Bits Of Life by NESHRIE


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This book is about the various issues in life, that one ignores. There are ways in dealing

with situations like this. An opportunity to learn more about people, and, a great

learning phase for you to read about important everyday activity on a different level.

To be a good person and learn from mistakes.

Acceptance...................................................................................................... 5

AIDS............................................................................................................... 6

Allergy............................................................................................................ 7

Buisness tips................................................................................................... 8

Child care....................................................................................................... 9

Divorce.......................................................................................................... 10

Education..................................................................................................... 11

Family life.................................................................................................... 12

Friendship.................................................................................................... 13

Gravestone.................................................................................................... 14

Healthy living............................................................................................... 15

Herbs............................................................................................................ 16

Hobbies........................................................................................................ 17

Juvenile deliquincy..................................................................................... 18

Kinds of people........................................................................................... 20

Life................................................................................................................ 21

Love and marriage....................................................................................... 22

Marriage....................................................................................................... 23

Meeting people............................................................................................. 24

Money........................................................................................................... 25

Mother.......................................................................................................... 26

Nelson Mandela........................................................................................... 28

Our world...................................................................................................... 29

Parent education.......................................................................................... 30

Phlebitis........................................................................................................ 31

Procrastinator............................................................................................... 32

Rabies........................................................................................................... 33

Relationships................................................................................................ 34

Road safety................................................................................................... 35

Sexual harresment....................................................................................... 37

Suicide.......................................................................................................... 38

Teenagers and parents................................................................................. 39

Time-management golf................................................................................ 46

Time-out for moms....................................................................................... 47

Travelling tips............................................................................................... 48

Varicose veins............................................................................................... 49

Wedding plans.............................................................................................. 50

You................................................................................................................ 51

Accepting yourself.

First you accept yourself as you are. Accepting compliments, when someone tells you, that the dress you

wearing, looks lovely on you, you accept the compliment. That must be a true compliment. If you are told

that your cooking is great, and you know, for a fact, that it is not true, then the person is just trying to be


To accept a compliment, you must be true to yourself. A person that accepts a compliment whole-

heartedly, is a person that is not afraid to, take risks, is lucky, and, confident.

Try something embarrassing, like, karaoke, maybe, this will cheer you, and be confident. Do things, that

you have been putting off for a while, you will, learn to accept you. Take a risk, it may not be as risky as

scary as thought so.

If you believe, you are great everybody else, will think you are too. Challenge, any obstacle, this will

make you feel good.


Millions of people have died of this virus, in most cases you don't know you have the

illness, until it is too late.

People need to be educated about Aids, as not many know how it is contracted. The

risk factors of Aids are through sexual contact, the main risk factor is when working

with an exposure of blood and when kissing someone with sores in their mouth.

When having multiple partners, living with a partner that has been infected with

Aids, having received blood transfusions, and, when in an area with high

prevalence of hepatitis B.


People with Aids have little or severe symptoms until the latter stages. Person with

hepatitis infection has a sign of jaundice, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, vomiting,

joint pain or tenderness in joints, stomach pain and general malaise.

HIV is a virus that gradually destroys components of the immune system.

AIDS, is the condition that results from the advanced stages of this viral infection.

In most cases results in death.

White blood cells are destroyed by pathogen, these white cells are a key component

of the body’s immune system that work with other cells, B cells and macrophages to

combat infection. 75% of AIDS patients experience protozoan infection, with

coughing, fever, and breathing difficulties. Most common is pneumonia. The initial

infection is when a person can have the virus for years before symptoms   arise. The incubation

period, this is when the virus is trapped within the lymph system, and, the person is

fully infected and is HIV positive but does not have AIDS, this lasts 8-15 years.

The diagnosis of AIDS, is when there are a fewer helper T cells, per millimeter of

blood. That would be the final stage.

To protect yourself from being infected with Aids ,always use a new condom, stay

with one partner, suggest your partner has a HIV test, before getting intimately

involved. Do not share intravenous needles.

Aids can’t be contracted by sitting on a toilet seat, drinking from the same cup, or

touching one another. Have safe sex, and don’t use the a condom more than once.


It is difficult to identify the problem, when you are allergic to daily food

Skin tests are performed, to find out the causes of the irritation, that one is, experiencing,

this can be blood tests or other needle treatments. Medication, is given to patients with

allergic problems.

You are affected by foods like eggs, milk, cheese, your daily routine of foods. The other

causes are pollen, plants, insects, or dog and cats hair. Stings or bites, are also an allergy

problem to most people, the venom can be highly effective.

A person’s life is changed, a new way of living, has to be enforced, and foods that you

used to have, is no longer in your diet, and, drinking of certain, fluids may be changed,

depends on the individual.

Your outdoor, life has to be changed too, being around plants and insects, may be

attempted with precaution.

Take care of the outdoor life, and your eating plan by protecting yourself from stings and

bites. In most cases, children grow in age of their allergies. The allergy, disappears as

they get older. Adults have ways of treating themselves.

Sometimes a rash is formed, causing itchiness, swelling and redness around the eyes, are

normal symptoms, nasal issues or sinuses are caused by allergic reactions too.

Business Tips

To have your own business is a great responsibility.

You need to consider the vicinity, you choose to have your new business, the type of

store for your customers, and, how will you be a successful, in your plans.

The age group of audience, you set to aim for, your financial situation should be

excellent. You could have an accountant, or a financial adviser to help you. The interest

of your product to be sold has to be well marketed, to entice people to buy your product.

A responsibility, of your own company, is that you got to choose applicants for specific

areas of work.

Salaries, due to employers and employees, every month.

A certain profit margin to anchor for, The space needed for your new store, your business

has, got to be well established. Being, friendly and polite to your customers, and to have

a worthy business is what you are targeting for, but you have to work hard to get it right.

Co-workers should work as a team and make the business grow.

Always, make your customer happy, when buying a product and have plenty in stock

Child care

Children need to be with their parents.

When you unable to afford child care, you want to do it by yourself. Child care is very

expensive, and, when both parents are working it can be a hard task.

Being a parent, is a tough decision, but we are faced with many responsibilities. When

you have children as working parents, the work should be shared between the both of

you. To avoid frustration, or disagreements, make easy planning. Work alternate shifts,

so that one of you, get to stay with the children at all times, so your child can be taken

care of, while you are at work.

When dad works the morning shift, mom can take care of the children, and vice versa.

Simple things like, helping around the house, and taking care of your children in that

time, can save you the cost of having to pay for child care.

Though it is very important for parents to spend time with their children, parents still got

to work to provide for their families.

Parents must show love and concern for their children, and, one another to make sure

their children are happy, and, that their relationship, as a husband and a wife, does not

fall apart, in the process.


A moment that affects the whole family and is emotional for the children.

It is a devastating experience, when getting divorced. In some cases, it is better, for

both parents to be apart, if they are unable to compromise or can't see eye to eye. Most

people are happier after a divorce, as they have found happiness, else where.

It can be traumatising for the children, when parents get divorced or when they are not

living together as a family. Children, need to feel secure in a family, because, they

become scared when they hear, that their parents are getting divorced.

When married to someone, you think you love, you sacrifice, all your years with this

person, trying to be the perfect wife or husband.   In all that time you realise, that it has

been, just you that tried to make your marriage work.

 When it is time for divorcing or separation, it all comes back to you. The fact, that

your marriage was a one-sided issue, you see it too late in your marriage.

