COMPOUNDS _molecules_ by malj


									                                                                  Compounds (molecules) of Life
                                     COMPOUND                             USE                   Building Blocks                 ELEMENTS
                                                                   universal solvent that cell chemicals
    Inorganic Molecules -

                                                                    can dissolve in and travel through
      Simple Molecules

                                      WATER (H20)                                                                                   H2O
                                                                   70% of body is water
                                                                   Give cells shape and support
                                                                   Needed for Aerobic or Cellular
                                     Oxygen Gas (O2)                                                                                 O
                                     Carbon Dioxide
                                                                   Needed for Photosynthesis                                       C, O
                                                                   Structural molecules that all cells are
                                        PROTEINS                      built of                                                   C, H, O, N
Molecules of Life based on Carbon
Organic Molecules – Complicated

                                                                   Many are enzymes.
                                                               Starches and sugars that act as energy
                                    CARBOHYDRATES                                                                glucose          C, H, O
                                                               storage molecules in plants
                                                                Make up cell membrane since they repel
                                          LIPIDS                                                              Fatty acids and
                                                                  water.                                                          C, H, O
                                       (Fats and oils)                                                           glycerol
                                                                Energy storage molecules in animals.
                                                                 Coded molecules that contain
                                    NUCLEIC ACIDS                  information for building proteins
                                        DNA                                                                    Nucleotides      C, H, O, P, N
                                                                 Can copy themselves making growth and
                                     (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
                                                                   reproduction possible
                                        ENZYMES                Proteins that speed up all cell reactions                         C, H, O, N
                                             ATP               Energy Storage Molecules where energy
                                                                                                               Phosphates       C, H, O, P, N
                                    (Adenosine Triphosphate)   from respiration is stored

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