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                     PERSONNEL STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN 2007-2008

The Personnel Department’s statement of purpose with regard to achieving the Constabulary’s strategic objectives is:

      To give a strategic lead on Personnel matters by:

   –   developing the Constabulary as a best practice employer
   –   representing the Constabulary’s interests at a national level and seeking to develop best practice in the development of national
       Personnel policy and practice
   –   ensuring the Constabulary is appropriately advised on the Personnel implications of corporate plans and developments

      To support the Force’s strategic objective to make best use of resources by:

   –   providing a professional, customer focused, Personnel service to managers and staff
   –   providing clear and fair Personnel policies, procedures and terms and conditions, to enable the Constabulary to achieve its overall
       corporate strategy and meet its social and legislative obligations, whilst enhancing staff diversity, motivation, participation and retention
   –   identifying and addressing areas for improvement within the Personnel service, and people management overall, highlighted by
       performance information, survey and staff/ representative feedback, grievances, turnover and risk analysis
   –   protecting the organisation as far as possible against costly litigation
   –   building and maintaining positive relationships with staff representative groups and associations. Consulting these groups on matters in
       which they have a legitimate interest, to ensure our policy and practice reflects the needs of all staff as far as is reasonably practicable

      To support the Force’s strategic priorities to:

   –   Enhance safer neighbourhoods
   –   Strengthen Public Protection
   –   Protect communities from terrorism, domestic extremism and major disasters
   –   Reduce and detect crime

       Ensuring Neighbourhood Policing is delivered effectively will be a key priority for Personnel.
01.05.07 NCrates
Strategic Action Plan 2007/08 to support Aims of the Personnel Strategy 2005-2008

No.    Strategic Objective                Action/Target                                                By/from     Lead
1      To have the right numbers of the   Formulate and deliver Personnel Strategy and Annual          By May 2007 DoP/HoP
       right people                       Personnel Plan to meet the Force’s planned requirements

                                          Develop Local Personnel Plans to achieve Personnel           To meet      Devolved PMs
                                          Strategy and Plan within local context, particularly         local
                                          Neighbourhood Policing. Discuss support needs with           business
                                          corporate teams e.g. recruitment, development                planning

                                          Develop Force Personnel Strategy 2008-2011                   By March     DoP/HoT/ACC

                                          Consolidate action plans within Personnel to provide clear   By June 07   HoP/P&D
                                          aims, objectives and targets                                              Manager

                                          Recruit Police Officers and Staff to meet the needs of the   Ongoing      Recruitment,
                                          organisation, reflect the community and meet performance                  PP and PAO
                                          targets, using timely workforce planning, monitoring,
                                          positive action and fair procedures (see specific
                                          performance targets at end of doc)

                                          Enhance and upgrade the Delphi HR System to support          By April     HoP & PP
                                          the Constabulary’s requirements to meet the IDM project,     2008         Manager
                                          ensure full compliance with the Data Protection Act and
                                          enable provision of meaningful management information

2      Staff who are developed and        Achieve people management, development and equality          Annually     DoP/HoP/HoT
       motivated within a culture of high and diversity standards required by the Home Office and                   and P&D Mgr
       performance, making best use of other agencies as appropriate, maintaining gradings of

No.   Strategic Objective                 Action/Target                                                By/from        Lead
      scarce resources (original aims     ‘good’ and work towards ‘improving’ and ‘excellent’ in all
      3 and 5 combined)                   areas within Baseline Assessment.

                                          Identify ways to improve the value of PDRs and present       By April       P&D Mgr
                                          recommendations to Chief Officer Group                       2008

                                          Evaluate options/capacity to employ Shared                   By Nov 07      HoP
                                          Services/Enterprise Solution in conjunction with other
                                          Forces detailing cost effectiveness, benefits and

                                          Review the National Exit Questionnaire scheme to ensure      By June 07     P&D Mgr
                                          it is delivering meaningful results for the Force. Analyse   (PAPC
                                          06/07 data for retention concerns, recommend action.         report May
                                          Identify Personnel related actions from 05/06 Staff Survey   By July 07     Devolved PMs
                                          which require support in local Staff Survey action plans.

                                          Analyse Personnel Staff Survey results. Identify and         By Nov 08      P&D Mgr
                                          address top 4 priorities.

