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									                          Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook     1

Jack Kemp Community School
                   Student Handbook
                      2008 - 2009

Principal: Mrs. J. Magdanz                Vice-Principal: Mr. B. Thomas

                   3701 – 47TH AVENUE
                         S9V 1K9
                  PHONE: (306) 825-9394
                     Website: http://jackkemp.lpsd.ca/
                                    Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook                 2
                      JACK KEMP SCHOOL STAFF                  2008-2009
Principal           Mrs. J. Magdanz               Vice-principal           Mr. B. Thomas
Community School Coordinator                      Mrs. C. Ference
Differentiation Coach                             Mrs. P. Mather

Secretary             Mrs. R. Smith                 Secretary/TA           Mrs. I. Davis
Second Steps          Mrs. L. Weber                 Second Steps/Aux. K    Mrs. A. Fallscheer
Kindergarten          Ms. K. Strilchuk              Grade 1                Mrs. D. Creech
Grade 1               Mrs. D. Laing                 Grade 1                Miss. S. Rugland
Grade 2               Mrs. A. Wirachowsky           Grade 2                Mrs. L. Gareau
Grade 2, 3, 4         Mrs. M. Faber                 Grade 3                Mrs. A. Willard
Grade 3               Mrs. C. Oestreicher           Grade 4                Miss. L. Vancha
Grade 4               Mrs.G.Hanson/Mrs.A.Breitkreuz Grade 5                Ms. H. Weaver
Grade 5               Ms. L Palko                   Grade 5/6              Mrs. D. Block
Grade 5/6             Mr. R. Block                  Grade 6                Mrs. C. Popowich
Grade 6               Mr. D. Richter                French                 Miss A. Nordby
French                Mrs. D. Harris                Band                   Mr. M. Kurpjuweit
EST                   Mrs. S. Stephens              EST                    Mrs. L. Hastings-Smith
Teacher-librarian     Mrs. G. Hanson                School Counselor       Ms. H. Friedman
TA                    Mrs. B. Chisholm              TA                     Mrs. J. Dembicki
TA                    Mrs. N. French                TA                     Mrs. P. Grelowski
TA                    Mrs. B. Haugen                TA                     Mrs. C. Hollington
TA                    Mrs. B. Holman                TA                     Mrs. S. Howrie
TA                    Mrs. C. Jack                  TA                     Mrs. J. Smith
TA                    Mrs. T. Stienley              TA                     Ms. L. VanMeter
TA                    Mrs. L. Watchel               TA                     Mrs. G. Whitrow
TA                    Ms. C. Yawney                 Head Custodian         Mrs. L Davidson
Custodian             Mrs. D. Desmarais             Custodian              Ms. J. Curry
Custodian             Mrs. D. Brown                 Custodian              Mrs. M. Graham

                          LLOYDMINSTER SCHOOL DIVISION
                           5017 – 46 St. Lloydminster, AB.
                                    780 875-5541

Director                                         Dr. M. Diachuk
Assistant Directors                              Mr. Robinson/Mr. Claire

                                  Communication Strategies

Please use this agenda to communicate with your child’s teacher or feel free to telephone the
                 school with any important information, issues, or concerns.

  Checkout our school website for information on upcoming events in the school and in your
                        child’s classroom http://jackkemp.lpsd.ca/

     Please feel welcome to drop by the school to visit with your child’s teacher or school
                                     Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook                     3
Dear Parents and Students,

The staff would like to welcome you to Jack Kemp Community School where everyone takes
responsibility for learning. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you and your child.

We look forward to a productive and enriching year for the staff and students alike. We
welcome you to visit our school and attend the many planned programs during the school year.
You are always welcome to visit your child’s classroom and/or have lunch with them in their
classroom. Being involved at school sends many positive messages to your child.

The “Student Handbook” is filled with information which will be helpful to you and your child.
Please take time to become familiar with the information. Discussing the contents with your
child will help them understand the policies and procedures developed for all students.

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office anytime you have
a question, suggestion, or concern. Working together, we can make Jack
Kemp a remarkable school for your child.


Jack Kemp Community School Staff


    Jack Kemp School is proud to be a Community School. Community Schools follow the
    same academic standards within the classrooms as other schools, but go beyond
    offering activities and programs to students and families with a variety of needs and
    interests. Jack Kemp Community School is home to a wide range of student programs
    such as Cultural Club, Youth Center, SPCA Club, Hip Hop, Fun Night in the Gym and
    many, many more.

