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Category A : Invention

                             Winner                        Entry
Overall                      Dr. Ibrahim/ Abdullah         Visible Light Generation
                                                           of Liquid Natural Rubber
Sub Category
Mechanical                   Dr. S.F.Chan & Hong Lee       Tripile
Electrical                   David C.K Yap                 Omax 200 Pinhole
                                                           Inspection Machine
Chemical                     Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah          Visible Light Generation
                                                           of Liquid Natural Rubber
General Technology           Lam Kam Yu                    Treadless Buttom
                             Lam Kam Kheong
                             Lam Kam Hoong

Category B: Utility Innovation

                             Winner                        Entry
Overall                      Sapura Holdings               Sapura S2000B

Mechanical                   Hew Ah Kow                    Improved Rubber Tap-
                                                           ping Knife With
                                                           Changeable Cutting knife
Electrical                   Sapura Holdings               Sapura S2000B
General Technology           Ricky Kiew Ping Yu            Audio-tactile Album &
                                                           Cards Storage Album

Category C : Industrial Design
PK Electronics US Series of Uninterruptible Power Supply
Name                     Category             Sub-category         Entry
Hing Buck Chuan          Invention            Mechanical           Looking Mechanism
                                                                   with master & Slave
Tay Kock Fooi            Invention            Mechanical           Combine Toothpaste
                                                                   Extruder & Brush
PORIM                    Invention            Chemical             Production of Alkyl
                                                                   Estera from Oils & fats
PORIM                    Invention            Chemical             Transesterfication of
                                                                   Oils & Fats
Ting Sie Bing            Invention            General Technology   Multipurpose Table
Woon Ah Bah              Invention            General Technology   Multiple Units Mould
                                                                   from Silicon for
                                                                   Sculptural Works
David Tay Kok Huat       Invention            General Technology   Spirit Plumb Line
Teh Chai Huat            Utility Innovation   Mechanical           Supporting Apparatus
Abdul Rashid b. Zainal   Utility innovation   Electrical           Automatic Data
Abidin                                                             Acquisition &
                                                                   Calibration System
Song Ah Bin              Utility Innovation   General Technology   Body mounted
Ramesh Pillai            Utility Innovation   General Technology   Garden Hose Sofa
En. Mohd Firoz b.        Industrial Design                         Playpen
Ahmat Basri
En. Rosli Moktar         Industrial Design                         Knock Down Shelving

        Overall Best : WIPO Gold Medal

Category                             Winner                           Entry
Industrial Design                    En. Baharuddin Bin Ujang         Floor Chair / Office Chair

        First Prize
Category              Sub-Category                   Winner                    Entry
Invention             Mechanical                     Pilecon Engineering       IFP Penetrometer
                      Chemical                       PORIM                     Recovery of Carotenes
                                                                               From Oil
                      General Technology             Dr. Kaida Bin Khalid      Microwave Reflected
                                                                               Type Moisture
                      Electrical                     Nil                       Nil
Utility Innovation    Electrical                     Sapura Holding Sdn        Caller Feature
                                                     Bhd                       Telephone
                      General Technology             K.Raju                    A.V.Transparency
                      Mechanical                     Nil                       Nil
                      Chemical                       Nil                       Nil
Industrial Design                                    En.Baharuddin Bin         Floor Chair / Office
                                                     Ujang                     Chair


   Name                                              Entry
   1. Mr. Song Ah Bin                                A Protection Device Padlocks
   2. PORIM                                          Blockboard And the Process of Manufacture
                                                     from Oil palm Turnk
   3. Mr. Hew Ah Kow                                 Controllable Boiled Egg-Maker
   4. EBOR Eaves                                     Rain Guard For Rubber Trees
   5. Mr. Lee Joo Seong                              Improved Mouse Trap
   6. Mr. Tay Kock Fooi                              Mahkisar I Paste Extruder With Brush Holder

   7. En. Fausin B. Md. Isa                          Modular Cooking Appliance
   8. Mr. Loo Keng Kee                               Multi-Purpose Hoe (Changkul)
        9. Polytron                                     Polytron Telephone Remote Control System
        10. En. Mohamad Noor. B. Shafie                 R.R.I.M. Related Modulus Tester
        11. Mr. Ricky Liew Ping Yu                      Syncho A.V. Page System

            SCHOOL WINNERS

                                     School ( Bahagian Atas )              Entry

First                                S.M.Convent Muar Johor                Suis Pemadam Lampu Otomatik
Second                               S.M.Convent Klang, Selangor           Alat Penyiram Tumbuh-
                                                                           tumbuhan Otomatik
Third                                Sek Tinggi Melaka, Melaka             Anti-Theft Seat

                                     School ( Bahagian Rendah )            Entry
First                                S.M.K / batu Lintang, Kuching,        Pengecat Masa Depan
Second                               S.M.B, Tung Hua, Sibu , Sarawak       Kotak Bebas kelembapan
Third                                Kolej D.P.D.H Abdilah, Kuching,       Little Noddy


 Overall Best                                           WIPO Gold Medal

Category              Sub-Category          Place                 Award                   Cash Prize
Invention             Mechanical            First                 Trophy                  RM 3,000.00
                      Electrical /          First                 Trophy                  RM 3,000.00
                      Chemical              First                 Trophy                  RM 3,000.00
Utility Innovation    Mechanical            First                 Trophy                  RM 3,000.00
                      Electronic /          First                 Trophy                  RM 3,000.00
                      Chemical              First                 Trophy                  RM 3,000.00
                      General               First                 Trophy                  RM 3,000.00
Industrial Design                           First                 Trophy                 RM 3,000.00
Invention, Utility                          Merit                 Certificate of Merit   RM 500.00
Innovation and                                                                           ( up to 10 Prizes )
Industrial Design

          In addition, the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, proposes to award
          a National Award for the Best Invention. The Award will be made to an individual
          Inventor who is judged to be deserving of the honour.

          National Awards will be given to the overall best inventors as follows:

              a) Anugerah Rekacipta Negara (Public Section)
              b) Hadiah Rekacipta Muda Negara (Student Section)
            First Prize

Category                  Sub-Category            Winner                      Entry
Invention                 Mechanical              Hew Ah Kow                  Deodorizing Device in
                                                                              Water Closet
                          Chemical                Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah        Thermoplastic Natural
Utility Innovation        Electrical              Sapura Research Sdn         A phone for the
                                                  Bhd                         Disabled
                          Chemical                Bohari Mohd Yamin &         Preparation of Slow
                                                  Rusli Muhammad              Released Pesticides

        Merit Awards

Name                                              Entry
1. New Learning Enterprise                        Audio Card Laminating Machine
2. Daniel Tan Lee Soon                            Intelligent Building Electrical System (IBES)
3. Dr. Choo Yuen May                              Synthesis of Monoglycerides for Palm Oil
4. SIRIM                                          Automated Sealing and Capping Machine
5. Mohd Yusof Hj. Othman                          Simulasi Sistem Pam suria Fotovoltaik
   Baharudin Yatim
   Mohd Noh Dalimin & Zainazlan Mohd Zain
6. Ting Sie Bing                                  Detachable Chopsticks
7. Hew AH Kow                                     Combined Toothbrush and Dental Floss
8. Ricky Liew Ping Yu & Jessie Yeo Hai Ne         Animated Educational Chart

            School Winners

School ( Bahagian Atas )
First                              S.M.Tuanku, Abdul Rahman        FP 1059 V-Tronics
                                   Ipoh, Perak
Second                             Maktab Rendah Sains Mara        Jag Idea
                                   Pulau Pinang
Third                          S.M.Bantuan Kuching High,        Salur Sink Serbaguna
School ( Bahagian Rendah )
First                          S.M.Bantuan Tung Hua Sibu,       Kotak Sabun Abadi
Second                         S.M.Convent Teluk Intan, Perak   Siren Banjir
Third                          S.M.Kebangsaan Batu Lintang,     Pembuka Tin „CANNER‟

