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   Greening Solutions Inc. (GSI), a full Service product and Equipment provider, offers a
   complete line of effective, environmentally sound, advanced pollution control products for
   Industrial and Domestic usage. All of our products are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-
   irritating, hypo- allergenic, non-flammable and completely safe for humans, animals,
   marine life and the environment.



   Most of our products are highly concentrated and therefore have a very high dilution ratio. For
   example, all our products have a minimum dilution ratio of 1:6, some even having a dilution
   ratio of over 1:100. The strength and effectiveness of our products are superior to any other
   products on the market. All of our products are certified as being environmentally friendly and
   all have FDA and/or EPA approval. Please see the following list of our products that are
   applicable to various sectors of the environment.

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       The transition to use of a non-toxic and more superior cleaning model is now possible through
       the power of bio-organic catalyst compositions. With Industrial Degreaser not only are the
       organic contaminates removed with a highly effective cleaner, the remaining organic
       contaminates and harmful waste by products are naturally biodegraded with no resulting
       harmful waste byproducts or residues remaining in the environment.

       The breakdown of biofilms is another significant attribute of the use of Industrial Degreaser as
       the ultimate “green” catalytic cleaning agent. These biofilms form on surfaces, inside tubes
       and pipes, on tools and utensils, virtually anywhere where bacteria can initiate microscopic
       growth. Biofilms trap pathogenic compounds which can then be released back into the
       environment or act as the microscopic culture which can be a source of pathogenic compounds.

          Benefits Include:

          •   Gentle, non-caustic cleaning agent
          •   Very effective cleaner of fats, oils, and grease wastes
          •   Excellent eliminator of odor, and odor causing sources
          •   Can be used in conjunction with antibacterial agents
          •   Breaks down biofilms
          •   Provides ultra clean surfaces
          •   Degrades waste residuals after initial cleaning

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         Engine Degreaser (Servicing of vehicles)
         Metal/Machinery Cleaning
         Engine Rooms
         Oil Stains
         Kitchens (Homes, hotels, restaurants, etc)
         Removes oil stains around garages and Service (gas) Stations.

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         The elimination of noxious odors caused by decomposition of organic wastes is now
         possible via the use of this completely non-toxic, highly concentrated, liquid catalytic
         additive: Odor Control. This BOC is vastly superior to all masking agents, such as
         essential oils, because it catalytically breaks down the odor causing organic
         contaminates, rather than merely masking the odors.

         Odor Control is best metered into a water delivery system, at highly diluted ratios, or
         sprayed upon organic wastes. It provides an immediate elimination of noxious odors at
         the source, and will allow a continuous treatment protocol with repeated usage.

         Odor Control provides the highest quality odor elimination product to the municipal
         and industrial markets, offering a much superior alternative to traditional masking

         Benefits Include:

         •   Immediate elimination of all odors
         •   Completely safe to use by workers and public
         •   Is not a masking agent
         •   Highly concentrated, low dosages required

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            Slaughter areas
            Fishing Markets
            Animal stalls
            Elimination of greasy odor in kitchens
            Elimination of smoke odors
            Elimination of highly obnoxious odors
            Elimination of mold and mildew
            Decreases insect population (eg. Flies, ants, ticks, fleas, bugs, etc)
            Veterinary Facilities


         OMI Odor Control and Insect Repellent Granules provide the user a unique synergistic,
         multi-benefit and features product consistent with the OMI philosophy of providing
         odor solutions that are environmentally and worker friendly. It brings together a
         renewable resource ground corn cob granule, with food grade fragrance and an
         environmentally safe insect repellent.

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          Like all OMI odor control solutions, the distribution or delivery rate varies with the
          conditions such as indoor versus outdoor, intensity of odor, and type of application. In
          a small cleanup application, a handful of the product spread across the area and swept
          up may be sufficient. Twenty square feet per pound outdoors (~2000 pounds per acre)
          would be considered a heavy dosage of the product; forty-eight square feet per pound is
          fairly light and thirty-three square feet per pound moderate.

          The product is safe and in small scale applications can be spread by hand over the area
          to be covered, however we do recommend the use of gloves and safety glasses. For
          large areas, mechanized, broadcast spreaders can be used.


          Garbage bins
          Trash Compactors
          Stair Wells
          Solid Waste transport and handling
          Solid Waste Wet Spills
          Warehouse and storage areas.
          Dinning Areas.

          Benefits include:

      •   Repels Mosquitoes, Fleas, Red Ants, Biting Flies, Ticks, and More.
      •   Biodegradable.
      •   Food Grade Fragrance.
      •   Pesticide and Insecticide Free.
      •   Pleasant and Safe.
      •   Non toxic and safe around Pets and Children.
      •   Environmentally Friendly.
      •   Economical
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   QuikCharge Disinfectant

                                                         SDC Disinfectant

   BioSilver and Earth Friendly Chemical’s QuikCharge. SDC is the patented molecule SDC is
   an electrolytically generated source of ionic silver stabilized in citric acid, with a shelf life of
   several years, far surpassing the shelf life of hours to days of other silver based disinfectants.

   SDC kills microorganisms by two modes of action.