    The Community School concept fosters cooperation and partnership of parents, staff,
    students and communities to help meet the needs of the whole child. Our school
    partners with various agencies to bring programs to Jack Kemp School such as 1-2-3
    Rhyme with Me & Books for Babies (Lloydminster LEARN) and the In-School
    Mentoring Program (Big Brothers and Big Sisters). We support and encourage learning
    at any age and provide opportunities for parents to continue learning through
    Community Kitchens, Mom’s Helping Out, and by attending School Community Council

    Jack Kemp School values the importance of community so it is not uncommon to find
    our school hosting a BBQ, a family literacy night, or a family dance. Our activities are
    always changing so we invite you to come and see what our Community School has to
                                    Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook               4
                                  Positive Behaviour Plan

The focus for behaviour at Jack Kemp is RESPECT. We will actively teach students what
respecting property, respecting others and respecting yourself, looks like and sounds like.

Home and school alike share the responsibility for teaching students appropriate, acceptable
behaviour. By working together, we can help students build responsibility, self-respect and
respect for others.

While students behave acceptably and responsibly most of the time, we recognize that on
some occasions, a student may err in judgment regarding his/her behaviour. In these
instances, a Behaviour Plan will be sent home. The Behaviour Plan allows the student time to
reflect on their behaviour and their responsibility in the situation, as well as make a plan on
what they can do next time so that they continue to respect the beliefs of the school. It also
gives us an outlet to inform parents of the behaviour and an opportunity to work together to
encourage positive behaviours.

                                    Jack Kemp
                                 Community School

                             P                          Y
                             R             O            O
                             O             T            U
                             P             H            R
                             E             E            S
                             R             R            E
                             T             S            L
                             Y                          F


       The steps outlined above will be followed under most circumstances. Should a
         student act in a violent manner to another student or participate in an act of
     vandalism or theft, they could be placed on an in-school suspension immediately, or
                          it could result in an out-of-school suspension
                                 Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook               5

SCHOOL HOURS                               MEDICATION
8:35                   Supervision begins  As a general rule, the school will NOT
8:55 a.m.              Bell                DISPENSE MEDICATION OF ANY KIND.
10:15 - 10:30 a.m.     Recess              Parents or guardians requesting school
11:45 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.Lunch               assistance with regard to a child’s medical
2:00 - 2:15 p.m.       Recess              needs will be required to complete the
3:30 p.m.              Dismissal           “Administration    of    Medication/Medical
2:30 p.m.             Wednesday dismissal  Assistance Form” outlining the nature of the
                                           medical needs of their child and the
EARLY DISMISSAL                            requested assistance.      Any medication
Jack Kemp Community School has early should come to school in pre-measured
dismissal every Wednesday. Your child will doses.
be dismissed one hour early. The country
                                           LUNCH HOUR
buses run at the same time most
                                           Lunchroom supervision is provided. Lunch
Wednesdays so centers are available for supervision is typically done by staff
students on country buses. On the fourth
                                           members. Students begin to eat their lunch
Wednesday of each month all buses run
                                           at 11:45 a.m. and should remain in the room
one hour early.                            for at least 20 minutes. After lunch, the
                                               students are expected to go out and enjoy
Early dismissal days are for the purpose of
                                               the playground.
providing staff collaboration time focused on Students who bring lunch are not to leave
improving practice in order to improve
                                               the school premises during the noon hour
student achievement.
                                               without written permission from their parents
                                               or guardians.
                                               Lunch students who chronically misbehave
Regular attendance is important to your
                                               at noon will have to make alternate
child’s success in school and is required by arrangements for the lunch hour.
law. When students are absent they miss
out on important skills and there can be an
                                               MILK PROGRAM
impact on their academic achievement. If Jack Kemp Community School has a daily
your child is absent, please contact the
                                               milk program. Prices are $.60 per portion or
                                               $6.00 for 10 purchases.         Students can
                                               purchase white milk or chocolate milk.
When a student is tardy, he/she must report
to the office before going to class.
SCHOOL FEES & SUPPLIES                         Parents are invited and encouraged to
A school fee of $20.00 will be charged to all become volunteers at school. We welcome
students in Grades 1 to 6. Grade 6 band will your involvement in the educational process.
require an extra $15.00 for their band book
                                               ACCIDENT INSURANCE
                                               The Lloydminster School Division carries a
                                               basic accident insurance plan for its
DIVISION”                                      students.           Parents     are
 There may be variations in class
                                               encouraged to carry additional
requirements. Each student will be given a
                                               coverage. The school principal
list of supplies at their grade level. A small has     information    about     an
fee may be collected for supplemental
                                               available plan for your family.
materials needed for some projects.
                                 Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook                      6