         Overall Best: WIPO Gold Medal

Winner                                         Entry
Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ipoh, Perak        FP 1059 V-TRONOCS
            MINDEX 93 WINNERS

Overall Best : WIPO Gold Medal
Category                            Winner                            Entry
Invention / Electrical &            Mr. Diong Chong Khai & Mr.        Touch Programmable Intelligent
Electronic                          John Tjoeng                       Lamp
School Division                     S.M. Datok Haji Abdul Samad,      AHLS ( Automatic high Light
                                    Negeri Sembilan                   System)

First Prize
Category                   Sub-Category              Winner                       Entry
Invention                  Mechanical                Ching Lip Kee                Palm Oil Fruit
                           Mechanical                Ting Sie Bing                The Third Brake
                           Electrical & Electronic   Mr. Diong Chong Khai         Touch Programmable
                                                     & Mr. John Tjoeng            Intelligent Lamp
                           General Technology        Mine Research Institute      Photo Helicopter
Utility Innovation         Mechanical                Mohamad Sarkowi              Automatic Glue
                                                                                  Labelling Machine
                           Electrical & Electronic   Chock Meo Lim                Hot Beep III Auto
                           General Technology        Lee Yip Foong                Multi-safe Clothes
Industrial Design                                    Loh Pit Kin                  Blackmirror
Women Inventors Award                                Dr. Choo Yuen May
Chris Pang Best Booth Award                          PK Electronics Sdn Bhd

Merit Awards
No:                                 Name                              Entry
1.                                  Abdul Latif Mohamad               Rattan / Bamboo Blank
                                                                      Stamping Machine
2.                                  Ting Sie Bing & Chong Seng        Rotation Ruler
3.                                  Lim Cheng Hoe & Lee Chee          Green Monitor Sever
4.                                  Loh Pit Kin                       Intelifax
5.             Paul Chang Pak Chuen           Integrated Lightning Protection
6.             Dr. Ooi Tian Lye & Ng Chew     Palm Oil based Ink
7.             Dr. Chong Sue Kheng            Culturing of Micro-Organiser
                                              Culture Container for Direct
                                              Microbial Count
8.             Ting Sie Bing                  Rocking Chair With Rocking
                                              Leg Rest

Merit Awards
               School ( Bahagian Atas )       Entry
First          Sek. Datok Haji Abdul Samad,   AHLS (Automatic High Light
               Negeri Sembilan                System)
Second         S.M.Khir johari, Perak         Alat PencegahKebakaran Baru
Third          S.M. Bantuan Kuching High,     Gapenah 2020 (Gabungan
               Sarawak                        Pesateri & Timah)
               School ( Bahagian Rendah)      Entry
First          S.M.K. batu Lintang, Sarawak   Penukul Keselamatan
Second         S.M. Bantuan Kuching High,     Pemegang Tong Sampah
               Sarawak                        Ringkas
Third          S.M. Seri Kota Melaka          Gas Alert
          MINDEX 94 WINNERS
Overall Best : WIPO Gold Medal
Category               Winner                    Entry
General Technology     Dr. Ch‟ng Soo Ling        Determination Pf Anlyte Concentration
General Technology     Mr. Chan Boon Su          Swivel Head Toothbrush
First Prize
Category               Sub-Category              Winner                   Entry
Invention              Mechanical                Mr. Tan Tah Hee          Plastering Machine
                       Electrical & Electronic   Mr. Robest Yong          Instant Rubber Stamp
                       Chemical                  Dr. Hoi Why Kong         Sorbent Material for
                                                                          Oil or other
                                                                          HydroCarbon And A
                                                                          Method of
                                                                          manufacturing Same
                       General Technology        Dr. Ch‟ng Soo Ling       Determination of
                                                                          Analyte Concentration
                                                 Mr. Chan Boon Su         Swivel Head
Utility Innovation     Mechanical                Dr. Mohd Salman          High Performance
                                                 Leong                    Elastomer Vibration
                       Electrical & Electronic   Sapura Research Sdn      Home Telephone
                                                 Bhd                      System (HTS)
                       Chemical                  Dr. hassan Yaakob        Sea Cucumber
                                                                          (Gamat) Is a Potential
                                                                          Source Of Analgesic
                                                                          And Anti-
                                                                          Inflammatory Agent
                       General Technology        Mr. Rostam Salleh        Marker Pen Assembly
                                                 Mr. Low Kum Sang         Microcomputer
                                                 Mr. Mohd Amin mohd       Control Cutting
                                                 Sura                     System
                                                 Mr. Tou Teck Yong
Merit Awards
Name                                             Entry
1. Lok Kong @ Loh Tong Weng                      A machine For Decoring Oil Palm Fruit Bunches
2. Shah B. Mohd Darus & Adb. Latif Mohmood       Workbench For Processing Rattan Pieces
3. Habibur Rahman Ibrahim                         Video Programmable System (VPS)
4. Chong Sue Kheng                                Culture Device For direct Microbial Count
5. Azimahtol Hawariah Lope Pihie                  A Nature Anti-Breast Cancer Agent
6. Ting Sie Bing & Chong Seng Wooi                Stop-Cock With Automatic Cut-Out
7. Wong Ah Ngah @ Wong Yook Wait                  Kingswood Exclusive Briefcase
8. Sapura Research Sdn Bhd                        Coin Payphone P3000CN


1st                            2nd                                 3rd
Visual Endorser                Automatic Fish Feeder               Easi-opener
By SM Tuanku Abdul Rahman      By SM Teknik Ipoh, Perak            By Miss Krishna Mateparane
Gemas, Negeri Sembilan         Malaysia                            Wanganui Girl‟s College New
Malaysia                                                           Zealand


1ST                            2nd                                 3rd1
         Prevention Leakage            Hydraulic bulk Grab             High flow Non-power
         Clampshell Bucket                                               Dissipated Seaweed
                                                                          Device For Ships

Adult section
For Overall Best
A Novel Tensile Stress Relaxometer
Dr. Alias B. Othman
Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia

Gold Medal
1. A Novel tensile Stress Relaxometer
   Dr. Alias b. Othman
   Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia

2. A Machine for Cutting Rattan Ends into Half-Moon Shape
   En. Wan Tarmeze Wan Ariffin
   En. Mohd Zaini Ujang
   Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

3. Rapid Diagnostic Kit of Selective Medium for Pathogens of Fish (Radikit)
   Dr. Siti Abdullah & Personnel of Disease Section
   Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan

4. Recovery of Carotenes
   Dr. Ooi Cheng Keat
   Dr. Choo Yuen May
   Dr. Ma Ah Ngah
   Mr. Yap Soon Chee
   Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia

   Silver Medal
1. Epoxidised Natural Rubber in Paint
   Dr. Jamil Ismail
   Universities Sains Malaysia

2. Soil Erosion Gauge
   En. Baharuddin Kasran
   Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

3. Production of Alpha-Silicon and Beta-Sialon from Rice Husk
   En. Ismail Ab. Rahman
   Universities Sains Malaysia

4. Sorbent Material for Oil or Other Liquid Hydrocarbon
   Dr. Hoi Why Kong
   Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
5. Stress Transducer for Concrete Structures
   Dr. Azlan Abdul Rahamn
   Universities Technologies Malaysia

6. Harnessing the Potential in industrial Waste
   En. Jamaludin Mat
   Dr. Ramli Hitam
   En. Lee Kok Kwee
   Universities Technologies Malaysia