Though, it is not too late to start over again, but every one in your family, is affected by

this problem. You cry and and think it will be better, but it just so much more to do.

Your children, parents, and friends are surprised, or shocked by the ordeal, but, it is

entirely up to you, to make your decision. Seeking professional help is an idea.


Simple knowledge, is better than none.

In the time of today there is so much, that one can do, and, if one is not literate then

there is not much one can accoplish alone.or having a career.

We learn something new everyday, actually we don’t stop learning in our lives. With our

world growing rapidly with all the modern technology, we got to know all about the new

devices. If we are unable to read simple instructions then we can’t help ourselves.

When you have a successful career, your life is full of exciting events. You want to

explore and reach goals too.

When the cell phones were introduced not many people knew how it worked, but by

reading the manual they found out, and, easily learned more about it.

One has to have something to look forward to, by trying to keep up with our modern

world. Now that we are living in a computerised world, one can’t miss out on

learning more and more. Wherever you go and whatever you do, education is all around


One should take note that without having a simple knowledge, there is no future out

there. Be able to grasp your work and enjoy it.

Family Life

A family life is time spent together with loved ones.

Married and having a family of your own is what most people want in life. To be

successful in a career, and live comfortable lives. You try to be the provider in your

families, plan your future, towards the retirement age, and, save for the pleasurable


As a family, you need to have secured lives, to be financially secure, with a roof over

your head and be safe in your lives. You watch your children get older, go to school,

graduate and have their new families. You are now going into the retirement age, when,

you look forward to seeing your grandchildren, all you want to do is hug them and see

them grow too.

The enjoyment of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.       Your time to be with

your age people, the kind that laughs to your jokes, go to the games to together, with

people of your interest. It is your free-time, a time for you to be relaxed from work. No

more going in to the office in the morning, to arrange your day according to meetings,

no hectic days ahead but peace now.

Gardening becomes your pleasure, pruning plants, going on holidays, long walks in the

country side, experiencing life, of other places in the world, making plans for you and

your family.

A time in your life when you ar at ease, getting closer to loved ones. Talk about past

times, the life you had, and what’s your life like presently, the years spent together, and

the ups and downs, life has put you through only to get to this stage. One has to

experience life in every possible way, time living shouldn’t be lost.

Doing things of value for you and your partner. Loving each other, and taking care of

yourself too. Just enjoying your family life while you still can.


To have a healthy friendship is very important. It allows you to turn to someone when

in need to.

How does one interpret a ‘ friendship?’

It is sometimes hard to tell, if you have an honest friendship with someone you know.

An honest friendship should be shared equally between two friends, help each other and

be there, when going through a bad patch . One should be able to share secrets, without,

either one speaking of it to others in a group. To also be able to understand one

another, and to know each other well as friends should.

Do something of value to keep a good friendship, be trustworthy, be happy together,

share likes and dislikes, and be honest of your opinions of each other.

In having a good friendship you should, try to be good to one another, don’t be awful to

the person who is a friend to you. Make good comments and appreciate your friendship.

Encourage your friend on issues if necessary, and, try to be optimistic about life


Solve problems together when in need to do so. This allows you to have a healthy



This is a story about a boy who lost everything in his life. In the end survived the ordeal

with the memory of a flower.

A story about a boy called Tommy. Tommy and his parents had a normal happy life, until

one day when everything changed for Tommy. His parents died in a car accident. The

unfortunate happened, and, Tommy who was at school had no idea of the tragic incident.

His only aunt fetched him from school, and explained the tragedy to Tommy. The aunt

offered to be his guardian, as Tommy wasn’t fond of his aunt he just couldn’t accept her

taking care of him. He decided to row his own boat.

Tommy decided to get himself a part-time job as a waiter at a local diner as he could only

work after school. It was for a pittance of a wage, but enough to survive on. On his first

pay day he bought a bunch of carnations (which was his mother’s favourite flower) and

went off to the grave, he laid the beautiful carnations on his parent’s gravestone and burst

into tears, he cried and cried and cried , until dusk. Tommy repeated this on every pay

day. One day he saw in a crevice of the gravestone a seed had germinated, he gently

pulled out the new stem and wrapped it in a tear drenched paper tissue and took it home

where he planted it in his little garden with love.

A week later he noticed that it was growing. Tommy watered it almost every day with

tears in his eyes and thought to himself about a name for the flower, once at the graveside,

he said, ‘yes’ the name of the flower is ‘parents.'

From that day on there was no need to travel to the grave yard, but now he observed the

plant until in full bloom, and said ' we did it.'

Healthy Living

Eating fatty foods should be a thing of the past.

Eating what you like, should be, only with moderation. This rarely happens. Generally,

it should be the ideal way of living. We often indulge ourselves, with all that we see,

and face the consequences later.

Try something different. To live the healthy way, one could have a cereal for breakfast,

instead, of the richly fried bacon and sausages, have a fruit, which could be a banana, or

an apple freshly picked. Some marmalade on the side with a slice of whole grain bread.

For lunch, you can try some, lean steak, or chicken fillet, with a crispy lettuce, a slice of

tomato and a fresh onion. To make your food creative, make a Greek salad. Olives, feta

cheese , and olive oil for the salad- dressing with mixed herb spices, and, a little vinegar,

a pinch of salt and sugar for taste.

For snacking, try a handful of peanuts, or some grapes. Avoid too much of in- between

snacks, this spoils your dinner. Dinner-time, can be fun, if you make a sauce, slightly,

spicy with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and garlic. Combine all the ingredients and

cook for twenty minutes, and, you can have a great meal, with grilled prawns, or fish.

Food that is grilled, is much healthier for you, than that of deep fried with lots of oil

dripping from it. Cooking time can be exciting, if you want to make your meal creative



Information on using herbs.

Herbs are grown in fields, when cultivated then you know how to use it.

People use herbs for medicinal reasons and for flavours in cooking.

Most herbs are perennial and have soft stems which die back in the winter. When using

Rosemary, only the leaves are used for cooking or for healing constipation.

Garlic, the bulb is used for cooking and for the prevention of heart disease, when eaten


Fennel, the seed, the bulb and the leaves are used for cooking.

Coriander, the leaves and seeds are used for cooking.

Basel, the name is from Greek basilikon or ‘Kingly’ it is highly valued in the


Rosemary, is a coastal plant and used for cooking sauces and roasts.

Bay leaves, from a evergreen tree called the Laurel Tree, these leaves are dried and used

for spicing food, can be used when fresh too. It is believed that when planted by your


protects it from lightning.

Oregano, is used in Italian cooking.

Sage, a herb is drunk as tea for healing menstruation problems.

Mint tea, a herb that is used as tea and relaxes you after a tiring day. Can be drunk hot or

cold with sugar to your taste.

Thyme is used for flavouring roasts.

Parsley is for salads, and excellant for blood pressure levels.


To have something to do at any age..

Some people, have hobbies and some don’t. When a person feels, like doing something

different, there are many choices when it comes to having a hobby. It is very important to

have a hobby.

There are choices, like book collecting, that is rare books, antiques, like brass ware,

copper, silver, or one that collects stamps, charms, stickers of different kinds, fromall

coutries. Flags of the world, stone searching, trying to find stones of differnt shapes, or

sizes, big or small, badges with unique colours or phrases, kinds of pens, cars, vintage or

new, hats, for all kinds of people, shells, from, the different places you visited, coins or

notes in money, from all over the world, and maybe even beer mugs.

