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									Home Automation
Solutions and Business Issues

Home Automation is the facility to automate, manage, and
control devices located within our homes with the means of
Remote Control.

Remote control has become more than that device that we
use to remotely controlling our TVs, Air Conditions, or even

Remote control technologies currently have multiple forms. For example, you can remotely switch
off your TV using your mobile phone and using the public PSTN network.

Home Automation is a set of techniques that are implemented and deployed within the building in
order to provide comfort and security for the residents of that building.

The main goal of applying home automation techniques is to enable residents to perform normal
daily tasks in a simpler manner. This forces many technologies to be integrated together to achieve
the required functionality. An example to that integration is controlling the status of the device us-

Key Benefits                                                                         Evaluating Home Automation

                                                                                     This publication provides evaluation of
       Comprehensive overview of Home Automation including definition,
                                                                                     the different Home Automation tech-
        technologies, standards and importance.
                                                                                     nologies, a complete analysis for each
       Technical study of Home Automation including architectures, specifica-
                                                                                     technology, and finally the market analy-
        tions, standardization official parties.
                                                                                     sis for the technology.
       Comprehensive overview of different Home Automation applications
        and products.

       Market segments study including developed, developing and emerging

       Market Predictions for Home Automation Market.

       Home Automation Market Forecast.

       Home Automation Business Models.

       Global SWOT Analysis for Home Automation including real examples from the

       Comprehensive reference guide for Home Automation key players including
        designers and installers of different types of home automation systems
                                                                             Table of Contents

Technical Study
  HOME AUTOMATION GENERAL OVER-           Creative Zen Mozaic                         Allergen Reducer
  VIEW                                    Creative Zen Stone                          HEPA Air Purifier
  WHAT IS IT?                             Philips GoGear Spark                        Overview
  WHY IS IT IMPORTANT AND RELE-           Sony NWZ-BF Walkman                         Ionic Air Purifier
  VANT?                                   Sony B-Series Walkman                       UV Air Purifier
  Convenience                             Apple iPod Shuffle                          Dehumidifier
  Safety                                  Audio Equalizer                             Overview
  Fun                                     Samson D Digital Graphic Equalizer          Dehumidifier Types
  Increase Home Resale Value              Samson S Curve Dual Band Equalizer          Mechanical Dehumidifier
  WHO DOES IT AFFECT AND WHY?             Samson S Curve Dual Band Equalizer          Desiccant Dehumidifier
  HOME AUTOMATION OVERVIEW                dbx Dual Band Equalizer                     Dehumidifier Usage
  Definition                              dbx Dual Band Graphic Equalizer             Dehumidifiers Cost
  Technologies                            Digital Audio Receiver                      Home Security System
  Standards                               Car Audio Amplifiers                        Importance of Security System
  Customers                               Bluetooth Speaker                           Home Security System Components
  What can a Home Automation do?          Parrot DS Stereo Bluetooth Speakers         Sensors
  Security                                Bluetooth GPS Speaker BGS-/                 Alarms
  Lighting and Shade Control              iPod Speaker                                Locks
  Telecommunications                      Altec Lansing iMT inMotion Max              Cameras
  Climate Control                         Harman/Kardon Go + Play                     Sample Systems
  Home Networking                         mStation . Stereo Orb                       Digital Security Safe
  Whole House Audio/Video                 iPhone Speaker                              Features
  Home Theater                            iPhone V-Moda Remix Headphones              Electronic Lock
  Surveillance                            TuneBuds                                    Home Intercom System
  Electronic Entry Access                 Bose Headset                                Wireless Keyless Entry
  HOME AUTOMATION TECHNICAL               Logic iPhone speakers                       Security Camera
                                          SACD Player                                 Flood Alarm
                                          Wireless Audio Speakers                     Smoke Alarm
                                          Karaoke Player                              Fire Extinguisher
  Centralized Architecture
                                          RJ Tech RJ-                                 Carbon Monoxide Detector
  Distributed Architecture
                                          Singing Machine .
  Mixed Architecture
                                          NUMARK CDN+G
  AND STANDARDS                           Considerations
  X10                                     Cordless Microphone
  INSTEON                                 Wireless Microphone
  ZigBee                                  Home Theater
  Z-Wave                                  Popular Home Entertainment Centers
  Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)           Wireless Home Theater
  ONE-NET                                 Creative GigaWorks GW
  ORGANIZATIONS                           Lighting Control System
  CEDIA                                   Popular Light Control Systems
  CENELEC                                 Lutron HomeServe Lighting Control Sys-
  Continental Automated Buildings Asso-
  ciation (CABA)                          Crestron Lighting Control Systems
  HOME AUTOMATION APPLICATIONS            Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  AND SAMPLE PRODUCTS                     Overview
  Whole-House Audio                       Installation
  Wireless Audio System                   System Cost
  All-in-One Audio System                 Air Conditioner
  MP Player                               Split Air Conditioner
  Apple iPod                              Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
  Apple iPod Nano                         Advantages
  Microsoft Zune                          Disadvantages
  Archos WiFi                             Casement Air Conditioner
  Sony NWZ-SF Walkman                     Mini Air Conditioner
  SanDisk Sansa Fuze                      Air Purifier
  SanDisk Sansa Clip                      Overview
                                                                                       Table of Contents

