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Date: Start in March 4th, wrap up and review will be the week of April 23rd
Subject: Advance Business I
Total Points – 90 points total
Grade Level(s): 10, 11 or 12

Investing in the stock market, individually maintain a portfolio and learn how to choose a
good stock. Edward Jones representative to speak to class about business and investment
Objectives (Design):                                    Arizona Content Standards
    Students will use Microsoft Excel or other         5.0 Practice Communication
        appropriate spreadsheet software to create      Skills Used in a Business
        spreadsheets showing the changes in their       Management Environment. 5.5
        stock prices from data collected from Web
        sites.                                          7.0 Apply Technology Tools to
    Students will create graphs from their             Business Management and
        spreadsheets using the Chart Wizard in          Administrative Services Support
        Microsoft Excel.                                Functions. 7.2 & 7.3.
    Students will analyze the data to determine
        the net profit or loss of the stocks in their   8.0 Demonstrate problem solving
        portfolios.                                     and Decision Making Skills
    Determine the overall performance of the           Required in Business
                                                        Management. 8.1 & 8.2
        stock market during their lifetime and make
        predictions about future performance.           12.0 Prepare Financial Records
    Construct and draw inferences from graphs          Needed in Business Management.
        that summarize data from real world             12.1

Materials and Resources (Development)
Computers with Internet access and Microsoft Word and Excel installed. If possible a
video on the “Basics of the Stock Market”
Procedures (Development & Implementation):
    1. Introduce the concept of the Stock Market and show a video to open up
    2. As a class read through the educational tutorial on the stock market. Continue to
       learn more and read through the “Picking a Stock”, and managing your portfolio.
    3. As the class reads through the tutorial, students should have a word document
       available for key terms to type definitions. At the end of “The Stock Market”
       tutorial is a glossary and the students should type all the words and definitions.
    4. The class needs to click on the “Picking a Stock” Tutorial and read through the
       entire tutorial.
    5. Continue vocabulary words and be sure to include all the words at the end of
       “Picking a Stock” glossary.
    6. Familiarize students with stock ticker information. This site gives a definition of
       all the information on a stock ticker -
    7. Refer to the assignments attached.

Complete the six activities and report results to class. Include investment information in
student portfolio = 15 points each = 90 points total
         1. A list of the stocks you chose, the number of shares you bought, and the
             initial cost of those shares.
         2. An explanation of your reasons for choosing these stocks and some
             basic information about each company
         3. Spreadsheet tracking the stocks’ prices showing the net gain or loss for
             each stock.
         4. 10 day graphs showing the changes in the stocks’ prices
         5. A final summary giving the total value of the portfolio at the present
         6. Class participation and attendance.
Activity #1: NYSE and more ...

With the information you have learned thus far about the stock market, select ten
companies from the NYSE. Make sure to choose some familiar companies and some that
are new to you. Fill in the table below:

Hint: To get the address of the Web page, move the mouse over the trading symbol for
the company. The address should appear at the bottom of your browser.

Company name                 Trading symbol                Company Web page
Activity #2: Profiles for profit

Every good investor investigates and learns as much as he/she can about the companies in
which he/she wants to invest. There are many ways to learn the facts about a company.
Bill Gates said, "Perhaps the most efficient way to find information about a company is
by studying the company's site on the Internet's World Wide Web." Before the Internet,
investors spent time phoning companies, writing for financial and prospectus
information, and relying on news media reports for information.

To view sample company profiles that provide basic information and investment pointers,
go to the Web site where nine
companies have been profiled.

Select two companies and complete the table below:

Company name:                                Company name:
Products sold:                               Products sold:

% of sales:                                  % of sales:

Profit from sales:                           Profit from sales:

Past stock performance:                      Past stock performance:

Write the answers to the following questions at the bottom of the worksheet.

      How do the two companies compare?
      If you were to invest in one company, which would you select and why?
  Activity 3 – Analyze Companies

  Return to the table you completed in Activity #2. Select two of the companies from your
  list and create their profiles. Visit each company's website to gather data and other
  investor information. Use the samples found at the
  website as a guideline. If you need additional information on the companies, try the
  following web sites:

         American Stock Exchange
         Nasdaq Stock Market
         New York Stock Exchange
         StockMaster
         Yahoos up-to-the-minute stock news
         “The Sivy Seventy Top Stocks”
         The Motley Fool -

  Hint: You may want to begin tracking the stock performance in the newspaper and/or on-

Company name:                                         Company name:
Brief history:                                        Brief history:

Product information:                                  Product information:

Market information:                                   Market information:

Management information:                               Management information:

Sales information:                                    Sales information:

Sales performance:                                    Sales performance:
Activity #4: Ready, set, invest:

Homework complete, money in hand, time to invest. Imagine you belong to a
foundation and they have earmarked $5,000 to invest in the stock market. The
Foundation’s Board of Directors chose you to handle their investments in the
stock market

You have already done some homework and researched a few companies. Now
it's time for you to actually make some selections and watch your investment
hopefully grow.