   Bronze Medal
1. Heatwave
   Mr. Loh Pit Kin
   PK Electronics Sdn Bhd

2. Production of Biomaterials for Clinical Applications
   Dr. Norimag Yusof
   Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technologies Research

3. Disposable Circumcision Device
   Dr. T. Gurchran Singh
   Kuala Lumpur

4. Hydrophonic Cultivation
   Mr. Yap Fook Kuan
   Shah Alam Selangor

5. Integrated Computer Aided tjanting System (ICATS)
   En. Asmadi Md. Said
   En. Irraivan Elamvazothi
   Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia

6. Sistem Air Perlimbahan Berperangkap “P”
   Hj. Nayan b. Salleh
   Pejabat Kesihatan

   Foreign Section
   Gold Medal
   Household Health Protector
   Guang Dong Yang Cheng Electronic Equipment Factory

   Silver Medal
   Electronic Two-Sided Pricing Scale
   Guangzhou Xingsuo Electronic Weighing Apparatus Corporation
School Section
Malaysian Schools
1st Prize
Jam Gelombang Radio
SM Seri Putri, Jalan Kolam Ayer
Kuala Lumpur

2nd Prize
Pengesan Serba Boleh
SM Teknik Tuanku Jaafar
Negeri Sembilan

3rd Prize
Multi Purpose Tester Marker and Alarm
SM Kebangsaan Kuaal Krai

Asian pacific Schools
WIPO Gold Medal
Jam Gelombang Radio
SM Seri Putri, Jalan Kolam Ayer
Kuala Lumpur

Gold Medal
Jam Gelombang Radio
SM Seri Putri, Jalan Kolam Ayer
Kuala Lumpur

Silver Medal
Hydraulic-Jack Pipe Bender
Tan Kee Foundation

Bronze Medal
A Device for Measuring Transit Time of Free-Falling Object
Haadyai Technical College
               WINNER FOR MINDEX / INNOTEX’96
               Adult Category

Medal              Inventor              Invention           Address              Tel No
WIPO Gold          Mr. Loh Pit Kin       US9000 Fault-       P.K. Electronic      606-677 2993
Medal for                                Tolerant Power      Industries Bhd 53,
Overall Best                             Supply              Senawang
                                                             Industries Estate
                                                             70450 Seremban
Gold               Mr. Loh Pit Kin       US9000 Fault-       P.K. Electronic      606-677 2993
                                         Tolerant Power      Industries Bhd 53,
                                         Supply              Senawang
                                                             Industries Estate
                                                             70450 Seremban
                   En Mohd Azmi          Tank Floor          Malaysian            603-8250510
                   Ismail                Scanning System     Institute for
                                         (TAFLOSS)           Nuclear
                                                             Research (MINT)
                                                             43000 Kajang,
                   En. Badlishah         Recovery of         Dept. of             603-9486101
                   Sham Baharin          Carotene From       Biotechnology
                                         Crude palm Oil      Faculty of Food
                                                             Sciences and
                                                             UPM 43400
                                                             Serdang, Selangor
                   1.Dr. Chong Sue       A Moulding          27, Jalan Limau      603 2843 664
                     Kheng               Device for          Kasturi Bangsar
                   2. Dr. Russly Abd     Shaping and         Park 59000 Kuala
                      Rahman (UPM)       Skewering meat      Lumpur
                                         and other food
Silver             1. Dr. Mohd Nor       Microprocessor      Universities Sains   604-6577888
                      Ahmad              based electrolyte   Malaysia 11800
                   2. Dr. Zhari Ismail   analyser for        Penang
                   3. Dr. Ali Yeon       urolithiatic
                      Mohd Shakaff
                   Leapfrog Tech.        Intelligent         41, Jalan USJ        603-7317215
                   S/B                   Telephone System    1/1D, 47600
                                                             Subang Jaya,
         Dr. Hoi Why       Sawdust /            Forest Research     603-6342633
         Kong              Briquest Stoves      Institute of
                                                Malaysia (FRIM),
                                                Kepong 52100
                                                Kuala Lumpur
         En. Ku Halim Ku   Utilisation of       Institute           603-556 3377
         Hamid             Used Bleaching       Technology Mara
                                                (ITM) School of
                                                Applied Sciences
                                                Shah Alam,
Bronze   En. Karim         Production for       Advanced            603-8255 708
         B.Yaacob          Specialty            Oleochemical
                           Chemicals: From      Techno. Centre,
                           Palm Kernel Cake     PORIM.
                                                No 6, Persiaran
                                                Institusi 43000
                                                Kajang, Selangor
         En. Farid Nasir   Liquid Feul &        Faculty of          607-5576160
         Ani               Chemicals From       Mechanical          Ext - 4664
                           Solid Waste          Engrng
                                                Malaysia Locked
                                                Bab 791 80990
                                                Johor Bahru
         Leapfrog Tech.    Electronic Display   41, Jalan USJ       603-731 7215
         S/B               Board With Pager     4/1D, 47600
                                                Subang Jaya,
         Mr. Abdul Manan   Haruan               Dept. of            603- 948 6101
         Mat Jais          Biomemical           Biomedical          Ext – 2532
                           Products for skin    Science FKSP,
                           diseases             Univ Pertanian
                                                Malaysia 43000
                                                Serdang Selangor
         Mr. Murugaya      Portable Manual /    Klinik Kesihantan   605-716 2355
         Ordandi           Automatic            Alor Pongsu
                           Nebuliser            34300 Alor
                                                Pongsu, Perak
         En. Harith B.     Optical Amplifier    Telekom Malaysia    603-759 4282
         Ahamd             for 1.55 mm          Berhad R & D
                           Transmission         Division, Wisma
                                                Telekom Jalan
                                                        Pantai Baru 59200
                                                        Kuala Lumpur
                  Industrial          Intelligent       SIRIM, P.O.Box      603-556 7056
                  Instrumentation &   Building          7035 40911 Shah
                  Electronic Centre   Management        Alam, Selangor
                  (INTEC), SIRIM      System (IBMS)
                  Dr. Raja Wahab      Mosquito-fly      Klinik Raja         609-9666934
                  B. Raja Mamat       Eliminator Trap   Wahab 2395, Jln
                                      Device            Tengku Zainal
                                                        Abidin 18000
                                                        Kuala Krai,
School Section
Medal                          Inventor                       Invention
WIPO Gold Medal For Overall    Sekolah Menengah Baling        SQC MICRO 1
Best                           09100 Kedah
Gold                           Sekolah Menegah Baling 09100   SQC MICRO 1
Silver                         Shanghai Association for       A Sliding Callipers for Circle or
                               Science and Tech.              Minor arc
Bronze                         Sekolah Menegah Kamil          Flood Monitoring Kit
              WINNERS OF MINDEX / INNOTEX 97