                                          Review support required by local Personnel Teams to          By Oct 08      HoP/ P&D
                                          enable them to provide a high quality service                               Mgr

3     Staff who value diversity and the   Achieve objectives noted in the SDAP(E) and ensure           Dates as per   P&D Mgr
      contribution of others and treat    devolved Personnel teams and Diversity Champions have        SDAP(E)
      others with dignity and respect     appropriate support to take action locally.

4     A framework of policies and         Identify areas for policy, procedure development as a        Ongoing        All Personnel
      procedures that translate the       result of new or amended legislation, corporate plans and                   Team
      Constabulary’s objectives into      lessons learnt.                                                             Managers for
      practical processes that are fair                                                                               their area of
No.   Strategic Objective              Action/Target                                                By/from     Lead
      and reasonable and comply with                                                                            business
      employment legislation
                                       Develop clear and practical procedures/guidance in           Scope by     ER, P&D Mgr
                                       consultation with line managers and staff, to ensure they    June 07. Top
                                       can be used with confidence. Identify most used/needed       3 reviewed
                                       and prioritise ‘user reviews’ over next 18 months.           by April 08

                                       Ensure appropriate communication/publicity of, and           Ongoing     All Policy
                                       development to support, new polices and procedures.                      Developers

                                       Continue to develop ways of sharing learning points with     ongoing     ER Mgr
                                       Personnel staff and Managers on employee relations
                                       matters and relevant case law

                                       Develop/maintain positive partnership working with staff     Ongoing     DoP/HoP and
                                       and minority group representatives to ensure all interests               all developing
                                       are understood and considered in policy/procedure                        policy/
                                       development.                                                             procedure

                                       Consider the scoping paper to conduct an Equal Pay Audit     Scope by    DoP/HoP/ER
                                       and take appropriate action                                  May 07,
                                                                                                    Action by
                                                                                                    Dec 07

                                       Ensure policy and procedure link pay and reward schemes ongoing          DoP/HoP
                                       to performance, absence and conduct

5     A safe and healthy working       Ensure Working Time Directive monitoring complies with       Oct 07      DoP and
      environment                      legislative requirements and Home Office (Baseline)                      OHWST Mgr

                                       Review OCU/Department frameworks for H&S                     Oct 07      OHWST Mgr/

No.   Strategic Objective        Action/Target                                              By/from         Lead
                                 management and action. Ensure best practice is being                       H&S Advisor/
                                 used and shared                                                            Devolved PMs

                                 The value of and procedure for accident reporting is       Oct 07          OHWST/H&S
                                 reinforced to all staff                                    (underway?)     Advisor

6     Systems to Support Staff   Develop awareness and practical guidance around            Sept 07         P&D Mgr
                                 managing staff who are disabled and how to
                                 consider/make reasonable adjustments

                                 Develop procedure and establish a culture which ensures    Sept 07         OHWST Mgr
                                 that restricted staff can use their skills and make a
                                 meaningful contribution to the Constabulary

                                 Identify how many staff are Carers and how the Force can   ID by July      P&D Mgr
                                 support them. Take appropriate action.                     07. Action by
                                                                                            Dec 08

                                 Re-publicise existing Flexible working, Parental and       Mar 08          ER Mgr
                                 Emergency Leave, Maternity and Maternity Support

Specific Performance Targets (from Hampshire Constabulary Strategy 2005-2008)
Performance     Performance Measurement                                                                  Target      Current
Indicator                                                                                                2007/08     Profile
SPI 3(e)         Proportion of police recruits from minority ethnic groups compared to the               >3%         3.6%
                 proportion of people from minority ethnic groups in the economically active
SPI 3(f)         Ratio of officers from minority ethnic groups resigning to white officer resignations   Equality    1.1% of
                                                                                                         between     leavers. BME
                                                                                                         groups      Officers =
                                                                                                                     2.1% officer
SPI 3(g)         Percentage of female police officers compared to the overall force strength             >26%*       26.7%
SPI 13(a)        Average number of working days lost per annum due to sickness per police officer        <7.5 days   8.11
SPI 13(b)        Average number of working days lost per annum due to sickness per police staff          <7.5 days   8.56

* working towards 45% to reflect the percentage of women who are economically active.

              BME        Black and Minority Ethnic
              DoP        Director of Personnel
              ER         Employee Relations Manager
              HoP        Head of Personnel
              HoT        Head of Training
              OHWST      Occupational Health Welfare and Safety Team
              PAO        Positive Action Officer
              PMs        Devolved Personnel Managers
              PP         Personnel Planning
              P&D        Performance and Diversity
              SDAP(E)    Strategic Diversity Action Plan  (Employment)


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