A Dragonfly on Your Wedding Day by zdn12589


                                         The         ly B z z e t t e
                                                                                      Newsletter for The Dragonfly Project

 Volume 6                                                                                                              Spring 2008

   A Dragonfly on Your Wedding Day
   We lost our beautiful daughter,           I am so, so lonesome for her. All her
   Michelle, on March 10, 2004. She          life she was an amazing person – so
   died suddenly at the age of 26 from a     smart, kind, talented, artistic, funny
   ruptured aortic aneurysm. We thought      and sweet. She was my wonderful
   she had been in perfect health.           friend and I was blessed to be her
   She was up north skiing with her          mother.
   fiancé, Sean, and his family when it
   happened. Michelle would not have         We received the Dragonfly packet
   wanted to die. She was ready to take      shortly after she died. The words
   on the world. She had a great job as      of the Dragonfly story brought us
   the editor of a corporate magazine        comfort and we had soon told our
   in downtown Minneapolis, she was          family and friends the story. We
   happily engaged to her wonderful          couldn’t believe that someone we
   Sean, planning the wedding, so            didn’t even know had taken notice of
   excited about their future together. We   what happened to us and reached out               Michelle & her fiancee, Sean
   had just bought her wedding dress.        to us.
                                                 ...story continues on page 3
       Emily Oberlander

                          Celebrating Our 6th Anniversary!
                          Nearly 150 people gathered at Nativity               Grief packet recipients Jean and Jerry Bombard,
                          Lutheran in St. Anthony on April 12, 2008 for        Stan and Lynn Liedman, and Emily Oberlander
                          an afternoon of celebration and remembrance. It      shared very personal stories about how the
                          was an opportunity to learn about the growth of      Dragonfly Project has impacted their lives,
                          The Dragonfly Project and a time of fellowship       and they offered stories of how the mysterious
                          for friends old and new. We were treated             appearance of dragonflies has brought comfort
                                          to the musicianship of David         and peace. After our newest Board member,
                                          Livingston and Gregory Theisen,      Erika Mozangue, thanked everyone for
                                          and beautiful vocals by P.J.         coming, guests received a special gift which
                                          Tombarge, Miranda Wood, and          included a beautiful poem and a votive candle
                                          Freda Myhrwold. Our founder,         to take home. We then gathered for cake and
                                          Anne Brooker, updated everyone       refreshments and warm, delightful conversation.
                                          on our amazing progress and          There was also an opportunity to meet with
                                          recognized the good work of          John Adams, author of The Dragonfly Door and
Stan & Lynn Liedman
                                          our incredible volunteers. The       with artist Sara Weingartner whose beautiful
                                          Dragonfly Story was read in          artwork has graced us for many years.
                                          English by Anne and in Italian by
                                  Marjorie Eisenach.                           The Dragonfly Project raised nearly $3,200 in
                                                                               donations and merchandise sales that day, and
                                 In addition to a photo montage of loved       this generosity will enable us to continue our
                                 ones, and a photo montage of volunteers,      mission and outreach. We are so very grateful
                                 a wonderful and poignant candle lighting      to our volunteers and guests for making this day
                                 ceremony was directed by Glenn                so memorable. We are looking forward to our
                                 Seefeldt.                                     seventh annual celebration in 2009.
      Jean & Jerry Bombard
    A Word From Anne Brooker, Founder
    Hello everyone! We have had an               School where a tornado killed eight
    eventful few months. Our Sixth Annual        students last spring. The Dragonfly
    Dragonfly Project Celebration was            Project also sent packets to the families
    April 12, 2008. I was so glad to see         of the six miners who died in the                                AnnE BrOOkEr
    familiar faces, and lots of new ones as      mining accidents that occurred in Utah
    well.                                        last summer.                                                         is available for
                                Because                                                             SPEAkinG EnGAGEMEnTS.
                                of all the       Tragedy unexpectedly struck right
                                generous         here in Minneapolis August 1, 2007                              She has spoken at
                                Dragonfly        with the 35W bridge collapse. Thirteen                          women’s retreats,
                                Project          people lost their lives that day and TDP
                                                                                                                       rotary Clubs,
                                supporters       responded by sending packets to all
                                and              their families. The Dragonfly Project                               kiwanis Clubs,
                                volunteers,      also responded when four students of                                       churches,
                                we were          an elementary school in Cottonwood,
                                able to send     Minnesota, were killed when their                            grief support groups
                                out 17,000       school bus was broadsided by a van.                     and other organizations.
                                packets to
                                grieving         These are only a few of the many                              To arrange for Anne
                                families in      accomplishments in The Dragonfly                          to speak to your group,
                                the last six     Project’s sixth year. These
    years. The 7,000 cards that were sent in     accomplishments were possible only                          please e-mail us at
    2007, reached across the United States.      through your support and compassion.              dragonflyproject@yahoo.com
    The Dragonfly Project sent packets to
    the families of the 33 people killed in      Thank you.
    the Virginia Tech shootings. Fifteen
    hundred specially designed dragonfly
    cards were also sent to Enterprise High