MEDAL              INVENTOR               INVENTION            ADDRESS              CONTACT NO
WIPO Gold Medal    Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr.   Bondek IT /          Faculty of           603 829 6201 (T)
For Overall Best   Hj. Wan Hamidon        Cembord              Engineering          603 829 6147 (F)
                   Bin Hj. Wan            Composite Floor      Universiti
                   Badaruzzaman           Panels               Kebangsaan
                                                               Malaysia 43000
                                                               Bangi, Selangor
Gold               Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr.   Bondek IT /          Faculty of           603 829 6201 (T)
                   Hj. Wan Hamidon        Cwmboerd             Engineering          603 829 6147 (F)
                   Bin Hj. Wan            Composite Floor      Universiti
                   Badaruzzaman           Panels               Kebangsaan
                                                               Malaysia 43000
                                                               Bangi, Selangor
                   En. Ahamd B.           Magic Block          Lot 168, Hala        605 545 2703 (T)
                   Sutan                                       Tasek Timur 16,
                                                               31300 Ipoh, Perak
                   1. Dr. Wan Abdul       Transgenic Rubber    Rubber Research      603 456 0509 (T)
                      Rahman              Plant                Institute of         603 456 0509 (T)
                   2. Dr. P. Arokiaraj                         Malaysia (RRIM)
                   3. Dr. Cheong Kay                           P.O.Box 10150
                      Fong                                     Kuala Lumpur
                   4.Dr.Yeang Hoong
Silver             Industrial             Intelligent Remote   SIRIM Berhad 1,      603 556 6744 (T)
                   Instrumentation        Monitoring and       Persiaran Dato       603 556 7788 (F)
                   and Electronics        Information          Menteri P.O.Box
                   Centre, SIRIM          System (IRMIS)       7035, Section 2
                   Berhad                                      40911 Shah Alam,
                   1. En. Khudzir         Feroxyacetic Acid-   Academic Office      604 987 4380 (T)
                      Ismail              A Simple and An      Mara Institute of    604 986 2233 (F)
                   2. En. Md Azlan        Economical           Technology (ITM)
                      Md. Ishak           Desulphurising       Perlis Branch
                   3. En. Md. Lias        Agent for Sub-       02600 Arau Perlis
                      Kamal               Bituminous High
                                          Sulphur Caol
                   En. Chan Boon Su       Double Head          Zowin Industry       603 635 5166 (T)
                                          Toothbrush           (M) Sdn Bhd Lot      603 635 4969 (F)
                                                               37673 Jalan 3/37A,
                                                               Taman Bukit
                                                               Maluri, Kepong
                                                               52100 K.L
         1. Cik Aminah       Vegetative            Forest Research     603 634 2633 (T)
            Hamzah           Propagation of        Institute of        603 630 2105 (F)
         2. En. Abdul        Jelutong (DYERA       Malaysia (FRIM),
            Rahim Omar       COSTULATA) by         Kepong 52109
                             Stem Cutting          Kuala Lumpur
         1. Prof. Dr.        Intelligent Post-     Centre For AI &     603 291 3710 (T)
            Marzuki Khalid   Code Recognition      Robotics ( CAIRO)   603 297 0815 (F)
         2. Mr. Tay Yong     and Letter Sorting    Universities
            Haur             Machine               Technology
         3. Mr. Tan Kok                            Malaysia Jalan
            Khiang                                 Semarak 54100
         4. Pn. Rubiyah                            Kuala Lumpur
Bronze   1. Prof. Dr.        Intelligent           Centre For AI &     603 2913 710 (T)
            Marzuki Khalid   Industrial Chilling   Robotics ( CAIRO)   603 297 0815 (F)
         2. En. Tan Kok      – Heating Using       Universities
            Khiang           Fuzzy Logic           Teknologi
         3. Pn. Rubiyah      Control               Malaysia Jalan
            Yusof                                  Semarak 54100
                                                   Kuala Lumpur
         Mr. Yap Wang        Anglevel              845, Jalan Utama    606 232 3498 (T)
         Han                                       Air Keroh Heights   010-6662027 H/P
                                                   75450 Malacca
         Mr. Wong Khai       Energy Oil            Lot 21516, km. 8,   605 357 1787 (T)
         Ming @ Wong                               Jalan Gopeng        605 357 1787 (F)
         Khee Meng                                 31300 Kampung
                                                   Kepeyang Perak
         Mr. Robest Yong     Flush „n‟ Wash        20, Jalan 1/87c,    603 272 2170 (T)
                             Water Closet          Taman Seputeh       603 274 0002 (F)
                                                   58000 Kuala
         1. Mr. Ling Booi    Laser                 Institute of        603 759 4427 (T)
            Cie              Microlabelling of     Postgraduate        603 756 8940 (F)
         2. En. P. Nambiar   Alloy Dental          Studies and
         3. Mr. Low Kam      Prosthesis            Research
            Sang                                   Universities of
         4. Mr. Lee Chak                           Malaya (UM)
            Khiam                                  50603 Kuala
         5. Mr. Foo Chee                           Lumpur
         6. Mr. Tan Min
Orcadesign        Digital Conference    50, jaln Molek 2/1,   607 353 5351 (T)
Consultants Sdn   System                Taman Molek           607 354 9879 (F)
Bhd                                     81100 Johor Bahru,
Mr. Lee Meng      Blue thunder          27, Jalan 1/149 J     603 959 1900 (T)
                  Rotary Multiprinter   (Ground Floor)        603 957 9208 (F)
                  Printer machine       Bandar baru Seri
                                        Petaling 57000
                                        Kuala Lumpur
Dr. Wan Manshol   Radiation             Malaysian Institute   603 825 0510 (T)
Wan Zin           Vulcanised Natural    for Nuclear           603 825 8262 (F)
                  Rubber Latex          Technology
                  (RVNRL)               Research ( MINT)
                                        43000 Bangi
          WINNER OF ITEX 98

Invention                       Inventor                           Organization / Individual
WIPO Gold Medal Award For Overall Best
A Process for Clarifiying Crude    1. Mohamed Bin Sulong           Palm Oil research Institute of
Palm Oil Slurry by Filatration     2. Ronnie C.W.Tan               Malaysia [PORIM]
Method                                                             Tel : 8282 455 ext – 2460
Gold Medal Award
A Process for Clarufying Crude     1. Mohamed Bin Sulong           Palm Oil Research Institute of
Palm Oil Slurry by Filtration      2. Rinnie C.W.Tan               Malaysia [PORIM]
Method                                                             Tel : 603 825 9446
PipeScanner                        1. Dr. Jaffar Abdullah          Institute Penyelidikan Teknologi
                                                                   Nuklear Malaysia [MINT]
                                                                   Tel : 603 825 0510
Production of Novel oriented         1. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail     Universities Technology
skin Hollow Fibre Membranes                                        Malaysia [UTM]
for Gas Separation                                                 Tel : 607 556 6177
An Improved Composition and          1. Hew Ah Kow                 Individual
Process for Manufacturing Insect                                   Fax : 603 912 4716
Silver Medal Award
Marvel Engine Oil                    1. Wong Khai Ming @           Individual
                                        Wong Khee Meng

Penghasilan Plastik Mudah            1. Assoc. Prof. Mohamed Isa   Universiti Sains Malaysia [USM]
Lupus Dari Minyak Kelapa                 Bin Abd Majid
Sawit                                2. Assoc. Prof. Mohd Azizan
                                         Mohd Noor
                                     3. Assoc. Prof. Mohd
                                         Nazalan Najimuddin
                                     4. Dr. Mohd Razip Samian
Strength Testing Kit for Filtering   1. Ku Halim Ku Hamid          Institut Teknologi MARA [ITM]
Granular Media
RRIOMFlow System of                  1. Sivakumaran A/L            Lembaga Getah Malaysia [LGM]
Exploitation: Gaseous                   Seenivasagam               Tel : 603 261 3139
Stimulation of Rubber Tree to        2. Chong Kewi
Sustain High Yield
Bronze Medal Awards
Extreme Low Maintenance Lead         1. Lawrence Khoo              Individual – Booth G
Acid battery For Car                                               Tel : 604 642 2818

New Spark Plug Design                1. Loh Lee Choy               Individual – Booth C
                                                                      Tel : 603 755 1280
Sine-Slab for Erosion Control          1. Assoc Prof Dr. Noraieni     Coastal & Offshore Engineering
                                           Hj. Mokhtar                Institute UTM
                                       2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hadibah    Tel : 607 556 6177
                                       3. Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz
Improved Swivel Arm                    1. Dr. Balwant Singh           Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Mechanism                                  Gendeh                     [UKM]
                                       2. Prof. Dato Dr. Khalid Abd   Tel : 603 825 4550
Passionate Health Drink                1. Victor Hiew Kon-Ching       Individual – Booth K

