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Human Resources Plan

                                    Date Completed

                                    February 27, 2010

      This Human Resource Plan is developed by Centre Name in accordance with YSAC
Best Practice on Human Resource Planning and CCHSA Human Resource Planning
Standards, Template date May 2006

Version 0.0: [Date published]
Submitted by : [Presenter's Name]
Human Resources Plan

 Use this space to write briefly about the plan

Current Human Resource List

  J o b P o s it io n               E m p l o ye e           S tart Date

 Deletable hint- you may want to use this space to track average length of employment or, turn
over rates, so that year to year you have accurate statistics, this plan should be shared with your
board and adopted in some formal way. Erase this text when you have read this hint)

 Employee turnover rate is a complicated figure but for the sake of making one… take the
number of positions above who started in last fiscal year, divide that by the total number of
employees and that is a close turnover rate ( it changes lets say 3 people filled that same
position in one year) as long as you do it that same each year you will be getting a workable

 You can find a turnover and cost of turnover calculator at

Risks and Issues management                ( This portion is copied to your organization risk management

Potential Risk Areas

list all the problems related to HR management, recruitment, employee monitoring , that you
have encountered in the last 2 years. As well as a few sentences about your understanding of
these problems in relation to your service delivery, geography or what ever impacts. You may
want to write a few sentences about how you came to identify these risks.. through inter agency
planning, through , national comparison data..etc.Delete this text.

Risk 1
Risk 2

[[YOUR CE NTRE NAME     HUMAN RES OUCE P LA - FOR YE AR                                  PAGE 2 OF 4

Appropriate corrective measures
[For each issue, identify the optimal way to resolve the issue and then identify the steps that your
team needs to take in order to implement the resolution.]

Risk 1 Potential Solution
Risk 2 Potential Solution

Tracking risks and issues
[In the following table, track the risks and issues that you identified.]

                R is k d e s c r ip t io n     P r o b a b i l it y   Im p a c t   Ma n a g e m e n t p la n
 recor ded
                                               Not Likely             Low

                                               Not Likely             Low

                                               Not Likely             Low

Human Resources- Strategic Goals
List any strategic Initiatives that link directly to your Human Resource Plan here you might want to
talk about competence, staffing requirements, legislation or whatever strategic goals you have
identified) It is a CCHSA requirement that the HR plan links with the Strategic Plan)        [

Human Resource Plan
In this area you will develop specific plans related to improvement in competencies, work life
w/satisfaction, there are some questions in each to help you think of strategies.

 Goal                Related T o:                 Critical Act ion          Expected Outcome
                     Having The Right People
                     Having The Right People
                     Having The Right People

                     Having The Right People
                     Having The Right People

Goal Assignments

Transfer all your goals to the next box. Here you want to talk about the actual activity and assign
responsibility, is your program manager responsible to review. Edit and build employee

[YOUR CENTRE NAME            HUMA N RES OUCE P LA - FOR YEAR                                        P AGE 3 OF 4

consensus on all job descriptions by April 2007? Why not copy this box onto index cards and
post near everyone’s pc?

 Goal                     Emplo yee Lead        Steps

Evaluation Plan
What mechanisms will you use to evaluate this plan? ie will it be reviewed at management
meeting, board meetings. How will the components be communicated and carried out, here you
sumaris how you will monitor the progress towards the goals. CCHSA standards require you have
a monitoring plan.

[YOUR CENTRE NAME      HUMA N RES OUCE P LA - FOR YEAR                         P AGE 4 OF 4

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