Guderian”s Last Gamble

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					Guderian’s Last Gamble
Designer: Perry Moore (2006 Game Version)

Before you set up this game, it is advisable to make the corrections and use my detailed setup below. These
changes were patiently answered by Perry Moore. Thank you Perry!
1. German counter SS503T is a 2-2-1 is really 2-2-11. Circle remains around the defensive factor.
2. Russian 212/80 Infantry (3-3-7) counter is correct as is.
3. Russian counter 15/7Cav 1-1-12 is correct as is.
4. „Low Fuel‟ counters are left out. Make some from spares.
                                         th                                                             nd    rd
5. The Player Sheet counters for the 9 SS Pz Division are left out. Make them from spares, same as 2 or 3 SS.
                                            nd    rd
   Use the same start positions as the 2 and 3 Corps.
6. Scenario 3 lists the 5 Pz battalion. Cross it out, there isn‟t any.
7. The statement made in Scenario 1: “part of the 2 SS Panzer Corps is used” is questioned by many. All the units
   given as 2SS in the game are “the part of the panzer corps” and should all be used.
8. Under the German Corps Activation Table cross out: The German can always activate at least one Corps if the
   roll is less than 1. Statement is not needed.
9. Throughout the game a six sided die is used but the Russian Reinforcement Table shows die rolls between 1 & 8.
    Answer is to use 2 dice and rolls of 8, 9, and 10 equal the die roll of 8.
10. In Scenario 1, if you use the 9SS in play, do you make your own option of using/or not using the 2SS as well? If
    so, do they arrive when the 2SS enter from the north edge?
    Answer: You can if you want but it is unlikely. In any case, enter from the north edge.
11. In Scenario 2, just because the 10SS join the 3SS command do they still retain their own Player Sheet Tracks?
    Answer: Yes.

German Setup:
27SS             27SS Div HQ, 2SS/3SS PG (2-2-7) & (2-3-12) in/adj to 0207.
Munzel           Munzel Corps HQ, Munzel, 3 Munzel Arty Bn‟s (1)-4 in 1402.
104 Pz Bn        104/M (2-3-12) in Reserve status in/adj to 0706.
11SS PG          11SS PG Div HQ, 11PG/3 (2-3-12), (3-4-12), (3-4-12) in/adj to 0507.
281xx            281/M Pz(1-1-12), AT(2-3-7), Inf(2-3-7) in/adj to 1403.
FGxx             FG Div HQ, FG/M Pz(3-4-12), PG(2-3-12), PG(3-3-12) in/adj to 1505.
4SS PG           4SS PG Div HQ, 4SS/3SS PZ(1-2-12), Pz(2-3-12), PG (3-3-12), Inf(2-3-7), adjacent to 0108 off
                 map. See turn 1 Special Rules.
503 Tiger Bn     SS503T (2-2-11) in Reserve status. Note: Counter printed as 2-2-1 is really 2-2-11.
10SS Corps       10SSC HQ, Arty(1)-4 in/adj to 1802.
11SS Pz Army     11SS Pz Army HQ in 0702.
5Jg              5JGxx Div HQ, 5JG/10SS Pz(1-1-12), Inf(3-3-7) in/adj to 1604.
KG Schafer       Sch/3SS Inf(2-2-7) in 0707.
402xx            402/10SS Inf(2-5-7) & (3-4-7), AT(2-6-7) in/adj to 1804.
3SS Pz Corps     3SSPzC HQ, Decker, 3 Arty Bn‟s(1)-4 in 0706.
Deneck           Deneck 2 Inf Bn‟s(1-6-7) setup adj to 0706.
23SS             23SS Div HQ, 23SS/3SS Pz(3-4-12) & PG(2-3-12) in/adj to 0806.
FBxx             FB/3SS Pz(1-2-12) & (3-3-12), PG(2-3-12) & (2-3-12) in/adj to 0903.
3SS AT           3SS PzC AT(2-3-9) in 0706.
FBxx             FBxx Div HQ in 0804.
KG Voigt         Inf(2-4-7) in Arnswalde 0712.
Munzel           Munzel AT(4-8-7) in 1404.

Russian Setup:
80 Corps      80xxx HQ, 75/80 Inf(4-6-7) & (2-3-7), Arty(1)-4 in 0117.
311xx         311/9G Inf one each in 0108, 0309, 0612. Player‟s choice.
212xx         212/80 Inf(3-3-7) in 0408 & 0708. Note: Counter 3-7-7 is correct as is.
61 Army AT    61Army AT(3-7-7) in 0711.
356xx         356/9G Inf(3-7-7) & (3-4-7) in/adj to 0913.
118 T         118/7Cv Pz(3-3-12) in 1312.
28xx          28/9G Inf(3-4-7) in Reetz.
28xx          28/9G Inf(5-5-7) in Bucholz.
9Gdxxx        9Gdxxx Corps HQ, 9Gxxx Arty(1)-4 in 1111.
9Gdxxx        9Gdxxx AT(3-6-7) & 15/7Cav Inf(3-8-7) in/adj to 1110.

76xx/89        76/89 Inf(2-3-7), (2-4-7), (2-3-7) in/adj to 1709.
15/7Cav        15/7Cav Inf(6-9-7) in Hassendorf.
15/7Cav        15/7Cav (1-1-12) in 1605. Note: Counter 1-1-12 is correct as is.
12Gdxx         12Gd/89 Inf(2-3-7), (2-3-7), (2-4-7), (2-5-7), (3-5-7) in/adj to 1805.
16Cav          16/7C Inf(3-4-7) & (2-3-7) in/adj to 1510.
7Cav xxx       7Cav Corps HQ, Arty((1)-4 in 1410.
15Cav          15/7Cav Inf(1-2-7) in 1306.
89Corps        89xxx HQ, 89xxx Arty(1)-4 in 1809.
61Army         61Army HQ, 160/61A Tk(2-4-12) & 61Army Arty(1)-4 in Berlinehen.
55xx           55/9G Inf(3-3-7), (3-3-7), (2-2-7) in/adj to Berstein.

submitted by: Robert DeMaio


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