Formulation of Natural UV-A            1. Assoc Prof Dr. Karim Bin    Universiti Putra Malaysia [UPM]
and UV-B Absorbers                        Dato‟ Yaacob                Tel : 603 948 3745

Flash X-Ray Source                     1. Prof. Dr. Wonmg Chiow       Universiti of Malaya [UM]
                                          San                         Tel : 759 4648
                                       2. Jasbir Singh
Industrial Design
Gold Medal Award
Nil                              Nil                                  Nil
Silver Medal Award
Nil                              Nil                                  Nil
Bronze Medal Award
ASKA (III)                             1. Hammerhead Nakita (m)       Tel : 731 3486
                                          Sdn Bhd

Foreign Invention Category
Gold Medal Award
Supercritical Fluid Technology         1. Ge Fahuan                   Guangzhou Pharmaceutical
in the Extraction of Chinese           2. Hui Guojun                  Industrial Research Institute
Medical Herbs                                                         China.
                                                                      Tel : 86-20-8441 2127
Audio Electronic Product               1. Yam Siu Lai, Mandy          Guangzhou Wai Kai Qunli
                                                                      Industry & Trading Development
                                                                      Company China.
Bronze Medal Award
Nil                                    Nil                            Nil
        WINNER FOR ITEX 99

        A. Invention
Invention                      Inventor (s)                     Organization / individual
WIPO Gold Medal for Overall Best
Optical Carbon Monoxide Gas        1. Prof. Dr. Muhamad mat     Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Sensor                                Salleh                    [UKM]
                                   2. Prof. Dr. Muhamad

Gold Medal Award
Optical Carbon Monoxide Gas        1. Prof. Dr. Muhamad mat     Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Sensor                                Salleh                    [UKM]
                                   2. Prof. Dr. Muhamad

Zero Effluent Discharge            1. Ronnie C.W. Tan           Palm Oil Research Institute of
Technology for Palm Oil Mill       2. Mohamed Sulong            Malaysia [PORIM]
                                                                Tel : 603 734 3108
                                                                Fax : 603 733 2422

Portable Level / Interface         1. Dr. Jaffar Abdullah       Malaysian Institute for Nuclear
Scanner (PoliScanner)              2. Kancsan A/L               Technology Research [MINT]
                                       Sinnakaruppan            Tel : 603 825 0510
                                   3. Mustafa Mohamad Saaid           Ext – 1213
                                   4. Muhammad Rawi             Fax : 603 825 0907
                                       Mohamed Zain
                                   5. Nor Pai‟za Mohd Hassan
                                   6. Mahadi Mustapha
                                   7. Ahmad nassir Yusof
                                   8. Mohd Khairi Mohd Said
                                   9. Mohd Arif Hamzah
                                   10. Abd. Razak Ismail

Palm Oil-based Santan powder       1. Zaida Bt. Zainal          Palm Oil Research Institute of
                                   2. Noor Lida Habi Mat Dian   Malaysia [PORIM]
                                   3. Dr. Mohd Suria Affandi    Tel : 603 825 9155
                                      Yusoff                    Fax : 603 825 9446
                                   4. Muhammad Nor Omar
                                   5. Dr. Burhannuddin Salam
                                   6. Suid Aziz
Safety Vehicle License Plate      1. Eom Kh‟ng Beng Hai         Individual
                                                                Tel : 604 356 5234
                                                                Fax : 604 356 5969

INS Calibre-Multi Purpose         1. Yeat Sew Chuong            Individual
Liquid Fertilizer                                               Tel : 603 985 1699
                                                                Fax : 603 985 5741

In-House CD Enzyme-Linked         1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramelah   Universiti kebangsaan malaysia
Immunoassay for the Detection        Mohamed                    [UKM]
of Clostridium Difficile Toxins                                 Tel : 603 440 5489
                                                                Fax : 603 293 7832

Small-Pressuremeter (S-P)         1. Husaini Bin Omar           Universiti Putra Malaysia

Silver Medal Award
Novel Two-Phase Variable-         1. Dr. Chan Sei               Universiti Teknologi MARA
Reluctance Motor Configuration                                  [UTM]
Capable of self-Starting                                        Tel : 603 555 5736
                                                                Fax : 603 552 7944

PC-Based Intelligent Motion       1. Ahmad Hairi Abu Bakar      Universiti Teknologi MARA
Controller                        2. Wahidah Mansor             [UTM]
                                  3. Mohd Uzir Kamaluddin       Tel : 603 556 4636
                                                                Fax : 603 552 4953

Smart Card Access System          1. Selvan A/L Arumugan        SIRIM Berhad
                                                                Tel : 603 556 6743
                                                                Fax : 603 556 7788

Production of Reverse Osmosis     1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad     Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Hollow Fibre Membranes and           Fauzi B. Ismail            [UTM]
the Development of Membrane
System for Water and Treatment

Motorcycle Helmet Third Brake     1. Chin Hing Wang             Individual
Light                                                           Tel : 603 622 1854
                                                                Fax : 603 622 7289
Palm-based Polyurethane Foams    1.   Dr. Salmiah Ahamd         AOTC. PORIM
                                 2.   Dr. Ooi Tian Lye          Tel : 603 825 5748
                                 3.   Dr. Hazimah Abu Hassan    Fax : 603 825 6197
                                 4.   Partibhan Zamiah Kassim
Bronze Medal Award
Electronic Blind Man‟s Walking   1. Prof. P.A. Venkatachalam    Universiti Sains Malaysia
Stick                            2. Steven Loo Boon Siang       [USM]

Grille Lock                      1. Wong Fook Yee               Individual
                                                                Tel : 603 943 9202

Process for The Removal of       1. Dr. Meor Yusoff Meor        Malaysian Institute for Nuclear
Radioactivity From Zircon and       Sulaiman                    Technology Research [MINT]
Related Minerals                                                Tel : 603 825 0510
                                                                      Ext – 1156
                                                                Fax : 603 825 3037

Strypyrone Derivative : The      1. Prof. Azimahtol             Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia
Alternative Breast Cancer           Hawariah Lope Pihie         [UKM]

Wind and solar Powered           1. Lew Thean Meng              Individual
Ventilator and Skylight                                         Tel : 603 292 3759
                                                                Fax : 603 291 4928

CUMAC System                     1. Dr. Rosly Jaafar            Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
                                 2. Sia Chee Kai                [UTM]
                                 3. Khaidzir Hamzah             Tel : 607 557 6160
                                                                Fax : 607 556 6162

Natural Tropical Flavour and     1. Prof. Ramlan Abdul Aziz     University Teknologi Malaysia
Fragrance                        2. Norma Bt. Hussin            [UTM]
                                 3. Dr. Mohamad Roji            Tel : 607 550 3159
                                    Sarmidi                     Fax : 607 556 9706
B. Iundustrial Design

Gold Medal Award
Foldable Bicycle                   1. Wong Wai Lam            Lim Kok Wing Institute
                                                              Tel : 603 704 5220
                                                              Fax : 603 704 1520

Silver Medal Award
Multi Purpose Seat                 1. Rhymie Rashidie b.      Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
                                      Ibrahim                 [Unimas]
                                                              Tel : 6082 67 1000
                                                                    Ext – 566
                                                              Fax : 6082 67 2314
Bronze Medal Award
Window Cleaner                     1. Bernie Tan Peng Chung   Lim Kok Wing Institute
                                                              Tel : 603 704 5220
                                                              Fax : 603 704 1520

