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									 Detainable Deficiencies raised as result of PSC inspection of NK-SMC ships in October 2009


1. Lifeboat and launching appliance
 (Engine, release gear or davit limit switch not working and defective ) ( 6 Case )

2. Emergency fire pump
 ( Unable to pressurize fire main and not working ) (6 Case)

3. Nautical publications and charts
 ( not updated ) (5 Case )

4. Fire dampers
 (E/R ventilation, Cargo hold and Funnel dampers defective or wasted) (4 Case )


Case-1 (Port in Argentina)
 Def.                                                                                             Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                            Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code Code
  1220 Freeboard marks             1.Freeboard marks were not printed properly.                    17    -
  1220 Freeboard marks             2.Draft marks were not painted properly.                        17    -
  1400 Propulsion and Auxiliary    3.Aux. Generator No.1 had oil leakages.
                                                                                                   17   -
  1400 Propulsion and Auxiliary    4.Aux. Generator No.2 had oil leakages.
                                                                                                   17   -
  1400 Propulsion and Auxiliary    5.Manometer indicator of FO pressure out of service.
                                                                                                   17   -
  1400 Propulsion and Auxiliary    6.Some pyrometers of Aux. Generators 1, 2 and 3 out of
                                                                                                   17   -
        machinery                  service.
  1400 Propulsion and Auxiliary    7.Manometer indicator of main fire pump No.1 out of service.
                                                                                                   17   -
   799 Other (fire safety)        8.Vacuum Pumps of main fire pumps 1 & 2 not working.             30   -
  1400 Propulsion and Auxiliary   9.Air ventilation on E/R above compressor was out of service
                                                                                                   17   -
        machinery                 (open/close).
   936 Steering gear              10.Steering Gear Room had excessive oil on floor.                17   -
   730 Fire fighting equipment    11.Main fire line on Main Deck holed and corroded (in way of
                                                                                                   30   -
        and appliances            Hold No. 5)
  1499 Other (machinery)          12.Refrigerating water E/R main pipe holed and corroded.         30   -
   699 Other (life-saving)        13.Operational Instructions for lifeboat on Portside not
                                                                                                   17   -
    936   Steering gear           14.Steering Gear had hydraulic leaks.                            16   -
   2530   Resources and           15.Some crew members were not familiarized with GMDSS
                                                                                                   18   6
          personnel               equipment and fire alarm panel.
   2550   Maintenance of the ship 16.Objective evidence that maintenance for the ship in
                                                                                                   30   10
          and equipment           general and it's equipment are not adequate.
    938   Damage to hull due to 17.The hull had three(3) cracks on Hold No.4 (1 Port and 2
          weather or ship         Stbd)                                                            17   -

Case-2 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                             Act. ISM
           Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code Code
  1655 Facilities for reception 1.Inmarsat - C not set up for area of operation
                                                                                                   17   -
        of marine safety
  1543 information
        Compass correction log 2.Compass error book, compass errors not taken as required
                                                                                                   16   -
    613 Stowage of lifeboats       3.Port life boat tracing pendants and gripe arrangements
                                                                                                   15   -
                                   excessive corrosion

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   630 Launching arrangements     4.Port life boat painter poor condition
                                                                                                     15   -
       for survival craft
   680 Embarkation                5.Port and stbd embarkation ladders hard eye severely
       arrangements - survival    wasted                                                             15   -
   613 Stowage of lifeboats       6.Port life boat davit winch drum and winch casing corrosion       15   -
   613 Stowage of lifeboats       7.Port and Stbd lifeboat davits, access ladder rungs wasted        15   -
   613 Stowage of lifeboats       8.Stbd life boat tracing pendant wires corrosion                   15   -
   899 Other (accident            9.Steel pipes and angle bar on funnel deck not adequately
                                                                                                     17   -
       prevention)                secured
  1399 Other (mooring)            10.Mooring bits aft (all) top plates wasted and holed (99:Refer
                                  to class prior departure this port, repairs to AMSA and class      99   -
  1330 Winches and capstans       11.Aft mooring winches brake arrangements wastage(99:Refer
                                  to class prior departure this port, repairs to AMSA and class      99   -
    820 Protection                12.Fwd mooring winches port and stbd gear wheel guards
                                                                                                     15   -
        machines/parts            defective
    820 Protection                13.Aft mooring winch (Port) gear wheel guard defective
                                                                                                     15   -
        machines/parts            mounting bracket
    739 Emergency Fire Pump       14.Emergency fire pump diesel engine excessive exhaust
                                  smoke irregular revolutions (99:Refer to class prior departure     99   -
                                  this port, repairs to AMSA and class satisfaction)
  1240 Cargo and other            15.Hatch dog compression rubbers (various) defective
                                                                                                     15   -
  1240 Cargo and other            16.Hatch lid hinge pin retaining plates locking bar securing
       hatchways                  arrangements modified (99:Refer to class prior departure this      99   -
                                  port, repairs to AMSA and class satisfaction)
    982   Beams, frames, floors - 17.E/R ventilation trunking (Stbd side) severe wastage of
                                                                                                     99   -
          corrosion               structural beams (99:Repairs to AMSA and class satisfaction)
   743    Fire-dampers            18.E/R room ventilation damper ( Stbd side) defective              30   -
  2515    Company responsibility 19.MF/HF DSC equipment failure 1/10/2009 no evidence
          and authority           class or flag informed, no evidence of flag or class               99   3
                                  dispensations (99:Repairs to AMSA and class satisfaction)
  2550    Maintenance of the ship 20.As evidenced by deficiencies noted the ISM SMS does not
                                                                                                     18   10
          and equipment           provide for adequate maintenance of ship and equipment

