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edited from all “adrses” files and all “maillist” files 23 JUL 2002
                                       updated 27 JUL 2002
                                       updated 16 AUG 2002
Board of Selectmen
      Town of Burnham
      Burnham ME 04922

Planning Board
      Town of Burnham
      Burnham ME 04922

Ahlers, Mary and Al                                    01x2
       1203 North Road
       North Yarmouth ME 04097

Anctil, Raymond and Rachel            98x2             01x2
        48 Rancourt Lane
        Burnham ME 04922

Backus, Sally                                          01x1
      61 Maple Street
      Dobbs Ferry NY 10522

Bailey, Paul and Barbra                                01x2
       7 Cheney Drive
       Hudson NH 03051

Basile, Ruth and Constantine          98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
        115 Moosehead Trail
        Waldo ME 04915

Bernard, Richard and Carole           98x1 99x2 00x2 01x2
      49 Dufton Road
      Andover MA 01810

Brennan, Robert                       98x1 99x1 00x1
      25 South Street
      Marlboro MA 01752
Brough, Don and Barbara
      50 Cortland Circle
      Bangor ME 04401-2958

Brousseau, Jan and Ron                     00x2 01x2
      23 Osborn Street
      Lisbon ME 04250

Brown, Constance and Ronello     98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
     66 Peltoma Avenue
     Pittsfield ME 04967-1632

Brown, George A., Jr.
     141 Bedford Road
     Merrimack NH 03054

Bubar, Donald and Roberta                               02x2
      273 South Horseback Road
      Burnham ME 04922

      52 Tamarack Lane
      Unity ME 04988

Cagney, Kelly J.                                  <18
      65 Summer Place
      Portland ME 04103

Chase, Sue                                 00x2
       RFD 1 Box 1125
       Burnham ME 04922

Chichetto, Violet and James
      Box 1179 Rte 1
      Burnham ME 04922

Clifford, Arlene                 98x1
       Burnham ME 04922

Cook, Roland and Beverly         98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
      27 Smiley Avenue
      Winslow ME 04901

Cooper, Earle and Lois           98x2 99x2 00x2         02x2
      6 Newhall Street
      Fairfield ME 04937

      57 Bog Brook Lane
      Burnham ME 04922

Conte, William W.
       54 Wessnette Drive
       Hampden ME 04444

Cornish, Kim and Jonathan                     00x2
      529 Foreside Road
      Topsham ME 04086

Davis, Edward and Florence      98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2 02x2
       15 Running Tide Drive
       Scarborough ME 04074

      21 Libby Lane
      Burnham ME 04922

Denison, Brian and Mary Anne    98x2 99x2 00x2
      1169 Sawyer Road
      Cape Elizabeth ME 04107

Doody, Delores                  98x1          00x1
      6 Gibson Street
      Fairfield ME 04937

Driscoll, Irvan                 98x1
       P. O. Box 1665
       Dover NH 03821

Durning, Bernard                98x1 99x1 00x1
      181 Pleasant Street
      Northboro MA 01532

      392 Horseback Road
      Burnham ME 04922

Dwan, Georgette and Richard            99x2
      9305 St. Regis Lane
      Port Richey, FL 34668

      P. O. Box 249
      Unity ME 04988

Dwelley, Harley and Linda       98x2 99x2
      Box 1192 Rte 1
      Horseback Road
      Burnham ME 04922
Dyer, David and Pamela             98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
       Box 809B Rte 1
       North Vassalboro ME 04962

Edgecomb, Walter and Cheryl        98x2                 01x1
      46 Water Street
      Hallowell ME 04347

Ellis, Robert and Wilma            98x2
        Box 1195 Rte 1
        Burnham ME 04922

Erban, Joan and Bud                                     01x1
      5 Dunbar Terrace
      Salem NH 03079

Foley, Joe                                              01x2
Eve Meader
       28 Collamore Lane
       Burnham ME 04922

Grover, Tammy and Rick                           00x2
      P. O. Box 401
      Fairfield ME 04937

Hathorn, Ellery and RoseAnn                      00x2
      4 Betty Lane
      Manchester NH 03104

Holt, Maureen and Frank                   99x2
       RR 1 Box 1240
       Burnham ME 04922

Huff, Arlene W.                    98x1 99x1 00x1 01x1
       69 Hunnewell Ave
       Pittsfield ME 04967-1215

Huff, Ralph A., Sr.,               98x1 99x1 00x1 01x1 02x1
       140 Mount Road
       Burnham ME 04922

