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       15th Recyclable Transfer Packaging Roundtable
                                                                                                          Meeting Held:
                                                                                                          Global Green USA
                          Session Minutes                                                                 WASHINGTON
                                                                                                          DISTRICT OFFICE
                                                                                                          Suite 600
   ESTABLISHMENTS                                                                                         Thursday
                                                                                                          July 27, 2006
                                                                                                          8:00 AM

                         Session sponsored by:

                         Global Green USA Santa Monica,mmmkk and Washington, DC
                         With thanks to our facilitators:
                         Cynthia Forsch, moderator, Eco-Logic Strategies (consulting)
                         Darryl Young, moderator, West Coast Manager, Riester-Robb

                         The goals of the Global Green Roundtable
Review of                1. Establish the current status of efforts to manufacture recyclable coatings, sizings,
Project and                  internal binders and anti-wicking chemicals used in the production of recyclable
Session                      corrugated perishables transfer packaging.
Objectives               2. Establish that corrugated perishables boxes utilizing recyclable coatings
                             demonstrate performance properties acceptable in the applications to which
                             they are intended.
                         3. Examine the overall economics of recyclable coatings and their impact on value
                             chain costs and savings. Determine the how these economics can help or
                             hinder adoption of recyclable transfer packaging.
                         4. Research and identify industry, NGO, and state/federal programs, grants,
                             resources or in-kind assistance that may facilitate the move from
                             nonrecyclables-to-recyclables with a focus on transitional costs or savings that
                             can be cascaded over the value chain.
                         5. Design demonstration models as a means of verifying cost and performance
                             claims and assumptions, and to determine how these may be most accurately
                             measured and reported.

Note: These minutes have NOT YET been reviewed by those who participated in the 15 Recyclable Transfer Packaging
Roundtable Session and to whom specific comments are attributed. All submitted observations and edits have been added
prior to the issuance of this final version. No endorsement of these minutes or the opinions of Session participants and no
warrant of accuracy is intended or implied by Global Green USA in its sponsorship of the Roundtable Sessions and distribution
of these minutes.

                                                         A project of                                                            1
                                                 Global Green USA
  2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702

Conference Call Proceedings


          John Bernardo, SuperValu /Albertson’s,
          Pete Bugas, Interstate Corrpak,
          Marty Cohen, Michelman, Inc.,
          George D’Urso, Georgia Pacific,
          Cynthia Forsch, EcoLogic Strategies / Spectra-Kote,
          David Gombas, Fresh Cut Produce Association,
          Sara Hartwell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,                

          James Jones, Spectra-Kote,
          Jamie Kalyta, IGI,
          Martha Leflar, GreenBlue Institute, Martha.Leflar@GreenBlue.Org
          Jack Miller, PIRA International,
          Major Ogilvie, Madison-Oslin,
          JoAnn Ratto, United States Army,
          Scott Seydel, EvCo Research, LLC         

          Darryl Young, Riester-Robb, RTPR facilitator and director,

Apology to Conference Phone Participants
Session facilitators Darryl Young and Cynthia Forsch apologized for the apparent typo in the entry of the conference call
number in the invitation and agenda issues sent from Santa Monica, and promised that the conference call facility will be
thoroughly tested well prior to the beginning of the PTPR’s next session. An effort has also been made to speed the completion
and issue of these minutes to those who had hoped to participate but did not receive the revised call-in number.
Ground Rules - Legal constraints of discussion
Darryl Young reiterated the Roundtable rules governing limits of discussion, emphasizing that no direct or indirect references to
pricing, discounts, territories, specific clients for specific products, or other competitive or collaborative exchanges could be
Darryl then presented the Agenda for review, requesting any additions and reminding participants of the Roundtable ground
rules: There are no bad ideas, and any derogatory assessments and responses are always to be avoided. Monopolizing the
line, interruptions, and hearsay opinions are frowned on, and all comments are to be included in the minutes and issued to the
call participants for final approval prior ot full membership distribution.

