ENGLISH 1B Introduction to Literature by moti


									                                                                                         R. Juarez
                                                                                       Spring 2004

                            ENGLISH 1B: Introduction to Literature

Instructor: Rebecca Juarez                           BC Office Phone: 395-4459
Email: rejuarez@bakersfieldcollege.edu               BC Office: H33
DCC Office:                                          BC Office Hours: T/Th 10:15-11:45
DCC Office Hours: M/W 9:00-9:30; 1:15-2:00             Friday by appt.

Required Text
    Abcarian, Richard and Marvin Klotz. Literature: The Human Experience. Shorter 8th ed.
      Boston: Bedford, 2004.

Required Supplies
    3 X 5 notecards
    pens with blue or black ink
    Three (3) blue books

Course Description
English 1B is an introduction to literature course comprised of critical analysis of notable works
in fiction, drama, and poetry with an emphasis on evaluating logical relationships between form
and content and on formulating criteria for artistic judgment. The communication skills of writing,
listening, and discussing will be enhanced.

Course Goals
Students in this course will:
   1. gain insight into the variety and complexity of human life through reading literature which
      reflects our struggle with ourselves, our environment, and our society;
   2. become more sophisticated, sensitive, and skilled readers of works in the three literary
      genres of fiction, poetry, and drama;
   3. increase critical thinking skills;
   4. improve communication skills through active writing, listening, and discussing; and
   5. do the work to meet the lower-division requirements for students who plan to transfer to
      four-year colleges or universities, including writing a total of 5,000 words.

Components of the Course
This course consists of three units of study: fiction, poetry, and drama. For each literary
selection you read, you will write a response card. At the end of each unit, you will take an exam
and write a three-page paper. In-class exercises will be done to enhance understanding of the
literature, and quizzes on concepts, terms, etc. will be given as needed throughout each unit.
Finally, you will take a comprehensive, written final exam.

   Writing Assignments: all writing assignments must be in MLA format: typed, in black ink,
    double spaced, on 8 ½ x 11 paper, using one-inch margins and standard font (Times New
    Roman, etc) of a regular size (12 pt), and must demonstrate correct MLA documentation.
    Essays should consist of an interesting introduction including a thesis statement, fully-
    developed body paragraphs, and an effective conclusion. Papers will be collected at the
    beginning of class. You will receive requirements for individual assignments as necessary.
    Each essay is worth 100 points and will be graded on content, form, grammar, and

                                                                                           R. Juarez
                                                                                         Spring 2004

    Students must satisfactorily complete all writing assignments to pass the class.
    Failure to complete all assignments will result in an unsatisfactory grade.

   Response Cards: 3 X 5, handwritten note cards on which you write—in complete
    sentences—one question and one comment regarding the short story, poem, or drama
    you’ve read. Questions and comments should be specific and thoughtful. It is not enough to
    ask, “What is this all about, anyway?” or to say, “I didn’t like this story,” “I don’t understand
    this poem,” etc. Try to express why you don’t like, don’t understand, really like, or are
    confused about the literary work. Cards are to be turned in at the beginning of class and will
    be used to facilitate class discussion.

   Quizzes on content and form will be given as needed.

   Exams: unit exams will be given to test your understanding of literary terms and
    techniques, concepts, ideas, and content and will be in a variety of formats including short
    answer questions, essay questions, and multiple choice. Exams will be worth 100 points.

   Final Exam: a handwritten, in-class, comprehensive exam worth 100 points.

Because the material and concepts of this course are complex and difficult, students are
required to attend class regularly. Students who do not attend class regularly cannot expect to
pass the class. Attendance will be taken at each class meeting. Students arriving after I have
taken attendance will be marked absent. Students leaving early will be marked absent.

As stated in the Academic Regulations of Bakersfield College, “Excessive absence may result in
a student being dropped from the course. Instructors should drop a student from a course when
absences number the equivalent of two weeks of class [four class meetings] recorded from the
first day of instruction.” I will drop a student upon the 4th absence regardless of the reason.

Since this course typically has a waiting list, enrolled students must attend all class sessions
during the first week or risk being dropped from the class.

Each student is responsible for all material discussed in class and for all assignments made in
class. If you must be absent, call someone in the class for the assignment. In-class assignments
and quizzes cannot be made up.

Class Conduct and Policies
The Bakersfield College Handbook’s policy concerning appropriate student conduct states that
all students attending classes at Bakersfield College should be informed that class disruptions
(i.e. talking, refusing to pay attention, and being disrespectful) will not be tolerated, and strict
disciplinary action will be taken against any person who cannot behave in a proper manner (pp.
25-26). This is a college course, and I expect college-level conduct from every student.

The most common classroom disruptions are tardiness and use of cell phones. Both are
distracting and disrespectful to fellow students. Consistent tardiness will not be accepted.
Please turn off cell phones. Do not leave cell phones on, leave class to answer cell phones, or
send/receive text messages during class time. These behaviors are inappropriate in a college

                                                                                            R. Juarez
                                                                                          Spring 2004

I encourage you to ask questions and participate in class discussions; we learn from each other.
You have a right to express your point of view on any of the topics discussed in class. Likewise,
you are expected to respect the right of others to express their opinions, even though they differ
from yours.

Late Work
Late work will not be accepted. All writing assignments are due at the beginning of the class
period. Any paper that comes in after I have collected the assignments will be late and will not
be accepted. This is in fairness to your classmates who come to class and turn in assignments
on time.

Excuses such as “My printer ran out of ink,” “I couldn’t find a parking space,” or “My car wouldn’t
start” are not acceptable. If you have an extenuating circumstance, contact me outside of class
time to see if an extension can be arranged.

Supportive Services
Students with disabilities who believe they need accommodations in this class are encouraged
to contact Supportive Services in FACE 16, 395-4334, as soon as possible to better ensure
such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.

Plagiarism, intentional or not, will result in a student failing the assignment. Additional sanctions
by the college may apply. I will discuss with you in detail what constitutes plagiarism.

Grading Distribution

Writing Assignments     (3 @ 15% each)                45%
Exams                   (3 @ 10% each)                30%
Response Cards/Quizzes/Class work                     15%
Final Exam                                            10%

TOTAL                                                 100%


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