   1. Decide on the companies in which you are going to invest.
   2. Locate each company's ticker symbol by going to “Navigate the New
      York Stock Exchange” attached worksheet. Use this symbol to locate and
      track information about the company's stock.
   3. Use the site below to record the price per share of stock today.
           "Big Charts" at
   4. Build your stock investment portfolio by calculating the number of shares
      you are going to purchase. Try to use all of your inheritance.
   5. Record the following information in an Excel Worksheet for your stock

Company            Ticker symbol      Price per share # shares              Total cost
name                                                  purchased

Activity #5: Portfolio progress
Now that you have made the investment, your job has just begun. Every day for
two months check how your selections are doing and keep track of your gains and
losses based on market fluctuations. On your Excel Worksheet name a Worksheet
“Net Gain”.

Go to this site to set up your worksheet: Scroll down to “Student
Activity” step B and follow the steps to create your spreadsheet. Or ask the
teacher to print the example showing the formulas.

After 10 days of tracking, evaluate your investments. How did you do? Graph the
results in Excel and print. (Hint: Put dates on the x-axis and the stock price on the
Use the graph to help you create a summary of your investments stating
gains/losses and your total net worth at the end of the tracking period. (Use Word
to copy your graph and write your synompsis).

At the end of the tracking period you will be required to present to the board of
your foundation (your class) about your stock portfolio. PRESENTATION

Activity #6: Man does not live by stock alone.

Now that you have mastered the stock exchange, let's discuss in further detail
about gaining control of your financial life. Please go to this site and review the
names of lessons provided by CNN Money 101 Click on Lesson 4
“Basics of Investing” to review and add top things to know about your finance
management. Complete the form below:

Type of fund                Advantage                    Disadvantage



Mutual fund

Money market fund
How to Navigate the NYSE Web Site

                                  Date _____________________________

                                  Go to the New York Stock Exchange Web
                                  site ( and find the
                                  listings for companies that interest you.

 From the NYSE home page, click on LISTED COMPANIES and then

 Click on the first letter of the company’s name and scroll down to find
  that company in the list.

 Click on the name.

 A box will appear with the company information. The current price of one
  share of stock in dollars and cents will be in bold print above the yellow

 The company’s NYSE symbol and logo will be below the yellow bar.

 A small yellow tab labeled MARKET DATA at the bottom of that box will
  take you to a page displaying graphs of the stock’s prices for the previous
  week, tables showing previous day’s price, and other information.
                Directions and Rubric for Report to the Board
Student ___________________________________Date _________________________
Remember the $5,000 you invested was money belonging to a foundation of which you are a
member. The Foundation’s Board of Directors chose you to handle their investments in the
stock market. Now you must report the status of those investments to the board. Prepare a
report to the board which includes the following:
       A list of the stocks you chose, the number of shares you bought, and the initial cost
       of those shares.
       An explanation of your reasons for choosing these stocks and some basic
       information about each company
       A copy of your spreadsheet tracking the stocks’ prices
       A copy of your graph showing the changes in the stocks’ prices
       A copy of your spreadsheet showing the net gain or loss for each stock
       A final summary giving the total value of the portfolio at the present time
You may use any of a variety of presentation aids in your report such as handouts,
overhead transparencies, flip charts, or Microsoft PowerPoint
              All items from the project directions are included.
              The illustrations and explanations are accurate.
              The presentation is well organized and easily understood.
              The student demonstrates mastery of the basics of how the stock market
 90           works.
              All calculations are correct.
              The presentation media chosen is appropriate, and the student demonstrates
              proficiency in using and incorporating that media.
              All items from the project directions are included.
              The illustrations and explanations are mostly accurate.
              There is some organization evident.
 80           The student demonstrates some knowledge of how the stock market works.
              Most calculations are correct.
              The presentation media chosen is somewhat appropriate and can be used
              without assistance.
              Most of the items from the project description are included.
              There are several inaccuracies in the illustrations and explanations.
              The student demonstrates minimal knowledge of the stock market.
 70           Some calculations are correct.
              Presentation media is inappropriate, and the student requires minimal
              Some of the items in the project description are included.
              Some of the illustrations and explanations are accurate.
 60           The student can explain with prompting some part of the workings of the
              stock market.
              The student requires assistance with selection and use of presentation media.
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