                                                          A project of                                                              2
                                               Global Green USA
  2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702

Darryl Young then asked for a roll call:
                                                                                    Darryl Young
Each participant who wished to be acknowledged as present on the call               Global Green
identified themselves on entering the Conference Call. They are listed              Riester-Robb
with contact addresses above.
Nonparticipative Auditing: As is often the case, some listeners joined
who chose not to announce their participation. Auditing these
conference calls and joining RTPR Sessions as a listener by use of the
Conference Call facility is permitted though not encouraged.
Global Green and its founding roundtable participants seek to learn best
practices in diverting millions of tons of fiber and nonrenewable
petroleum waxes from landfills, and to constructively propose cost free
systems and sources to promote and implement this diversion.
In facilitating a unified forum for this purpose, Global Green believes that
each participant brings knowledge, experience, and new information
important to each link in the value chain, from the paper company that
produces the transfer box liners and medium, to the corrugator and
boxmaker, to the processor and packer, to the distributor and retailer,
and to the OCC reclaimer and recycler. Additionally, the associations to
which each of these businesses belongs, along with the businesses and
governing authorities charged with collection and disposal, or those who
influence or regulate waste flows are also important voices in this value
chain collective process. All participants are encouraged to make their
interest and affiliation known, and to contribute to this important process.
Compiled Introductory Comments (not necessarily grouped in chronological order) :   John
John Bernardo confirmed that several Albertson’s buyers have begun                  Bernardo
specifying recyclable packaging for incoming poultry shipments, and that            SuperValu
similar specifications will be appended to inbound fish and seafood                 Shaw’s, Ajax
RFPs auction processes when suitable wax-free packaging is
commercially and competitively available. In addition, during the
foreseeable interim period (following Albertson’s acquisition), its affiliated
stores will also encourage migration of all perishable foods to recyclable
transfer packaging. (see also: Technology Sector)
Albertson’s work with packaging suppliers and developers has spanned
more than a decade, and industry advocates credit John Bernardo and                 Cynthia
former Albertson’s environment and sustainability manager Cynthia                   Forsch
Forsch with the impressive spectrum of recyclable alternatives now                  Strategies
available from a large number of corrugated packaging manufacturers.

                                              A project of                                         3
                                     Global Green USA
  2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Success Stories Project

EPA’s Sara Hartwell reports that the format of the Case Studies has been                     Sara Hartwell
finalized, with the assistance of RTPR participants. One Case Study                          Environmental
(Albertson’s) has been completed, and additional Case Studies are                            Agency
under development, with a target completion date of the 4th quarter of
this year.

John Bernardo of Albertson’s, who assisted EPA developing the Case
Study format also provided Albertson’s own successful experience as a
model for future Case Studies..
David Butterfield of Michelman has also assisted in developing the Case
Study format, with particular emphasis on input needed from produce                          John
packers/shippers.                                                                            Bernardo
The completed Case Studies will be distributed to box manufacturers,                         SuperValu
perishables growers and packers, buyers and packaging specifiers, food                       Ajax Grocery
distributors, retail grocers, restaurants, and prepared food service                         Stores
 In a previous session of the Roundtable, Sara Hartwell outlined the primary objectives to
 be served in this project as:                                                               Michelman, Inc

      Point to successes that can be emulated by others in similar packaging
       manufacturing, food processing, wholesale distribution, and grocery, food
       service, or restaurant retailing activities.
      Highlight the availability of recyclable alternatives to non-recyclable packaging,
       and point out secondary advantages such as system costs and that these
       alternatives are also readily compostable.
      Announce and promote the use of the new RTPR website being launched in                Sara Hartwell
       cooperation with Global Green ( and GreenBlue and the
       Sustainable Packaging Coalition ( and                                Environmental                                                         Protection

