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					                             POLLUTION CONTROL OFFICER

 Scale 5       Degree in relevant science subject (eg.                  Spinal point 22
               Environmental Science). Little or no post-               (progression by 1
               qualification experience in pollution control work       increment a year

               First 6-12 months primarily dealing with basic
               monitoring tasks and familiarisation with all other
               areas of work. Only limited standby duties
               undertaken. Relatively high level of supervision
               and support provided

               Subsequently: developing expertise in a number
               of work areas. May undertake specialist
               qualification course. Greater involvement in
               standby duties. Reduced level of supervision.

 Scale 6       Minimum 2 years relevant experience in pollution         Spinal point 26
               control work. Basic competence and experience            (progression by 1
               in most areas of work                                    increment a year)

               Developing expertise in all areas of work


 S.O. Grade Minimum 3 years relevant experience in pollution            Spinal point 29
            control work. Demonstrable competence and                   (progression by 1
            expertise in all areas of work                              increment a year

               More advanced/complex work undertaken                    Spinal point 33 (top of
               Basic monitoring tasks not undertaken on a               Grade)
               regular basis.
               Expertise developed to a higher level
               Works without supervision; guidance rarely

1.    Progression between scales in all cases will be subject to the Group Manager
      certifying the ability of the Pollution Control Officer to work satisfactorily at the
      higher level of duties and responsibilities. The Group Manager may sanction
      accelerated progress.
2.    There will be no automatic progress from Scale 6 to S.O. Grade. This will be
      at the discretion of the Group Manager and will also be subject to:

          The availability of sufficient work at this level
          Financial constraints, and
          The Pollution Control Officer demonstrating competence and expertise
           (skills, knowledge and experience) in all areas of work undertaken by the
3.   The term “relevant experience” refers to experience gained undertaking
     pollution control work within an urban local authority, and shall include
     relevant experience in all of the following areas:-

        Industrial noise and air pollution monitoring, control and enforcement
        Contaminated land investigation and remediation
        Air quality monitoring and management, and
        Environmental assessment of planning applications

4.   It must be emphasised that the 3 years experience required for progression
     beyond Scale 6 is the minimum requirement. In practice, it may not be
     possible for a Pollution Control Officer to develop the required level of
     competence and expertise within such a period of time, and that 4-5 years
     may be more a typical estimation.

5.   The details of this career grate, and any associated guidance, may be
     periodically reviewed and revised at the discretion of the Group Manager, eg.
     In order to accommodate changes in service requirements.

6.   Italicised text does not form part of the career grade, but serves to illustrate
     how the work of a Pollution Control Officer will develop with progression
     through the career grade.