          1. the silver ion deactivates structural and metabolic membrane proteins leading to
             microbial death;

          2. The microbes view SDC as a food source, allowing the silver ion to enter the
             microbe. Once inside, the silver ion denatures the DNA, which halts the microbe’s
             ability to replicate and leads to its death. This dual action makes SDC highly and
             quickly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes


          Medical – Hospitals, Emergency Centres, dentist and doctors offices, veterinarians,
          patient transfer vehicles, ambulances.
          School systems – Classroom furniture, lockers, lunchroom surfaces, bathrooms
          Athletics – Locker rooms, exercise facilities, equipment
          Correctional facilities
          Beauty Shops

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          Transportation – buses, trains, boats, planes, kitchens
          Homes – Kitchens, bathrooms, pet areas, children play area and toys
          Funeral Homes
          Offices – employees personal use

          Benefits include:

      •   Fast Acting – up to 20 times faster than traditional disinfectants.
      •   Ready to use – no mixing, guesswork or waste
      •   Colorless, odorless and non-irritating
      •   No rinsing required
      •   Provides unique 24 hour bacterial residual protection
      •   Destroys resistant bacteria including MRSA and VRE in 2 minutes
      •   Environmentally Friendly.
      •   Deodorizes – Kills odors
      •   Convenient to use around people, pets, and property. No need for relocation

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                 ALLGONE (Graffiti Remover & General purpose cleaner)

   As with all our products, AllGone encompasses a number of core values dedicated to the
   advancement of green chemistries. AllGone is a one-of-a-kind graffiti remover and general
   purpose cleaner that blends the most advanced chemistries while being conscious of our
   environment. Because it is a safer green alternative to toxic cleaners, aerosols, hazardous
   solvents and paint strippers, you can throw out your personal protective equipment since there
   are no harsh fumes or acids to burn your skin.

          Benefits include:

              Elimination of Odors
              Does not burn skin
              Cleans tough stains
              Ready to use – no mixing (no waste)
              Convenient to use around people, pets, and property. No need for relocation
              Reduces the use of Oxidation Chemicals


              Calcium buildup
              Urinal scum and scaling
              Removal of pencil, permanent markers marks on any surface
              Removal of paint, grease, tar
              Stripping waxed floors
              Removal of mildew
              Removal of a variety of stains on fabric without discoloration
              Cleans grout
              Cleans tiles

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   NaturFresh eXtreme

   Most authoritative, odor-neutralizing technology available today, NaturFresh eXtreme contains
   the ultimate level of patented, revolutionary, odor-encapsulating ingredients to rid dreadful
   smells even in the most extreme conditions and environments, including excessive heat and
   humidity. Ready-to-use super concentrate can be used at a suggested rate of 1-2 ounces per 5
   gallons of fresh water. To pre-mix, dilute 7 gallons of super concentrate and 48 gallons of
   water to form 55 gallons of concentrate. Then, use approximately 4-8 ounces per 5 gallons of
   fresh water in the toilet holding tank.


              Portable toilets
              When highly diluted can be used in Bathrooms and for mopping
              Deodorizes toilet bowls and urinals

      NaturFresh QuikCharge®

      QuikCharge® is an environmentally safe holding-tank deodorizer developed for the
      portable-sanitation industry. QuikCharge® was developed for special events and/or
      units with light to moderate use. Our innovative PVA pouch was specifically designed
      for the portable-sanitation professional, and because moisture is an ongoing challenge,
      we increased the mil strength of our PVA skin without impacting the dissolution rate.
      With our specially designed larger bags made of puncture- and tear-resistant foil, and
      secured with an easy-grip “zip-lock” zipper, we have made it easier for the portable-
      sanitation professional to grab product. Created for year-round use, it is also designed
      to dissolve in most types of charge water, including sodium, magnesium, and calcium
      chloride brines.

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              Portable toilets


              Long lasting – last longer than other similar products on the market
              Cost effective
              Two natural very refreshing odors available
              Larger in size than other similar products on the market


   This All-Purpose Cleaner is the finest environmentally-safe cleaner available for all your
   cleaning needs. The All Purpose Cleaner has a specialized formula that can power through
   your toughest cleaning needs yet it's Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable.

   All Purpose can clean the following surfaces:

                     •   Floors
                     •   Counters
                     •   Cabinets
                     •   Woodwork
                     •   Household Appliances

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               This Anti-Bacterial soap has a fresh citrus scent and is earth-friendly. This
               anti-bacterial formula is economical and gentle, just a small amount goes a
               long way in removing the toughest dirt and grime. Its dilution rate averages
               1:10. With built in skin conditioners your hands will be soft and never dry.

