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Intersil Introduces New Family of Volatile, 32-Tap Digitally Controlled
Potentiometers for Ultra-Low-Power Applications
ISL9046x Family Represents Industry’s Smallest 32-Tap Digitally Controlled Potentiometers

MILPITAS, CA, September 19, 2005 – Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a world leader in the
design and manufacture of high-performance analog solutions, today announced a new family of
volatile, digitally controlled potentiometers (DCPs). The ISL90460, ISL90461 and ISL90462 are the
smallest volatile 32-tap DCPs in the industry. This family is designed to address current market
needs for high-volume, space-constrained applications that require ultra-low power, such as LCD
contrast and backlight brightness control in cell phones, PDAs and GPS receivers. Other
applications include industrial automotive control, parameter and bias adjustments, and laser diode
driver biasing.

With options ranging from a 100 kohm SOT-23 package down to the smallest 10 kohm SC-70
package, Intersil’s new family of DCPs features three potentiometer configurations, 32-tap positions,
and a two-pin up/down (U/D) interface. Along with low power dissipation and a supply voltage
range of 2.7V to 5.5V, the ISL90460/61/62 family is available in three resistance options, in two
different packages, providing 18 options to choose from.

“The ISL90460/61/62 are digitally adjustable, electronic potentiometers that eliminate the stability
issues caused by vibration or shock when using mechanical potentiometers,” said Simon Prutton,
VP/GM of Intersil’s Analog & Mixed Signal Products Group. “Because these parts employ a
volatile memory to control the DCP wiper setting, they are significantly more cost-effective than
devices using non-volatile EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read only memory).
Consequently, these DCPs are very attractive as replacements for mechanical potentiometers.”

Industry’s First, Smallest, Lowest Power
Intersil’s ISL90460/61/62 are low-noise, low-power DCPs used for adjustment, trimming, and
calibration applications in industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer markets. The DCPs
employ a popular two-pin U/D interface to control wiper position. The devices offer three
configurations: a variable resistor with one end grounded (ISL90460), a floating variable resistor
(ISL90461), and a potentiometer with one end terminal grounded (ISL90462). The
potentiometer is implemented by a resistor array with 31 elements and a wiper switching network.
Between each element and at either end are tap points accessible via the wiper terminal.

Key Features
 32 resistor taps
 Two-pin U/D interface
 Supply voltage, 2.7V to 5.5V

Intersil Introduces New Family of Volatile, 32-Tap Digitally Controlled Potentiometers…
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   Low temperature coefficient of 35ppm/degrees Celsius typical
   Low-power CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)
       o Active current, 25 microamps maximum
       o Supply current, 0.3 microamps

Target Applications
 LCD contrast control
 Parameter and bias adjustments
 Industrial and automotive control
 Transducer adjustment of pressure, temperature, position, chemical and optical sensors
 Laser diode driver biasing
 Gain control and offset adjustment

About Intersil’s Digital Control Products
Intersil offers a wide selection of low-to-high resolution digitally controlled potentiometers in single
and multi-channel packaging. Available in both linear and non-linear tapers, these digital
potentiometers replace mechanical potentiometers and trim resistors in applications where digital
control allows microprocessor interfacing and extended functionality. DCPs are typically used for
voltage reference trimming, equipment calibration and tuning, feedback loop control and signal
level control. Digitally controlled capacitors (DCCs) offer similar control flexibility for tuning radio-
frequency and oscillator circuits. To learn more, visit Intersil’s Digitally Controlled Potentiometers
and Capacitors page at

Pricing and Availability
The ISL90460 is available now in a 5-pin SOT-23 or SC-70 lead-free package and is priced at
$0.57, and the ISL90461 and ISL90462 are available now in a 6-pin SOT-23 or SC-70 lead-free
package and are priced at $0.57. All prices are for 1,000-unit quantities. More information on the
ISL90460 is available at,1477,ISL90460,0.html, more
information on the ISL90461 is available at,1477,ISL90461,0.html and more information on the
ISL90462 is available at,1477,ISL90462,0.html. To view
a broad range of application block diagrams, visit Intersil’s Application Design Center at

Note to editors: To view a high-resolution downloadable photo of these products, visit Intersil’s
photo room at:
About Intersil
Intersil Corporation, a NASDAQ 100 Index company, is a leader in the design and manufacture of
high performance analog semiconductors. The company’s products address three of the
industry’s fastest growing markets: flat panel displays, optical storage (CD and DVD recordable)
and power management. Intersil products include power management devices for battery
management, hot-swap and hot-plug controllers, linear regulators, supervisory ICs, switching DC/
DC regulators and power MOSFET drivers; optical storage laser diode drivers; DSL line drivers;

Intersil Introduces New Family of Volatile, 32-Tap Digitally Controlled Potentiometers…
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video and high performance operational amplifiers; data converters; interface ICs; analog switches
and multiplexers; crosspoint switches; voice-over-IP devices; and ICs for military, space and rad-
hard applications. For more information about Intersil or to find out how to become a member of
our winning team, visit the company’s web site and career page at


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