TA1000 Introduction to Theatre Arts by moti


									TA 1000: Introduction to Theatre                 Fall Semester 2004           understand key periods, movements, genres, and persons
                                                 MWF 1:20-2:10 p.m.            representing the history of western theatre;

Instructor Information                                                        identify and utilize the concepts forming the basic foundations
                                                                               underlying the theatrical production, particularly theatre architecture,
                                                                               the playwright, the actor, the director, the designers, the script, and the
David McTier, Ph.D.                                      Sedgwick #111         critic;
Assistant Professor                                       816.501.4040
Director of Theatre Program                  david.mctier@rockhurst.edu       critically analyze theatrical productions using the above cited elements;
Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays Please anticipate 24-48 hours
response                                                                      understand the basic skills needed and possess the theatre vocabulary
12:00-1:15 p.m. and 2:15-3:30 p.m. time to your e-mail correspondence          required to read plays and watch performances.

Catalogue Description                                                        Course Activities

An exploration of the art of the theatre with the aim of developing          From the following list, students will select the type and number of
knowledgeable appreciation. The course is designed to increase the           activities that accommodate their individual interests, learning styles,
student’s awareness of theatrical art as cultural expression, to enhance     schedules, and desired final course grade: (Please note that you are no
understanding of the processes of artistic creation, and to develop the      expected to undertake all of these…just enough to yield the grade you
critical skills which will foster discrimination among the kinds and         want.)
qualities of theatre arts competing for their attention. Learning
experiences include lectures, discussion, a practicum, video viewings,
and attendance at live productions.                                           reading four (4) plays which will be produced this semester, each
                                                                               assessed by a short quiz:
Course Description                                                             Burn This by Lanford Wilson        QUIZ Wednesday, September 8
                                                                               Dead Man Walking by Tim Robbins QUIZ Wednesday, September
This is a physically active, “hands-on” course in which experiential
learning (learning by doing) is approached as being as important as the
                                                                               Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks      QUIZ Wednesday,
acquisition of knowledge. The class will include: lectures/discussions on
                                                                               October 20
theatre history, theory, literature and text analysis; workshops on
                                                                               The Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare      QUIZ Wednesday,
acting/directing and tech/design; visits from guest artists; and viewing
                                                                               November 3
sessions for video and film excerpts.
                                                                              attending six (6) theatre productions (and submitting response papers)
Learning Objectives                                                            from the following:

Students who have taken Introduction to Theatre Arts should be able to:        Fully Committed (American Heartland Theatre)     DUE
                                                                               Wednesday, September 15
 analyze a playscript, understanding its structure and historical context     Burn This (UMKC)                    DUE Wednesday, September
  as well as its intellectual and aesthetic value;                             29
                                                                               Dead Man Walking (Rockhurst)        DUE Wednesday, October 13
 understand the technical needs necessary to mount a production;              Pirates of Penzance (Kansas City Rep)       DUE Wednesday,
                                                                               October 27
 recognize the importance of teamwork in mounting a production;               Topdog/Underdog (Unicorn Theatre) DUE Wednesday, November 10
                                                                               The Comedy of Errors (Rockhurst)    DUE Wednesday, December 1
                                                                                 photocopying reserve materials/plays (as needed)
 reading four (4) supplemental plays which will be produced in Kansas
  City next semester, each assessed by a short response paper:                  tickets to local theatre productions; anticipate appr. $50 total for non-
                                                                                 Rockhurst productions (ushering for free tickets may be available);
  Two Trains Running by August Wilson         DUE Friday, September
                                                                                 secure tickets as soon as possible to get the best deals
  A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard    DUE Friday, October 15
  Measure for Measure by Shakespeare DUE Friday, November 12                   Response Papers for Attending Productions
  The Exonerated by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen DUE Friday, Dec.
  10                                                                           Guidelines for writing response papers for each of the productions you
                                                                               attend will be given to you at least one (1) week before that paper is due.
 pursuing a traditional, research-oriented project that focuses on some
  aspect of theatre history, dramatic theory, criticism, dramaturgy,           Any paper received after its due date will be penalized one full letter
  pedagogy, or theatre practice and culminates in a paper of appr. 5000        grade.
  words (appr. 15 double-spaced, typed pages) DUE: Friday, December
  17                                                                           Response Papers for Supplemental Readings

 participating directly in one of more of the fall productions at Rockhurst
                                                                               For each of the four supplemental plays that you undertake, you are to
  (Dead Man Walking and Comedy of Errors) as well as a Directing
                                                                               submit a typed response paper appr. 250-300 words long. Appr. half of
  Class Scene; participation may include acting, assistant directing,
                                                                               that paper (perhaps 1-2 paragraphs) should “objectively” cover the play:
  stage management, running crew, front-of-house, construction and
                                                                               the “facts” or content, e.g., very brief plot summary, play structure, main
  shop work
                                                                               characters and themes. The other half (again, 1-2 paragraphs) is
                                                                               “subjective” and presents your personal response to the script, i.e., what
 participating in scheduled classes: you are expected to be present, on
                                                                               you liked or didn’t and—most importantly—why.
  time, alert, attentive, and participate positively and productively in all
  class activities and discussions
                                                                               Rockhurst University Attendance Policy
                                                                               Students are expected to attend classroom and laboratory sessions
                                                                               regularly. Tardiness may be recorded as an absence at the discretion of
Grading is based on a point system. Student pursue activities throughout
                                                                               the professor. Classes missed as a result of delayed registration are also
the semester and accumulate points. Some points result from
                                                                               recorded as absences. Total hours of classes missed must not exceed
subjectively graded activities (ex: response papers), while others result
                                                                               twice the number of credit hours assigned to the course, i.e., seven
from the successful completion of “hands-on” activities (ex: acting in a
                                                                               absences in a three-hour, Monday/Wednesday/Friday course, or five
production, working in a shop). The total number of accumulated points
                                                                               absences in a three-hour, Tuesday/Thursday course would be
is then translated as follows into a final course grade.
                                                                               excessive. In evening classes, or other classes which meet in a
                                                                               concentrated format, allowable absences cannot exceed the class
Final Course Grade                                                             equivalency of the above policy. Thus, in a three-credit hour evening
                                                                               class which meets only once a week for a three hour period, students are
                B+= 87-89       C+= 77-79        D+= 67-69       F   = 0-59    permitted only two absences. Absences incurred while engaged in
A= 93-100       B = 83-86       C = 73-76        D = 63-66                     authorized student activities are canceled, provided faculty members
A- = 90-92      B- = 80-82      C-= 70-72        D-= 60-62                     directing such activities request and secure approval from the dean. The
                                                                               student should make appropriate arrangements with instructors when
Financial Requirements                                                         these occasions arise.

