Brief Introduction to the SWU Library by moti


									                        Brief Introduction to the SWU Library
     The SWU Library is located at the foot of the national beauty spot Jin Yun
Mountain and the side of beautiful Jia Ling River. In the floor space of more than
67,000 square meters, there are more than 4,380,000 books of diverse areas in Social
Science and Natural Science, among which we have a distinguished collection of rare
books, materials about Anti-Japanese War, books about education, psychology,
agricultural and economical management, and especially the rare books during the
Anti-Japanese War.
     The SWU Library has been quite professional and humanistic. With the
development of SWU, our library has also made great progress in modernization. First,
we have established a digital library which has a LAN, disk storage of 32.2 TB, and a
database of booklist that makes it possible to retrieval through computer and internet.
And in the digital library, there are 61 Chinese and English databases such as Web of
Science, CNKI, Elsevier, SDOS, etc. Second, for the students’ convenience, we set up
an area with 600 computers for them to use the digital library or go on line. Third,
three departments: information reference department, rare books department and
department for retrieve new technology and science were founded in order to improve
our service and help students make full use of the library. Forth, our library is
extended by setting up reading rooms in the students’ living areas. And also, we have
been giving lectures to instruct the students in how to make use of the library. Now,
the library has been a popular and important “Second Class” for teaching, research
and students’ all-round development.
    We shall believe that in the endeavor of making our university an advanced and
comprehensive one, we will devote ourselves to make the future better.
    Tel:(023)68252380,      (023)68251296

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