling and
women’s work life balance and commitments. GH stated
that these would need to be addressed through other
means, e.g. changes to policy.

CS stated that the equal pay audit must be joint and

CS would like the appeals process previously sent, re-

GH states some amendments made to sheet previously            GH   Next meeting
sent but will distribute.

CS requests that Trade Unions meet separate to the
Steering Group to discuss appeals further.

OT requests an update and timetable. GH states
communication recently put in Impact magazine which
needs to be cascaded. LW advises that Single Status
team can be booked to attend team meetings to brief on
project status and answer questions. KS should be
contacted to book. KS stated Chris Handbury from
Eastcroft Building had already organised a briefing for his
team leaders.

GH to discuss with BB more communication even if no           GH      TBC
new news.

KS states only positive feedback from briefings.

6. Any Other Business



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