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									                         GETTING STARTED IN INVESTING

                   Good Web Sites to Know                                            LIBRARY DATABASE

                             Gateways                                                The library subscribes to the
                Investor Guide                           Morningstar database, an extensive
                Investor Home                                 financial resource that includes
              Money Central                        statistics and analysis of many stocks
                    Motley Fool                                         and mutual funds, portfolio
              Superstar Investor                       management options, definitions of
                    The Street                                terms, and an interactive section for
                                                                                 teaching yourself about investing.
                   Teach Yourself the Basics
         Securities and Exchange Commission
                   (click on “Investor Information”)
    Vanguard (click on “Personal Investors”)
                                                                                    Books About Investing
 T. Rowe Price (click on “Individual Investors”)                      and Stocks

                                                                              Dunnan’s Guide to Your Investments /
                     Learning the Language                                    Nancy Dunnan 332 D922g 2001
              Investor Words                            The Five Rules for Successful Stock
  American Association of Individual Investors          Investing / Pat Dorsey (2004)
                                                                              332.6322 D738F
                          Stock Selection
             Annual Report Gallery                      How the Stock Market Works / John M.
Links to the home pages and annual reports of 2,200 public companies.         Dalton (2001) 332.64 H83D

             Small Cap Center                          Investing for Dummies / Eric Tyson
       Focuses on small and micro cap stocks, providing financial             332.6 T988I 2003
                information on over 21,000 companies.
                                                                              Kiplinger’s Guide to Investing Success /
                  Index Funds                              Ted Miller (2003) 332.6 M618KI
Comprehensive site on index investing. Data Central provides screens of
                                                                              Online Trader’s Dictionary / R. J. Shook
    indices and index mutual funds. Screen by criteria you select.
                                                                              (2002) 332.63203 SH73O
         Standard and Poor’s Stock Reports R 332.6322 ST24S
                                                                              A Random Walk Down Wall Street /
           Value Line Investment Survey R 332.6 V24 DESK
                                                                              Burton G. Malkiel 332.678 M295R 2003
       Value Line Investment Survey (Small and Mid-Cap Edition)
                         R 332.6 V249S DESK                                   The Standard and Poor’s Guide for the
          Information on each company is updated quarterly.                   New Investor / Nilus Mattive (2004)
                                                                              332.632 M435S
                      Tracking Your Stocks
                    Daily Stocks                          Stocks for the Long Run / Jeremy J. Siegel
      Links ticker symbols to financial news and information found            332.6322 SI15G 2002
                   in an exhaustive list of Web sources.
                                                                              Understanding Stocks / Michael Sincere
                                                                              (2004) 332.6322 S161U
                    Stock and Commodity Exchanges   The Wall Street Journal Guide to Under-
        Links to all U.S. and world stock exchanges, Dow Jones                standing Money & Investing / Kenneth M.
                  averages, Standard & Poor’s indices.                        Morris (2004) 332.6 M832W
            SEC Filings & Forms
                                                                              Wall Street Words / David L. Scott (1997)
    Publicly traded companies are required to file periodic financial
                                                                              332.603 SCO83W
       reports, including the 10-K, using the EDGAR database.
                       Full-text searchable index.
                      Cost Basis of Stocks                                         Financial Newsletters
 Historical Stock Quotes                  and Newspapers
                Mergent Dividend Record R 332.6 M542D
              (formerly Moody’s - annual, have since 1968)                  Dick Davis Digest R 332.6 D55D

              Low-Cost Purchasing of Stocks                                 Dow Theory Letters R 332.6 D752
       Motley Fool Broker Center
                 Sharebuilder                          DRIP Investor R 332 D833
    Directory of Companies Offering Dividend Reinvestment Plans             Investor’ s Business Daily (newspaper)
                          R 332.6322 D628E
                                                                            Kiplinger Letter R 328.73 K629
                           Mutual Funds
  Securities and Exchange Commission             No Load Fund Investor R 332.6327 N724N
      The SEC Web site has an excellent section on mutual funds.
 Tells how funds work, factors to consider, types of funds, how to buy      Outlook (S&P) R 3332.6 OU8
                   and sell, how to calculate costs.
                                                                            Wall Street Journal (newspaper)
              Investment Company Institute
 This trade association provides extensive statistics, research, links to
       member companies, news, trends in the industry, and an
                      investor education section.                                   Books About Bonds
                                                                                     and Mutual Funds
                Lipper Leaders
  Mutual fund screening tool for funds worldwide. Gives scores and          All About Bonds and Bond Mutual Funds /
  explains basis for rating. Search for funds based on classification,      Esme Faerber (2000) 332.6323 F127A
      asset type, fund company, total return, consistent return,
              preservation, tax efficiency, and expense.                    All About Mutual Funds / Bruce Jacobs
                                                                            (2001) 332.6327 J151A
         Morningstar Mutual Funds R 332.6327 M828M DESK
             Weiss Ratings Guide to Stock Mutual Funds                      How the Bond Market Works / Robert Zipf
                        R 332.6327 W436WE                                   332.6323 Z67H 2002
           Weiss Ratings Guide to Bond and Money Market
                 Mutual Funds R 332.6327 W436W                              The Money-Making Guide to Bonds / Hildy
                                                                            Richelson (2002) 332.6323 R399M
    Some financial magazines publish regular features and ratings
         on mutual funds. Examples are Forbes, Fortune,
                                                                            Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds: 5-
              Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and Money.
                                                                            Star Strategies for Success / Christine Benz
                                                                            (2004) 332.6327 B448M
            Investing in Bonds                     Mutual Funds: Your Money, Your Choice:
The Bond Market Association provides educational information about all      Take Control Now and Build Wealth
 types of bonds and allows free searching for bond ratings and prices.      Wisely / Charles P. Jones (2003)
                                                                            332.6327 J712M
      Tomorrow’s Money
The Bond Market Foundation has a step-by-step guide to help new in-
                                                                            Mutual Funds for Dummies / Eric Tyson
       vestors make decisions about appropriate investments.
                                                                            332.6327 T988M 2004
                     Includes Spanish version.
                                                                            Savings Bonds: When to Hold, When to
                      Government Securities                                 Fold and Everything In-Between / Daniel J.
                 Treasury Direct                     Pederson (1999) 332.63232 P341S
                  (click on “Individual/Personal Investing”)
  Use this site to set up your account, keep track of values, learn the
    difference between Treasury bills, notes, TIPS, savings bonds.
                                                                                       Waukesha Public Library
     U. S. Savings Bonds                           321 Wisconsin Avenue
  This is the official source for all information on savings bonds. You                 Waukesha, WI 53186
   may purchase current EE or I bonds, check on the value of older                         (262) 524-3682
   bonds, use a savings bond calculator to plan future investments.                                         11/04

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