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					      3rd Workshops & Training
“Advance Techniques of
  Molecular Biology”
                 March 7-9, 2008

             Prof. S.N. Tripathi Memorial Foundation

                Integration of Ancient Knowledge
                     & Modern Technology

Research & Development Centre
  Prof S.N. Tripathi Memorial Foundation
(Under Society act of India 1860 No. 829/92-93)
  1, Gandhi Nagar Naria, Varanasi-221005,
       E-mail :
Dear Sir,
           The Government of India in its Vision 2020, has identified Biotechnology as one
of the growth engines for the Country and has undertaken rapid strides to develop the sector.
It has also focused on the growing scope of herbal drug and food market in the world,
but our nation is not well prepared to meet this challenge. At present we have only 2% of
share in the global herbal export market. The basic cause behind this is the lack of good
quality of herbal drugs, which is associated with adulteration and bad manufacturing
practices. Although GOI, has framed several acts, rules and regulations to improve the
situation, but still our manufacturers and educated entrepreneurs are not aware of these
techniques and practices.
           Thus we have proposed a practical training workshop on “Advance Techniques of
Molecular Biology” on March 7-9, 2008 with the aim to focus the salient features of these
techniques through lectures and practical demonstrations on various advance techniques,
related to the field of drug standardization. The subject experts will be the resource persons.
This is a novel effort based on integration of various subjects of science and technology by
involving academia, industrial houses and social workers.
           All the interested participants are advised to register at the earliest because the
seats are limited to 40 only. The registration will be on the basis of „first come first‟. For
details please visit
Correspondence address:
                                 Dr. Pratibha Tripathi
                   Chief Coordinator, Research & Development Centre
       Prof SN Tripathi Memorial foundation, 71, Krishna Bagh, Nagwa, Varanasi-5,
                   Tel : 91-0542-2366577,,

Registration : Interested candidates have to submit the Registration Form along with their
CV & bank draft. The last date is 7th March, 2008

Payment mode : The draft will be in favour of Treasurer, Prof. S.N. Tripathi Memorial
Foundation, payable at Varanasi. No Refund is permissible in any circumstances. The
selected candidates will be informed on phone/email.

                               REGISTRATION DETAILS

Registration will cover abstract book and working lunch. However, they are advised to bring
a laboratory Coat, and Observation Note Book.

Regular Registration : Rs. 1500/=

Spot Registration : Rs. 2000/=.

Industrial Houses Registration : Rs. 3000/=

Accommodation: Candidate have to make their own arrangement for stay, however limited
accommodations are available @ Rs. 300/ = per day fixed (Triple seated Room with food).

Venue of Workshop : Research and Development Centre, 1, Gandhi Nagar, Naria,
Varanasi-221005 (200 metre from BHU boundary, on BHU-DLW Road).

Certificates: On successful completion of the workshop, a certificate for attending the
workshop will be issued by the Foundation.

                              SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME

SN    Lecture
1.    Plant tissue culture in herbal drugs development
2.    Assay of metallic contamination in food products and drugs.
3.    Physico chemical and spectroscopic techniques of herbal drugs standardization :
      Isolation and Characterization
4.    Nano-medicine : Their preparation, characterization and various application.
5.    Bio-availability and pharmacokinetics of drugs : HPLC techniques
6.    Good manufacturing practices : Microbial load, heavy metal contamination and
      Pesticide residuals
7.    Immunological techniques to evaluate immunomodulatory drugs.
8.    Proteomic analysis of proteins : Isolation, electrophoresis and western blot.
9.    Different tools to standardize anti Apoptotic drugs.
10. Pre clinical toxicology for herbal drugs : WHO Guideline
11. Socioeconomic development of India through Ayurvedic Pharmacy: Need of Herbal
      Industry Commission
Practical Demonstrations
                Advance Techniques of Molecular Biology
    Isolation and characterization of DNA from animal and plant tissue.
    Techniques for assessment of apoptosis in macrophages.
    Electrophoresis of nucleic acid and protein.
    Techniques of Western blot and Southern blot.
    Techniques related to Culture of microorganisms and growth curve.
    Isolation of different cells from animals and their identification.
    Histo-pathological techniques for plant & animal tissues.
    Hematological studies.
    Assessment of heamoral immunity (Titre index, immuno diffusion)
    Assessment of cell mediated immunity (DTH).
    Ethical procedure and guidelines for handling animals.
    Statistical analysis by SPSS software.

