I first met Arne in the summer of 1949_ when he was SASs Station by dfhercbml


									 In Memorium
 Arne Aagaard – A Personal Appreciation

 I first met Arne in the summer of 1949, when he was SAS's Station Superintendent at Northolt
 Airport, then the London terminal for intra - European services.

 A major Rover Scout Moot was to be held in Oslo, and it had been arranged for the UK
 contingent to travel by sea from Tilbury, near the mouth of the Thames. However, a dock strike
 resulted in the Boy Scouts Association approaching the company for which I worked at that
 time, and we fixed a series of flights from Edinburgh and Northolt to move some 150 bodies,
 using two SAS DC4s, each equipped with 57 seats (as opposed to the normal 40). The Northolt
 DC4 was scheduled to make 2 round trips in one day; and in those days London-Oslo was a 4-
 hr.flight! Fortunately the Scouts were an extremely tractable group, so getting them from the
 Clapham Deep Shelter to Northolt at 5 o'clock in the morning was not a problem.

 The next time I met Arne was in July 1951, outside the original International Aviation Building
 at the corner of University and Dorchester, (Montreal) when we discovered, to our mutual
 amazement, that we were both now working for lATA! Arne had already led an interesting and
 adventurous life. Born and raised in Tromso, Norway, north of the Arctic Circle he had, after
 the German invasion and occupation of his native land, contrived to make his way across the
 North Sea, in an open boat, to Scotland. Subsequently, as an officer in the Royal Norwegian
 Air Force, he served as a Radar Operator/Observer in Bristol Beaufighter night-fighters with
 No.604 Sqdn., RAF.

As a member of what was at that time (1951) the Technical Department of lATA, Arne soon
established his value as the link-man between Stan Krzyczkowski (Technical Director from 1945
to 1966) and his other colleagues in the department; and as the principal IATA spokesman at
meetings of the ICAO Air Navigation Commission, which body was responsible for the
formulation and codification of those Annexes to the Chicago Convention dealing with
airworthiness requirements, navigational aids, approach lighting, communications, personnel
licensing, etc. That the multitude of lATA recommendations on a wide variety of topics were
largely reflected in those Annexes was in considerable measure due to Arne's mastery of the
subject matter, his verbal skills and his outgoing personality. When Dr. Richard (Dick) Shaw
succeeded Mr.K as head of the Technical Department and was subsequently appointed Assistant
Director General, Technical, Arne again assumed the role of right-hand man and in 1972 took
over responsibility for the lATA Medical Advisory Committee.

Arne exemplified the spirit of those who served the Association in its formative years. For
myself, the enviable safety record of the world's airlines is his lasting memorial.

Alan Black, October 2004 - At IATA 1951-86

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