Market Study
                                            Crestron Partnerships                         Promwad Utilizing Open Technologies
Market                                      Promwad Partnerships                          Control4 Online Forums and Developer
Market overview                             Partnership with Itransition Software         Support
Introduction                                Company                                       Variety of Solutions
Developed Market                            Partnership with IntelIntel Corporation       Crestron Solutions
                                            Company                                       JCL Variety of Products
Key Example: Home Cinema system
                                            Partnership with Analog Devices Com-          Control4 Customization
Home Automation Usage and Purchase
Factors                                                                                   JCL Free Consultation
                                            JCL Partnerships
Age                                                                                       Hot Deals
                                            Partnership with Control4
Education and Culture                                                                     JCL Hot Deals
                                            Partnership with SmartHome                    Utilizing and Integrating New Technolo-
                                            Control4 Partnerships                         gies
                                            Expanding Products Usage                      Web-based Control
                                            Exceptional Innovation                        Gaining Customer Trust by Doubling
Developing Market
                                            Awards Received                               Warranty
Home Automation Usage and Purchase
Factors                                     LMS-810 Media Server Wins CES Inno-           Introducing a new Advertising Mecha-
                                            vations Award                                 nisms – Dealer Tour Road
                                            HomeVision Awards                             Weaknesses
                                            HAI Award Winning Products                    Closed Development
                                            Control4 Awards                               Exceptional Innovation
Warranty and Support
                                            Dealer Services                               Lake of Online Services
Emerging Market
                                            Exceptional Innovation                        Lake of HAI Online Services
Home Automation Usage and Purchase
Factors                                     Crestron Services for Resellers               Lack of Promwad Online Services
Age                                         Sales Representatives Network                 Lack of Developers Community
Trust                                       Partner Assisting and Support Programs        Lack of Lutron Developers Forum
Financially-Safe                            Crestron Support Programs                     Lack of JCL Developers Forum
Warranty and Support                        Integrated Partner Program                    Lack of Promwad Developers Forum
Challenges Facing Home Automation           A+ Educational Partner Program                Weak Website
User Experience                             GSS Government Support Services               Custom Solutions Inc. Poor Website
Practical Case Study: Florida Is The Best   Enterprise Partner Program                    Lack of Patents
Place For Home Automation                   HomeVision Mailing Group                      Custom Solutions Inc., Lake of Patents
Home Automation Market Predictions          Lutron Technical Support                      Lack of Partners
Who will be the buyers and sellers?         Modular Design Strategy                       Custom Solutions Inc., Lake of Partners
The buyer                                   Crestron Modular Design                       Poor Distribution Network
The Seller                                  Control4 Modular Design                       Custom Solutions Inc, Poor Distribution
Better User Experience                      Energy-Saving                                 Network
Complexity vs. usability                    Crestron Energy Saving                        Opportunities
Better Price                                HAI Energy Saving                             Technology Partnerships
How fast Home Automation will grow?         Lutron Energy Saving                          Breakthrough Hospitality Technology
                                            Patents and White Papers                      Partnership with Lutron
Evolution of Home Automation Market
                                                                                          Partnerships for Enhancing Products
Home Automation Market Forecast             Lutron Patents
                                            Training                                      Cooperation with Bang & Olufsen
                                                                                          Partnership with AMX
Home Automation Business ModelsHome         Crestron Training
Building / Upgrading                        HAI Training                                  Government Applications
Fee-Based Remote Access Home Auto-                                                        Open Technologies
                                            Products Integration
mation                                                                                    Web-based Control
                                            Crestron Product Integration
Smart Home Management for Service           Online Services                               Supporting New Technologies
Providers                                                                                 Green Energy Opportunity
                                            Crestron Online Services
Media Streaming Providers                                                                 Strategies related to Smart Energy
                                            Lutron Online Services
Home Resale Business Model                                                                Threats
                                            Lutron Lighting Energy Analysis
Global SWOT Analysis                                                                      Slow Home Automation Production Line
                                            Sales Live Demo
Strengths                                                                                 Lake of Partnerships between Competi-
                                            JCL Online Services
Manufacturer Reputation                                                                   tors
                                            Control4 Online Services
HAI inc., Reputation among competitors                                                    The International Financial Crisis
                                            Popular Software Platform
Lutron Reputation among Competitors
                                            Exceptional Innovation Software Platform
                                            Software Development
Lutron Certification
                                            Crestron Authorized Independent Pro-
Meeting LEEDs Certification                 grammers
Partnerships                                HAI Development Center
Exceptional Innovation Partnerships
                                                                                 Table of Contents

