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					“The Most Effective and Revolutionary Techniques For
     Healing Chronic and Degenerative Conditions”
       By Borris Rafael Uvaydov, P.H.D., N.D.
          Master Herbalist, Spiritual Healer

“Health is normal and harmonious vibration of the elements and forces
composing the human entity on the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual
planes of being, in conformity with the constructive principle of Nature
applied to individual life. Disease is abnormal or inharmonious vibration of
the elements and forces composing the human entity on one or more planes
of being, in conformity with the destructive principle of Nature applied to
individual life.” -Henry Lindlahr, M.D.

What is a chronic degenerative condition?
       Treatment of symptoms while not healing the root cause of disease is
the primary cause of acute conditions transforming into chronic illnesses.
Also, chronic conditions can stem from the slow degenerative process that
has been caused through an unnatural lifestyle. Any infectious disease
which is incompletely treated with drugs will convert into a more severe and
potentially life-threatening chronic condition. The basic philosophy behind
standard medical treatment has resulted in a suppression of symptoms which
are there for a very important reason. It is our body’s way of alerting us to a
deeper condition existing that needs to be treated.
       Contemporary medicine will only suppress the immune system and
and leads to disbacteriosis, while giving illusions of having cured a
condition because of momentary alleviation of symptoms. However,
Western medicine has a place in curing and treating acute crisis conditions
like infections, last-minute surgery, traumatological cases, and emergency
situations. In this area they are adept at saving thousands of lives. However,
they are helpless to cure degenerative conditions because their treatment
contradicts the law of nature. True healing lies in proper detoxification,
restoring normal blood flow, and releasing 95% of the body’s reserve power
in the brain, nerves, and in the cells.
       We are born with a natural ability to heal ourselves as a gift from
God. Because we do not believe this, we lose the power to heal ourselves.
Without the application of faith and knowledge, we are left to depend on
others to diagnose and treat our condition. No human being has the ability
to know your system better than you do. Responsibility for maintaining
good health lies within each individual. When this is lost, the need to find a

trusted and knowledgeable healer or physician to restore this fine balance is
imperative. Yet, it is important to realize that true healing comes from an
individual’s willingness to use the knowledge and techniques to help
themselves. The real healer is not the physician. The real healer is you.

Why should you cleanse your digestive tract?
How to free yourself from parasites, candida, and bacteria
       One of the leading causes of degenerative diseases is the pollution of
the digestive system from unnatural environmental factors. Human beings
have strayed from nature by consuming a diet that is highly processed,
devoid of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and composed of
mainly cooked food. White flour, dairy, sugar, canned food, and improper
food combining are the main sources of mucus congestion and imbalanced
intestinal flora. Polluted water, air, chemically laden food, prescription
drugs, and the abuse of antibiotics change the PH in the large intestine
resulting in an overgrowth in putrefying bacteria. These harmful bacteria
create an internal warfare within the body by spewing forth an enormous
amount of toxic substances that weaken an individual’s immune system.
Chronic constipation is a byproduct of this imbalance that further burdens an
individual’s eliminative organs.
       Over time the average person will have accumulated over thirty
pounds of impacted fecal material in their large intestine. This impacted
feces is the breeding ground for unwanted parasites, yeast, bacteria, and
worms. These organisms rob the body from homeostasis by disrupting the
PH in the intestines, eating essential hormones and vitamins, poisoning the
blood, and starving the organs. Most people remain malnourished even
though they are consuming a large amount of food. This is because the thick
mucus and feces coating the intestines blocks the absorption of minerals and
vitamins. By continuing to consume unnatural and processed food, an
individual is further debilitating their body by adding to an already polluted
       Cleansing the digestive tract is an essential step to achieving radiant
health and overcoming chronic degenerative disorders and diseases. Cancer
is the over accumulation of toxicity in one area of the body. The primary
source of all toxicity begins in the digestive system spreading into organs,
tissues, glands, muscles, and even into our bones. Healing cancer must
begin by cleansing the source through which an individual is able to take in
nourishment and release unwanted substances.