                                                 Recipient Response:                         Dear Dragonfly Project,
      T he D ragonfly P rojecT                     Enterprise High School
      Board Of Directors                                                                     Greetings from Enterprise, Alabama.
                                               A massive tornado tore through
      Anne Brooker                             Enterprise, Alabama, on March 1,               I wanted to drop you a quick note to say
      Founder/Member at Large                  2007, leaving a swath of devastation          Thank You for the condolence cards you
                                               about 200 yards wide through the small        sent to our students and faculty. I have to
                                                                                             confess that with the “craziness” of last
      Valerie Marquardt                        city. In the center of the storm’s path       year, I did not get them distributed to all of
      Chairperson                              was Enterprise High School, where             our students before the school year ended.
                                               students sheltered in hallways as the         Instead, I decided to give them to last
                                               tornado struck. The tornado ripped the        year’s seniors at graduation and to hold the
      Cheryl Seefeldt
                                               roof off parts of the school, destroyed a     others for the anniversary of our disaster,
      Vice Chair                               hallway, the gym, and the stadium. Part       March 1st.
                                               of the roof collapsed. Eight students
      Anna Bablitch                            were killed in the school during the          I did that and our students and faculty
      Secretary                                storm. This was a tragedy that tore at        received them last Friday. I had enough
                                               our hearts.                                   to send them to our bus drivers, cafeteria
                                                                                             staff, and support staff as well.
      Peter Bonde
      Treasurer                                In June of 2007, at Anne Brooker’s            It means so much that you, the Dragonfly
                                               request, the Dragonfly Project sent           Project, and others around the country
      Erika Mozangue                           close to 1500 specially printed               were thinking about us during such a trying
      Member at Large                          Dragonfly cards to Enterprise High            time.
                                               School counselors so that each student
                                               and staff person would be able to             Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.
      Darolyn Gray                             receive one.
      Executive Director                                                                     Sincerely,
                                               Recently, we received a letter from one       Cami McClenny
                                               of the high school counselors:                Guidance Counselor

