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Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

       Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
            Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110 016
                                   Corporate Membership
    To strengthen the linkages between the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Industry, the
Governing Council of FITT has approved the scheme of Corporate Membership. This
membership is open to industries, industry associations, R&D organisations and financial
institutions who would like to support the concept of Institute-Industry Interaction and derive
benefits resulting therefrom.
                            Service / Benefits for Corporate Members
     Information on Technology Development etc.
    Depending on the areas of interest, Corporate Members would be kept informed through
newsletters, bulletins about the developments in technology etc. Briefs on
products/processes/software developed at IIT Delhi are periodically published and made available
to the Corporate Members.
      Information Support Services
    FITT provides selective information to its corporate members in order to keep abreast with
the technological developments, research activities and faculty and expertise of IIT Delhi and also
to help IITD faculty to access details on industries as well as technology development/
information worldwide. In this endeavor, FITT has a Corporate Membership Scheme. FITT
invites the industry/industry association/R&D organizations and financial institutions to become
corporate members of FITT at nominal annual fees. The Corporate members will have an access
to all CD-ROMs and 1200 On-line electronic journals subscribed by IITD Central Library as well
as CD-ROMs available at FITT.
List of Services Offered for FITT Corporate Members
Services free of charge                                   1. List Payment
                                                    Services on of Current journals subscribed by the Central Library IIT
1. List of Current Journals subscribed by the Following services would be offered on cost
   Central Library IIT Delhi.(One time-to be plus basis. A services charge @ 30% will be
                                                          Delhi. Corporate be updated after every
   updated after every two years). (On Request) levied. For (One time-to Members the service two years).
2. Content page(s) of ten Selected Journal(s) charge levied will be restricted to 20% only.
   from the list.                                   1. Abstract of the selected articles from these
   (Quarterly) (On request)                            journals
3. Providing IITD Central Library Consultation 2. Photocopy of Full text of the article(s)
   Cards Borrowing facilities would be as per          selected from the list by the Clientele
   IITD Central Library rules                (On 3. Document delivery through Courier to the
   request)                                            Clientele
4. CD-ROM search from National Collection 4. CD-ROM search facilities of IITD Library.
   Centre for              CD-ROMs (by request         (as per IITD Central Library norms)
   or by authorised person)                         5. Package of requisite Information from
5. Information        regarding      forthcoming       different users
   International                                    6. Bibliographical information from CD-ROM
   Seminars/Workshops/Conferences to be held           and On-line database
   at FITT, IIT Delhi or        elsewhere           7. Full text documents from CD-ROMs, on-line
6. FITT Forum (A regular Newsletter of FITT,           etc.
    IIT Delhi)                                      8. Patent Search, Full-text Patent Document etc.

     Technology Appreciation Programmes and Future Vision Seminars
   To Keep abreast with the latest state-of-the-art and emerging technologies, Technology
Appreciation Programmes and Future Vision Seminars are proposed to be organised by FITT
from time to time. Corporate Members will be invited to participate in these programmes, suggest
themes and share experience with experts in the industry and academia in India and from other
parts of the world.
      Industrial Clinics
    Depending on the number of Corporate Members in a particular strength area of IIT,
periodical industrial clinics to solve technology related problems posed by the members can be
      Access to Faculty Expertise for Exploratory Discussion
FITT will assist Corporate Members to interact with individual faculty/experts for exploratory
discussions on techno-managerial issues, as and when required, prior to possible
consultancy/technology transfer or development/research partnership programmes.
      Exchange of Visits
Corporate Members could avail the services of experts/faculty members on secondment for short
term consultation on priority. Similarly key executives of industry members can make periodic
visits to IIT laboratories or departments.
      Members will receive information on Workshops, Seminars, Conference, Continuing
         Education Programmes, special lectures etc. held at IIT Delhi on a regular basis.
      Opportunity to serve on the Governing Council of FITT as elected representative of the
         respective category of Corporate Membership.
                                         Membership Fee**
Industry/Organisations/Industry Association are eligible to become Corporate Members of FITT
at the following rates:

    Type of Organisation             AnnualTurnover              Admission/ Annual Fee**

    Large Scale Industry                Rs. 100 crores & above            Rs. 10,000

    Medium Scale Industry              More than Rs 2.50 crores but       Rs.5,000
                                       less than Rs 100 crores

    Small Scale Industry               Rs. 2.50 crores or less            Rs. 1,000

    R&D Organisations/Financial        Not Applicable                     Rs. 5,000
    Funding Agencies/Industrial

            **(Note: Service tax+Education Cess in addition to the Annual Fee)
Annual period is 365 days reckoned from the date of admission as a Corporate Member.
                          For more details please write or contact :
                                      Managing Director
                    Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer
                                Indian Institute of Technology
                                     New Delhi - 110 016
           Telephones : 26857762, 26861977-85 (Ext. 7167, 7164, 7285, 7289, 7153)
                      Fax : 91-11-26851169, e-mail : ,
                               Website :
                         Application Form for Corporate Membership of
                    Foundation For Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT)

To,                                                                               Date : ______________
The Managing Director
Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT)
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Hauz Khas,
New Delhi - 110 016.

                               Sub : Corporate Membership of the FITT
Dear Sir,
         Please enroll us as a Corporate Member of the Foundation for Innovation and Technology
Transfer (FITT). The required information is as follows:
1. Name of the Organisation                        :
2. Nature of the Organisation                      :    Company / Body Corporate / Association /
    (Please Tick)                                       Unit / Division of a Company
3. Address of the Head Office with                 :
    Telephone, Fax, E-mail / Website etc.
4. Name, Address, Tel. No. etc. of the Chief Executive and / or Board of Director and Senior
    Management Staff
    (Please enclose on a separate sheet, if necessary)
5. Annual Turnover as per latest                   :    Rs__________________ Crores for the year
    19____ Audited Accounts ( Enclose copy of the Annual Report)
6. Major Products/Business                         :
7. List of major technology areas of interest for Information Support Services. (Please enclose)
8. Name, Address / Fax / Telephone / E-mail of the contact person:
9. Information you want to include in our website - within 100 words. (Please enclose in a separate

We send herewith a cheque (payable at New Delhi) / demand draft* No. ____________________ dated
__________ for                    Rs ________ drawn on __________________________________ as
Admission Fee and the Annual Fee as fixed for the Corporate Members.

                                                                                    Yours faithfully

                                                                                  for and on behalf of
                                                                             ( Name of the Organisation )
( Official Seal, if any )

             * Cheque / DD to be drawn in the name of “FITT, IIT Delhi ” payable at New Delhi.

                                         Annual Membership Fee**
                             Category of          Annual Turnover                           Fee**
                       Industry / Organisation
                                  A               Rs. 100 crores and above                Rs.10,000/-

                                 B                 More than Rs. 2.50 crores              Rs. 5,000/-
                                                   but less than Rs. 100 crores

                                 C                 Rs. 2.50 crores or less                Rs. 1,000/-

                                 D                 R&D Organisations/Non-                 Rs. 5,000/-
                                                   commercial funding agencies/
                                                   Industrial Associations.

                            **(Note: Service tax+Education cess in addition to the Annual Fee)

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