Introduction to Certificate of Advanced Mastery Program (CAM)

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					Introduction to Certificate of Initial Mastery Program (CIM)

      Every student must receive CIM to graduate from David Douglas High School
      CIM classes are typically taken during freshman and sophomore years in school*
      You must pass CIM classes with a C (70%) or higher
      You must complete a minimum of one CIM task** in core classes
      Target for CIM completion is the end of sophomore year.

*This is not always the case. It’s not out of the ordinary for students to transfer in from
other schools who do not have CIM as a requirement, or don’t have the same CIM
requirements as David Douglas (David Douglas’s CIM requirements are higher than state
standards). Therefore, it is standard to have a few junior and senior transfers to be in
CIM classes.

**A CIM task is a sample of work completed in that core class. Each student must
demonstrate proficiency (70% or higher) work in that particular class.