The Recyclable Transfer Packaging Registry Website
Martha LeFlar and Sara Hartwell have continued to work together with
Max Wolf, Richard Wegman, and Matt Petersen with regard to
completion and mounting of the RTPR website. Several editing
                                                   A project of                                               4
                                         Global Green USA
 2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702
suggestions with regard to the RTPR’s Registry have been added to the
current Beta version being constructed at GreenBlue Institute, and
Global Green and GreenBlue have negotiated a Memorandum of
Understanding regarding GreenBlue’s hosting of the site and incidental          Martha LeFlar
costs that may arise in its modification, expansion, and maintenance.
The website webmaster and creator Tarek Rachad will be completing his
term with GreenBlue; however, the Institute has retained services of a    Sara Hartwell
replacement and will move the website to a commercial file server portal. U.S. EPA
Cynthia Forsch reported that some initial glitches were discovered after        Max Wolf
the website was remounted, but these having been resolved the website           Global Green
is now fully functional. Those wishing to list availability of repulpable and   Richard
recyclable packaging on the site are asked to complete a data collection        Wegman
spreadsheet provided to RTPR participants by Max Wolf earlier in June.          Global Green
There was also agreement that other features would be added to the              Tarek Rachad
RTPR Registry website, including an introductory splash page, drop-             GreenBlue
down menus to access definitions or suggested entries, and hotlink              Institute
access to EPA’s Success Stories (available on EPA’s website). Scott             Matt Petersen
Seydel will follow this process with GreenBlue’s web developers.
                                                                                Global Green

Scott Seydel reviewed the GreenBlue and RTP Roundtable presentation             Cynthia
made to the National Restaurant Association in a joint presentation with        Forsch
Kate Krebs, Executive Director of the National Recycling Coalition.             Spectra-Kote
  Slide used in the recent seminar                                              Strategies
  presentation to the National                                                  Scott Seydel
  Restaurant Association by Scott
  Seydel representing GreenBlue
                                                                                Research, LLC
  and Kate Krebs representing the
  National Recycling Coalition,                                                 With thanks to:
  demonstrating how restaurant                                                  GREENBLUE
  chain perishable foods buyers                                                 INSTITUTE
  will be able to use the website to                                            Tarek Rachad
  specify repulpable recyclable                                                 website design
  packaging. Turner Foundation                                                  GLOBAL
  Executive Director Mike Finley                                                GREEN USA
  has introduced a Sustainability                                               Presented to
  Initiative including packaging                                                The NATIONAL
                                                                                in concert with:
Website Completion Needs
Darryl Young suggested that the splash page intro to the website needs          RECYCLING
to describe its function and the procedure for box suppliers to use in          Kate Krebs
logging information into the database. It should also list a contact source     Executive
                                           A project of                                            5
                                       Global Green USA
 2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702
or sources for further information regarding data entry or suggestions        Director
and corrections.
It was agreed that this contact would be Max Wolff at Global Green, who
has done an excellent job of handling incoming queries and either
answering them or passing them along to the people he knows to be             Darryl Young
most knowledge in the query field of interest.                                Global Green

Jack Miller of PIRA mentioned that his research organization’s magazine Riester-Robb
would help by announcing and printing the link to the website, and
mentioning Global Green’s Recyclable Transfer Packaging Roundtable
background information and the prior session minutes library recently   Max Wolf
mounted on the site by Max Wolf:                                        Global Green

Technology Update
John Bernardo of Albertson’s (now including SuperValue) reviewed the          Jack Miller
plans for his company’s total conversion to buyer-specified incoming          PIRA
recyclable transfer packaging. John says, “the technology is now
available.” He elaborated saying that not all packaging may end up
being corrugated, but that some types be in the final steps of testing
include cardboard (rigid non-corrugated board). Albertson’s will migrate
all of its protein purchases including meats and fish, intending to replace   John
all wax coated and polystyrene transfer packaging. It hasn’t been easy        Bernardo
according to John, because a recyclable box that works for a short haul       Albertson’s
shipment may not be sufficient for the trip from Lexington to Portland.       SuperValue
John indicated this is a two year program agreed to by SuperValue.
John was asked about the system to be used to assure that the new
boxes would be recycled. He responded that the retailers are mounting
FBA supplied posters in their collection areas, and are training store
personnel to check for recyclable boxes.
John concedes that a lot of boxes may initially fall through the cracks
because the wax-free box coatings look almost identical to those that
have had to be separated from OCC and dumped. However, he was
quick to remind us that once all nonrecyclable boxes are gone, there’ll
be no more slippage nor need for posters.