Old lanterns, can be interesting too. Make your hobby interesting, one can cut out

pictures to make a picture book, but with unusual pictures. Get a camera, take photos of

the beautiful sites our world has to offer, and, make it a pleasurable one.      You will enjoy

it better than charging a fee for photos.

Collectables like, miniature, ships, aircrafts, or plant trees that are different, like the

bonzai tree. Reading is good too, but, so much has changed over the years, that there is,

far too much to choose from.

A hobby is for someone, that can take time-out to relax, and enjoy something different

than working all day, under -pressure.

Juvenile Delinquency

Juveniles are out of control in our society.

If you are still a virgin at 21 then you must be proud of it. You should treasure yourself,

have enough dignity, pride and self-worth, to make informed decisons your are

comfortable with, not to keep the tention of a totally selfish person. There is more to life

than just sex, with one night stands taking responsibility of your actions, is not often that


To be respected and accepted in society it is you that has to make this possible. Don’t

get involved with people that just feel, that, they can get what they want, unfortunatley,

our society is riddled with youngsters that don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Vandalism is one of the biggest, writing on clean painted walls, damaging dustbins,

littering, breaking of school property, and, defacing any property around you. The

problem arises when children are abandoned, or neglected.

Living in a society with low standards, people tend to, have a low self-esteem in

situations like this.

Groups are formed, and, plans are made to abuse other people. Stealing becomes

another strike for those who can’t afford to buy a specific item. This, actually turns out to

be a daily routine.

Innocent people get attacked, because these gangs become violent, and, streets are not

safe any more, in the day time or at night. In most cases gangs have leaders, that control

the daily tasks. This, in most cases, is how children grow up to be, juveniles, that, are

out of control especially, when there is, no adult supervision. To prevent this from

happening there should be other interests to get these gangs off the streets. Something to

look forward to as a career,   social workers should allow for legal adoption so a family

is formed and habits are changed. Create music classes, this will distract their minds from

being destructive.

Kinds of People

Our society has many kinds of people.


There are many gamblers out there, that are afraid of admitting this addiction.

This is not a pleasure when you can’t stop doing it. People would go to great extents just to

gamble away their last cents.

A person this way, doesn’t feel guilty when trying to gain access to money from others, or

stealing either. Gambling, changes a person, it makes one become a thief, or to betray

others, like, family members, friends or loved ones.

This, is one of, the common addictions. Bills, don’t get paid on time, money is often

missing, a gambler, is mainly focused on winning the bet, neglects other parts of his/her

family, communication is therefore lost, between partners.

Something, that, becomes the number one priority in that person’s life. A way to hide

from problems. A problem that, destroys, marriages, social lives, you are unable to go out

with friends, because you prefer to be alone. When in the a presence of a gambler, one

should be discreet about money, as this triggers a gambler’s mind.

Money should always be kept out of sight. Gambling, controls a person’s mind, and this is

when you can lose it all. This leads to bankruptcy, and, is not easy to deal with. A person

in this way, doesn't financially budget himself on a monthly basis, just spends what comes

to hand. A scary affair if not controlled.

It is difficult to help one in a situation like this, especially, if the person has been gambling

for all his/her life, a rehabilitation centre could be of help, or speak to some one you cant



We should live our lives to the fullest.

Life is a miracle on earth. We are all on earth for a limited time, and when you seriously

think about it, most people sulk and are pessimists.   The actual living, is to enjoy life.

We all have ups and downs, but when you become, a dull person, and think negatively,

you are just being plain boring and lonely. Be with people, communicate, treat each day

as a new one. Enjyoy every day, and be happy. Get out of bed with a smile, and look

forward to a new day, with new ideas, and, ways to make your day a good one.

Arrange for a day out to the beach, be with family, allow yourself to be able to achieve

something new. A great start to a working day, makes you enjoy your work more. Feel

good about yourself.

Try to have something to look forward to, daily, this will encourage you to enjoy your


Life is too short for squabbles, don’t take everything to heart, that people tell you. Give

a little leash, to those that are awful to you. Be nice to others, and, you will achieve, a

great deal out off life. Go away on short trips, don’t work all year round, it will stress

you out.

Our daily lives should start off, with a friendly smile, a happy, feeling and a positive


Love and Marriage

To live happily ever after, the famous fairy tales of love and marriage.

When you marry, it is supposed to be for, 'love and marriage,' 'till death do us part,'

and 'for sickness and in health.' Not many, feel the need of that in the time of today.

Those were the times, when one married and, a marriage, lasted till death do us part.

People, now don’t stay with one marriage, they get married more than once, love and

marriage go hand -in- hand, but not normally practiced.

To love and marry someone, doesn’t often happen, people, tend to marry for money

more than love. In this way marriages don’t last longer, and, is always costing each

other in divorces.   To be able to stay in a marriage without love, can make you a sad

person, especially, if you don’t admit it. Pretending to be happy in a marriage destroys

you, and cause more pain for both partners., if, you stay for most of your life this way,

the problem gets too much, and, you become a depressed person. Hoping and wishing

for something that will never be.

If you have happiness else where, and, would like to move on, don’t feel afraid to do so.

Learn more about your partner, love each other unconditionally, before hasty decisions

are made.


Many marriages are falling apart.

The divorce rate is increasing every year. Years ago when couples married, vows were

taken seriously, and, respected, but now, everything has changed.

Bickering on just about everything, is one of the reasons, of couples drifting apart. In

most cases no attempt is made for a change, the only answer is divorce.

Money issues, failing to understand, communicate, and have simple conversation. If a

couple is sitting in a room and fail to communicate then something is wrong, people

change, as they grow and gradually a person’s life is moves in a different direction.

When this happens married couples grow apart, to also avoids communication, one glares

at the television or gets involved in other activities. Seeking help by going to a marriage

counsellor is a good idea, for those who fail to communicate at home. If this doesn’t

help then, seek help from family or good friends. If one feels all has failed then, move


It is important for partners to know each other well before marriage. Living together

before marriage does help towards your relationship. . In this way you learn about one

another, on how to compromise, understand and communicate easily. It is a great

challenge, to accept your partner for his/her standards.

Another factor, of failure in a marriage, is when couples are not honest, or trustworthy,

they don’t have much in common, don’t love each other enough to be together, and

face up to their commitments.

Explore different fields before marriage, make sure the partner you choose is for a life-

time. It takes time to get what you want, but it can only be, if you do it right from the


Meeting People

When you meet people at first glance, you see a first impression, in most cases , is

supposed to be the best one. You are not always sure of the person in many ways.

The layout, is sometimes a false one or a true one. To deal with people, like that must be a

difficult issue, especially, if you always have great expectations. The way, one should be,

is to the point from the start.

Knowing all the different kinds of people in the world, with the unique culture, and

languages, that people speak, communication and understanding is of vital importance.

There are many ways in which people appreciate each other. It can be from an

acquaintance on the street, or to meeting people at social gatherings, one should treat

people the same. With a good deed done, and be true about it, try not to be judgemental

about others either.

Opinions of the different nations also, may not be as good as yours, don’t take it all to

heart, you only live to enjoy being friends with people of your group or help others in

need. To be sociable and learn more of friends or family.

People, inter-marry and are open to mingle with all nations. All new beginnings for each

day, and, a new life for every one.

With good health, love, and happiness, and prayers, people have learnt to explore all

times of life.


Money is the root of all evil.

Money, is anything that serves as a common medium of exchange in trade, as coins or


It is used in different currencies, the U.S. Dollar, English pound, South African Rand,

Pesos, Euros, and others like the NZ Dollar is used in foreign countries, and, when one

is travelling, the exchange rate is according to each country.