DRESS CODE                                      SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL
Students should come to school clean and        The      Jack      Kemp       School
tidy and dressed appropriately. Bathing suit    Community Council encourages
tops, shirts with spaghetti straps or halter    participation of all parents to work
tops are not acceptable. Shirts and pants       together to make a successful
must meet at the waistline. Shirts with         educational experience for all students. The
questionable imprints are not appropriate for   focus of the school community council is to
school dress. These include such things as      be in touch with what is happening in the
beer and liquor advertising, suggestive         school. As a school community council we
language, pictures of excessive violence,       work to support our children’s education.
All students are required to have two pairs     FRESH AIR POLICY
of shoes at school; one pair for inside and     Learning happens best when children’s
gym use, the other pair for outside use only.   minds are clear. We encourage all students
All students will be encouraged to wear         to get fresh air at each recess break so that
shoes while inside the building. This helps     their minds are clear and ready to learn. If
promote a healthy lifestyle and makes the       the weather is inclement indoor activities will
children aware that fire drills can occur at    be available. During the winter months, days
any time. Bare feet are not acceptable due      below -20oC will be indoor days.
to health concerns.
                                                SCHOOL BUS REGULATIONS
Report cards are sent home at the end of   1. Be at your bus stop on time.
each grading period in November, March     2. Remain in your seat.
and June. If you have questions or concerns3. No eating on the bus.
about your child’s progress, you are asked 4. Do not throw anything from the window.
to contact the teacher.                    5. No obscene language.
                                           6. No rough housing with other students.
PARENT/ TEACHER CONFERENCES                7. Respect for operators and supervisors is
Conferences can be an effective means of expected.
communicating the progress of your child 8. Inappropriate behavior will be reported to
and can be scheduled by either the parent the school principal.
or teacher.
                                           LUNCH HOUR EXPECTATIONS
Parent/teacher conferences for all parents
                                           Students will be expected to eat lunch in
are held twice during the school year. We their desks in their homeroom class. They
encourage you to take advantage of these
                                           will be given 25 minutes to eat their lunch
opportunities to communicate with your
                                           and will then be dismissed for a recess
child’s teacher.                           break. Supervision will be provided inside
                                                and outside. Students are expected to
                                                display respectful behaviour during the lunch
All students in grades 1 – 6 will be given an   hour. They will be given two warning and
agenda. Please encourage your child to
                                                then asked to eat lunch in the office. If their
use their agenda as an organizational tool
                                                behaviour does not improve they will be
for themselves. We invite you to use the        asked to go home for lunch.
agenda as a communication tool with the
teacher or with your child. Agenda draws
will be made each day with prizes awarded
to students who have their agenda signed.
                                   Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook                     7

Programs at Jack Kemp Community School

    1.      Second Steps – pre-kindergarten program
    2.      Auxiliary Kindergarten – Extra kindergarten class on the alternate day
    3.      Kindergarten – Grade 6
    4.      Educational Support Teacher – special programming for students
    5.      Speech and Language Pathologist/Education Psychologist – by referral
    6.      Elementary School Counsellor
    7.      Flouride Mouth Rinse Program
    8.      Structured Success Program
    9.      Community School Programs
    10.     Individualized Learning Class (For K-1 students)
    11.     Teacher Librarian
    12.     Crosswalk Safety Patrol
    13.     Healthy Snack and Breakfast Program
    14.     Weekly Hot Lunch Program

               Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook

We acknowledge receiving, reading, and agree to follow the rules and procedures outlined in
the Jack Kemp Community School Handbook. We understand the teacher, administrators
and support staff will treat our child with respect and dignity and we in turn will do the same.

Student Name: ______________________________________Room: _____

Teacher: _________________________________________ Grade: ______

Parent Signature: _________________________________Date: _________
                                   Jack Kemp Community School Student Handbook   8

                                  2008-2009 School Year
                          Lloydminster Public School Division

August 27          First Day for Students
September 1        Labor Day NO SCHOOL
September 26       PD Day         NO SCHOOL
October 13         Thanksgiving Day      NO SCHOOL
October 24         Parent Teacher Conference
November 10        No School for Students
November 11        Remembrance Day NO SCHOOL
November 21        PD Day         NO SCHOOL
December 19        Last day of school before holidays
January 5          First day back to school after holidays
January 26         K-9 PD Day; High School Turnaround Day       NO SCHOOL
February 16        Family Day NO SCHOOL
March 2 – 4        Spring Break      NO SCHOOL
March 5 - 6        Teachers Convention       NO SCHOOL
March 9            First day back for Students after spring break
March 20           Parent Teacher Conferences
April 10           Good Friday and first day of Easter break    NO SCHOOL
April 20           First day back for students and teachers after Easter break
May 18             Victoria Day      NO SCHOOL
June 26            Last Day for Students

           Remember to check our school website and the monthly
                newsletters for all our local school events.

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