At the present time there are 71 street wardens employed by Middlesbrough council
which operate all over the town including the town centre. Their hours of work are
11:30 am until 10 pm seven days a week. They work on a four-day on four day off
rolling shift pattern; the street wardens are designed to be a highly visible patrolling
scheme. The wardens operate mainly on foot however also have three mobile patrols,
which operate daily and up to ten wardens patrol on mountain bikes.

There are a small number of street wardens, which are deployed into the town centre
until 6 pm to deal with such issues as:

       Begging.
       Illegal car washers.
       Prostitution.
       Minor crime.
       The wardens will also act as information officers for visitors to the town.

After 6 pm these town centre wardens will be deployed onto residential estates within

The remainder of the street wardens are deployed onto the residential estates. The
wardens who patrol these areas will always patrol in per’s for there own safety. The
role of the street wardens is to:

       Deter anti social behaviour.
       Work to resolve neighbourhood disputes.
       Help with the removal of abandoned vehicles.
       Help with the removal of syringes.
       Reduce minor crime.
       Reduce the fear of crime.
       Improve neighbourhood management of residential estates.
       Act as a link between the local authority and the public.

Members of the public can contact the street wardens either directly by phoning one
of the senior street wardens, or by calling the Middlesbrough contact centre who will
pass all information on to the wardens as soon as possible.

The AIM of the wardens is to responded to all call within 15 minutes of receiving the
call, however during times of a high level of anti social behaviour this response time
can be slower.

       Senior numbers         07789744568
       Contact centre         01642 726001           before 5pm
                               01642 726050           after 5pm
       Divert line            01642 246978           after 5pm
Our Promise to you

The street wardens will

       Reduce crime, the fear of crime and anti – social behaviour by keeping a
        high-profile presence and helping build community confidence in your

       Provided a high quality service at all times.

       Act with integrity, common – sense at all times.

       Treat people with the respect and courtesy they deserve

       Encourage people to value their neighbourhood and environment.

       Promote a positive image of your neighbourhood and town.

Middlesbrough street wardens are part of the neighbourhood wardens unit controlled
by central government. There are 380 warden schemes within the UK, of which
Middlesbrough warden scheme is the largest.

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