Money is needed for buying food, clothing and having a home. In this way we have easy

lives, and work to earn this money. Sometimes it can be difficult when managing a

household. A well-planned budget can keep you safe, from debts and money crisis.

Don’t buy everything you see in the store, try to buy only the necessity. Unplug

electricity, at night when going to sleep, it should cut down on the electricity bill. Try not

to have too many credit cards, the water and telephone bills, should also be controlled,

by using a certain amount of water per family daily, use the telephone only in case of an


Cook your own meals, rather than eating out often, at restaurants, is very expensive to

buy fast foods or eat at a restaurant. Buy food and clothing at good prices, in your stores

by looking around for bargains. Coupons for food is available, at certain stores and in

newspapers, or magazines. Clothing can be bought on bargains prices, if you look out for


We need money to live on, but you must plan well financially, till your retirement. Don’t

invest, if you can’t afford to, buy vehicles that are cheaper in fuel, and that you can



A topic about how to show affection to your moms, on mother’s day and every other

  day too.

A special person in our lives. A time for showing love and affection, towards, a

person who has spent her whole life taking care of us.

It is not just about buying expensive gifts, love, happiness, and good health is most


Our moms have taken care of us, till we could face our responsibilities, face fear, till we

could be able to stand on our two feet steadily. In all that time of serving us hot meals,

making sure that our laundry is organised , that we are warm, and, tucked in bed at

night, and protecting us from the outside world. We have to show we are capable, and,

pleased for the good deeds.

Now that we are older, and we can live independently, it’s time to show appreciation for

all that has been done for us. Help your mother whenever, she is in need of something,

your mother should be a very important person in your life. Show your mother fun and

enjoyment in her life. Make her understand that her life is not just about serving people

at home, there is more to life than just being in the kitchen all day. Make time for herself,

to get away from it all.

Take your mom out to dinner, a picnic, a holiday, if you can afford it, show your mother

love and make her know that you love her by spoiling her, to something that would

create happiness to her. After all the love and support,   you received from her, do

something in return.

Make your mom happy, not only on Mother’s day, this should be always, forgive and

forget about the disagreement that you had a while ago. A relationship with your mom

should be free of arguments and unhappiness.

Learn from your mom and thank her for it.

Your mom gave you life, love, and warmth, something you could have never got


Love and appreciate your mom, life is too short for squeals. It is very important to be

close to your mom, it’s how you guided and adviced about life.

Nelson Mandela

The former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, is now over, ninety one years

old. A huge importance in his life is, family. He was in prison for 27 years, on Robben

Island in Cape Town., South Africa. This prison is now converted into a museum for

tourist attraction.

Nelson Mandela is South Africa’s most famous and beloved citizen, another milestone,

in the life of a remarkable man, who has become the embodiment of strength and


South Africa is a new country now, while Neslon Mandela was in prison, he wrote a

book title 'Long walk to freedom.' This made him even popular, it showed his

intelligence and sold many copies of this book

A former president loves spending time with his family, and, visiting the place, where

he grew up and, off-course, has to know his roots.

He would like to see relief for poverty in South Africa, for stircken families, schooling,

and proper treatment for HIV/Aids, and, an improved South Africa.

Our World

A way our world has changed over the years.

Since the early 70s, everything started changing in our world. Every day, there has been

a brand new introduction in our society.

The computer, then to cell phones, the blackberry, the kindle, ipods, from black and

white to color televisions, to video recorders and then to dvd players, to printing

machines, fax machines, old dialing telephones to push button dialing, and with fast


Life is becoming very simple and this is causing us to be totally reliable on modern

technology. People who have access to all new technology, and, are interested in

working with it will most likely accept it, and off course, there are those that are not

very keen on learning.

By the press of a button, and, it is all done for you. That’s an easy life to have in our


With the use of head-sets, ear-phones, and from tapes to compact discs are, all growing in

businesses, and allowing people to change with modern tecnology.

Our world has grown, with over 6 billion people and still growing has lots to offer in the

future. Our homes have become the usual cinema and music theatre that one used to go

to, when there was not much entertainment at home.

Now we have access to everything at our doorstep. One can shop online, by a press of a

button, channels can be watched on television.

There is still more to come, like there could even be synthetic actors, like robots acting

instead of people acting in movies. Well, in that case nobody will be paid a salary, and

rehearsels will be done around the clock without any squeals.

More change to come in the future, and, more surprises be prepard for having a robot

control your home.

Parent Education

For parents to know about educating their children with protection.

You become a parent with anticipation and excitement. People, need to remember that,

the world has changed and we have, too much to follow. Parent education is very

important, and special programs can be taken to avoid the neglect of children and child


Successful parent education helps parents to acquire parenting and problem-solving


This helps to have a healthy family and to prevent children from being aggressive, or

lonely. Parents fail to understand their children’s behaviour and therefore a change of

attitude follows the issue.

Both parents must protect their children, and, attend parent educating classes to learn

from other parents. New experiences, or information, helps parents to be educated, to

teach their children, new skills and know differently of how to discipline their children at

home, especially, between the age of three to ten year old children.

Parent education is for parents, that lack the knowledge, of how to raise three to ten year

old children.

Parenthood can be difficult, but, with special training, you can learn more.


A problem with veins.

This a a painful experience. The problems with veins, is when pressure is forced on your

legs by standing for long hours. There is causes discomfort, and, is called Phlebitis.

Women are three times, more at risk than men. The veins, when inflamed, becomes

swollen, the affected area turns red, and, sore, also, signs of fever. There is a burning

senation, and you are not able to walk as, the pain is unbearable. To prevent this from

happening, wear health stockings, that hold the veins firmly and controls the blood flow.

Don’t wear high-heels, be active, go for brisk walks, and eat correctly. Avoid fatty


If you have a problem like this, see your doctor immediately. The use of antibiotics, and,

a gel to apply, for the thinning of the blood, is prescribed. This is effective, and, will be

healed in twelve to fourteen days. There are devices for checking of blood clots, as it can

be dangerous, if you have any, make sure you have it done, well, if you think your

problem, is much more serious.

In most cases, this is a genetic issue, and has to prevented or treated with extreme care.

This can also lead to Deep vein Thrombosis. With home-care, if not red, and, swollen,

alleviate your feet, for atleast 10 hours, a day, this will allow free blood-flow. With no

exercise, obesity, and, sitting for long hours can cause blood clots, so when in an

aeroplane, try to get up now, and, again to avoid complicated issues.


A person, that fails to complete tasks.

As a student one would do everything at the last minute, and, although there can be

stressful moments, you want to pass your grades. Sometimes you do things, and there

are times, when you don’t want to do anything at all.

It could make you feel, that you are a procrastinator, the wonderful ideas, that you have,

but you never get them done, you put things off for weeks, and, when you finally do

them, then there is the wonder, of all the effort put into your attempt. A problem like this

can be dealt with, if you pay attention, because this could just be laziness.

A person that does this, does not want to make the effort, to do what has to be done.

Some suffer from performance anxiety, they are so anxious about not doing something

well enough, that they freeze up and do nothing. On a subconscious level, they’re also

afraid of criticism, by not doing something, they can’t be criticised.

Procrastinators might be stressed. Heavy workplace demands, lead to a lot of stress and

burnout. People put things off, because of overwhelming demands on them, and,

instead of prioritising and doing what they can each day, they give up.