                            ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
          Prof SN Tripathi Memorial Foundation (, is an NGO (829/92-
93) was established in 1992 on the initiative of Late Professor K N Udupa the founder
Director of Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU to fulfil the incomplete goals of Late
Professor S. N. Tripathi, Ex Dean Faculty of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindu University and a
renowned physician & researcher in Ayurveda. Prof Tripathi had a firm belief that “Ayurvda
is a Science and it can only be proved at the molecular level”. He was of opinion that only
good scientists and most advance laboratories can help in the proper development of
          The main objective of this Foundations is to use science and technology for the
health management by using all possible tools such as education, research and development,
community programme, media application and action plans. Till date, we have organized
several health camps, seminars, health-mela and contract researches. We are publishing a
health newsletter named as Ayurvigyan bulletin in Hindi (RNI Reg. No. UPBIL/2001/6057)
on fortnightly basis. Some of our initiatives have already been accepted by Govt of India,
such as patenting issue of ayurvedic texts 1992 (formulated as TKDL data of CSIR)
organized cultivation of medicinal plants 1993, (as medicinal plant board) and so on.
          In the past we have organized 4 such workshop cum training where more than 200
participants have been benefited. The foundation has good infrastructure to arrange seminar,
symposia, workshops, short-term trainings, introductory courses in different subjects of

medicine, agriculture, science and technology. Besides, we are giving opportunity to carry
out summer and winter training and 6 months project work to the students of M Sc and B
tech, which is apart of their semester.
           We have also developed facilities for contract research and regular research for
PhD students and industrial houses, who do not have enough facility at their host institution,
like an incubator facility for researchers, on payment basis. Different institutions may
utilize our facility with their own recurring expenditures.
           We have air-conditioned animal house for in vivo experiments, plant and animal
cell culture facility and microbial culture facilities with other necessary facilities to conduct
the experiments related to molecular biology proteomics and genomics. For some advance
techniques, we have established collaborations with leading institutions in India and Abroad.
           Diagnostics, therapeutics, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, agriculture,
industrial, environment biotechnologies aqua culture, drug development & standardization
and are some of the focuses of our research activities. We also run courses of alternative
medicines, (Ayurveda and Homeopathy) to modern doctors for developing a holistic
           Our Administrative Head Office is : 71 Krishna Bagh, Nagawa, Varanasi-
221005 and Research and Development Centre is located on 1, Gandhi Nagar, Naria,
Varanasi with 4000 Sq. feet of covered area.
     Certificate course in Herbal Drug Industry
     UG Diploma course in Herbal Drug Industry (Proposed)
     Short term Training to M Sc and B Tech Students (Summer & winter Training)
     Project work for M Sc and B Tech Students and Incubator for Ph D students,
     Industrial houses
     Contract research
           A hassle-free environment, with all teaching aids with 24-hour high speed internet
connectivity, uninterrupted power supply, round the clock security, good maintenance of all
equipment. It is an ideal place for any motivated knowledge seeker. Staff and faculty (in-
house and visiting) are all very accessible for help and advice. The friendly, congenial
atmosphere makes working a pleasure. We promote entrepreneurship through a club. In
addition there are several programs for and by students in this field. In fact, we give small
project through different industrial houses, who wish to take our help in developing their
           Computer laboratories: The computer lab houses computers capable of handling
advanced bioinformatics software and molecular graphics, for in silico biology.
           Protein purification facility: The protein purification facility includes all
infrastructure and equipment required for routine isolation and downstream processing of
proteins of interest from crude samples:
           The molecular biology lab has facilities for protein analysis genetic analysis and
comparative studies. The equipment and reagents required for study of apoptosis, isolation of
DNA and RNA are all available under one roof.
           The microbiology facility includes sterile hoods, autoclaves, microscopes,
incubators and shakers for growing and screening of microbes.
           Acute tissue culture facility for eukaryotic cells is available, and enables the
student to work with macrophages, lymphocytes, thymocytes and splennocytes.

                                                                    (Dr Pratibha Tripathi)
                                       Chief Coordinator, Research & Development Centre,
                                 1, Gandhi Nagar, Naria, Varanasi-5, Tel : 91-0542-2366577,
             E-mail :,,