                Donor Spotlight:                                        A Dragonfly on your Wedding Day continues...
               Ellie Nowakowksi                                      The following October 9th was to have been Michelle’s
Ellie is seven years old and for the past several years she          wedding day. We were dreading it beyond anything. It
has saved a portion of her money in a special place. It is           was supposed to have been the happiest day of her life.
customary for Jewish children to have a Tzedakah box                 Then Michelle’s sorority sisters, from Alpha Gamma
meant specifically to keep money that has been set aside             Delta during her college days at the University of
with the intention to donate it or use it to do good deeds.          Minnesota, told us they wanted to have a ceremony in
Each year in November, which is when she celebrates her              her honor at her gravesite. The tradition for the sorority
birthday, Ellie decides how she will use the money she has           sisters when they get married is to give the bride a
saved throughout the year. She has used the money in the             bouquet of red and yellow roses with long ribbons
past to buy gifts for families in need during the holidays           attached. Then each sister takes a ribbon as they form a
but wanted to do something different last year. She asked            circle around the bride as she sits on her husband’s knee.
for suggestions which started a discussion about different           They sing her “The Sweetheart Song” symbolizing that
charities and not-for-profit organizations and the work              they are releasing her to her husband.
they do.
                                                                     So on that beautiful fall day we had her sisters from
One of the organizations that was brought up was The                 Alpha Gamma, friends, and family gather at her
Dragonfly Project which Ellie had learned about in the               gravesite. Sean felt too devastated to be able to stand in
past. The Dragonfly Project has always had a special                 the center of the circle so he asked my wife Lynn to take
place in Ellie’s mom’s heart because she knew Anne way               his place. She stood there, holding the flowers, as each
back when she was even younger than Ellie; Anne was                  sister took a ribbon, formed the circle, and sang to her.
a student in her class at an after school program when               When it was over, I was thanking everyone for coming
Anne was in kindergarten. Ellie really liked the idea and            and leading the group in The Lord’s Prayer when a large
the personal connection and was thrilled to be invited to            purple dragonfly (and purple was her favorite color)
Anne’s house to make her donation of $33.25 and for a                landed right on my leg. It stayed there the whole time I
behind-the-scenes look at the Dragonfly Project and a                was talking and praying. Most everyone noticed it sitting
special visit with Anne and Valerie. Although Ellie was a            there and told us later they could hardly believe it but
little nervous the morning of her visit, she was so happy            took comfort in knowing the dragonfly story.
with her choice and summed it up perfectly on the car ride
home when she said, “I’m really glad I did that!” She is             A few weeks later I was at her grave, raking and planting
so proud to be recognized for her donation and plans to              grass seed, and another large purple dragonfly landed on
continue to support The Dragonfly Project in the future.             my rake. I kept raking and it stayed there for quite awhile
                                                                     as I worked.
By Karen Nowakowski, Ellie’s mom
                                                                     As difficult as it was, the first wedding we attended
                                                                     after Michelle’s death was my nephew Paul’s. After
                                                                     the wedding everybody gathered along each side of
                                                                     the sidewalk waiting for the bride and groom to walk
                                                                     between us. As we waited, a dragonfly flew back and
                                                 Ellie, left,        forth up and down the sidewalk. Again, a dragonfly was
                                                 enjoyed her         sending us a message.
                                                 visit with
                                                 Anne Brooker        When things like this happen some people may say
                                                                     it is only coincidence. But we no longer believe in
                                                                     coincidences. Many things have happened to us that
                                                                     can’t be explained. As Dr. Janis Amatuzio says “…I have
                                                                     come to realize that for some experiences there is no
                                                                     explanation, just a deep knowing that I have encountered
                                                                     the Divine.”

                                                                     Thank you to Anne, Valerie, and everyone who worked
                                                                     so hard on the Dragonfly Project to bring comfort to
                                                                     people who are in so much pain from losing a precious
                                                                     loved one. We truly know and appreciate what it means.

   DID YOU KNOW THAT...                                              Please visit Michelle’s memorial website
    ...We have volunteers in 7states and in Canada: MN, WI, OH,        at www.memoryofmichelle.com
    IA, AZ, NV, NY?
    ...So far in 2008, more than 2,800 packets have been sent out?        Lynn & Stan Liedman, Michelle’s parents

    Recipient Response: Joanne Margherita (In memory of Caitlin)
                                            On April 16, 2007 a young         of thought - that Caitlin was a new being living in a new and
                                            man walked into classrooms        beautiful world. My sister sent one of the cards to me and I have
                                            on the Virginia Tech college      enjoyed reading and re-reading the story of the dragonfly many
                                            campus in Blacksburg,             times over the past year. It has brought me new strength and
                                            Virginia and began shooting.      vision during some of my blackest days.
                                            He killed 32 people and
                                            wounded many others before        Caitlin loved the arts and was involved in many aspects of
                                            committing suicide. One of        them. She participated in the fine arts, singing, playing violin,
                                            these young vicitims was          theatre, dressage and the culinary arts. Caitlin lived each day
                                            Caitlin Hammaren. We got          to the fullest. She could be described as having mastered the
                                            a very kind response from         “art of living.” It is our hope to continue those quiet little acts
                                            Caitlin’s aunt:                   of kindness to assist others and keep alive the essence that is
                                         Caitlin Hammaren, a victim
                                         of the Virginia Tech shooting        The Caitlin M. Hammaren Memorial foundation was inspired
                                         on April 16, 2007, was my            following Caitlin’s death. The establishment of this foundation
                                         niece. She was 19 years old,         through the Community Foundation of Orange County is our first
                                         an only child, completing her        step in remembering Caitlin while assisting others in keeping
                                         sophomore year. Caitlin was          alive the essence that is Caitlin through their own passion and
                                         pursuing a double major in           pursuit of the arts.You can find out more at our website
    international studies/leadership, with a minor in French. She was         www.caitlinmhammaren.org.
    in her French class when she died.
                                                                              We miss her terribly and wish she were still here with us in our
    Caitlin was well known for her smile, warm personality and                world, but we are comforted in knowing the beautiful angel that
    nurturing disposition. All those touched by Caitlin were left with        she has become.
    a lasting impression of her kindness. She frequently engaged
    in little acts of kindness, quietly and unobtrusively assisting or        The dragonfly story has brought me great comfort. Thanks
    comforting those around her whom she intuitively sensed were in           to Anne Brooker for her kindess. God bless all of you at The
    need.                                                                     Dragonfly Project.
    Someone sent one of the dragonfly cards to my sister after                Warmest Wishes,
    Caitlin’s death. You can imagine her grief, losing her only child.        Joanne Margherita
    The story enclosed with the card gave her a different avenue