The Gastrointestinal Cleanse
       There are three mechanical methods in cleansing the digestive tract.
They include an ancient ayurvedic cleanse called Prockshalana, colonics,
and enemas. Each technique is beneficial in different ways, and all three can
be utilized simultaneously for maximum results or individually according to
your condition. Prockshalana is a total cleansing of the entire GI tract which
is able to open all the siphons in the large intestine and cleanses the valves in
the stomach, small and large intestines. It is the only physiological
procedure that does not affect the peristalsis action of the large intestine.
Under the pressure induced by drinking 6-10 glasses of a salty mineral and
herbal solution combined with four specific exercises, the elimination of
impacted fecal matter, parasites, bacteria, and mucous from the body.
       Colonic irrigation only cleans the large intestine up to the ileo-secal
valve. It is necessary to do 7-10 colonics to reach the valve and unclog the
folds and pockets of the intestine to release impacted material. This method
only reaches the large intestine while disturbing the peristalsis action of the
intestine for several days which can result in constipation. It is imperative
after a series of colonics to restore friendly bacteria and adopt healthy eating
       Enemas will only clean a small area of the large intestine called the
sigmoid area. All enemas, colonics, and prokshalana eliminate electrolytes,
friendly bacteria. Enemas will also disturb the peristalsis action of the large
intestine. After cleansing, the restoration of healthy bacteria should be done
as soon as possible. All three of these modalities are very helpful in
removing impacted debris and putrefying matter from the GI tract and if
done properly, have a highly beneficial effect for the body.

        Prockshalana is an ancient Indian method of cleansing the entire
gastrointestinal tract. By ingesting six glasses of a salty mineral solution one
is able to mechanically eliminate toxic mucus, parasites, worms, and yeast.
It is combined with four exercises which help to open and clean the ileo-
secal valve. This is to be done once a week for about six or seven
consecutive weeks. You can order a video of Prockshalana exercises.

Colonic Irrigation
      Each colonic will be administered using five gallons of water that has
been mixed with a chapparal solution. To prepare this solution one is to mix
a handful of the herb with one quart of water to be boiled for fifteen minutes,

allowed to sit for twenty minutes, and then strained. Start with one cup of
the chapparal solution and slowly increase to two cups per colonic.
Chapparal is an anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial herb. It contains
a naturally high level of antibiotic properties.
       Another effective anti-parasitic solution that one can add to the
chapparal solution is the trace mineral Manganese. It is to be diluted in
water until the substance is between a slightly pink and violet color.
Manganese contains oxidative powers which supplies oxygen to the large
intestine destroying bacteria, parasites, and yeast. It is a germicide as well
as a fungicide.
       Organic apple cider or grape vinegar are two substances which aid in
eliminating worms because of their ability to acidify the large intestine
preventing putrefying bacteria from growing. From one to two cups of
vinegar is to be added to five gallons of water for each colonic.

       By its therapeutic cleansing affect upon the GI tract, enemas are the
third option and can be used for those unable to do Prockshalana or colonic
irrigation. All water used in enemas must be non-chlorinated, purified water
with distilled water as the best choice.
       First week: Daily
       Second and Third week: Every other day
       Fourth week: Twice a week
       Fifth week: Once a week
       As a maintenance plan you should plan to continue with a weekly
       The first week’s enemas are to be administered with one or two cloves
of garlic blended and strained with ten ounces of water. The powerful
antibiotic and anti-parasitic nature of this magnificent food destroys
unwanted worms and fungus.
       The second, third, and fourth week’s enemas contain a salt and acid
solution. Two teaspoons of solar or sea salt are to be diluted in eight ounces
of distilled water. To this solution one needs to add two teaspoons of apple
cider vinegar or the juice of half a lemon.
       After the fourth week one should maintain a therapeutic schedule of
weekly salt enemas.


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