Hunter, Keith and Lizzie           98x1
      Box 540 Rte 2
      Clinton ME 04927

Hunter, Royce and Donna
      13 Old Waterville Road
      Oakland ME 04963

Keene, Gordon and Barbara
      125 Marten Avenue
      Chicopee MA 01020

Kersbergen, Rick                      99x2        01x1
      185 Pond Road
      Burnham ME 04922

Lawson, Henry R. and Cheryl S.                    01x2
     65 Summer Place
     Portland ME 04103

Leary, Raymond                   98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
Karen Maples
       1480 West Shore Drive
       Acton ME 04001

LePage, Theresa and Alphonse          99x2
      RR 2 Box 5270
      Winslow ME 04901

Louder, Harold
      1 Monroe Road
      Lexington MA 02173

Lown, Naomi and Milton                99x2 00x2 01x2
      16 Wheeler Road
      Lexington MA 02420-2711

MacDonald, James and Karynn
     Box 1175 Rte 1
     Horseback Road
     Burnham ME 04922

MacDonald, Robert and Jeanette   98x2 99x2 00x2
     12 Fenwood Grover Road
     Old Saybrook CT 06475

MacMichael, Ann
     P. O. Box 3093
      Skowhegan ME 04976

Marvin, John and Laurie        98x2
      Box    Rte
      Burnham ME 04922

McCorrison, Stanley
     Main Street
     P. O. Box 411
     Unity ME 04988

Miller, Irwin and Judith       98x3 99x2 00x2 01x2
       9 Parker Ridge Way
       Newburyport MA 01950

Mitchell, Robert and Mildred                 00x2
      48 Meditation Lane
      Atkinson NH 03811

Murdock, Scott                 98x1
     Box 11600 Rte 1
     Burnham ME 04922

Napolitana, Pasquale           98x1                 01x1
      2211 Dickens Lane
      Broomall PA 19008

Parsons, Stanley and Althea           98x1
      39438 Rockford Avenue
      Zephyrhills FL 33540

Perry, Donna and Doug                 99x2                 02x2
       873 Bigelow Hill road
       Skowhegan ME 04976

      Schneider Lane
      Burnham ME 04922

Quinlan, Elaine and Richard           99x1 00x2 01x2 02x2
      P. O. Box 53
      Unity ME 04988

      5250 Mohawk Street
      Zephyrhills FL 33542

Reny, James and June           98x2 99x2
       Box 1170 Rte 1
      Burnham ME 04922

Reynolds, Samantha                   98x1 99x2
      P. O. Box 206
      Winterport ME 04496

Roscoe, Jeanne and Norman                        00x2
      P. O. Box 402
      West Bridgewater MA 02379

Roy, Wilfred and Barbara             98x2 99x2 00x2          02x2
      37 Main Street
      Fairfield ME 04937

      160 Rancourt Lane
      Burnham ME 04922

Roy, Scott                           98x1
      8 Diamond Street #29
      Lawrence MA 01843

Schlapp, Fred and Suzanne            98x2 99x2
      565 Mann Hill Road
      Holden ME 04429-9635

Sinclair, Linwood and Edith
       Box 3835 Rte 2
       Corinna ME 04928

Sinclair, Verna May and Laurice      98x1        00x1
       Box 3345 Rte 1
       Pittsfield ME 04967

Stachel, Al and Bobbie                           00x2 01x2
       556 Revolutionary Way
       Warminster PA 18974

      71 Meadow Lane
      Burnham ME 18974

Taylor, D. N.                        98x1 99x1
      20199 McIvor Avenue
      Maple Ridge British Columbia
      Canada V2X 4L4

Torrey, Richard and Karren                       00x2        02x2
      130 Magnolia Drive
      McCormick SC 29835-2703

      72 Charles Taylor Lane
      Burnham ME 04922

Turbyne, Frank and Emerald            98x2
     131 Cliff Road
     Portsmouth NH 03081-5523

Valente, Geraldine and Charles, Jr.                 00x1
      22 Harris Road
      Ansonia CT 06401-2516

Warburg, Kathy and Paul                      99x1
     9 Webb Ave
     Wilton ME 04294

Webber, Betty L.                                           01x1
     135 South Maine St
     Pittsfield ME 04967

Wells, Jane and Ralph
       32 Lester Lane
       Burnham ME 04922-9714

Wright, Donald and Mary               98x2 99x2 00x2
      P. O. Box 32
      West Newfield ME 04095
begin troy
Board of Selectmen
      Town of Troy
      Troy ME 04987