                                                 On the Death of the Beloved*
                                                                   John O’Donahue
       Though we need to weep your loss,             Your mind always sparkled                       Beside us when beauty brightens,
       You dwell in that safe place in our hearts,   With wonder at things.                          When kindness glows
       Where no storm or might or pain can reach     Though your days here were brief,               And music echoes eternal tones.
       you.                                          Your spirit was live, awake, complete.          When orchids brighten the earth,
                                                                                                     Darkest winter has turned to spring;
       Your love was like the dawn                   We look towards each other no longer            May this dark grief flower with hope
       Brightening over our lives                    From the old distance of our names;             In every heart that loves you.
       Awakening beneath the dark                    Now you dwell inside the rhythm of breath,
       A further adventure of colour.                As close to us as we are to ourselves.          May you continue to inspire us:

       The sound of your voice                       Though we cannot see you with outward eyes,     To enter each day with a generous heart.
       Found for us                                  We know our soul’s gaze is upon your face,      To serve the call of courage and love
       A new music                                   Smiling back at us from within everything       Until we see your beautiful face again
       That brightened everything.                   To which we bring our best refinement.          In that land where there is no more separation,
                                                                                                     Where all tears will be wiped from our mind,
       Whatever you enfolded in your gaze            Let us not look for you only in memory,         And where we will never lose you again.
       Quickened in the joy of its being;            Where we would grow lonely without you.
       You placed smiles like flowers                You would want us to find you in presence,
                                                                                                           *Note: this poem was read by Darolyn Gray
       On the altar of the heart.                                                                               at the Sixth Annual Celebration.

Volunteer Spotlight: Denise Taber
                                         I’ve been a volunteer for The Dragonfly Project for approximately five years. I
                                         started out helping make the hand-stamped cards that Anne sent out. It was always
                                         exciting to see the new design for the next year when The Dragonfly Project was
                                         just starting.

                                         After my father died, I decided I wanted to do more with The Dragonfly Project.
                                         So I offered to help fill out all the requests that come in for packets through the
                                         mail. I had been a Radiation Therapist in Radiation Oncology for many years and
                                         wanted to be able to give back to others. The cancer patients I treated taught me so
                                         many lessons about what is important in life and how to continue living even after a
                                         cancer diagnosis. In addition to trying to cure them, improve their quality of life or
                                         relieve pain, I offered hope and compassion to the patients and their families.

                                         I have since moved on with my radiology career. Continuing to volunteer for The
                                         Dragonfly Project by sending out Dragonfly packets to those who grieve allows me
                                         to still extend a message of hope and compassion to others.

                                                                                   Volunteer Spotlight: Youth

                                                                                                   Advent Lutheran Sunday School

                     Girl Scouts

                                                   PPL Youth Developement

      Even the youngest of caring hearts
  can make a difference with packet assembly!

The Dragonfly Buzzette is the official newsletter of The Dragonfly Project and is published twice a year. The next issue comes out in
Fall 2008. The deadline for articles for the next issue is October 1, 2008. The Dragonfly Buzzette committee consists of Julie Bonde,
Peter Bonde, Anne Marquardt Brooker, Darolyn Gray, Patsy Kahmann, Valerie Marquardt, Cheryl Seefledt, and Sara Weingartner.

