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					American Income Life (AIL) Insurance

This insurance is used for Special Activities and for Annual Accident
Coverage. See the Website for coverage details.

Extension Process:

        Create a Requisition form to establish a PO for AIL and send to the
         Business Office.
             o This can be a one time PO or a blanket PO for a year.
             o Please be sure to submit this at least three weeks before your
             o This is the ONLY buying tool allowable for this insurance, you
                cannot pay with a PCard or a local check.
        Estimate number of attendees at event.
        Mail in your form to AIL.
        Hold event.
        Revise form for actual attendees.
        Mail in the final form to the Business Office Representative with the
         PO Number listed.
             o The Business Office will mail the check to AIL.