Henry Goh Award ( Environmental)
GREENAIRE – Air Filtration          1. Sam Wong Peng Kuen     Individual
System / Device                     2. Christopher Chan Wai   Tel : 603 492 7800
                                        Hung                  Fax : 603 492 5800
P.kandiah Award ( Drafting of One Patent Specification )
Optical Carbon Monoxide Gas        1. Prof. Dr. Muhamad Mat   Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Sensor                                Salleh                  [UKM]
                                   2. Prof. Dr. Muhamad
IFIA Cup ( Best Women Inventor )
Winner                             1. Prof. Azimahtol         Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
                                      Hawariah Lope Pihie     [UKM]
          WINNERS FOR ITEX 2000

Invention                                            Inventor
                                  WIPO Gold Medal for Overall Best
White Pot Virus Detection Kit                         1. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din
                                                      2. Lee Kok Leong
                                                      3. Tan Lee Tung
                                                      4. Samson Soon Min Ngen

                                               Gold Medal
White Spot Virus Detection Kit                          1.   Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din
                                                        2.   Lee Kok Leong
                                                        3.   Tan Lee Tung
                                                        4.   Samson Soon Min Ngen

Brugia Rapid                                            1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rahmah Noordin (USM)

Precision Machining of Small Pockets on Silicon         1. Izman Sudin
                                                        2. Prof. Dr. V.C. Venkatesh
                                                        3. Mohamed Konneh

Robolab                                                 1. Dr. Ishak Aris
                                                        2. Johnny Koh
                                                        3. Jenny Teh

Green Orykiller ( Powder) and (Granules)                1. Ramle Moslim
                                                        2. Dr. Mohd. Basri Wahid
                                                        3. Norman Kamaruddin

Radiation Vulcanisation Natural Rubber Latex            1. Dr. Wan Manshol Wan Zin (MINT)

Cleaner Production Technology for palm Oil              1. Dr. Ma Ah Ngah (MPOB)
Stone Mastic Asphalt With Cellulose Oil Palm            1.   Ratnasamy Muniandy
Fiber for Malaysian Roads                               2.   Radim Umar Radin Sohadi
                                                        3.   Jeyan Vasudevan
                                                        4.   Husiani Omar
Vehicle Electrical Supply Sensor                        1. Yeoh Boon Wan
                                                        2. Chock Meo Lim
                                                        3. Kok Chee Hong
                                                           ( CK Electronics Sdn Bhd)

                                             Silver Medal
Electronic Parking Meter                                1.   Mustafa Kamal Hj. Suhaimee
                                                        2.   Romzee Ismail
                                                        3.   Gooi Chye Seong
                                                        4.   Zulkifli Md. Ismail
                                                        5.   Mohd Zurani Abd. Wahab
                                                        6.   Alias Mohamad Saman
                                                             (SIRIM Bhd)

Transparency Meter                                      1.   Ainie Bt. Hj. Kutom
                                                        2.   Harlina Bt. Damiri
                                                        3.   Lee Chak Khiam
                                                        4.   Low Kum Sang
                                                        5.   Tan Yew Ai

Integrated Phytochemical Extraction and Precessing      1.   Sulaiman b. Ngadiran
Equipment                                               2.   Zainura Zainun Nur
                                                        3.   Latifah Bt. Jasmani
                                                        4.   Normah Bt. Hussin
                                                        5.   Norman Shah Md. Nor
                                                        6.   Dr. Mohamad Roji Sarmidi
                                                        7.   Prof. Ramlan Abd. Aziz

SKB Slimline Keyless Emergency Exit Residential         1. Sin Kheng Lee ( Individual)
Window Shutter
Photacat Purifier (Water & Air)                         1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Azelee Wan Abu
                                                        2. Azmi Aris
                                                        3. Dr. Keiichi Tanaka

CO2 Separation Carbon Adsorbent                         1. Farid nasir Ani
                                                        2. Tan Jaan Soon
                                                        3. Safarudin Ghazali Herawan
Convection Ventilator                                   1. Lee Khim Chen (Individual Inventor)
Production of Bioplastic from palm oil Mill               1.   Mohd. Ali Hassan
Effluent                                                  2.   Yoshihito Shirai
                                                          3.   Arbakariya Ariff Mohamed
                                                          4.   Ismail Abdul Karim

Oil Absorbing Material from NR Latex                      1. Dr. Baharin B. Azahari (USM)

Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Equipment           1. Dr. Khairul Annuar Kassim (UTM)
for Stabilized Soils
Smart Pile Testing Devices (STPD)                         1. Dr. Rosely AB. Malik ( GeoEn Tech Sdn

Rapid Detection and Monitoring Text Kits for              1. Prof. Madya Dr. jamuna Vadivelu
Melioidosis                                               2. Prof. Dr. S.D.Puthucheary
                                                          3. Dr. V. Chenthamarakshan

Remopian Paste and Film                                   1.   Sri Nuresti Abd. Malek
                                                          2.   Hashim Yaacob
                                                          3.   Kim kah Hwi
                                                          4.   Norhanom Abdul Wahab

                                                Bronze Medal
Real Time Wavelet Based Video Codec and Its               1. Dr. Aulkarnain Mohd Yusof (UTM)
Application in Internet Video Surveillance

3 Pin Multiple Surge Adaptor with Parallel Power          1. Khoo Hai Hing
                                                          2. Sia Huan Heng
                                                             (Individual Inventor)

3 Pin Surge Protector (MA13)                              1. Khoo Hai Hing
                                                          2. Sia Huan Heng
                                                             (Individual Inventor)

Distributed Client / Server Architecture with             1.   Choong Khong Neng
Dynamic Middle Tier                                       2.   Dr. Borhanuddin Mohd Ali
                                                          3.   Dr. Dzaharudin Mansor
                                                          4.   Dr. Malay Raj Mukerjee
Automatic Scanning System for Ultrasonic Testing      1. En. Juhari Mohd. Yusof (MINT)

Intelligent System for Inspection of Welding Defect   1.   Dr. Mohd Ashhar Hj. Khalid
                                                      2.   Dr. Abu Bakar Mohd Ghazali
                                                      3.   En. Anuar Mikdad Muad
                                                      4.   Dr. Abdul Razak Hamzah
                                                      5.   Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohamed
                                                      6.   En. Saharudin Sayuti

Low Cholesterol SaFaR Chicken Sausages                1. Dr. Osman B. Atil (MPOB)

Flexi-Easel                                           1.   Hamdan Hussin
                                                      2.   Abdul Hamid Saleh
                                                      3.   Dr. Dahlan Jantan
                                                      4.   Abdul Rahim Mohd Zin
                                                      5.   Chan Sai Cheok

Making Fiberboards from Waste Materials Using a       1. Prof. Dr. Gan Seng Neon (UM)
New Water Base Resin

High Performance Polyolefin Compounds                 1. Ms. Jamaliah Bt. Shariff (MINT)

Digital Signal Analysis And Classification of Heart   1.   Dr. Sheikh Hussain Shaikh Salleh
Sound And murmurs                                     2.   Dr. Ahmad Zuri Sha‟ameri
                                                      3.   Johari kassim
                                                      4.   Md. Shamian Zainal
                                                      5.   Shareen Azua Samat

Biomodeling of Huamn Femur from Magnetic              1.   Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Selvanathan
Resonance Imaging (MRI)                               2.   Prof. Dr. Roland Wilson
                                                      3.   Mr. Woo Chaw Seng
                                                      4.   Mr. N. Somasundaram
                                                      5.   Assoc. prof. Dr. David Choon
                                                      6.   Assoc. Prof. Dr. John George

JMK Carbonization                                     1. Prof. Madya Dr. Jalal Abdullah Aziz
                                                      2. Cik Mashita Mat Don
                                                      3. Kaleek Mohd Sabeel
Cisterntech Adjustable Dual Flush                          1. Ho King Chee (Individual Inventor)