Case-3 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                               Act. ISM
           Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                               Code Code
   739 Emergency Fire Pump        1.Unable to pressurize fire main                                   30    -
   710 Fire prevention            2.LO and waste oil tanks - level gauges gagged open                17    -
  2055 Manuals, instructions,     3.Port & Starboard - lifeboat launching instructions missing.
                                                                                                     17   -
   945 Emergency lighting,        4.Numerous emergency lights in accommodation area
                                                                                                     16   -
        batteries and switches    defective

Case-4 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                               Act. ISM
            Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                               Code Code
   692 Operational readiness of   1.Stb. lifeboat on-load release gear defective
                                                                                                     30   -
        lifesaving appliances
  1550 Lights, shapes, sound-     2.T&P chart corrections not marked on chart in use.
                                                                                                     17   -
  1541 Magnetic compass           3.Large air bubble                                                 17   -
  1540 Gyro compass               4.Port repeater - 80 degrees error heading                         17   -
   660 Lifejackets                5.Lifejacket lights in E/R - lights expired                        17   -
   741 Means of control           6.E/R skylight - local control not operational ( 99:Refer to
        (opening, closure of      class by next port )
                                                                                                     99   -
        skylights, pumps, etc.
        machinery spaces)

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Case-5 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                            Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code Code
   743 Fire-dampers                1.Stbd E/R fan damper wasted                                   30    -
  1275 Ventilators, air pipes,     2.Steering room vent pipe flap seized
                                                                                                  17   -

Case-6 (Port in Belgium)
 Def.                                                                                            Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code Code
  1570 Nautical publications       1.Nautical publications expired: ALOL, ALRS, Pilot Books
                                                                                                  30   -
   1570   Nautical publications    2.Nautical publications not up dated                           30   -
   2043   Monitoring of voyage or 3.Monitoring of voyage of passage plan: bert to berth not
                                                                                                  17   -
          passage plan             completed
   1594   Voyage or passage plan 4.Voyage or passage plan: not sailing on largest scale charts    30   -
    630   Launching arrangements 5.Launching appliances for survival craft: remote launching
                                                                                                  30   -
          for survival craft       wire incorrectly fitted / not usable
    735   Personal equipment       6.BA bottle pressure low                                       17   -
    915   Signs and indicators     7.Safety awareness posters at accommodation ladders
          (WT doors, fire          missing                                                        17   -
          detectors, fire dampers,
   1541   Magnetic compass         8.Compass deviation book not properly kept up to date.
                                                                                                  99   -
                                   Infrequent entries made.( 99:Deviation )
   1560   Charts                   9.Charts expired                                               30   -
   1560   Charts                   10.Charts not up dated to Notice to Mariners                   30   -
    739   Emergency Fire Pump 11.Emergency fire pump priming system not operating                 30   -
   2399   Other (MARPOL/Annex 12.Several drums of ash to be landed ashore
                                                                                                  17   -
   2535   Development of plans     13.Development of shipboard plans: hazards relating to
                                                                                                  30   7
          for shipboard operations launching/recovery of lifeboats.
    695   On board training and    14.MSC circulars 1205 /1206 not available on board
                                                                                                  16   -
    695   On board training and    15.Insufficient training for: recovery maneuver lifeboat /
                                                                                                  30   -
          instructions             emergency & rescue drills
   2540   Emergency                16.Emergency preparedness: lack of training for lifeboat /
                                                                                                  30   8
          preparedness             rescue and emergency procedures