Some people may have a self-destructive streak. Subsconsciously, they want to achieve

the more they procrastinate. They put themselves on ‘pause’ without even realising it.

These are serious issues, and procrastination can be stressful too. Although they are

putting off doing things, it is about the guiltiness, so, you aren’t able to enjoy the free

time you create by procrastinating. See a psychologist, this can be considered.


A virus that kills many people

Rabies is an infection,   rare, in some places. In developing countries, where information

is poorly distributed, there is a high risk, and many people die of rabies. Dogs, need to

be vaccinated to prevent this from happening, and try to keep your pets from coming in

contact with wild animals.

The fox, wolves, and bats can be infected with this virus. When bitten, have it seen to

immediately, if the bite is not treated the infection develops, and, it can be fatal or lead

to death. Tetanus injections are taken to cure this virus. The animal behaviour, is

vicious, and signs of abnormal behaviour.

Infected animals, have the virus in their saliva, after you are bitten this virus spreads into

your muscles, to the nearby nerves of the brain, once it reaches the brain, it can lead to

death. Symptoms are, shown from a few days to more than a year.

Irritation or a twitching sensation around the bite, fever, headaches, aching of muscles,

nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite.

When in the wild, stay away from wild animals, be protected by having a weapon to

chase the animal.


A relationship should go hand in hand.

Argumentative relationships, can be monotonous, and won’t stop until someone lets

go. This could be caused, by the household, being disorganised, when trying to find an

important paper, and, it is just no where to be seen or when lthere is clutter all over the


There is always the blame on the other person. When couples, argue, it is normally

about the same issue, a problem, that needs to be fixed. To avoid arguments, talk

sensibily, the excuse of you being, too busy, should be barred out. You become tearful,

angry, you lose control, because, you are not reasoning with your partner about your


This, also, makes you manipulative, as you go along. You start feeling sorry for

yourself, when you know that, you don’t want to do anything , about your agrumentative


It can be changed, but time is needed. Share the daily plan, for each day, so nobody,

gets blamed for not participating in the household chores. When you can’t stop arguing ,

you lose respect , and care for each other, and, you slip away from the relationship.

Organise yourself, be punctual, make sure you have done everything on the list for the

day, and, then nothing can go wrong. Give a hand to each other, when needed, in this

way all gets done on time.

Road Safety

Some people still, don't pay attention to the rules of road safety

It is very important for motorists and pedestrians to abide by the laws of the roads.

Motorists should drive with a legal driver’s licence, and not fall asleep while driving, if

you have a long journey, rather, rest at a motel, instead of driving all the way.

Do not pass other motorists dangerously, this can cause accidents, to innocent motorists.

Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, before you leave home, the bright lights and dim

lights, or fog lamps, should all be in working order.

When cycling at night, . lights should be switched on, to warn motorists of you cycling

on the road , this will make it easier for other vehicles. Pedestrians, must also be careful,

when crossing streets. To avoid accidents listen carefully, for vehicles when crossing the

street. Don’ walk on free-ways, it is safer to walk on pavements. Cyclists and

Pedestrians should wear bright colored clothing, to be seen by motorist while driving at

night, or in bad weather. You vehicle should have wind shields or windscreen wipers,

that work properly in rainy weather, and have good working tyres, with firm grips.

When in a parking area, try to wait for a car to leave the area before you go in your

direction. This is to avoid an accident. Don’t stand behind a car when it is switched on.

Only try to drive a car if you are old enough to do so.

Sexual Harassment

An offense that is sometimes ignored.

This is a serious offence, being sexually harassed. Sexual harassment, normally,

happens at your working place, if this is so, speak of it, to someone you trust, but in most

cases, people are not sure how to tell someone. In this case, you feel it is your fault, and

become afraid to let anyone know.

It is important for you to make sure that, it never happens to you or any one else. Sexual

harassmet has to be dealt with, by reporting it, to someone at your work committe in

charge of the staff, and then further action will be taken. All evidence must be clearly

stated and proof at hand. You will receive emails, or stares, and sometimes this can be

creepy. You being the victim, and must be strong to fight the enemy.

A simple smile can be misinterperated, by a co-worker and this can lead to flirting and

more. Try not to be alone with a colleague or co-worker, if you are not comfortable being

in the same office or room.

Avoid him/her touching you awkwardly, this is how sexual harassment, begins in a work

place. This makes you a troubled person, if not complained about. It is good to get it out

in the open, so a friend can help you, in this way the problem is solved easily.


A description of suicide.

People get lonely and become vulnerable. One of the biggest causes of suicide is

loneliness, and relationship problems, this can be between married couples, lovers,

parents, children or colleagues.

Problems can arise because of financial issues, an illness, stress or depression,

unemployment, violence in society, crime, socio economic problems, rape or

molestation. Another reason is that most children, no longer have a proper family life.

By not getting the attention, at home, from their parents. Growing up as teenagers, you,

need someone trustable to talk to. By talking to someone, suicide can be prevented. At

this age all the changes occur.

Every year thousands of school, growing youngsters consider suicide, or try to take their

own lives.

Rejection When a person feels rejected by family or friends, it is a difficult situation to

deal with.

Being divorced, affects the family tremendously, children are hurt, and, have no one to

turn to, in most cases. A lonely and depressed person, becomes tired of life, and stops

smiling and doesn’t care for living anymore.

Abuse of alcohol, drugs, neglect, weakness and fear becomes of a depressed person. Try

go to support groups for help, or telephone lifeline for help. It is always, good to talk to

somebody, make new friends, don’t despair.

Teenagers and Parents

Ideas for parents and teenagers, to learn from each other and be able to communicate


How can teenagers and parents understand each other?

Reading further, should broaden, the knowledge of teenagers and parents, some parents

may understand, their teenagers while others, are still trying to find easy steps, to

comunicate with each other.

It is not an easy task, to let go of your child when him/her reaches their teenage years, it

does remind you as a parent, of when you were a teenager but times have changed. It is

not the same. There is just so much more to deal with, from ages 13-19 of a teenager a

parent is faced with difficult issues.

For a teenager, to be able to experience life, but with limitations, is another issue as some

want to do more than that. There is so much more to do now, that one cannot, try to keep

up with our fast growing world. No teenage, r has to do anything to impress a friend, it

can be dangerous to their health like abuse of alcohol , drugs, smoking marijuana, or

anything that can be harmful to them. Try to say, no, to anything you are not comfortable


Girls on the otherhand, should not allow themselves to be degraded by boys,they should

respect each other so it makes it easier for both genders. Parents have an important part in

their children’s lives in teaching them to respect others, to trust , to be polite, to be honest,

on how to gain trust After all, it all begins at home. not at your first day of nursery school,

pre-school, or primary school. the discipline of your child starts at an early age.

It is of great importance, to know where your child is, out for the night or at any other

time, (if not at school). Parents, should show interest in their child’s day to day schedule.

Too many boundaries, may only encourage, your child to do what he shouldn’t be.

Allow your teenager to watch movies providing that it is for the age level, with parental

guidance if possible.

Every individual has a mind of their own, one should not be compared with another. Each

child understands and sees life differently.

Language Development: To improve the language of a teenager, reading is a great idea,

this allows them to speak properly, and not to fall into the slang language, all the time.

Sometimes, proper use of english words are easily forgotten, when continuously speaking


A good sense of humor, shows personality, smiling at others, whenever you can,

friendliness, confidence, able to speak out to people, not being shy, to be more outspoken,

and when in the classroom, interacting with others speak freely too.