Alat Pengambilan Set Cerucuk Yang Selamat                  1. Ir. Haji Mohd Pahame Kamaruddin (JKR)

“Dr. MIST”                                                 1. Chan Kun Nyok (Individual Inventor)

                                                           1. Dr. Ravigadevi Sambanthamurthi
A Novel Treatment Process for the Production of            2. Dr. Tan Yew Ai
Water Soluble Abtixiodants with Potential                  3. Dr. Kalyana Sundram
Nutraceutical Applications from Palm Oil Mill                 (MPOB)
Effluent (POME
                                                           1. Chin Hing Weng (Individual Inventor)
Wireless 3rd Helmet Brake Light (Signalfly)
                                                           1. Herman Liew Chewa War
Design of Expansion GAP for Between                           (Individual Inventor)
Copnsecutive Sections of RailwayTtracks

Industrial Design
                                                  Gold Medal

                                                  Silver Medal
                                                           1. Chu Tiong
NOVUS AIRomatheraphy System                                2. Ronnie Tan Chiow Wah

                                              Bronze Medal
Miller Bike                                                1. Mohd Akramin B. Ahmad
                                     Henry Goh Award (Environmental)
Solar Collector With Integrated Storage System         1. Kamaruzzaman Sopian
                                                       2. Wan Ramli Wan Daud
                                                       3. Mohd Yusof Othman
                                                       4. Baharuddin Yatim

                         P.Kandiah Award (Drafting of One Patent Specification)
White Spot Virus Detection Kit                             1.    Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din
                                                           2.    Lee Kok Leong
                                                           3.    Tan Lee Tung
                                                           4.    Samsom Soon Min Ngen
            Foreign Participant (Invention)                                    Inventor
                                                Gold Medal
Effective and Safe Herbal Cream Preparations From      1. Rolando C. de la Cruz
Cashew Nut Extracts for Removing Warts, Moles
and the Likes

Pressure Fluid Machines Using Elliptical Gears              1. Engr. Cornelio L.Seno

                                                   Silver Medal
Multiple Projectile Bullet                                  1. Capt. Rodalfo C. Arambulo

Prince Portable Lifter “ A Carrier for Invalids”            1. Dr. Rainier B. Villanueva

                                                   Bronze Medal
An Automatic Switching Device for Flat-Iron                1. Rodolfa B.Biescas

Patented, Synergized, Bioactivated Botanical,               1. Gonzalo O. catan, JR
Natural, Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) Termiticide

Broom and Other Rods Holder                                 1. Dr. Virgilio L. Malang
      Winners For I.TEX 2002

           Local Invention Category                                   Inventors

WIPO Gold Medal for Overall Best

e-Jari Fingerprint access control system           Dr. Zulkifilie Ibrahim, Gooi Chye Seong,
                                                   Hasmafatiha Harun, Norlaila Omar
                                                   (SIRIM BERHAD)

1. e-Jari Fingerprint access control system        Dr. Zulkifilie Ibrahim, Gooi Chye Seong,
                                                   Hasmafatiha Harun, Norlaila Omar
                                                   (SIRIM BERHAD)

2. NutraSens-Disposable artificial tongue for      Assoc. Prof. Ali Yeon Md Shakaff, Assoc.Prof.
   Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali)               Mohd Noor Ahmad, Prof. Zhari Ismail, Dr.
   Verification                                    Muhammad Suzuri Hitam & Ir. Amir Shauqee
                                                   Abd Rahman (USM)

                                                   Prof. Dr. Muhamad Mat Salleh & Prof. Dr.
3. Optical e-nose                                  Muhammad Yahaya (UKM)

                                                   Ajmain Kasim, Mohd Bazilyadaa‟ain Mohd Basri
4. A two-stage solar powered ventilation device    & Abd Razak Ahmad Ali (SIRIM BERHAD)

5. A Method of continuous sterilization of fresh   Dr. Sivasothy Kandiah, Tan Yu Wah, Rohaya
  fruit bunches                                    Mohd.Halim, Datuk Dr. Yusof Basiron, Dr. Ma
                                                   Ah Ngan & Zulkifli Abdul Rahman (MPOB)

6. Harvesting of Phytonutrients ( Carotenes,       Dr. Choo Yuen May, Dr. Ma Ah Ngah, Datuk Dr.
   Vitamin E, Ubiquinone, Coenzyme Q), Sterols,    Yusof Basiron, Puah Chiew Wei, Ng Mei Han &
   Squalene, Phospholipids from palm oil using     Harrison Lau Lik Nang (MPOB)
   green and efficient technologies

7. Enhanced growth system for the aquaculture      Dr. Aileen Tan Shau-Hwai (USM)

8. Sea Coral as a bone replacement material        Dr. Suzina Binti Sheikh Ab. Hamid @ S.Said,
                                                   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ab. Rani Samsudin, Dr. Rosdan
                                                   Salim & Nor Shamsuria Omar (USM)

9. Expression of human serum albumin ( a human     Dr. Arokiaraj Pappusamy, Dr. A.R.Shamsul
   protein) in rubber trees.                       Bahri, Dr.J.Hafsah & Dr. H.Y.Yeang
                                                      (MALAYSIAN RUBBER BOARD)

10. MalariRap                                         Dr. Patricia Lim Kim Chooi & Malaysian Bio-
                                                      Diagnostic Research Sdn Bhd (IMR & MBDR)

11. Production of liquid bioplastic, PHA              Dr. Razip Samian, Dr.Mohd Azizan Mohd Noor,
   (polyhydroxyalkanoate) from palm oil               Dr.Jamil Ismail, Dr.Nazalan Najimudin,
                                                      Dr.K.Sudesh Kumar & Dr. Mohd Isa A. Majid

12. In vitro culture detection kit for Blastocystis   Assoc. Prof. Dr. G. Suresh Kumar, Prof. Dato‟
                                                      Dr. Khairul Anuar, Rojah Salim (UM)

13. WinSKiPEZy-A computer-based                       Arfah Salleh & AccTrack21 Team (UPM)
    LEARNING and TRAINING solution for
    financial accounting

14. Palm-based value-added baby products              Datin Dr. Liana Low
                                                      (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR )
1. Powerreactor 3 (PR3)
                                                      Loh Pit Kin (PK KINETIC)
2. Simplex-to-full duplex converter (SFDC)
                                                      Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd khazani Abdullah, Ahmad
                                                      Fauzi Abas @ Ismail & Fairuz Abdullah (UPM)
3. Methods and system for accelerated learning in
   neural networks                                    Dr. Zarita Zainuddin (USM)

4. WebEd2000 & WebDB
                                                      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Borhanuddin Mohd Ali, Dr.
                                                      Veeruraghavan Prakash, Yem Poh Cheang & Ku
                                                      Day Chyi (UPM)
5. Connectooth CRA
                                                      Zainol Abidin Abdul Rashid, Lim Swee Ho &
                                                      Moy Shin Fei (UKM)

6. Method and apparatus for estimating load           Wai Yee Kong
   bearing capacity piles                             (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

7. Portable Foaming generator for the production      Dr. Norizal Mohamed Noordin (USM)
   the lightweight foamed concrete

8. Automation of Pile loading test & evaluation       Dr. Posely AbMalik (UPM)
   system (PTES)
9.Continuous jack-in pile installation system          Dr.Rosely Abmalik (UPM)
10. Adhensive from oil palm shells                     Dr. Farid Nasir Ani, Dr. Hussin Mohd Nor &
                                                       Wong Chuan Chin (UTM)