Case-7 (Port in China)
 Def.                                                                                            Act. ISM
           Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code Code
   743 Fire-dampers           1.Fire damper on funnel can not closed properly                     30    -
  2910 Sewage treatment plant 2.Sewage treatment plant malfunction high level alarm out of
                                                                                                  30   -
                              order. No chemical tablet in the sterilizer
   696 Maintenance and        3.Heel piece of both lifeboat serious corrosion.
                                                                                                  17   -
   696 Maintenance and        4.Shaft boss of both lifeboat serious corrosion.
                                                                                                  17   -
  2055 Manuals, instructions, 5.Lanching instruction for lifeboat & liferaft poor condition &
                                                                                                  17   -
        etc.                  unable reading in spot.
  1795 Suspected discharge    6.Violation discharging oil water 1.21 M3 into the Java Sea at
        violation             1000/1100 on 20th Sep.2009.( Over than the OWS MAX
                                                                                                  99   -
                              through put of the system is 1.0 M3/H as per ship's noon
                              report & chart, ship's service speed )
   630 Launching arrangements 7.Plugs of remote cable for launching L/B damages.
                                                                                                  16   -
        for survival craft

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Case-8 (Port in France)
 Def.                                                                                                  Act. ISM
           Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                                  Code Code
  1560 Charts                      1.Charts for the next voyage missing.                                30    -
   696 Maintenance and             2.No evidence that the 1.1 load dynamic test of the winch
                                                                                                        17   -
        inspection                 brake has been carried out.
  2535 Development of plans        3.No evidence that the hazards associated with the launching
        for shipboard operations   and recovery of the lifeboats have been identified in the ISM        15   7
    696 Maintenance and            4.No record for the maintenance of the launching appliances
                                                                                                        15   -
        inspection                 as per MSC1/Circ.1206
    610 Lifeboats                  5.Starboard lifeboat engine not working and port lifeboat
                                                                                                        30   -
                                   engine battery missing
   696 Maintenance and             6.Davit limit switch not working
                                                                                                        30   -
  2090 Evaluation of Crew          7.Training for Emergency Steering Drill to be improved.
                                                                                                        17   -
   740 Fire pumps                  8.Emergency Fire Pump not working.                                   30   -
  1560 Charts                      9.Notices to Mariners missing since 6 Aug. 2009                      17   -
  1566 Voyage data recorder        10.VDR inoperative: Error No.6033 (GPS)
                                                                                                        15   -
   730 Fire fighting equipment     11.Fire blanket missing in the Galley
                                                                                                        15   -
       and appliances
   330 Sanitary facilities         12.Hospital: no flushing device on the toilet and no hot water       15   -
   371 Medical equipment           13.Expiry date of some medicines reached and hospital to be
                                                                                                        17   -
                                   cleaned (mess on the bed).
  1299 Other (load lines)          14.Hydraulic pipes on the cargo deck damaged (cargo hatch)           16   -
  1240 Cargo and other             15.Closing device missing on the Boson Store's hatch
                                                                                                        17   -
  1320 Anchoring devices           16.Pressure gauge of the starboard windlass broken                   15   -
   520 Lighting                    17.Several lightings out of order (bos'n store, battery room,...)
                                                                                                        15   -
    541 Electrical                 18.Drain pipe above batteries in Battery Room to be replaced.        16   -

Case-9 (Port in Italy)
 Def.                                                                                                  Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                            Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                                  Code Code
   699 Other (life-saving)      1.No evidence of last quarterly launching of Port & Stbd
                                                                                                        16   -
   699 Other (life-saving)      2.Both Port & Stbd side liferafts not properly connected with
                                                                                                        17   -
                                the weak link
  2535 Development of plans     3.Hazards associated with launching and recovery of lifeboats
                                                                                                        18   7
       for shipboard operations not identified by ISM manual
  1599 Other (navigation)       4.Current ed. of IAMSAR manual part. III not available (2008
                                                                                                        16   -

Case-10 (Port in Japan)
 Def.                                                                                                  Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                            Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                                  Code Code
   610 Lifeboats               1.Release mechanism on starboard side life boat - Fallen into
                                                                                                        30   -
                               inoperable condition
   710 Fire prevention         2.Several insulation in engine room - peeled off (e.g:Escape
                                                                                                        16   -
                               trunk exhaust piping No.2 generator engine)
  2550 Maintenance of the ship 3.Maintenance of the ship and equipment - Ineffective
       and equipment           maintenance / inspection programs for life boat as evidence :            18   10
                               item No.1
  2025 Abandon ship drills     4.Abandon ship drills - not launching and maneuvered of both
                                                                                                        17   -
                               side lifeboats in the water past 3 months.