                                                                               Class-Specific Policies
 scripts are available through purchase, local lending libraries, or by
You will lose three (-3) points from your final grade for each class that        Grading: A=10, A-=9, B+=8, B=7, B-=6, C+=5, C=4, C-3, D+=2, D=1
has not been “excused” by the Dean’s Office. (The Dean’s Office sends
e-mail notices of absences resulting from university obligations, family         Fully Committed at Heartland          Wed., September 15               10
deaths, hospitalization, etc.) If you miss more than six (6) classes for any     Burn This at UMKC                     Wed., September 29               10
reason, you must meet with the instructor to determine if there are              Dead Man Walking at Rockhurst         Wed., October 13                 10
legitimate reasons for you to continue in the class; if there aren’t, you will   Pirates of Penzance at KC Rep         Wed., October 27                 10
advised to drop the class. Arriving to class late or leaving class early         Topdog, Underdog at Unicorn           Wed., November 10                10
results in a one (-1) point penalty.                                             Comedy of Errors at Rockhurst         Wed., December 1                 10

The quizzes on the four assigned plays will be given at the beginning of         Quizzes on Reading                                (20 points maximum)
class. If you arrive late or are absent on that day, you will miss the quiz.
If the instructor determines that you have an "excusable" reason for             Read up to four scripts that we will discuss in class and then get to see in
missing the quiz, you will be asked to write a response paper in lieu of         production. Each script assessed by a 10-question objective quiz given
taking the quiz.                                                                 on the due date.

                                                                                 Grading: 100=5, 90=4, 80=3, 70=2, 60=1
Students with Disabilities
                                                                                 Burn This by Lanford Wilson      Wed., September 8                      5
To assure that students with disabilities are not denied equal access to         Dead Man Walking by Tim Robbins Wed., September. 22                     5
the academic and non-academic life of Rockhurst University, reasonable           Topdog, Underdog by Suzan-Lori ParksWed., October 20                    5
accommodations are provided. Students request accommodations                     Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare Wed., November 3                        5
through the Access Office, located in Massman Hall, Room 109, (816)
501-4856/4175. A student requesting accommodation through the                    NON-PRODUCTION-ORIENTED
Access Office must identify him or herself to the Director of Access in
person and provide documentation from an appropriate diagnosing                  Supplemental Reading Responses                                              (20 points ma
medical professional of his or her disability.
                                                                                 Read as many as four additional scripts that will be produced by theatres
                                                                                 in Kansas City next semester. Criteria for response papers will be given
Office Hours                                                                     at least one week before the due date.

Office hours provide time dedicated to talking with you to resolve any           Grading: 92-100=5, 84-91=4, 76-83=3, 68-75=2, 60-67=1
questions, issues, and needs that you have. Don’t get frustrated—we              Two Trains Running by August Wilson Friday, September 17         5
can work out most problems. Come talk with me!                                   A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard Friday, October 15              5
                                                                                 Measure for Measure by Shakespeare             Friday, November 12
Point System                                                                                  5
                                                                                 The Exonerated by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen Friday, December 10
During the first week of classes, you will map-out the activities you plan
to undertake for the semester drawn from the following:
                                                                                 Research/Writing                                  (20 points maximum)
                                                                                 A=20, A-=18, B+=16, B=14, B-=12, C+=10, C=8, C-6, D+=4, D=2
Production Responses                                (60 points maximum)
                                                                                 Research Project/Paper                Friday, December 17              20
Attend up to six productions and then respond in writing to questions
particular to each production. Questions will be given at least one week         PRODUCTION-ORIENTED                               (50 points maximum)
before the due date.
                                                                                 The following apply to both Dead Man Walking and Comedy of Errors.
Timetable is determined by each production’s schedule. Please note that
you may not “double-dip” if you are registered for an hour credit of
theatre practicum. (If you are registered for practicum credit, please talk
with the instructor.)


Major Role                                                             25
Minor Role                                                             20
Directing Class Scene                                                  15

Directing/Stage Management

Assistant Director                                                     20
Assistant Stage Manager                                                20

Running Crew

Board Operator                                                         15
Wardrobe or Props                                                      15
Backstage Crew                                                         15


Box Office                                            (½ point per hour)
House Management or Ushering                          (½ point per hour)


Scenery/Lights                                        (½ point per hour)
Costume                                               (½ point per hour)


Attending Audition(s) or Rehearsal(s)                  (½ point per hour)
Attending KCACTF Reponse(s)                         1 point per response
Strike                                                  (1 point per hour)

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