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                                 Cal Maritime

Welcome to California Maritime Academy, a campus of the California State University
system. The University is under a regulatory mandate, AB 75, which requires us to
reduce or recycle 50% of our waste. As part of the University’s new waste diversion
efforts, and as a partner with the City of Vallejo on its recycling efforts, we have
implemented an integrated office waste and recycling program at the campus. Here’s
how it works . . . .

In addition to your regular desk side bin for trash, you have been provided with a blue
desk side recycling bin for ALL of your:

          non-confidential paper (all colors)
          glass
          plastic
          bottles
          cans

NOTE: we now have larger blue recycling containers for you to
place ALL of your recyclables.

The Custodians empty both the trash and recycling containers every morning. Make
sure not to put anything dangerous (like broken glass) in either container.

Your participation in the recycling program is greatly appreciated. If you have any
questions about the Cal Maritime recycling program, please call Facilities Management
at (707) 654-1120.

And remember -- if it’s messy; put it in the trash container!