    Executive Director’s Corner
    Our Sixth Annual Celebration was             friend Carolee, and I always did every          same. The parade was nearly over, and
    a wonderful opportunity to update            summer was go to the Saint Anthony              to our utter disbelief and joy, at the
    everyone on our growth and to                Village parade. While waiting for the           precise moment when the U of M bus
    offer opportunities for folks to             Patriots Marching Band to come by so            was rolling by us with its theme music
    become engaged in our mission—as             we could cheer extra loud for Emily,            loudly blaring, we were suddenly
    donors, fundraisers, volunteers, and         we would help Deb gather the candy              buzzed by a magnificent dragonfly.
    ambassadors. We are grateful to all          that the parade participants would
    of the musicians, vocalists, guest           throw out—tootsie rolls were her                We blinked twice and were almost
    presenters and volunteers who helped         favorite.                                       afraid to ask each other, “did you see
    make this event our best ever. I would                                                       that?” Our faces lit up and a peace
    again like to thank our founder,             Last summer, Carolee and I struggled            settled over us. We receive stories like
    Anne, for her inspired leadership and        with whether we could bring ourselves           this all the time and each one gives us
    for proving to all of us, through the        to go without Deb. Could we bear                goosebumps. If you have a story to tell
    incredible growth of this organization,      the site of tootsie rolls? And since            now or in the future, we hope you will
    that nothing is impossible to a                                                              share it with one of us.
    willing heart. Many of the attendees         Emily had graduated and was off to
    commented that they particularly             the U of M, we thought we should
                                                                                                 Darolyn Gray
    enjoyed the sharing of dragonfly             just stay home and be sad. Deb taught
    moment stories—the mysterious and            us better than that, though. Life is a
    magical appearances of dragonflies           gift –it’s about living each day to the
    that seemed to come out of the blue          fullest. We put on our brave faces in
    as a whimsical symbol of hope. While         much the same fashion as those who
    I was always on the lookout, I did           try to move through the anxiety of
    not actually experience one of those         the first holidays and special events
    moments for myself until last summer         without a loved one. We sat across
    after the passing of my very dear            from our usual spot hoping that would
    friend and neighbor, Deb Oberlander.
    For the benefit of those who could not       somehow make it easier and we tried
    attend the Celebration, I will share my      to distract ourselves with the noise and
    story again. One of the things Deb, my       revelry of the parade. It just wasn’t the

    INDIVIDUAL DONORS: September - December 2007
    Dawn Abram                     Andrew Gayley                      Greg Larson                          Susan Sager
    Jill Alleyne                   Dianne Gilbertson                  Kevin Laskowski                      Judy Salkus
    Trisha Anderson                Kim Goodsell                       Stacy Lekson                         Katherine Salmini
    Delphine Arme                  Lisa Grant                         Barb Letto                           Kayla Saunders
    Denise Benedict                Marilyn Gustafson                  Christine & Doug Lodmill             Karen Schmid
    Linda Bergh                    Joey Hammett                       Jamie Martin                         Estelle Schroeder
    Eilenne Boder                  Jackie & Steve Hanson              Margaret McGown                      Donna Shaw
    Carol Boushee                  Janice Hassumani                   Kathryn Miller                       Kris & Rob Shelley
    Lisa Brandt                    Heidi Haugen                       Abbey Mogensen                       Leroy Slinger
    Barbara Cardwell               Paula Hemer                        Valreen Mude                         Jodi Solem
    Casey Carlson                  Mary Hines                         Shirley Nelsen                       Kim Spear
    Kathie Carlson                 Sandra Hines                       Mary Nelson                          Patricia Tentinger
    Kristi Carrington              Christine Hofman                   Michelle Nordling                    Lisa Teslaa
    Becky Cole                     Terri Homstad                      Kathie Nordtvedt                     Betty Jo Tucker
    Janice Downing                 Margaret Johnson                   Jim Novak                            Barbara Vonnahme
    Joyce Enger                    Tim & Janet Johnson                Valerie Omvig                        Lois Wakefield
    Gwen Enzler                    Donna Kadrlik                      Joan Ortmann                         Ron Westeren
    Eloise Erasmus                 Patsy Kahmann                      Jill Othoudt                         Jim & Debbie Wille
    Jeanne Erickson                Christine Kelly                    Milly Parzychowski                   Judith Wilson
    Barbara Everhart               Margaret Knepprath                 Jo Ann Pierson                       Jane Wolverton
    Mona Falcon                    Gail Korel & Douglas Brown         Del Quigley                          Kathryn Wulf
    Sue Fogal                      Linda Krawchuk                     Bruce & Kathy Reimann                Susan Yanta
    Dennis Garin                   Nancy Lang                         Diane Roeber