Planning Board
      Town of Troy
      Troy ME 04987

Bernier, Matt                                    00x1 01x1
      Rr 1 Box 4530
      Pittsfield ME 04967

Bellerose, Joe and Adriana                            01x2
       103 Bellerose Road
       Troy ME 04987

Diemer, Fred and Erika               98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
      7386 Lower East Hill Road
      Colden NY 14033-9753

Hayes, Mary Ann                      98x1 99x1 00x2
Ward, Larry B
       Ward Hill Road
       Thorndike ME 04986

Heald, Reginald
       HC 78 Box 630
       Unity ME 04988

Irving, Ruth                         98x1        00x1 01x1
       2 Ward Hill Road
       Troy ME 04987

Miville, Michael and Rae Jean
       Heald Camp Road
       Troy ME 04987

Nees, Lawrence and Margaret          98x3 99x3        01x2
       220 South Ridley Creek Road
       Moylan PA 19063

      P. O. Box 402
       Unity ME 04988

Nees, Alexander
       220 South Ridley Creek Road
       Moylan PA 19063

Nickerson, Claire                                       01x1
      R 3 Box 6678
      Vassalboro ME 04989

Piper, Clinton                       98x1        00x2
       Box 2060 Rte 1
       Troy ME 04987

Potter, Lonnie and David             98x1 99x2 00x2 01x2
       37 Webb Road
       Thorndike ME 04986

Potter, Jeremiah                            99x1 00x1 01x1
       37 Webb Road
       Thorndike ME 04986

Ward, Lila                                  99x1 00x1
      184 Unity Road
      Thorndike ME 04986
begin unity
Board of Selectmen
      Town of Unity
      Unity ME 04988

Planning Board
      Town of Unity
      Unity ME 04988

Babin, Donyse                   98x1                 01x1 02x1
       80 Thorndike Road
       Unity ME 04988

Birckhead, Courtney and Marie          99x2                 02x2
      6256 Sandpiper Drive
      Lakeland FL 33809-5671

      P. O. Box 353
      Unity ME 04988

Bourg, Jean                                          01x2
Melissa Bastien
       P. O. Box 303
       Unity ME 04988

Cartier, Bob and Louise                              01x2
       384 Warhurst Ave
       Swansea MA 02777

      189 Kanokolus Road
      Unity ME 04988

Chase, Richard and Joyce                      00x2
       Box 2500 Rte 1
       Unity ME 04988

Constable, Betty-Jeanne                                     02x2
      61 Westland Avenue
      Winchester MA 01890

      111 Conafer Lane
      Unity ME 04988
Hou, Sari and Jerry Cinnamon            98x2 99x2 00x2
      P. O. Box 537
      Unity ME 04988

Coffin, Philip                          98x1        00x1 01x1 02x1
       2348 Welton Place
       Atlanta, GA 30338

        29 Mockingbird Lane
        Unity ME 04988

Constable, Margaret and Robert                      00x2
      P. O. Box 154
      Unity ME 04988

Cunningham, Jeanell and Joseph Demusz   98x2 99x2
      38 Mishawum Road
      Woburn MA 01801

Proulx-Curry, Pam                                          01x2
Robert Curry
      P. O. Box 128
      Unity ME 04988

Dyke, James                             98x1 99x1 00x1 01x1
       P. O. Box 389
       Unity ME 04988

Erikson, Jolene and Ken                                    01x2
      120 Western Avenue
      Henniker NH 03242

Esposito, Robert and Wendy
       P. O. Box 33
       Unity ME 04988

Fernald, Joseph                         98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2 02x1
      22 Haskell Circle
      Lakeville MA 02347-1340

        31 Jonquil Lane
        Unity ME 04988

Gaul, Carolyn and Alan           98x2 99x2 00x2 01x1
       24865 Windward Blvd
       Bonita Springs FL 34134
       Jonquil Lane
       P. O. Box 464
       Unity ME 04988

Gillette, Barry and Linda                             01x2 02x4
        91 Hummingbird Lane
        Unity ME 04988

Gillette, Helen and Max          98x2 99x2 00x2 01x1 02x2
        P. O. Box 133
        Unity ME 04988

Gross, Michael and Elizabeth     98x2 99x2 00x2
       P. O. Box 272
       East Haddam CT 06423

Harris, Frances                                00x1
       90 Woburn Street
       Reading MA 01867

Higgins, Barbara                 98x1                 01x1 02x1
      80 Thorndike road
      Unity ME 04988