Parents, got to ensure, that their children are to be responsible by setting chores on a

daily basis. Having a pet, join the local library, being punctual when returning borrowed

books. Babysitting a neighbour’s infant that shows responsibility too.


Physical maturing, is a kind of emotional growth, to come to terms with oneself, and

accepting oneself. Children are aware of the changes, in their bodies, their sexuality,

changes of hormones, breast development, mood swings, these are the important for

teenager girls to know when growing up, when does their menstruation cycle begin? For

some at the age of 11 and for some older. Parents, have to show an interest in their

teenage girls and explain the facts of life, by not feeling embarrassed, in using the

appropriate words as an explanation.

Family Relationship

Communication between immediate families and extended families like aunts, uncles,

grandparents,nieces and nephews allows teenagers to learn more about themselves.

Teenagers learn more about their history from their extended families, place of birth,

ancestors, understanding each other too.

Making friends, and know the people one is acquainted with. It is difficult to trust every

one you know, so in this, children as teenagers, should learn of their friend’s identity, the

place of birth, friend’s background and to enable way you learn to trust and be safe.

Having friends is important, it allows you to find yourself and have a social life.

Interacting with Others

How do you comunicate? Are you confident in public places? Are you a positive person?

Do you feel comfortable when you are with other people? Are you free to make

conversation? These are just some of the questions asked by teenagers, parents need to

communicate with their children about these issues and listen carefully to what is

required. Teenagers learn to be confident , to speak, to be positive with others from their

parents and family

Importance of Teenage Education

It is of great importance for parent and child, to be educated by the new world we are

living in, there are far too many changes and parents, need to to show their children how

to cope with their surroundings


Teenagers that read books, should be able to understand the concepts and facts of the

information on a specific topic. Books should be on a teenage level , it also depends on

the individual on how he/she can grasp the concept and information given. If one finds it

difficult to comprehend a friend, a parent or the teacher can help solve the problem.

Self Esteem

How often do we lack self esteem? Pessimist and a optimist. Some, of us are pessimists

and optimists, we tend to feel that way, when something goes wrong. Love yourself, and

be yourself, it makes you feel good, positive, and happy. Try to be more of an optimist

look on the good side of life. This encourages, you to be more of a better person. A dull

person looks on the negative side of life and becomes sad and depressed, a person that

never sees anything good which plainly makes him/her a pessimist.

Relationships, Love, and Intimacy

How do you learn from relationships, love, intimacy? A teenager, can only learn of a

relationship if he/she is in a relationship, you can either be serious about your partner or

you are just having an experience like any normal teenager would. In some cases, you

become intimate, and, if so, suggest a aids test to your partner, to be free of contracting

this virus, or any other STDs, as you want to have fun and experience, what you need to

know about life as a teenager.

If your relationship is not going well, take some time to think about it, make a break from

it, do not feel you would hurt the opposite sex and is afraid to let go. One has to learn to

feel pain too, it makes you a stronger person. It all takes time to heal, no matter what you

decide it works out for the best. When you make decisions , feel free to go with the flow.

One can only learn from their mistakes, nobody is perfect. Be with friends and family

after a break up. It makes you feel better and lets you know that you are still loved. Being

alone makes you a vulnerable person. Learn to love someone when you know you are

ready for it, and then, think about trusting the person close to you, before you trying to

be intimately involved.

Why do parents need to be educated in raising teenagers?

Not many parents are aware of the ways of raising teenagers, this information can

beworth it to them. Parents shouldn’t yell at their teens, it makes a teenager feel that

he/she is not loved by their parents and become lonely people. This is a wrong attitude

towards teenagers. Parent and child fail to understand each other by yelling. By talking to

each other it makes the problem easier, in this way nobody feels hurtor neglected.

Try to do chores around the house and spend quality time together. Teenaged children can

only learn at first from their parents, then teachers, other informative books, friends, and

extended families. Learning, begins in your home, so parents, should teach discipline, at

a young age. As their child gets older he/she grows to be a pleasant, and an obedient


Ways to be Happy and Stress-Free

When a teenager feels, stressed after a day at school, or by a family or friend, try to go

for a walk. Get some sunshine, have a full 8 hours of sleep. If you have a pet , you can

play with your pet. Excercise for 30 minutes a day or try to smile at others, it makes you

feel good when you are happy, leaves you stress-free.

Dressing: How Should Teenagers Dress?

Well, that depends on the individual as a teenager. How you dress represents you as a

person. First impression is always the best impression as the saying goes, but not every

teenager wants to be a sloppy dresser. Some teens dress according to fashion, and some

wear what they like or ca afford to buy. advise from the concerned parent helps to make

amends when it comes to ideas of dressing a teenager. Try to dress appropriately for the

occasion, use make-up lightly, guidance is needed from parents. Parents should be

involved in their children’s lives at all times. Sharing their opinions together. Mothers and

daughters, shopping together to buy what is affordable, and learning new ideas together.


When should a teenager start dating? Dating starts when a teenager feels he/she is ready

to experience their most excitng part of their lives as a teenager. When dating do not be

shy of the opposite sex, hangout with friends in your own age group you will notice that

you will have alot in common. Do not use fake identities because your friends do. Always

respect each other. When friends get together to go out for parties make sure they are

easily contactable. Make sure that that the party is in a safe environment, when you feel

like leaving the party call a taxi, or a friend or family. Never get into a car with a drunk

driver. It can be dangerous for both of you. Always wait with a friend in a lit up area.

Make sure you as a teenager always let your parents know of your whereabouts. Parents

should trust their children this will prevent them, from telling lies.

Parent and child education is to allow the parent to teach their teenagers about the facts of

life, a teenager needs to know not only what is important but also how to live as a

teenager. Living in a safe environment is very important for your children. As a teeanger

one can be gullible while listening to others. If living in a safe area there may not be

doubts in trusting your neighbour if necessary precautions are taken.

Lettting your child know from a young age that he/she has to work in order to earn a

living is important. When your child is a teenager it is fully understood that in life one has

to earn a living by working. In that way your teenager becomes independant and learns

how to experience their first job and to earn their own money.

It is not good for both parent and child if a parent spoils their teenagers and hand over

money to them whenever it is needed, easy access to money should not be taken for

granted when living with your parents. This is what makes teenagers lazy and not to work.

They feel that if money comes so easily, ‘ why work?’

As parents one should not give the wrong impression to their teenagers by buying gifts or

presents for every school award or birthday that comes along. Financial control has to be

taught at an early age to prevent your child from falling into financial debt as they get

older and raise their own families. Teenagers should be taught of how to spend money

wisely, only buy what you can afford and try not to live beyond your monthly budget. The

way a parent lives is reflected on their children. Teenagers should be free to explore. It is

not a good idea sitting and watching too much television and spending long hours by the

computer either.

Allow yourselves each day a timetable so you make time for going to visit a friend, go for

walks, do some interesting outdoor activity be active in sports , be sociable with friends,

be communicative. Visit the local library, ride your bike, read a book, go to the park, have

a picnic. It is good to get to know your neighbours and be able to relate to one another in

case of an emergancy. Learn more about your environment.

