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					Difference between
    1) primary,secondry,super key
    2) File processing and DBMS
    3) Instances and schema
    4) Mapping cardinalities and weak entity sets
    5) Aggregation and specialization

 Explain Transaction management

 What is server side script, CGI, JDBC, ODBC, DBA, Internet database?

 Define types of normalization?
 Explain triggers, active database and joins?

 List the usefulness of acid properties?

 What is relation and relation schema? Discuss the various update operations on

 E-R model to represent database?

 Q) Consider the following schema
    Employee (fname, iname, ssn, bdate, address, sex, salary, dnum)
    Department (dname, dnum, ssn, startdate)
    Project (pname, pnum, plocation, dnum)
    Works_on (ssn, pnum, hours)
    The key field are underlined
 Write the following queries in relational algebra

 a) Find all employees whose department is 4 or salary > $3000
 b) Find the ssn of all employees who work either in department 5 or directly supervise
   an employee who works in department on all projects
 c) Find the name of the manager of each department

 Q) Queries in sql
 Queries of group by, order by functions can come?
 One question of writing query is going to come?