An Introduction To Scientific Research In A University Setting by moti


									                                        Research Apprentice Program
                                       June 15-August 1, 2008
               University of Wisconsin School of School of Medicine and Public Health

An Introduction To Scientific Research In A University Setting
The Research Apprentice Program (RAP), a seven-week pre-college experience, runs June 15-August 1. It is an academic
program designed to introduce high school students to scientific research and to the University.
RAP is sponsored by the School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) at UW-Madison. The program objective is to create an
early interest in scientific research and careers in biomedical research and medicine.
Individuals in the program participate in research under the supervision of a faculty/staff mentor. Students will be assigned to
different research settings on the University campus or in off-campus sites. Students are required to work 32 hours per week
and participate in weekly seminars, lectures, and field trips. At the conclusion of the program, students will prepare and present
reports of their research experiences.
Eligibility Requirements
The Research Apprentice Program is open to currently enrolled high school sophomores and juniors from Dane County and
currently enrolled juniors in the PEOPLE Program. Students must have at least a B average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) in all course
work and have taken biology and algebra courses.
                 NOTE: A student may not be registered in any University classes during the program
Program Placements
Attempts are made to select only those students who are serious about learning and interested in science. Students are placed in
different types of research settings. Examples of research in which previous RAP students have participated are: clinical study
of diabetic patients, tissue preparation for electron microscopy, cancer research, and neural development of premature children.
Application Procedures
Complete the application and follow the application instructions carefully. Please note the April 21, 2008 deadline.

The biographical essay should be typed on a separate                     Use this checklist for submitting your application
sheet of paper and include the following information:                    materials.
     brief personal and family history;                                  a completed application from this brochure;
     educational background, including a statement on
        your academic interests, strengths, and                           a biographical essay as described earlier;
                                                                          transcripts from all high schools attended;
     extracurricular activities;
     statement on whether you are disadvantaged or                       a list of courses in progress, and those you plan to
        not;                                                                  take in the next school year; and

     employment history;                                                 two letters of recommendation written on school
     specific research interests; and,                                       letterhead with phone number from: 1.) your high
                                                                              school counselor and 2.) your high school science
     why you wish to participate in this program and                         teacher.
        what you wish to accomplish.
                                                                         Note: The counselor and science teacher should forward
                                                                         their letters directly to the program director at the UW

      Mail application materials to:                                              For more information:
      Gloria V. Hawkins, Ph.D. – Program Director                                     Call: 608/265-4867
      Research Apprentice Program                                                     Fax: 608/262-4226
      UW School of Medicine and Public Health                                     Email:
      Health Sciences Learning Center, Suite 2130
      750 Highland Avenue                             
      Madison, WI 53705
                         Research Apprentice Program Application
                                                  June 15-August 1, 2008
                          University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Application deadline is April 21, 2008. Type or print in black ink all information requested on this application. Refer to
the checklist found under 'application procedures' to complete necessary application requirements.

Full Name:a
                (Last)                               (First)                                                (Middle Initial)

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
                                       (Street)                                (City)                 (State)          (Zip Code)
Date of Birth:a                                  Telephone:-                                         Gender:  Female  Male

Social Security Number:                                                        a

U.S. Citizen:
   Yes  No If No, are you a permanent resident?  Yes  No If Yes, indicate Alien Reg. Number: ________________

Are you eligible for free or reduced lunch?  Yes  No

Racial/Ethnic Heritage: (Check all that apply)
   American Indian/Alaskan Native (Specify Tribe)                    Southeast Asian (Cambodian/Hmong, Laotian,
 ______________________________________________                        Vietnamese) __________________________
 Black/African American                                            Pacific Islander (Specify-Guam, Hawaiian, Samoan)
   Mexican American, Chicano/a                                        ___________________________________________
   Puerto Rican                                                      White, non-Hispanic _________________________
   Other Latino/a or Hispanic (Specify)______________               Other Asian (Specify) _________________________
                                                                      Other (Specify) ______________________________

Academic Information - High Schools Attended:

        (Name)                        (Street)                        (City)             (State)       (Zip) (Dates of Attendance)

        (Name)                        (Street)                        (City)             (State)       (Zip) (Dates of Attendance)

   Present grade level in school: (Circle one) 10       11     Current Grade Point Average: __________(on a 4.0 point scale)

   Class Rank (If you are uncertain, obtain this information from your high school counselor): Number              out of        a

   Indicate the letter grades you have received for the following courses:

        Biology_____ Chemistry_____ Algebra_____ Geometry_____ Physics_____ Trigonometry_____

   Please list your science AP/Honors courses: _________________________________________________________________


Where did you learn about the Research Apprentice Program? o
Indicate the name and date of all pre-college programs that you have participated.


What are your future educational plans? (State briefly)o ______________________________________________________

Academic Reference Information: Please indicate the persons you have asked to write on your behalf. Your references
   should know you sufficiently well to appraise your abilities.

   Science Teacher: ____________________________________________________________________________________
                                   (Name)                             (School)                                   (Phone Number)

   Counselor: _________________________________________________________________________________________
                                   (Name)                             (School)                                   (Phone Number)


Signature of student ___________________________________________________                  Date _________________________

Name of Father/Guardian: (Circle one)

            (Name)                           (Street)                            (City)                    (State)    (Zip Code)

            (Occupation)                    (Work/Daytime Address)                             (Area Code/Daytime Phone Number )

Education:  Not a high school grad  High school grad  Some college              College grad (__2 year; __4 years or more)

Name of Mother/Guardian: (Circle one)

            (Name)                           (Street)                            (City)                    (State)    (Zip Code)

            (Occupation)                    (Work/Daytime Address)                             (Area Code/Daytime Phone Number)

Education:  Not a high school grad  High school grad  Some college              College grad (__2 year; __4 years or more)

Parent/Guardian Approval: I am willing to have my child participate in the 2008 Research Apprentice Program. In the event
   of an emergency, if I cannot be reached by telephone, I authorize emergency medical treatment for my child.

       May we have your permission to use your child’s photo if taken as a program participant?      Yes        No

Signature of parent/guardian __________________________________________                   Date _________________________

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