Some parents, have difficulty in raising their teens and some find it easy. Being a single

parent can be a difficult when raising a teenager, the authority towards your child is not

strong enough, because as a single parent you got to work long hours, and still be there

for your child this can also be a tiring effort, as not alot of time will be spent with your

teenage child. In this case one can speak to other family members to help with their

teenager. In some cases children feel alone and get involved with the wrong group of

children and in the process become the bad one. Whereas, in a home with both parents, as

they, are safe and know authority. The home, is family orientated, and both parents can

make decisions, if necessary, for their children. Although teenagers shouldn’t be

pressured to live as their parents wish them to to be, a guidance from parents

allowsteenagers to know they are capable of living independently.

Educating Teenagers

Parents should try to make time for their children, set a time schedule to have open

discussions about dating, kind of people they should be with, about diseases like STD.

How is STD caused? What is AIDS?

About SEX, with different partners, Is it safe to have sex with more than one partner?

How safe is it when using a condom? Avoiding teenage pregnancies. How often are we

told that a 17 year old is pregnant? By talking to our teenage daughters, about life as a

teenager, this kind of issues, can be resolved. Mothers, got to try to be more open in

conversation or discussions.

How are your children eating? Are your children eating healthy foods? Are they aware of

eating disorders, like anorexia, bullimia, obesity. Eating correctly can prevent eating

disorders. Professional help is always available if there is a problem. Can your teenager

differentiate between intimate relationships?

The gender differences in a person being gay, a lesbian, and same sex friendship. There is

love in relationships of the same sex gender and the opposite sex. Topics like this should

be discussed not to confuse your child but to let him/her know that not every acquaintance

or relationship is the same and to be educated by it. At the ages from 13-19 are the most

important part of a teenager’s life, they get to experience whatever possible and learn

about themselves. Life is like a roller coaster ride, only a bit slower.

The adolescent stage, when one wants to be with others of the same age group, to be

participating in sports, and to learn to be sociable, and when teens, look for their own

interests. Parents who are, sensitive and responsible have children that grow with

assurance to feel safe, secure, and are able to form relationships with the opposite sex

easily and trust easily too.


This is the stage when your teenager/s got to think of having goals, to believe in

something, of a worthy future. To believe in one’s self. What's their choice of career?

How are they going to pay for their college fees?

Setting Goals

This subject is shouldn’t be overlooked. Teenagers have a new prospective on life. Why

should this subject be unexplored?

They have energy at this age, to achieve any goals possible, at times, teens, lack the

experience, to set and think about their goals, in some cases, they, have too much to

focus on, and, to think about their goals. When given time, teenagers can work on their

goals, no matter how big or small their goal is, it can be achieved. There are challenges,

for teenagers in setting goals, there are, endless choices. Modern teenagers, face great

challenges, to achieve what they want out of life, by making steady progress, in their

needs, any goal can be achieved. Once a teenager reaches the age of 18 he/she should be

able to face responsibility.

A parent should raise his/her teenager on their own thinking and not follow other parents

in doing so. Do not do what other parents imply to their teens, it is not always safe or

good for you as a parent. Teenagers have a wideopen future, lots of competition, so they

also need to be motivated by others close to them, to be encouraged to achieve whatever

interests them the most. This allows teenagers to explore freely.

Helping teenagers, think of their own ideas, to allow them to achieve their own goals if

what a teenager strives for, and, the attempt is failed to achieve what he/she really

desires, don't let him/her be discouraged. There are always other opportunities. Show your

teenager positivity, in future attempts, to achieve their goals. To help a teenager, to be

focused on their achievements, they got to look at what it is they really want, out of life

at this point.

Teenagers, need to explore what is in front of them, to emphasise on their talents, and

desires. Friends, help each other to create new ideas, to be able to communicate, and

guide those who are interested in setting goals.

Learning to be with new people, and the value of friendship is a teenagers’ desire. To be

able to help others in need share alike, don’t be rude to other people. Serve your

community, makes you a better person by doing something to improve lives of other

needy people like the homeless, help the blind, the deaf or the handicapped. Trusting and

knowing your child will make it easier on parents because it can be difficult to let your

child free when you have spent your whole life caring and now it is time to let go. Beleive

in your child, only you as a parent can know your child better than others do. Love your

children equally, it should also be the same in trusting your children. One cannot be over-

protective when it comes to raising teenage children, life for teenagers are different now.

There are more choices and and lots to explore.

Achieving goals, is an excitng task for a teenager, this allows them to look forward, to be

able to accomplish what they want. Their choice of university, career, to get that diploma,

to work part-time during the summer holiday, to get their driver’s licence, goals can be

achieved by motivation. Summer holidays are for teenagers, it is an exciting time of the

year, looking for fun, they want to find themselves. Who are they? What are they capable

of? Time of experiment, they want to be olderand to belong in society. In an age group

they find interesting and enjoyable. The number of teens in the world is growing and will

continue, parents have should try to be good role models to their children. When it comes

to making people happy, a teenager should realise that making the most important people

happy in their lives is the simple way of living.

Social Life

It is very important, to have friends, and communication with the outside world. You

should, always have someone to talk to, it makes you feel better, and not lonely. Meeting

people at a church, at the library, at schools, at parties, are good public places, to meet

people, but do not speak to strangers. Meeting people, through a friend is a good idea,

also, make sure you do a background check, before you get to close to the person. It is

not always, safe to be friendly, with people you barely know. A Lesson in Life, There

should be two kinds of teachers in life.

One, who teaches, how to make a living, and the other who teaches, you to live. Well,

the reason, this is spoken of, is to let parents know that they should spend more time

with their children. Over the years, lots has changed , teenagers go out to drink, smoke,

take drugs and sleep out, as they find that to be their only pleasure. If, parents focused,

on their children, and try to discipline, them from watching too much of televison, then

a parent and child can have more time together to speak of what is important in life, and

the best way to show children how much you care, is to spend quality time together.

Teenagers, of different cultures, behave differently. They are raised and taught,

according to their own culture or religion. Most changes in a teenagers’ life affects them,

in a different way too. Teens, need encouragement, from their parents, family and

friends, in order to be able to learn more about their future, achieving their goals, being

positive, trustworthy, honest, and to be able to socialize and to learn about the facts of


Time-Management Golf

A sport for a retirement- age

When you play golf, you need time, an, lots of it. Something you should know, about

golf. Maybe, for most of us we wait for retirement.

There are simply too many other demands on our time right now, jobs, families, taking

care of the garden and so on. Time-management, is no time invested.

Change your plan, study the prose, you can learn a lot about the physics behind the golf

swing by studying the diagrams and illustrations in them, and , the best part of this

process, you can do it anywhere. On a bus, at the breakfast table, or on visits to your


Get an early start, if, people can get up early for a morning jog, then so can you. Play

one notch over your level, join a regular weekend group of golfers who play at, or close

to, your Target handicap level. It is the old theory that you will play better, if you play

with better players. No time invested. Time-management, is being well-organised, when

playing golf.

Walk, don’t ride, since, most of the power in the golf swing comes from the legs, walking

is the idea for carrying your bag and play on foot.

Watch the tube, but, not the tournaments, you can pick up all sorts of useful tips by

watching the pros on television, but, it is a waste of time to follow tournament play. Time-

management golf is the answer.

Time-out for Moms

For working moms, or stay home moms, to take care of themselves and not to neglect

their needs.

If you are a stay home mom or a working mom, you have to keep a schedule for each

day. Taking responsibility of children, chores around the house, cooking of meals, trying

to do it all, in a day or working your 8 hours a day, and still to get home and work again.

In all that time, you have for your family, there is no time for yourself, as a mom. In a

case like that, one should try to spend an hour a day to get on track.

