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					                                                         MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                          (Rozmowy Nocą)



          (Rozmowy Nocą)
                               a film by

                            Maciej Żak
                Runtime: 96 mins / Certificate: TBC

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   1° Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP, T. 020 7395 1217 fax 020 7900 3270
               Contact: Anna Godas or Elzbieta Augustyniak
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                                                                            MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                                             (Rozmowy Nocą)


Relationships are like driving on the wrong side of the road. You never
know who’s going to survive.

Midnight Talks paints a down-to-earth, funny picture of a group of friends - singles in a big
city - who, against all odds and stereotypes, are desperately trying to find their “other half”.
It’s a cheerful and inspiring story about people who are meant to be together, but don’t
know it yet, and in the meantime are looking for love in all the wrong places.

When a man and a woman have become two mutually repelling poles, you
can’t force them to start attracting each other again.

Midnight Talks tells a story about Matylda (Magdalena Różczka) and Bartek
(Marcin Dorociński).

Matylda makes and sells salt dough angels for a living. She realizes that looking for a man
for life is a task that could take ... a lifetime. So she concocts this twisted plan and sets it in
motion by putting an ad in the paper. He is a chef in a fancy restaurant. After hours he’s
trying to write his own cookbook and hardly has time to look for true love. Finally he
overcomes his shyness and reaches for the personals column in a paper. Neither he, nor she
realizes that they are a part of a much bigger plan...

He - an incorrigible, die-hard romantic with a down-to-earth streak
She - has already found her calling as an angel-maker

He - is a poet in the kitchen, for whom cooking is the way of expressing his wildest fantasies
and desires; after hours, while waiting for his big professional break, he’s putting together a
cookbook filled with his own special recipes.
She - is a self-reliant artist-cum-business woman, who swears by her independence and
holds it sacred. She shares an apartment with Veronica (Nicks), a girl on the constant prowl
for Mr. Right, who likes to thoroughly test all prospective candidates in bed before getting
really serious.

He - has good looks, charm and charisma, and could have any woman he wanted just
because he is completely oblivious of how cute he is. He’s looking for his soul mate, a girl
with insatiable taste buds, who would appreciate the many enticing flavors of gourmet food
and love.

She - knows exactly what she wants out of life, and she doesn’t want, or need Him. Or does

The screenplay, written by Karolina Szymczyk-Majchrzak, was the first romantic comedy to
win the Polish Film Institute Award in the prestigious 2006 Hartley Merrill Competition.

UK RELEASE: 15TH FEBRUARY 2008                  
                                                                        MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                                         (Rozmowy Nocą)

MATYLDA (Madgalena Różczka)

He never put the toilet seat down, drank all our coffee and had another girlfriend! Scientists
have discovered a gene responsible for monogamy in prairie voles...I want a prairie vole!

Independent and attractive, Matylda isn’t waiting around for prince charming any more. Self-
reliant, self-employed, and single, she appreciates her freedom. She makes a living selling
salt dough angels to galleries, and shares an apartment with a friend. She writes down her
thoughts on toilet paper so they wouldn’t escape her. Likes onions, coca-cola and ketchup
from McDonald’s. Like everybody else, she is looking for true love, but doesn’t realize it.

BARTEK(Marcin Dorociński)

We eat in order to live, and we live in order to love - professes this talented, young gourmet
chef in the opening lines of his (yet) unpublished cookbook.
A die-hard romantic with a down-to-earth take on life. He’s just decided to make himself
available to millions of single women in the city, and he’s ready to go hunting. But he’s not
looking for a princess, he’s looking for true everlasting love. In the evenings, when he’s not
searching for the girl of his dreams, he likes to make up new recipes for his cookbook.

UK RELEASE: 15TH FEBRUARY 2008               
                                                                           MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                                            (Rozmowy Nocą)

VERONICA”NICKS” (Weronika Książkiewicz)

It’s over with Chris. His idea of foreplay consisted in taking off the socks. His or hers. I need
someone to hold me!

Matylda’s wild and generous friend, endowed with an insatiable appetite for life and sex. In
the eternal war of the sexes she openly uses her sex-appeal as bait, and honestly believes
that nothing disarms macho men more effectively than a nice pair of twins and buns. Of all
the languages of the world, she’s mastered the body language to perfection, and likes to test
her linguistic skills on all men applying for the position of Mr. Right...