                                     Polymer Urinal Screens

                                      WizKid Bathroom Mats

                      Fragrance Master Air Freshening Unit

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                                     Soap Dispenser

                                     Ex*L*Scent Cans


                                      TransluScents Air Fresheners

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        Gleen Cloth

        GLEEN, combined ONLY with the power of water, safely and effectively cleans hundreds of
        surfaces. This unique 16 x 16 inch cloth effortlessly cleans windows, mirrors, marble
        countertops and more, with only water, for a streak free gleam. No need for expensive sprays,
        harsh chemicals or paper towels. Just dampen GLEEN with water, wring it out and experience
        easy cleaning, every time. The patented fiber technology leaves behind absolutely no streaky
        residue or scratches and safely cleans the following materials: glass, ceramic, chrome, plastic,
        marble, fiberglass, stainless steel, leather, granite, acrylic, vinyl, wood, porcelain and
        aluminum. Machine washable and long-lasting, stop wasting paper towels, save a tree... buy

                                              AIR PURIFIERS

                       Clarifier Air Purifier

              The Clarifier air purifier is by far the most effective 1000 square foot air
               purification system in its class. The level of quality in design and materials places
               this air purifier in a category no other can match, truly in a class by itself. Featuring
               a five-stage, hospital grade filtration process, your new Clarifier will absorbs a
               wider spectrum of allergens, gases, viruses, and bacteria than any other air
               purifier of its type available on the market today—bar none! The quality is
               obvious out of the box because your new Clarifier air purifier is made of high
               quality ceramic coated steel, not plastic like every other product sold. Your
               Clarifier offers your family a top quality HEPA Filter System to remove

all forms of dust and airborne particulates, 15 pounds of odor absorbent Activated Carbon,
Multiple Germicidal Ultra Violet (UV) lamps which kill and eliminate germs, bacteria and
viruses along with the ease and convenience of remote control pre-programmable operation!

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                               This UV Air Purifier is the most powerful residential air purifier
                               made by the Air Oasis Corporation. Once again this air purifier is
                               “Made in USA”. We recommend this system for particularly hard
                               jobs. If you have really extreme mold issue is or a strong bad
                               odor you'd like to eliminate, then this is the product for you. We
                               also recommend this System for two-story homes or the most
                               difficult air purification problems. Use this to eliminate unpleasant
                               smells or perhaps remove smoke and/or the smell of smoke.
                               (Smoke is a very difficult contaminant to remove and occasionally
                               we recommend two of these units for use with a heavy smoker.)
                               Enjoy healthy air in your larger homes and offices from 30 up to
                               3500 square. This is a great product for a two-story colonial
                               home, large office or for a musty basement. This is a wonderful
                               product for increased productivity during the cold and flu season.
                               Customers who’ve used this System have reported that they have
                               enjoyed an entire season illness free, not even a single cold or flu
                               suffered by their staff or family!

B710 Air Purifier                 The B710 Ultra High Efficiency Air Purifier comes with an ultra
                                  high performance pleated filter and three germ-odor-virus
                                  protection filters for extra air cleaning power. Even with six fans,
                                  this quiet air purifier uses only 5W of power - that's less than the
                                  typical night light! It also has an aroma cartridge which also
                                  provides aroma-therapy while the air is being filtered. The
                                  room will have a lovely natural/citrus odor. The purifier
                                  comes with 3 fragrance (Lavender, Grape Fruit and
                                  orange) cartridges.

                    •   99.9% effective at capturing pollen, mold spores, dust mite debris.

                    •   Also filters odors, smoke, viruses, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds,
                        dust, pet dander and smog.

                    •   12% higher pollen capture rate, 10% higher dust capture rate and 6% more
                        air circulation.

                    •   CADR on high speed: Dust: 285, Pollen: 285, Smoke: 260

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       Email:                                     Tel: (246) 230-0275
            •   Certified to clean the air in a 20' x 20' room in just 12 minutes.

            •   Includes Ultra High Performance pleated filter and three Germ-Odor-Virus
                Protection Filters.

                Also uses any standard 16" x 20" filter, including furnace filters.
                Aroma System conditions air with healthy, scientifically-proven. Three aroma
                cartridges included.
                Automatic on/off timer starts or stops the B710 in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- or 12-hour
                Whisper quiet commercial-quality fans deliver quiet bedroom operation.

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                               HYGENIC CLOTHING

         Copper Technology
Copper's antimicrobial properties have been known for more than five millennia. The ancient Egyptians used
copper pipes to transport water to destroy parasites and other water-borne pathogens. Shipbuilders have used
copper for thousands of years to keep algae from encrusting on the hulls of ships. French vintners have used a
copper sulfate compound to fight fungus on grapevines for hundreds of years. This technology now makes it
possible to use these powerful and wide-ranging antimicrobial properties in new ways.

                      Products include:

                  Hospital/Healthcare Textiles - Bedding, curtains, gowns, uniforms, towels, masks, catheters, gloves
                  and gauze that will be protected from microbial attack.

                  Clothing - Garments which significantly reduce bacteria - induced odor, socks that are protected from
                  fungus, and underwear that is protected against degradation by common fungus and bacteria.

                  Industrial Clothing - Garments for use by military and civil defense personnel.

                  Bedding and Bedrooms - Mattress covers and carpeting.


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Foot Wear
                 Men's Socks                                       Bed Sheet Sets
                 Women's Socks                                     Mattress Covers
                 Military Socks

Body wear                               Home wear

                        Sleep Masks                      Towels
                        Undergarments                    Make Up Brushes
                        Head Bands                       Pre-Arranged Sets

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