Time out, is very important, it makes you feel good about yourself. When, you have a

hectic life it can be difficult as you have to do everything by yourself.

Get out for a suntan, don’t forget your pedicure and manicure, a hairdo, a movie to

watch, visit a friend get your husband to help, or a responsible babysitter.

A woman needs time for herself to relax, knowing how hard life can be, if one has to be

home taking care of the rest of the family, or working and still taking care of the rest of it

all. Always putting your family first, and, neglecting oneself.

Take care of your health, make sure that you are fit to handle situations at home. A

healthy skin, hair, hands, are all what a woman needs to look good, and keeping in shape


Apply a hand lotion, often to keep your skin looking good. Cleanse your skin, with a

face swab twice a day, to have healthy skin, drink 6-8 glasses of water, also, it gives

you a clear skin, and no problems with having acne. A 15 minute a day of sunshine,

helps you think better and eat plenty fruit and vegetables to to stay healthy.

Generally , it is important for stay home moms or working moms to take care of

themselves in every way, they can. One should not forget about the importance of life as

a mom, and the essentials needed

Travelling Tips

When traveling, you got to be organized and know about your itinerary.

When you travel, always remember to know more. about the place of interest.

The organisation of you journey, have visas, if required, passports, check on the date of

expiry on your passport, to re-assure of the time you have to travel. Be fetched on the

arrival of your destination, at a specific time. Plan your holiday without hassles.

Make sure you carry your medication with you, if you need to carry any, sometimes you

may have a problem to finding the same kind at your destination.

Learn about road signs on foreign roads, this is very important to you. It makes driving


If you rent a car, have the necessary details of car insurance to avoid complications.

Don’t throw out cash slips, it maybe needed later.

When parking, try to park in a limited parking area, or pay for a parking spot, instead of

having your car towed-away. It can be, costly to have to pay a fee, and get your vehicle

back on time, and it can spoil your holiday too.

Try to learn basic words, if you are not familiar with the language, have a pocket

dictionary at hand.

When spending money, find out more about local currencies, and, the exchange rate at

the bank.

Know more about transport, if you don’t have a vehicle, a time-table of arrival and

departure of taxis and buses, can be available at information centres.

Don’t carry too much of luggage, this could make your journey uncomfortable.

Have clothing for warm and cold weather, the change of weather is unpredictable.

Find out where, the bank, chemist, stores, or post-office is, the public toilets, the

telephone booth, if there is one around, the police station, this is important information

to you.

On your journey, be informed about the environment, , if you are in the wild, make note

of poisonous snakes, hornet stings, or wasps, and mosquitos. You, could be allergic to

any of these stings or bites, and, you my not know.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

When using credit cards, always be safe.

A well-planned holiday, can be a pleasant one.

Varicose Veins

This problem is most common in women

In most cases varicose veins, is most common in women than in men. These, distended

veins in the legs is caused by weakening of vein walls and failure of a way valves inside

veins. This is can be taken care of by wearing elastic stockings or elevation of legs, or

laser treatment, which has been newly introduced, it’s also, an option.

It could be hereditary, from one generation, to the next, but, it can be prevented, if

treated with proper care. This is caused by standing, for long hours, in the process, the

blood flow to your veins is slower. Avoid sitting cross-legged, this stops the blood from

flowing into your veins. Over weight is another issue, as your legs have more weight to


Massage your legs with caution, this relieves discomfort.   Eat more fresh fruit and

vegetables, try not to have, too much of fatty foods.

If varicose veins is not treated properly, there can be other problems with your skin, like

dry itchy, red skin, with a rash, or flaky skin which can lead to eczema. Your veins,

that don’t have blood flowing through, can turn to a sore, that doesn’t heal, the ulcer

sores, is a major problem, if you ignore it as it starts.

Have a health check, to make sure of your diagnosis, and your sugar levels should be

tested too. If this happens, your sores could be gangrene, and that can be dangerous. A

way to prevent this from happening is to take long walks regularly, and avoid hurting

your veins, rest often. Eat properly, with a simple diet from your doctor.

Wedding Plans

A less expensive wedding, plan properly.

When you decide to get married, there are plans to be made. Now that, living

comfortably, life in general has become very expensive.

Well, you should have to make correct decisions. Wedding arrangements, should be kept

prim and proper. Avoid inviting people that you have met only once, your guest list ,

should be for your close family and friends. Atleast, not more than a hundred guests.

Meals, snacks and drinks must be simple too. A three-course meal, with dessert, and the

wedding cake. A family member can bake the cake, or be the chef for the evening. and a

bartender for drinks to be served.

When on your honeymoon, don’t spend too much, if you shop on the internet, you will

find, amazing prices of air- tickets to your desination, and even for your wedding dress.

It is a a once in life-time experience, getting married but, if you try to save costs, on

you planning the occasion you will enjoy it better and you will have enough money, to

start your married life with your dream home. car and other securities.

Instead of going to the hairdresser, ask your friend to style your hair, for accesories,

something new, old and borrowed does the trick.

Avoid last minute plans, advance planning, is one the best ways.


To let people know that just being you is important. Try to be yourself rather than wish

you were someone else.

I was often told to be a positive person, and never bother about other people’s opinions

are, just be yourself. Well, that is true, why should you think, of what others say when,

you can do whatever you feel like. Just do what you feel is right. Do not let yourself go to

the point, that you will be feeling sorry for yourself. Life shouldn’t be that way. Life is

what we make of it , it is not up to the other person, it is

you’ that has to make a change in your life.

How does one live? Being just you is important, try not to be obsessed with pleasures in

life. Allow time for yourself, in this way, you can enjoy your day, and, the time with

your loved ones.

Make sure to get enough sleep, keep fit. Eat healthy foods. The life of living like a

celebrity is a weak thought, it just makes you a different person.

Going to the doctors continuously for every little ache that you have is just for

hypochondriacs. Those are people, who always worry about their health.

It is exciting when something good happens, but this only happens when you wait for a

good deed to come along, not when you obsess on it.

To live your life as you want, it is important, but to be free is a great feeling too.

Having to live in a safe environment, being happy, your health should be good, to be in

love and have a family. You should be financially secure, and, have a social life. Be you

someone with achievement, never be scared of taking risks in life. You can only achieve

your goals when you put your mind to it.

Occasional drinks with family and friends allows you to enjoy the moment better and feel

good about yourself.

What do you want from life? Everyone wants to have what other people have. How can

anyone even think like that? One should focus on his/her needs, and what is affordable

and not live like others and beyond one’s budget. Purchase, what is really needed, in that

way you save much more.

People should be thinking of living their lives, simple and affordable.

Try to be friendly with the people around you, enjoy life, forgive those who have said and

done anything to you in the past. Life is too short to show anger towards anyone close to


Let there be love amongst us , not hatred, it is what life is all about. Give yourself a

chance to work out what is important to you and there will be appreciation towards what

is required to you.

Having a life, is a good start, try not to wait, on living your life, treat each day as a new

one, a new beginning, it gives you more chances of being happy, and, achieving what is

aimed for. Having to be a wealthy person is not all, most important, is to be an educated

person, healthy, and enjoy what you have.

Happiness comes with laughter, there will be sadness, off course, but we are faced with

all kinds of traumatic experiences that only heals in time.

Time for yourself, is very important, make the best of your life everyday, enjoy your life

to the fullest.

Spoil yourself once in a while by going out with friends, it makes you look forward to the

event and having fun by meeting people, and, learning about others too.


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