RADIO DJ (Arkadiusz Jakubik)

She’s waxed her legs and she’s wearing red underwear - no, it’s not a coincidence! She smells
of expensive perfume, not of tomato soup - not a coincidence, either! It’s a sign. Every pore
of her body is begging: TAKE ME!

A wild and witty radio DJ, inevitably always out control. He’s had extensive relationship
experience, but in his monologues on the air tends to present all human behavior in terms of
sexual innuendo. He longs for a vivacious partner who would like to discharge her surplus
energy in countless sessions of unbridled sex.

CAROLINE (Roma Gąsiorowska)

“K” as in Kate, or “K” as in Karina? You’re such a fucking conformist!

Bartek’s startlingly good-looking friend, though hardly a catwalk-type beauty. Has this gift of
making friends everywhere she goes. A buddy rather than a girlfriend, easy to talks to and

UK RELEASE: 15TH FEBRUARY 2008                 
                                                                       MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                                        (Rozmowy Nocą)
easy to like, but not an immediate choice with men for a romp between the sheets. For the
right guy she’d be ready to sacrifice a piece of her ...back.

MAX (Sambor Czarnota)

Does a girl really mean “No”, when she says ”No”? Of course she doesn’t. She means „Yes”!
It’s common knowledge. So why does she bother with the stupid “No!” in the first place?

Smart, macho and urbane. Extremely attractive and irresistible. In his own opinion. Believes
he can have any woman at all, because to him all women are the same : they simply can’t
resist him.

TINY (Michał Piela)

Get in, peaches, before my d’s get cool off!!

A guy you’d easily mistake for a night club bouncer. Loves cars, tune-ups and hip-hop. Yet
under this tough exterior beats a gentle heart. He’s shy and clumsy with women and not very
good at showing emotion. Still, he is capable of stirring up some real passion in the opposite

UK RELEASE: 15TH FEBRUARY 2008               
                                                                         MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                                          (Rozmowy Nocą)

BARTEK’S MOM (Joanna Żółkowska)

I’ve been a mother and a father to you, and as a father I’m telling you: SIT.
Listen to this. Kicks your socks off, doesn’t it?

A typical loving mother. With a twist. She has the energy and passion for living that would put
many a teenager to shame. Wild and always ready to try something new and fun, she loves
hard rock and believes life is mainly about having a good time. Her favorite make-out music is
anything by the Doors, especially on a car radio. Watch out, that babe has come a long way,
and she keeps fearlessly marching on ...

MIDNIGHT TALKS....the makers talk about the movie

Maciej Żak, director
Midnight Talks is a great original story, it’s a really funky screenplay. Besides, I looked
forward to working with Magdalena Różczka and Marcin Dorociński, who are both very
talented young actors. What interested me the most as a director was bringing out the
differences between the leading characters of Matylda and Bartek, and then showing how
they change as a result of that personalities clash. It was especially rewarding for me to
watch Marcin’s character evolve from a self-absorbed, crypto-macho man into a regular guy in
love. The hardest thing, but also the most satisfying when we managed to get it right, was
finding the ways of expressing humor without sacrificing the real emotion in the process.

Karolina Szymczyk - Majchrzak, writer
I wanted to write a story filled with humor and lightness, and I wanted it to be about a real
world inhabited by some quite unusual people. Midnight Talks couldn’t be further from the
plastic, all-corners-smoothed-out esthetics typical of romantic comedies, yet it is one. The
Award was a very nice surprise indeed, as I’d have never expected the Hartley-Merrill
Competition Judges to vote for a romantic comedy, a genre so often disparaged by some film
industry circles.

UK RELEASE: 15TH FEBRUARY 2008                
                                                                          MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                                           (Rozmowy Nocą)

Piotr Reisch, President of SPI (Producer)
I believed in this project from the very start. The screenplay is was so good that we decided
to produce it right away. I think movie fans everywhere will appreciate it not only as great
entertainment; Midnight Talks has this inspiring quality of showing everyday problems from a
different, more cheerful angle. It’s a wonderful movie; you won’t be disappointed.

Agata Janicka, Producer (SPI)
We were looking for a couple of young actors with whom the audience would identify
immediately. After seeing the material, I’m sure we’ve made the right choice. I dare say
Magdalena Różczka and Marcin Dorociński are exactly what the screenwriter had in mind
when she first created Matylda and Bartek.

