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Leavenworth Recycles


									Leavenworth Recycles
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members in Attendance:              David Morgan, Chuck Hamstreet, Ken Mayhew,
                                          Joe Aponik

Board Members absent:                     Lisi Ott, Paul Myhre, Martin Straub

Volunteers in Attendance:                 Sophia, Diane Priebe, Nancy Lynn McCoy, Dawn

   I.         Welcome and Introduction
   II.        Review of March meeting minutes-David
             12 new attendees last month expressed interest in L.R.
             Bernie Reichlin has officially stepped down from L.R. Board and Treasurer
   III.       Treasurer’s Report:
               March: net gain= $413.50
   IV.        Site Update:
             Estimate for net income after one year = $1,200
             Shed: is located in Entiat and awaiting transport to site…..David will continue
              to follow
             Highway signage: confusion has been noted regarding signs for L.R. site; no
              signs currently face south bound traffic on the Chumstick
   V.         Business Outreach
             Sophia expressed interest; Nancy indicated that Tierra may be able to serve as
              an example to other businesses; other volunteers may include Sara Behle and
              Nancy Bywater; Joe will contact and begin a sub-committee.
   VI.        Step It Up Event:
             Assistance from L.R. has been requested for the 4/14/07 event to include a
              designated table, help assisting people filling out post-cards, provide recycling
             David, Joe, Chuck and Nancy agreed to help or be present. David will follow-
              up with Shanda to clarify needs.
   VII.       Recruiting for new board member and secretary position:
   VIII.      Open Forum/New Business
             Dawn Kranz distributed the updated contact information, schedule and
              instructions for site monitors.

   Items for Next Meeting’s Agenda:
        Spring Festival-Education/Grant Involvement Discussion/Planning

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