MEMORIALS: September 2007 - February 2008
In memory of Joanne Andersen                 In memory of Aaron Hilyer              In memory of Susan Patterson Lutz      HONORARIUMS
   -Karen & Vince Noggle                        -Ashley Benson                         -Marcia Kurtz
In memory of Jeff Arnfelt                    In memory of Bailey Hupke              In memory of Alma & Morton Pearson     In Honor of Anne Brooker
   -Debra Tokheim                               -Heather Hupke                         -Coralea & Everett Pearson             -Denise Taber
In memory of Auntie                          In memory of Camilla Johnson           In memory of Mary Peterson             In Honor of Anne Brooker's
   -Georgia Savat                               -Paul & Jan Frederickson               -Marcia Kurtz                       confirmation
In memory of Heidi Benoit                       -Cheryl & Glenn Seefeldt            In memory of Nicole Phillip               -Paul & Jan Frederickson
   -Jennifer McCann                          In memory of Helen Johnson                -Leah Klukavy                       In Honor of Kajer-Brooker Reunion
In memory of Hans Bonde                         -Penny Amrani                       In memory of Margarette & Guy Poole       -Coralea & Everett Pearson
   -Pete & Julie Bonde                       In memory of Kelly Kendzior               -Coralea & Everett Pearson
   -Bill & Barb Bonde                           -Ken & Lenette Kendzior             In memory of John Rognholt
   -Lana Laulainen                           In memory of Paul Keuttel                 -Lisa Grant
   -Steve Stensrud                              -M. Susan Leaf                      In memory of Claire & Amanda Rohlman   Alpine Capital
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   -Maureen & Dennis Boro                       -Sue Fritz                          In memory of William James Russell     Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
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   -Valerie Marquardt & Greg Brooker, Anne      -Margery Sborov                     In memory of Severin Savat
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   -Marcia Kurtz                                -Janet Esposito                     In memory of Harry & Dorothy Schlief
In memory of W D Cavert                      In memory of Gerald Love                  -Judith Schlief
   -Harriet McDaniel                            -Richard Love                       In memory of Rachel Schreiner
In memory of Peggy Olson & Lauri Centa       In memory of Robert & Cathleen Lucas      -Palmer & Lois Ruschke
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   -Sara Vucich                                 -Baaseiah Homes                     In memory of Casey Schluessler
In memory of Patrick Clifford                In memory of Helen Marquardt              -Barbara & Randy Schluessler        ADC foundation
   -Clare Clifford & Rick Swain                 -Marcy Marquardt                    In memory of Dave Shnayer              Advent Lutheran Church, Maple Grove
In memory of Danny Davis                     In memory of Wally Marquardt,             -Kelly Segnello                     Allina Health System
   -Jackie Hanson                               -Valerie Marquardt                  In memory of Aaron R. Steele           Baaseiah Homes
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        P.O. Box 19264
                                                                                                                                                      Permit# 31777
        Minneapolis, MN 55419



     A message
       of hope
    to those who
    are grieving.

                                           What is The Dragonfly Project?
                    In 2000, when I was 10 years old, our friends’ 11-year-old son, Hans Bonde, died of a brain tumor. Shortly thereafter, I decided to
                    send the family a story about dragonflies and their significance in the cycle of life an death. The story, written by Walter Dudley
                    Cavert, ended with the comforting message: “The fact that we cannot see our loved ones or communicate with them after the trans-
                    formation, which we call death, is no proof that they cease to exist.”

                    This small gesture so moved the grieving family that, in 2001 at age 11, I decided to create my own nonprofit corporation that would
                    reach out to people who were grieving. I decided to send people who had lost a loved one a condolence card, a copy of the dragonfly
                    story and a dragonfly key chain. I incorporated the organization and named it “The Dragonfly Project.”

                    Anne Marquardt Brooker

                    Each year, hundreds of dragonfly packets are sent out to individuals throughout Minnesota and beyond who are grieving the loss of
                    a loved one.

                    To make a tax deductible donation to The Dragonfly Project or to request a dragonfly packet be sent to someone you know, please
                    contact us. Each packet containing a condolence card, the dragonfly story and a dragonfly key chain, costs $3.00 to make and send.
                    The Dragonfly Project is operated by volunteer staff and a volunteer, seven-member board of directors. Donations are welcome. The
                    Dragonfly Project is a registered 501 ( c ) (3) non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible.

                    For further information and to read the dragonfly story, visit our web site at www.dragonflyproject.org.

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