How to write a critical essay

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					How To Write A Critical Essay The Mr Sharpe Way!
1. Copy out the question, in full.            “Chose a play which you have read in
   which there is an interesting unusual character etc”

2. Introduction:         This is where the real work begins. There are four key things
   to have in an introduction:
                i.   Name of text
               ii.   Name of author
              iii. Genre of text
              iv.    3 sentence plot summary – what happens in the book?
   Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a mysterious play. It is set in Scotland many years
   ago. The hero, Macbeth, learns from witches that he is destined to become
   King. However, in order to fulfil this, he murders many of his closest friends.
   Eventually he is betrayed and beheaded by his enemy, Macduff.

3. Next is a linking sentence.          This is where you explain what you are going
   to do. Use words from the question to show that you are providing an answer.
   I am going to demonstrate how John is an unusual and interesting character. I
   will do this by showing that he is naïve, optimistic and easily influenced by

4. Body of essay: Pick the five most important characteristics of
   Cary. For each characteristic, you are going to follow the same

   P                 Point                John is interesting to me because he
                                          is so optimistic:
   E                 Evidence             “I’d rather hoped to stay here”

   E                 Explain              John wants to stay on in this school
                                          and hopes to make a good impression
                                          on the Headmaster

5. Conclusion: You are nearly finished.       All you need to do is wrap
   up your arguments into a neat finale! Do this by showing how you
   have answered the question and reminding your reader of the good
   points you have made. If you want to make a personal statement
   about the book, this is the best place. For example:
   Cooper’s Unman, Wittering and Zigo presents a range of main characters. I
   chose to explore the character of Nadia. I have shown that she is an interesting
   and unusual character because she is so modern in her views, she is
   independent and demanding and I admire how she dominates John.