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									                             Designed by Theatre Personnel for Theatre Personnel

The WorkTheatre Concessions program was designed by a theatre employee with over 8 years of operational experience
covering all areas of the movie theatre business. From the point of sale to Inventory management, sales monitoring, reporting
and accounting, the WorkTheatre Concessions program delivers measurable productivity and cost efficiencies to the theatre
environment. Further, V&V Comptech Systems has joined the program’s comprehensive list of features with an innovative
networking infrastructure, managed network services and responsive client service to deliver a complete ticketing solution.

The program contains a comprehensive list of standard components. System highlights include:
               Interface Simplicity – the easiest sales interface on the market
               Dual Sales Mode – Sell Tickets and Concessions from one workstation
               High Speed Credit Card Processing – keep lines moving
               Gift Cards – Easy sales, tracking and redemption
               Loyalty Card Program – Easy activation, tracking and management
               Multiple Ticketing Options – Workstation, Kiosk and Web
               Employee Access Controls – Manage who can do what
               Remote Management Control - full access to all system features from any sales terminal
               Advanced Networking - Manage all locations from the corporate office
               Networked Reports – Up-to-the-minute access to location data

WorkTheatre is based upon the latest
technology and provides for an easy to use
Touch Screen based graphical User
Interface. The application is modular in
design allowing for sequential installation if
required with all the modules being
designed such as to be totally integrated
into the system.

WorkTheatre is based upon the latest
relational database system technology
Microsoft SQL Server which ensures that
WorkTheatre has the portability and
connectivity to run securely on virtually all
standard hardware platforms along with
stringent data security and easy recovery in
case of systems failure. It is easy to install
& flexible and can also be customised.

Point of Sale Environment
The WorkTheatre Concessions Point of Sale module is the clearest example that the program is the product of an experienced
theatre employee. The sales module packs all of the functions salespeople need to be effective into a common sense interface
that allows even the most technologically challenged salespeople to efficient – Simplicity meets speed and functionality to
deliver success. The system includes Sales features like Prominent Item and Combo layout, Common sense sales flow, Dual
Mode – Ticket and Concession Sales, Communication – between back office and sales workstation, Cash and Coupon
Standard Payment Types, Credit Card and Gift Card Optional Payment Types, and Split Payments etc.
Dual Sales Mode
The WorkTheatre Concessions program includes a dual sales mode that enables users to sell tickets and concessions on the
same terminal at the same time. This feature was included primarily for smaller theatre owners looking to consolidate the ticket
and concession sales functions during lower traffic times of the day. With this feature enabled, a single employee can sell both
tickets and concessions from the concession counter – Common sense functionality that meets the way you want to run your
business. The Dual Sales module contains features like Switch between Tickets and Concession sales on the same invoice,
Full Tickets and Concessions Sales functionality, Cash, Credit Card and Gift Card Payment Types, Split Payments, and Credit
Card Processing.

Inventory Management

 The WorkTheatre Concession system contains a
 comprehensive Inventory management module –
 control Inventory without constraining your sales
 personnel. The system includes the Inventory
 features like Detailed Item Definitions – Price,
 Inventory Level Settings, Reorder Levels, Unit Cost,
 Category, Supplier, Order ID and more, Combos &
 Combo     Categories,   Item     and   Combo      Icons,
 Automatic      Ordering,       Supplier      Information
 Maintenance,      Inventory      Quantity,     Negative
 Inventory functionality, and Inventory Adjustment

Gift Cards
The WorkTheatre product line includes an innovative Gift Card program. The program integrates into the tickets and
concessions systems effortlessly. Cards are activated in the Tickets program and redeemable at all Ticket and Concession
Systems sales interfaces – workstations, kiosk and web. Gift Cards are redeemable at all company locations using the
WorkTheatre system – A great sales tool that is easy to implement. The Gift Card has features like Customized cards,
Immediate and easy activation, Use for payment at any company location, Use for payment at all points of sale – Concessions
and Tickets (workstation, Kiosk and Web)

Loyalty Program
The WorkTheatre product line includes a state of the art Customer Loyalty Program. The program is self-contained so there is
no need to interact with third parties for administrative purposes. Clients can define point rules and reward tiers as desired and
dispense rewards at the point of sale in real time. Further, Customer Loyalty Program data is shared across all client locations
providing better service for customers and easier management for the client – Track and reward your customers the way you
want to. The Customer Loyalty Program contains the features like Customized cards, Dynamic definition, Detailed Customer
information, Easy activation, tracking and management, Data shared by all client locations, Card number input and reward
distribution at all Ticket program points of sale – workstation, kiosk and web.
Credit Card Processing
The WorkTheatre Tickets program offers Credit Card Processing including features like Seamless credit card verification
process in the sales/void flow, High speed verification processing, Detailed Credit Card reporting within the Tickets program,
Account Web interface with InterCept Payment Solutions and Easy interaction with the base Tickets program

The system contains a complete Reports module that provides clients all they need to manage their business – Quick and
comprehensive reports significantly reduce one of the more complicated components of theatre management. The system
contains the Reports features like Click and run functionality, Date selection, Daily and Weekly reports upon request,
Automated Report Archiving, and Export to Excel functionality for all reports etc.

Intra-Company Networking
The heart of all VnVCS theatre programs is a unique networking infrastructure that allows clients to manage multiple theatre
locations from the corporate office. The system transmits data in near real-time as opposed to the standard batch mode
employed by most other systems. In contrast to the poll/push and merge technology of typical networking schemes, the
VnVCS network protocol functions much like email in that messages are stored in a queue and sent via the Internet. This
networking architecture is distinct from other web browser-based systems and works with any type of Internet connection
(standard dial up or high speed). The simplicity, immediacy and cost efficiency of this networking schema makes it ideal for
any business owner who requires a networked environment but does not have the time or resources to build and maintain
one. The WorkTheatre network environment offers clients the following advantages.
       Business critical information at your fingertips faster and more efficiently than your competition
       Real time sales data, reporting, messaging, scheduling and booking on any PC with an Internet connection
       Make changes at any of your locations from your corporate location
       No need to maintain network hardware or software

VnVCS Managed Network Service
A major component of the VnVCS Managed Theatre Network is the Company’s complete management of the servers required
to maintain the client’s networking capability. The VnVCS Managed Network Service effectively provides each client with a
highly sophisticated network infrastructure managed by a team of highly experienced network administrators all at a cost well
below what would be realized by the client on an independent basis.

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