Pete Bugas mentioned Interstate Corrpack’s success with treated
medium boxes and said that their next step is an ice-top curtain coated
box utilizing a natural origin (renewable) wax substitute over the treated
medium and liners. Pete’s work is slated to become an EPA Success
                                         A project of                                        6
                                 Global Green USA
 2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702
JoAnn Ratto of the U.S. Army is undertaking an evaluation with
Interstate aimed at developing a compostable export box for use in           Pete Bugas
perishable foods shipments to Iraq. George D’Urso of Georgia Pacific         Interstate
requested further details, which are to be distributed in the near future.   Corrpack

Jamie Kalyta of IGI mentioned that current paraffin wax formulations
utilized in cascade and impregnation applications has been proven to be
compostable / biodegradable. Jamie has served as the Roundtable’s            JoAnn Ratto
expert on paraffin wax coatings. IGI is one of North America's largest       U.S. Army
suppliers of cascade and curtain coating paraffin waxes.
Martha Leflar mentioned that GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging
Coalition is holding its meeting in conjunction with Packaging Strategies    Martha Leflar
in Minneapolis in the Fall, and that some of the short versions of           GreenBlue
Success Stories might be compiled into a presentation at the                 Sustainable
Sustainable Packaging Forum which Packaging Strategies is presenting         Packaging
again this year.                                                             Coalition

Daryl Young followed Martha’s suggestion suggesting that these short
versions could also be useful if compiled into a pitch for the website.
                                                                             Darryl Young
Scott Seydel added that perhaps they could also be accessable on the         Global Green
website as an option on the home menu or the splash sheet so that            Riester-Robb
buyers considering using specification as a way to assure the use of         Scott Seydel
recyclable boxes could learn the merits by reading about the successes       EvCo Research
experienced by others.
Special Reports:
Wal-Mart’s SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Initiatives and this week’s most
current meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas were reviewed by Sara Hartwell Sara Hartwell
and Scott Seydel, who both attended. Sara explained that Wal-Mart and U.S. EPA
Sam’s Clubs are working together to develop a system for rating
incoming transfer packaging, in-store packaging (food service areas),
and outgoing retail packaging. The system will rate packaging based not
only on composition, recyclability, ready compostability, but on much
more detailed “footprint contributive” components such as on how far the
packaging travels to the manufacturing point and from that point through
distribution and on to Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club’s retail outlets, whether it
has been right-sized to take as little space and use as few materials as
Sara also mentioned that a website will be launched soon to assist
suppliers in conforming to this process.
                                          A project of                                       7
                                  Global Green USA
 2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702

Though she was not allowed to show samples of the rapidly developing
website configuration, she mentioned that it is nearing completion and          Sara Hartwell
will be used to help the Company’s buyers rate packaging as part of             U.S. EPA
their buying negotiations. In the future, beginning with their fiscal year in
February 2007, a segment (said to be 25%) of buyer’s bonuses will be
based on their packaging scorecard.
Scott Seydel played a portion of a Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club’s DVD
being released to their suppliers, buyers, and retail store associates over
the next few weeks. The DVD explains that the Company has divided it’s Scott Seydel
social responsibility ambitions into 14 Initiatives of which packaging is   EvCo Research,
currently the most advanced. The other 13 Initiatives can be reviewed in LLC
a Fortune Magazine front page article appearing in the current issue and
available on the Time, Inc. website. There is also a fully comprehensive
review of the Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club’s plans presented by CEO Lee
Scott in and interview with Charlie Rose at the following website address
on Google:

As in past Roundtables, all of the participants in this Session expressed
agreement with the point raised on several occasions by David                   David
Butterfield of Michelman that participation by perishables foods packers        Butterfield
and major, vertical (integrated) paper and corrugated box manufacturing         Michelman, Inc.
companies will be critical to advancing the RTPR’s objectives.