Huard, Mark                             99x1
      P. O. Box 533
      Unity ME 04988

Huard, Leon and Elizabeth        98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
      Birch Lane
      Unity ME 04988

Knowles, Robert and Raejean             99x2          01x2
     P. O. Box 164
     Pittsfield ME 04967

Krosschell, Peter and Kathryn    98x2 99x2 00x2 01x2
      # 18 59 Libbey Avenue
      Gorham ME 04038
Langelutig, Steven                                01x2
      Patricia Santos
      P. O. Box 206
      Unity ME 04988

Lombard, Susan

McKean, Dick
     115 Highland Cliff
     Windham ME 04062

Minton, Gertrude
      45 Orchard Hill Road
      Jamaica Plain MA 02130

Murphy, Diana                  98x1
     P. O. Box 32
     Unity ME 04988

Nash, David and Donna          98x2 99x2
      P. O. Box 606
      Pittsfield ME 04967

Nickerson, Claire                                 01x1
      RR 3 Box 6678
      Vassalboro ME 04989

Otto, Alison and Jeff                             01x2
       7 Merrill Drive
       Framingham MA 01701

Owen, Marilyn                              00x2
      Kenneth Phelps
      P. O. Box 483
      Unity ME 04988

Palmer, Jack and Carol                     00x2 01x2
      P. O. Box 274
      Unity ME 04988-0274

Parkus, Walter and Christine                      01x2
      16 Eli Chapman Road
      Moodus CT 06469
Penley, Erland and Barbara
       23 Bloomfield Street
       Skowhegan, ME 04976

Pennell, Robert                                  01x1
      177 Beulah Street
      Whitman MA 02382

Reed, Andrew
      P. O. Box 29
      Unity ME 04988

Reed, Mrs. Charles
      P. O. Box 179
      Unity Me 04988

Reed, James                               00x1
       Box 1480 RFD 1
       Freedooom ME 049441-9734

Roeming, Joan                             00x1
     P. O. Box 134
     Unity ME 04988

Russell, Ginger and Charles                             02x2
       2000 Royal Marro Way #403
       Marco Island FL 34145

      2 Hideway North
      P. O. Box 405
      Unity ME 04988

Russell, Susan and William                00x2
       P. O. Box 393
       Unity ME 04988

Schaefer, Arlene and Charles       98x2
      P. O. Box 155
      Unity ME 04988

Shaw, Elenor
      6024 Wilson Lane
      Bethesda, MD 20817
Shaw, Hubert and Deborah             99x2             02x2
      10154 Tapestry Court
      Fairfax, VA 22032

      118 Windemere Lane
      Unity ME 04988

Simonds, Peggy
      5406 Beech Avenue
      Bethesda, MD 20814

Skoby, Nicholas                 98x1 99x1 00x1 01x1
      150 Pinecrest Road
      Manchester, NH 03104

      P. O. Box 261
      Unity ME 04988

Spalding, Robert and Susan
      P. O. Box 1267
      Sagamore Beach MA 02562

Stemm, Marvin                               00x1
     P. O. Box 251
     Unity ME 04988

Tozier, Jennifer
       P. O. Box 139
       Unity ME 04988

Tozier, Kathy and Peter              99x1
       481 Riverside Drive
       Augusta ME 04330

Twombly, Betty and Guy                      00x2
     RR 3 Box 6690
     Vassalboro ME

Vancura, Linda and David        98x2 99x2 00x2        02x2
      138 Governors Way
      Topsham ME 04086-1473

      110 Dogwood Lane
      P. O. Box 302
      Unity ME 04988
Wescott, James                                     00x1
      P. O. Box 1480
      Unity ME 04988

Wyman, Robert and Anne                                    01x2
    P. O. Box 144
    Unity ME 04988

Langsdorf, Stephen E. F.
      Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau and Pachios, LLC
      45 Memorial Circle
      P. O. Box 1058
      Augusta ME 04332-1058

    201 US Route 1, PMB 172
    Scarborough ME 04074

Shields, Susan and Jody
       135 Gallup Hill Road
       Ledyard CT 06339-1826

Freil, Suellen
        57 Carment Hill road
        New Milford CT 06776-4571

Cain, Shirley and Donald
       40330 Via Tonada
       Murrieta CA 92562-5556

Lowe, Lance
      P. O. Box 143
      Pittsfield ME 04967-0143

Ames, Barbara
      P. O. Box 143
      Pittsfield ME 04967-0143

Mishou, Carol and Brian
      109 Weston Ave
      Madison ME 04950-1330

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