Nina Terentiew, Director of Programming, POLSAT Television (Co-Producer)
A wonderful thing about this story is that it tells us about regular people who are fighting for
their right to be happy, and go about it in highly unusual ways. She’s not waiting around for
prince charming to come and rescue her, but makes angels out of flour, salt and water, and
swears by her independence. He is a chef with a soul of a poet, passionate about cooking,
which he considers to be a reflection of his deepest emotions. Midnight Talks doesn’t take
place in the corporate world of finance, advertising, or glamorous media or art monde. This
story could happen next door, in your neighborhood - which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dark
and depressing. On the contrary - it is a fun, cheerful and heartwarming comedy, with a great
script and wonderful cast: Marcin Dorociński, who ever since PitBull has ranked very high on
the list of young male actors, and Magda Różczka, who starred in the television police drama
series The Officers, and has already made a name for herself.

Marcin Jaworski, Executive Producer (50/50 FILMS, script development)
It’s a light and charming movie about things that matter. It will definitely appeal to a wide
and sensitive audience, to people who are ready to embrace a story about problems very
much like their own, and appreciate its funky sense of humor. While working on the script -
our carefully crafted recipe for the film - we were acutely aware of the old truth, that “a small
mistake at the beginning becomes a huge problem at the end”. You’ll be the judge whether
we’ve succeeded.

Starring: Magdalena Różczka, Marcin Dorociński, Weronika Książkiewicz, Joanna Żółkowska
Cast: Roma Gąsiorowska, Michał Piela, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Sambor
Czarnota, Kuba Wesołowski, Tomasz Sapryk, Andrzej Strzelecki
Director: Maciej Żak
Screenplay: Karolina Szymczyk – Majchrzak
Cinematography: Michał Englert
Editing: Jarosław Pietraszek
Production Design: Joanna Macha,Tomasz Stasiński
Costume Design: Agata Culak
Makeup: Kaleja i Mirela Zawiszewska
Original Music: Piotr Mikołajczak


The executive producer of Midnight Talks is SPI International Polska, in cooperation with
50/50 Films. The co-producer is POLSAT Television. The film was financed in part by the

UK RELEASE: 15TH FEBRUARY 2008                 
                                                                         MIDNIGHT TALKS
                                                                          (Rozmowy Nocą)
Polish Film Institute (Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej)

Film Producer - SPI International Polska
SPI International Polska is a film distributor and producer operating under two brand names:
SPI and SPInka. The company has brought to Poland such international hits as
“Chicago”,”Frida”, “The Hours”, “The Queen” and “Asterix and Cleopatra”.
On 30 January 2008 “Asterix at the Olympics”, the greatest European production to date, will
open at the Polish movie theatres.
SPI has produced, among many others, such pictures as “Wesele”(The Wedding, dir.
Wojciech Smarzowski), “Jasne błękitne okna”(Bright Blue Windows, dir. Bogusław Linda),
„Symmetry” and „The Palimpsest”(dir. Konrad Niewolski), „Chaos”(dir. Xawery Żuławski) and
„Teraz ja”(My Turn Now, dir. Anna Jadowska)
SPI also owns three television channels: Kino Polska, NonStop Kino and FILMBOX.

Co-producer - POLSAT Television
Polsat was the first commercial television station to come into being under the new
democratic government, and years after its debut on the air it still consistently remains the
biggest, with such indisputably strong assets as great entertainment, hit movies, professional
news programs, and exciting sports broadcasts. The program offer is based mainly on
exclusive Polsat-produced Polish drama and comedy series, but also includes a great variety
of international entertainment, including films, soap operas, game shows and family-oriented
programming. Recently POLSAT Television has become interested in film production and has
co-produced several Polish and international pictures. The station is also rapidly expanding its
theme channels division.
In 2007 POLSAT Television ranked as the most frequently watched (20% of the market) by
the 16-49 age group.

50/50 FILMS Marcin Jaworski
Executive producer for Midnight Talks, The Skylights (dir. Bogusław Linda) and In the Desert
and Wilderness (dir.Gavin Hood). 50/50 FILMS deals with script development and production

UK RELEASE: 15TH FEBRUARY 2008                  

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