11. Fire safe polymeric adhesive (ESP-Clearglue)       Mas Rosemal Hakim Bin Mas Haris (USM)

12. Recovery of Glycerol and other valuable            Dr. Ooi Tian Lye, Dr. Hazimah Abu Hassan, Cik
    chemicals from glycerol wastes                     Norin Zamiah Kassim Shaari, Dr. Yeong Shoot
                                                       Kian and Dr.Salmiah Ahmad (MPOB)

13. Fast conversion organics waste to organics         Awang Bono & Rosalam Hj. Sarbatly (USM)

14. Continuous carbonizing kiln                        Paud Elham, mah Kok Foon & Yap Hai San

15. A novel process for the production of              Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed, Prof.
    Ethylene from nature gas                           Subhash Bhatia & Norhafizah Che May (USM)

16. Environmental friendly pilot plant process for     Prof. Madya Dr. Jalal Abdullah Aziz, prof.
    upgrading low rank coal to the high rank coal      Madya Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed, Dr.
    to be used as another alternative useful fuel in   Ridzuan Zakaria, Mohd Azmier Ahmad (USM)

17. Automated oil-palm grading using machine           Dr. Mohd Zaid Abdullah, Lim Chooi Guan &
    vision technology                                  Prof. Mohd. Azemi Mohd Noor (USM)

18. Prototype of femoral implants for Asian            Prof. Madya Dr. N. Selvanathan Narainasamy,
    patients                                           Prof.Madya Dr. David Choon, Prof. Madya Dr.
                                                       John George & Thyaganathan Seperamaniam

19. Comprehensive test kits for detection of           Dr. Lee Han Lim. Ms. Nazni Wasi Ahmad &
    insecticide resistance                             Azahari Abdul Hadi (IMR)

20. M-Sign                                             Dr. Ow Siew Hock & Shamsul Anuar Mokhtar

21. Smart Scan                                         See Wan Chee
                                                       (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

22. Fujiyama extruded aluminium coupling               Bugs Tan Yeow Kiang & Norhaidi Tukiman
                                                       (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

23. Success board game                                 Yee Kuang Chai & Ng Mei ling
                                                     (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

24. A Novel Process based on membrane                Dr. Abdul Latif Ahmad, Prof. Subhash Bhatia &
    technology for treatment of palm oil mill        Suzylawati Ismail (USM)
    effluent ( POME )

25. Bio-ecological drainage system (BIOECODS)        Dr. Nor Azizi Zakaria, Dr.Aminuddin Ab. Ghani,
                                                     Dr. Rozi Abdullah & Pn.Lariyah Mohd Sidek


1. power line messaging system                       Khoo Boon Seong & Lew Woon Woon
                                                     (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

2. JatNetSim                                         Prof. Ir. Dr. Mashkuri Hj. Yaacob, Ling Teck
                                                     Chaw, Lim Shiau Hong & Phang Keat Keong

3. A portable fiber optic based lightning detector   Dr. Ishak Aris & Goh Hong Keong (UPM)

4. Super surge protector Model : MA13                Khoo Hai Hing, Khoo Jang Terng & Khoo Hok
                                                     (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

5. Fax net view                                      Syed Abdul Rahman Al-haddad, Tan Cheng
                                                     Hong, Dr. Abd. Rahman Ramli & Dr. V. Prakash

6. EP-C Fuel active full treatment                   Wong Hoy Khee
                                                     (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

7. X-Grats extruded hollow section aluminium         Bugs Tan Yeow Kiang & Norhaidi Tukiman
   grating                                           (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

8. Method for the production of dissolving pulp      Wan Rosli Wan Daud, Zarina Zainuddin & Leh
   from oil palm lignocellulosic using               Cheu Peng (USM)
   environmentally friendly processes

9. Catalyst filter against motorbike combustion      Prof. Madya Dr. Luay Bakir Hussain (USM)

10. Nanofilters for recovery of bioproducts from     Dr. Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Mazrul Nizam
    fish waste solution                              Abu Seman & Dr. Mohd Sobri Takriff (UKM)
11. Blended crude palm oil (CPO) and medium       Dr. Anuar Abdul Rahman, Zulfadhly Zardi &
    fuel oil (MFO) as a boiler fuel for power     Kamaruzzaman Ismail (TNB RESEARCH)

12. Innovative design and fabrication of          Ir. Dr. Hj. Kamsani Abdul Majid
    laboratory scale 0.0123 m2 fluidised bed      (TNB RESEARCH)

13. Novel diamond grinding wheel for fine         Izman Sudin & Prof. Dr. V.C. Venkatesh
    finishing of IC chip packaging for failure    (UTM)

14. Stackable plant cultivation trays             Teoh Inn Seng & Chong Zyh Siong
                                                  (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

15. A simple and cost effective HPLC method for   Abidin B hamid & Mohd Rosni Bin Sulaiman
    aflatoxin analysis in foods                   (MARDI)

16. Healthy bakery products ( Bread and           Dr. Noor Aziah Bt. Abdul Aziz, Mohammad
    Cookies)                                      Noor Adros Yahya & Muhammad Ibrahim

17.Phytopharmaceutical targeting sexual           Prof. Azimahtol Hawariah Lope Pihie (UKM)
   responses and erectile dysfunction (ED) from
   Eurycoma Longifolia

18. Insecticidal paint                            Dr. Lee Han Lim, Ms. Nazni Wasi Ahmad &
                                                  Sadiyah Ibrahim (IMR)

19. Active shape model for locating structures    John George, N. Selvanathan, Thyagantham
    and dimensions for MR images of the human     Supramaniam Aaron Alphonso & Packya Dassan
    heart                                         (UM MEDICAL CENTRE)

20. Noodles making machine                        Chong Kim Seng @ Anthony
                                                  (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

21. Pneumatic leak detector                       Yip Chee Siang (PETRONAS)

22. Gravity machine & torque converter device     Moses Lim Seng Chuan
                                                  (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)

23. Multipurpose water purification               Jeffrey Tan Kuan Hooi
                                                  (INDIVIDUAL INVENTOR)
24. Enhanced functionalities protein film          Dr. Azhar Mat Easa & Goh Teik Beng (USM)

25. DeCrossPro-A mechano-chemical ingredient       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hanafi Ismail (USM)
   for recycling rubber wastes

26. Compressed natural gas mixer for diesel        Yusoff Ali (UKM)

       Henry Goh Award for the Most                                  Inventor (s)
     Environmentally Friendly Invention

Harvesting of Phytonutrients (Carotenes, Vitamin   Dr. Choo Yuen May, Dr. Ma Ah Ngah, Datuk Dr.
E, Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q), Sterols, Squalene,     Yusof Basiron, Puah Chiew Wei, Ng Mei Han,
Phospholipids from palm oil using green and        Harrison Lau Lik Nang (MPOB)
efficient technologies

 P. Kandiah Award for Drafting One Patent                            Inventor (s)
            Specificatin Service

                                                   Dr. Zulkifillie Ibrahim, Gooi Chye Seong,
                                                   Hasmafatiha Harun, Norlaila Omar
                                                   (SIRIM BERHAD)

                                                                     Inventor (s)
   Michael Chai Award for the Best IT

   e-Jari Fingerprint access control system        Dr. Zulkifilie Ibrahim, Gooi Chye Seong,
                                                   Hasmafatiha Harun, Norlaila Omar
                                                   (SIRIM BERHAD)
    Awards for Foreign Invention Category                 Inventor (s)

1. Soap Case                                Yoon Na-ra

2. Easily portable chair supporting stand   Kim Sun-min

                                            Kim Sun-min
1. Fruit picking tool
                                            Bae Woo-ri
2. Whisk

                                            Yoon Na-ra
1. Recycling container
                                            Bae Woon-ri
2. Experiment stand

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