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Case-11 (Port in Russia)
 Def.                                                                                              Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                            Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                              Code Code
  2899 Other (Additional          1.Last ten port of call are port facilities.
                                                                                                    17   -
       maritime safety)
   956 Gangway,                   2.Gangway guard net requirements.
                                                                                                    17   -
       accommodation ladder
   199 Other (certificates)       3.Ballast water report form (IMO) salinity.                       17   -
  1541 Magnetic compass           4.Deviation card to be updated.                                   17   -
   199 Other (certificates)       5.Ship's documents IMO No. to be corrected.( 99:Master
                                                                                                    99   -
                                  informed )
   110 Cargo Ship Safety          6.Safe. Equip. Certificate Exemption.
       Equipment (including                                                                         17   -
  1699 Other (radio)              7.AIS test report IMO No. wrong.                                  17   -
  1699 Other (radio)              8.AIS date when keel was laid wrong.                              17   -
   739 Emergency Fire Pump        9.Emergency fire pump no start.                                   30   -
   610 Lifeboats                  10.Lifeboat's davit switch of limit position maintenance.         17   -
   350 Lighting                   11.Outside light poor.                                            16   -
   945 Emergency lighting,        12.Emergency outside light foundation.
                                                                                                    17   -
       batteries and switches
   650 Lifebuoys                  13.One MOB with water inside.                                     17   -
  1299 Other (load lines)         14.After peak cover to be closed.                                 17   -
   710 Fire prevention            15.M/E insulation heavy oily.                                     17   -
   710 Fire prevention            16.M/E room oily mixture.                                         17   -
   710 Fire prevention            17.Some of equipment in E/R heavy oily.                           17   -

Case-12 (Port in Singapore)
 Def.                                                                                              Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                            Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                              Code Code
   743 Fire-dampers               1.Both Port & Stbd E/R ventilation fan's fire damper seized in
                                                                                                    30   -
                                  open position ( mushroom type).
  2025   Abandon ship drills      2.No evidence to show that three monthly water borne
                                  abandon ship drill have been carried out as per SOLAS             17   -
   110   Cargo Ship Safety        3.Cargo ship safety equipment certificate was renewed or re-
         Equipment (including     issued on 15/8/09. However, Form E clause 4.2 was not
         Exemption)               marked for LRIT compliance when the conformance test was          99   -
                                  satisfactorily completed on 3/4/09.( 99:Class to check and
                                  follow up )
  1410   Propulsion main engine 4.Sea water cooling lines for main engine jacket cooler and air
                                  cooler with multiple soft patches which was also pointed out
                                                                                                    17   -
                                  during last USCG inspection at port of Stokton on 16/7/09
                                  with action code 70.
  1594   Voyage or passage plan 5.Passage plans not per company SMS manual procedure
                                  with missing information such as squat and under keel             16   -
                                  clearance for navigation safety.
  1565   Automatic Identification 6.AIS annual performance test report not available onboard
                                                                                                    16   -
         System (AIS)             for verification.
   663   Immersion suits          7.Immersion suits air pressure test three years after put into
                                                                                                    16   -
                                  use not carried out as per Shipping Circular No.12 of 2009.
   799   Other (fire safety)      8.Both auxiliary engines (Generators) exhaust pipes not
                                                                                                    17   -
                                  properly insulated.
   261   Records of rest          9.Records of rest and work not maintained for all crew
                                                                                                    16   -
                                  onboard as per Shipping Circular No.2 of 2006 requirement
  2081   Maintenance of Life      11.Both Port & Stbd lifeboats embarkation station emergency
                                                                                                    16   -
         Saving Appliances        swivel lights seized in position.
   270   Endorsement by flag      12.2/O and 1/E without holding original copies of flag state
                                                                                                    30   -
         States                   enforcement (COE).
  2090   Evaluation of Crew       13.2/O not familiar with the operation of the MF/HF DSC on
         Performance              reserve power and operation procedure not provided for            17   -

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  2550 Maintenance of the ship 14.The company SMS is not effectively implemented onboard
       and equipment           with regard to inspection and maintenance to ensure the
                               vessel is maintained in conformity with the provision of rules    16   10
                               and regulations requirement. Objective evidences as per
                               above deficiency found during the PSC inspection.