Key Market Players
Designers                                  epiCinema                                  Viaav - Home Theater and Smart
                                           IM Audio Video                             Home
                                           TechPros, LLC                              Wireless Village
     Exceptional Innovation
                                           BlueHalogen Automation And Design,         Simply Home Cinemas
     Crestron Electronics, Inc.
                                           Inc.                                       HDAV High Def Audio/Video
                                           Digital Residence                          A V SOLUTIONS, INC
     Home Automation Inc.
                                           HD Installers: Home Theater Installa-      AVNV Installations LLC
     JCL Automation
                                           tion                                       Celestial Audio
     HomeLogic, LLC
                                           Infinity Technology LLC.                   Evolution Architects
     Elan Home Systems
                                           Metropolitan Audio Video                   Innovations in Automation, LLC
     Zenpanion LLC
                                           S Designs Inc                              iWired
     SmartLabs Inc.
                                           Southwest Smarthomes, LLC                  Rock N Roll Audio Video
     Lutron Electronics Company
                                           Paradise Home Entertainment                Doherty Design Group
                                           Imagine Home Automations                   M&L Enterprises
                                           Southwest Smarthomes, LLC                  Front Row Entertainment
     Hawking Technology, Inc.
                                           American Industries Corporation            interstar Home Theater
     HomeRemote Home Automation
                                           Clear Lighting and Electrical Design,      The Audio Installation Co.
     Intermatic, Inc.                      Inc.                                       The Home Theater Store OK
     Jasco Products Company                Digital Residence
                                                                                      Bliss Home Theaters & Automation
     LiteTouch, Inc.                       Get It Wired
                                                                                      Connex A.D Inc.
     Remote Technologies Inc.              Logic Living
                                                                                      Design Systems Datacom, LLC
     Savant Systems LLC                    Video Security Experts
                                                                                      Gizmo Custom Systems
     Custom Solutions, Inc.                IQ Design                                  Monaco A V
     HomeVision                            UltraTechnologies.biz
     Promwad                               Electronic Evolutions, Inc.                Ambrosia Audio & Video
     Universal Electronics Inc.            Grand Home Automation, Inc.
                                                                                      Focus Integrated Systems
     Visiomatic                            Paragon Sight, Sound, & Security
                                                                                      Jacks & Racks
     Xantech Corporation                   Precision Computer Networks & Ser-
                                                                                      Going Digital, Inc.
     Wayne-Dalton Corp.                    vice
                                                                                      cw solutions group
     ELK Products, Inc.                    AVATI
                                                                                      Integratus Technologies
     GE Security, Inc.                     DTS Systems Int'l. Corp.
                                                                                      FSHT Customs Home Theaters Inc
     Honeywell Security & Communications   Home In Control, Inc.
                                                                                      Prosound Audio/Video
     Eaton Corporation                     Siscoe Tech Systems LLC
                                                                                      FulTech Solutions
     Schlage                               Technalifestyles Inc.
     HomeSeer Technologies                 Advanced Home Systems LLC
     Charmed Quark Systems Ltd.            Advanced Multimedia Solutions
     Cinemar Solutions, Inc.               Broadband Infrastructures, LLC
     Embedded Automation                   Come Alive Audio
     Home Automated Living                 Correct Cable Inc.
     Promixis                              Dream Theatres LLC
     Stardraw                              Nextec Systems
     Advanced Quonset Technology Inc.      Serious Home Theater
     Cortexa™ Systems                      The Audio Video Pros, Inc.
     iControl Networks, Inc.               Trikin LLC
     JDS Technologies                      SMART HOMER
     Lagotek Corporation                   Circuits Plus LLC
     Schneider Electric                    Washington Home Theater
     AMX                                   Armwood Installers
Installers                                 Design Tech Electronics
     ALL OUT AUDIO & VIDEO                 Extreme Media
     Simple Guardian, Inc                  Gateway Communications Services,
     ENCO Electronic Systems
                                           Interior Installations International Inc
                                           Marquis Electronic Integration
     Home Theaters and More LLP
                                           Rockville Interiors
     Correct Cable Inc
                                           Sight and Sound Systems, Inc.
     Video Security Experts
                                           US SYSTEMS INC
     Audio Video Advisors
                                           vAutomate LLC
     JAG Communications
     New England Home Theater, LLC
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