The Introduction Session is your first session. You should be seated at your work area, in front
of your computer ready to get started. We suggest being in a quiet place where you won’t get
disturbed so you will be able to focus on the material. You will want to have a hard copy of this
information so you can make notes. When you are ready to get started, click on the section titled
“Introduction”. You will listen to this section as you follow along in your manual.

                  Check () each step off as you complete it.
 Review the “Key To Using This Training Manual”

 Review “What To Expect During Your Job Search Process”

 Determine your work place

 Establish the necessary tools to conduct your job search

 Locate all documentation that will assist you in your search (don’t do anything with it yet!)

 Purchase the necessary items at your local office supply store
     o A day planner – recommend “At A Glance” Brand Planner – model “Week At A
         Glance” for current year
     o A pack of professional styled “Thank You” cards
     o A 3-ring binder – 1 ½ Inch size with pockets
     o A 1-31 Day index (pre-numbered and 3-hole punched)
     o Any other needed supplies like a good blue pen and writing padfolio

                 STOP HERE! Do not proceed to the next step until you have completed all the
                 steps above. Once you have completed all the steps in the Introduction session,
                 then proceed and view the “Funnel Presentation”.


 Listen/view the “Funnel Presentation”

 Complete Stage 1 of the Important Information Sheet

This training manual has been provided as a workbook to help you successfully complete your
job search. It is not intended to be a “Do-It-Yourself” guide where you receive no assistance
through the process. Instead, it is to be used as the foundation and framework in which you
should conduct your search. Also, please don’t attempt to read this manual like a book. You
will most likely get confused and overwhelmed. So please follow these guidelines on how to
make the best use of this workbook.

      Get The Support You Need - Take advantage of all the support tools that are available
       online and as you go through this manual and conduct your job search. If you are not
       clear on what you should do and you continue to move forward, your search can get
       overwhelming and confusing. Be sure to stop and get clarity before you move to the next
       step. Rely on the system and other support tools available at each step in the process.

      Work On One Section At A Time Until Complete – Be sure to complete each section
       before moving on to the next. Stay on track, don’t skip ahead and be sure check off each
       item on your list and finish each assignment before you go to the next section. Stay
       focused and make a commitment to complete all sections. It will position you for a
       successful search and allow you to take full advantage of each aspect of the system.

      Take The Initiative – You are the one responsible for your search, no one else. Go into
       your search with a sense of purpose and an end in mind. Be focused on the information
       and be proactive in completing each task. Don’t wait, just do it!

      Be Teachable And Learn From The Process – This is all about you, make the most of
       it and allow this process to work for you by being teachable and willing to learn. By
       being teachable you will grow and potentially learn new things about yourself and your
       career. Be flexible to adjust your thinking and approach your search with a purpose to
       learn more about yourself. You will undoubtedly get a job; learn from this process so
       you get the “right” job.

      Maintain A Positive Attitude, No Matter What – Your attitude determines your
       altitude, so keep your chin high and have fun throughout your search. Embrace and
       appreciate where you are today. The job search can be an emotional rollercoaster ride so
       hang in there and keep the end in mind. Take the advice of almost every past job seeker
       that will tell you they are better off today than before. That will happen to you too!!

During the next couple of weeks, you will embark on a very important process as you begin your
next career search. There will be “ups” and “downs” in your search so don’t ever get too
frustrated that it’s not going fast enough and don’t forget to celebrate the small successes. As
long as you’re making measurable progress within a reasonable time frame, you will make it
happen. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind as you move forward:

   1. Opinions Are Everywhere – It’s important to realize that not everyone is a professional
      resume writer or job search consultant. If you ask for someone’s opinion, be prepared to
      get it and act accordingly. You don’t have to act on everything you hear, in fact, if you
      do it will drive you crazy and you will get more and more confused about what you
      should do. Be careful about what advice you should take and what you should leave
      behind and always make certain it aligns with this system.

   2. You’re Not A Job Search Expect – How can you be? It’s not what you do for a living.
      As you begin your search, you will soon find out that there is a lot to learn about the
      process and it can be somewhat overwhelming. Don’t worry if at times you feel lost or
      confused, you found a job before and you’re valuable enough to the marketplace that you
      find a job again.

   3. Establish A Course Of Action – Every well executed goal has a plan. This manual is
      designed to walk you through the necessary steps to develop a plan for a highly effective
      search. Without a plan, it will be difficult to determine the appropriate activities you
      should conduct in your search. You will be much more effective if you establish a plan
      and stick to it.

   4. Take Responsibility – You will quickly find out that there are lots of different resources
      that can benefit you throughout your search. Don’t rely on anyone to find you your next
      career but YOU. Accept the help when offered (as long as it contributes to your goals),
      but don’t let others control your steps. If you do, you may be waiting along time to get a
      response. Remember, it’s NEVER someone’s job to get you a job.

   5. Your Job Search Is A Full Time Job – Finding a job is your job and it should be
      conducted with diligence and a sense of urgency. Wake up early, take a shower, where
      business attire, work hard and if you’re busy stay late and put in some overtime.

   6. Timing Of Your Search – Be patient. Track your progress using the tools we provide
      and focus on making and hitting the goals you set for yourself. It will rarely happen fast
      enough so stay on track and understand it will take time. You will always be better off
      taking your time to find the “right” job than just any job, otherwise you may find yourself
      in another job search sooner than you’d like.

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