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									                                                        Pharmacy Practice Managers

ASHP Section of Pharmacy                                                                         Executive Committee
                                                                               Andrew L. Wilson, Chair (Maryland)
Practice Managers                                                              Steve Rough, Chair-elect (Wisconsin)
                                                                               David A. Kvancz, Immediate Past Chair (Ohio)
                                                                               Christene M. Jolowsky, Director-at-Large (Minnesota)
    The mission of the Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers is to             Scott Knoer, Director-at-Large-elect (Minnesota)
help members manage pharmacy resources, maximize the safety of                 Kathleen S. Pawlicki, Director-at-Large (Michigan)
medication-use systems, develop future leaders, and promote the                Sheila L. Mitchell, Board Liaison (Tennessee)
pharmacist’s role in patient care.                                             Douglas J. Scheckelhoff, Secretary
    The Executive Committee has developed a strategic plan linked to
the mission and goals of the Section. Those goals include (1) serving
as the professional community for pharmacy practice managers, (2)
fostering education, training, and development opportunities for                Each advisory group has identified areas in which additional
managers and leaders, (3) recommending professional policy and              information is needed and has then developed two or more projects
advocating on issues of importance, (4) fostering the development of        that support members in their day-to-day practice. For example, the
pharmacy managers and leaders, (5) developing resources, tools, and         Advisory Group on Financial Management and Reimbursement is
services that support members, and (6) helping members improve              writing a series of articles for the American Journal of Health-System
adherence to ASHP practice standards and other best practices.              Pharmacy (AJHP) on chargemasters, developing a financial manage-
    During 2006, the Section added more than 1000 new members,              ment survey, creating a reimbursement primer for the Section’s
a 13% increase from the previous year. About 45% of the Section’s           Web resource center, and designing a revenue optimization self-
members have selected this group as their primary membership                assessment tool. In addition, this group held a networking session
group. In the 2006 elections, the Section’s membership elected Steve        at the 2006 MCM for discussion of issues such as revenue cycling,
Rough as Section Chair and Scott Knoer as director-at-large; both           financial management for health systems, Medicare Part D billing,
will be installed at the June 2007 ASHP Summer Meeting. James               chargemasters, and cost control per unit of services.
Stevenson resigned from the Executive Committee in the fall of 2006             The Advisory Group on Leadership Development is cultivating
following his election to the ASHP Board of Directors, and Christene        resources and tools to promote management and leadership as
M. Jolowsky was appointed to fill the director-at-large vacancy.             a career path to students and new practitioners and advance the
                                                                            leadership effectiveness of current directors. To this end, the group is
    Educational Programming. Lisa Gersema chaired the Sec-                  creating an online pharmacy leadership resource center, designing a
tion’s 2005–2006 Programming Committee. Four sessions designed              presentation that affiliated state societies can use to inform students
for pharmacy managers and directors were presented at the 2006              about leadership skill development and management career paths,
Midyear Clinical Meeting (MCM). The topics were strategies for              and developing a career coach column, in a question-and-answer
advancing the profession, applying new management principles,               format, for use in the New Practitioner and Student EDGs. In addi-
communicating with the “C-suite,” and Management Pearls. All of             tion, the advisory group is developing ways to create awareness of
these sessions were recorded and synchronized with the presentation         administrative residencies and summer administrative internship
slides for posting on the Practice Managers section of the ASHP Web         programs.
site. The Section also planned and implemented networking sessions              The Advisory Group on Pharmacy Management Competencies
on five topics: workload and productivity monitoring, financial               plans to contribute an article to the AJHP Management Consultation
management and reimbursement, multihospital systems, the 340B               column outlining steps pharmacists can take to help determine their
program, and new managers.                                                  aptitude for a management position in health-system pharmacy
    For the 2007 MCM, the Programming Committee is planning                 practice. Members of the group are also helping to draft ASHP guid-
three sessions, on recruitment and retention, new trends affecting          ance documents related to pharmacy leadership.
pharmacy, and benchmarking, and is once again coordinating a                    The Advisory Group on Workload and Productivity Monitoring
Management Pearls session.                                                  is developing a primer titled “The Effective Use of Workload and
                                                                            Productivity Systems in Health-System Pharmacy.” The group also
   Networking Opportunities. The Section’s electronic                       continues to work with companies such as Solucient to ensure that
NewsLink is distributed biweekly to more than 8000 ASHP mem-                their matrices for measuring pharmacy performance will reflect
bers. The NewsLink provides current management and business                 actual performance and outcomes. The advisory group held a net-
information, along with research, legislative and regulatory facts,         working session at the 2006 MCM featuring roundtable discussions
and health policy and health care news. In the Section’s e-discussion       of peer characteristics, external consultants, closed systems, the
group (EDG), 800 members exchange information and ideas on a                impact of technology on pharmacy, productivity measurement, and
wide variety of topics related to pharmacy management and leader-           benchmarking systems.
ship. The EDG list is also used to communicate urgent information               The mission of the Advisory Group on Publications is to help
from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Food and           increase the volume and applicability of publications that enhance
Drug Administration, and the Joint Commission.                              and promote administrative pharmacy, primarily through contrib-
                                                                            uting articles to the AJHP Management Consultation column. The
   Section Advisory Groups. Through an assessment of the                    group is currently identifying topics and potential authors.
needs of Section members, the Executive Committee and staff
identified five areas in which more information would be useful to                Conclusion. The ASHP Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers
Section members. Section advisory groups based in those areas were          represents ASHP’s continued commitment to meeting the needs of
created, as follows:                                                        pharmacists who lead and manage departments of pharmacy. The
                                                                            Section provides pharmacy directors and managers with a sense
   •   Financial Management and Reimbursement                               of identity within ASHP and an organizational home dedicated to
   •   Leadership Development                                               meeting their special needs.
   •   Management Competencies
   •   Workload and Productivity Monitoring
   •   Publications