Case-13 (Port in USA)
 Def.                                                                                           Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                           Code Code
  1721 Retention of oil on      1.No.5 F.O.T(C) is loaded with approx. 100.25m3 of Oil Slop.
       board                    Bunker Logs indicate this tank is empty and the Oil Record
                                Book has no entries of transfer. No.5 F.O.T(C) sounding tube     30   -
                                has been fitted with a blanked sleeve which caused an
                                inaccurate sounding

Case-14 (Port in USA)
 Def.                                                                                          Act. ISM
           Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                          Code Code
   630 Launching arrangements 1.Stbd side lifeboat was not ready for immediate use.
       for survival craft       Drum that lowers falls is frozen and incapable of lowering      30    -
   620 Inflatable liferafts     2.Port inflatable liferaft has insufficient capacity, which
                                must be at least 50% of the number of persons on board.         30    -
                                Liferaft capacity=10 persons, crew=21 persons.
   740 Fire pumps               3.Emergency fire pump was not able to adequately supply two
                                                                                                30    -
                                sets of water as required by.
   611 Lifeboat inventory       4.Port lifeboat does not have a means to secure mast for sail.
                                Crew member stated that there is no way to secure mast          17    -
                                when asked to demonstrate(2nd Officer).
   735 Personal equipment       5.One of the two required SCBA's(part of fireman's outfit)
                                has leaking horse from regulator to bottle allowing rapid       17    -
                                escape of air.
  1540 Gyro compass             6.Gyrocompass could not accurately display ship's heading.
                                This was constantly inaccurate during the entire transit
                                                                                                17    -
                                from Rhode Island Sound to berth in New Bedford, MA
                                (where off by 34.3 degree)
  1510 Type approval            7.Magnetic compass did not accurately display ship's
       equipment                heading.
                                This was constantly inaccurate during entire transit from       17    -
                                Rhode Island sound to berth in New Bedford,MA(where off by
                                18.4 degree).
  2035 Fire control plan        8.Fire control plans did not clearly show the various sections
                                enclosed by "A"&"B" class divisions, and did not reflect the    16    -
                                proper location of one of the equiredfireman's outfits.
  1560 Charts                   9.Vessel chart(Admiralty #2470) for New Bedford harbor
                                was                                                             17    -
                                not currently corrected(last corrections were 2006).
  1655 Facilities for reception 10.Navtex was not able to provide successful test, vessel
       of marine safety         could not provide recent transmission received receipts         16    -
       information              and could not operate properly.
  1499 Other (machinery)        11.Recent leak on #1 crane hydraulic pump created excessive
                                amount of hydraulic oil on deck in vicinity, creating a slips,  17    -
                                trips, and falls hazard.
  2550 Maintenance of the ship 12.Records of lifeboat inspections have not been recorded
       and equipment            within the company's required frequency(one month). Last
                                recorded inspection was August 2009, as evidenced by
                                                                                                17   10
                                numerous lifesaving equipment issues discovered during
                                inspection, it appears that crew and company are not
                                ensuring ISM company policies are being carried out.

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Case-15 (Port in USA)
 Def.                                                                                            Act. ISM
          Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code Code
  2535 Development of plans     1.The ships garbage management plan is not consistent with
       for shipboard operations garbage receptacles and color coding. In addition, oily rags
                                being recorded in the garbage record book. For the crew to
                                properly collect, store, process and dispose of ships garbage,    70   7
                                a clear plan addressing color cording & incineration
                                procedures needs to be included into the garbage
                                management plan.
   270 Endorsement by flag      2.The ship security officer has not received any
       States                   documentation or certificate of proficiency from Flag State
                                                                                                  70   -
                                recognizing his competency as such under section A-VI/5
                                paragraph 5 of STCW.
  1400 Propulsion and Auxiliary 3.Found multiple patches & repairs in engine room as
       machinery                follows.
                                 1)Generator condenser cooling line, Starboard side by Lub.
                                                                                                  70   -
                                oil purifier = leaking
                                 2)Lub. oil cooler sea water discharge line = patched
                                 3)Air cooler suction line = patched, leaking
  1399 Other (mooring)          4.Mooring winch (center) brake pad is significantly worn.
                                                                                                  70   -
                                Replace to the satisfaction of Class.

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