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									Introduction to the Internet: The World Wide Web

To browse web pages on the Internet you need to load a Web browser such as Internet
Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

The example shown here is Internet Explorer.

1. Double click on the icon.         - This will load Internet Explorer.

To visit a web site you need to type in its address. This is called the Uniform Resource
Locator (URL)

                      2. Type in the URL for the Talent Consortium Module 2 materials


                      and press ENTER

You will be taken to the Talent Consortium Materials Web site.

                                                                             The Web site address

                                                                               You can move
                                                                               around the site by
                                                                               clicking on words
                                                                               and graphics which
                                                                               are links to other
                                                                               pages or web sites.

                                                                               To see the section
                                                                               ‘ICT resources for
                                                                               English, Maths &
                                                                               Science click on the
3. You will be taken to the section with links to different Web sites arranged by subject.

Click on Back or Forward to move             You can also click on HOME to go back to your starting page, PRINT to
 to pages you’ve recently visited.           print a page and SEARCH to search for a web page.

  Click on the links on this page for a
  list of sites to visit for each subject.

4. You can also add a Web site to favorites if this is a site you would like to visit again.
5. Click on Favorites. Drag mouse to Add to Favorites then click.

6. Then click OK.
Some examples of useful educational sites.

BBC Education Web site                       Becta Web site

Some examples of search engines.

Altavista                                    Yahoo           

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