                                                       Pharmacy Practice Managers

                 Programming Committee                                     ington); Brian A. Cohen (Texas); Douglas E. Miller (Georgia); Keith
Todd A. Karpinski, Chair (Illinois); Lance Swearingen, Vice Chair          B. Thomasset (Massachusetts); CoraLynn B. Trewet (Iowa); Jennifer
(Minnesota); Ryan Forrey (Ohio); Jennifer B. Jastrzembski (North           Tryon (Oregon); Sara J. White (California); Steve Rough, Executive
Carolina); Thomas E. Kirschling (Pennsylvania); Heather Kokko              Committee Liaison
(South Carolina); Audrey T. Nakamura (California); Michael C.
Nnadi (North Carolina); Rafael Saenz (Pennsylvania); Ellen Williams                      Advisory Group on Publications
(North Carolina)                                                           Scott M. Mark, Chair (Pennsylvania); Erin C. Hendrick (Colorado);
                                                                           Michael E. McGregory (Michigan); Michael D. Sanborn (Texas);
                 Committee on Nominations                                  Sylvia M. Thomley (Wisconsin); Michael Todaro (Mississippi);
David A. Kvancz, Chair (Ohio); Scott Mark (Pennsylvania); Paul             Douglas J. Scheckelhoff, Executive Committee Liaison
W. Bush (South Carolina); Toby Clark (South Carolina); Jerry
Siegel (Ohio); Donna L. Soflin (Nebraska); Douglas J. Scheckelhoff,                  Advisory Group on Financial Management
Secretary                                                                  Rita Shane, Chair (California); Anne T. Jarrett, Vice Chair (North
                                                                           Carolina); RoseMarie Babbitt, Immediate Past Chair (Texas); Tammy
                Advisory Group on Workload                                 Cohen (Texas); Fred J. Pane (North Carolina); Kuldip R. Patel
                and Productivity Monitoring                                (Florida); Gregory Polk (Michigan); Nancy T. Nguyen (California);
James R. Rinehart, Chair (Nebraska); Michael R. McDaniel Vice-Chair        Kathleen S. Pawlicki, Executive Committee Liaison
(Alabama); Steve K. Hetey, Immediate Past Chair (Texas); Adam
Bauman (Ohio); Michael J. Brownlee (Oregon); Paul Krogh (Min-                      Advisory Group on Pharmacy Management
nesota); Kathleen Moorman (Florida); Luke L. Nigliazzo, Jr. (Texas);                                 Competencies
Karen Nordstrom (Illinois); Steve Rough (Wisconsin); David A.              Douglas A. Miller, Chair (Michigan); Frank Briggs, Vice Chair (West
Kvancz, Executive Committee Liaison                                        Virginia); Michael F. Powell, Immediate Past Chair (Nebraska);
                                                                           John E. Clark (Florida); Nathan E. Hanson (Kansas); Rosario J.
       Advisory Group on Leadership Development                            Lazzaro (New Jersey); Robert F. Miller (California); Stephanie C.
Niesha L. Griffith, Chair (Ohio); Christopher R. Fortier, Vice Chair        Peshek (Ohio); Andrew L. Wilson, Executive Committee Liaison
(South Carolina); Phil Brummond (Minnesota); Cyndy Clegg (Wash-


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