Participation by David Gombas of the International Fresh Cut Produce
Association was particularly welcomed at this Session, and David’s offer        David
of assistance in engaging member corporations within his Association is         Gombas
                                                                                Fresh Cut
considered key to heightened involvement by box buyers and specifiers.          Produce
In addition, George D’Urso’s participation added to that of Pete Bugas of
Interstate Corrpack provided insights into recent attention being
                                                                                Pete Bugas
generated surrounding wax-free corrugated alternatives within the box           Interstate
manufacturing community.                                                        Corrpack

It has been agreed that the larger manufacturers will be important to the
Roundtable’s progress. Darryl Young will attempt to make these calls.           Darryl Young
                                                                                Global Green
                                          A project of                                            8
                                  Global Green USA
 2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702

Next Steps:
16th Recyclable Transfer Packaging Roundtable: Scheduled for
either Somona, California or in cooperation with Wal-Mart in Bentonville,
17th Recyclable Transfer Packaging Roundtable: Minneapolis,
Minnesota in partnership with Packaging Strategies 2nd Annual
Symposium on Sustainable Packaging.
Anne Johnson and Martha Leflar have agreed to assist with this meeting
as their Sustainable Packaging Coalition members only meeting will be
held at this venue.
18th Recyclable Transfer Packaging Roundtable: Scott Seydel and
John Kokoszka have agreed to make arrangements for this meeting to
be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the
National Recycling Coalition where RTPR facilitator Darryl Young is
current President.
19th Recyclable Transfer Packaging Roundtable: undecided
West Coast discussed. Salenas, California area.
20th Recyclable Transfer Packaging Roundtable: undecided

Next Meetings – (dates are fixed, some locations are tentative as indicated)

August 23rd – Sonoma, California or Bentonville, Arkansas –
            (tentative locations pending information to be accrued before next Session))

September 26th – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Sustainable Packaging
                Coalition – Packaging Strategies Conference
                GreenBlue Institute (RTPR website roll-out)

October 25th – Atlanta, Georgia – National Recycling Coalition
                   Atlanta Recycles – Turner Foundation (location tentative)

November 15th – Sonoma, California or Bentonville, Arkansas –
            (tentative locations pending information to be accrued before next Session))

December 13th – New York City – tentative

                                                 A project of                              9
                                       Global Green USA
  2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702
The RTPR Recyclable Transfer Packaging Website

Tarek Rachad joined the conversation as the subject website discussion
began. He showed several pages of the current website presentation
which can now be accessed on the web at:

A number of recommendations were made from the participant group as
regards data (certifications, properties or box features, and experiential
data) and aesthetics or “user friendliness” (open spaces, screen views,
form accessibility, etc.) and Tarek thanked the group and agreed that
these will be incorporated suggestions will be included in the designs
going forward.
Tarek has done an admirable job of creating this website in such a way
that it will provide full and easily accessible data as regards available
recyclable transfer packaging, and in providing simple access by
recyclable transfer packaging manufacturers to enter their offerings.

Conferences and Seminars – Roundtable Participation

Scott Seydel will present the work of the Recyclable Transfer Packaging
Roundtable at the Fresh Cut Produce Expo in Baltimore Maryland on
April 29th. He will appear on a panel with John Stoll of Wal-Mart who
heads the firms produce packaging purchasing.

The Roundtable has been invited to provide a keynote speaker at
Keystone for the Colorado Recycling Coalition annual meeting. The
CAFR Summit meeting is June 5 & 6 and is coordinated by Gerri Walsh
of Ball corporation.

13th – New York City – tentative

                                               A project of                            10
                                   Global Green USA
 2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405 main: 310.581.2700 fax: 310.581.2702