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The word Vipers means vivus, giving birth, and, vipers actually, have live babies, not hatched

from eggs. The female has hundred and fifty babies after first pregnancy.

It has more than two hundred vertebrate, for movement in water, dangling from trees, and for

catching its prey. The venom is injected, through its long fangs, it tracks the prey even at

night, and has a unique scalp to swallow the prey whole. Vipers, live on just about every

continent. There are over two hundred species, and, are very dangerous.

Though they attack unless provoked, you still wouldn't want to be a victim. When a viper

attacks its prey, within minutes the rodent is dead. The venom injected fuses the bloodstream,

the nervous system and tissues dissolves. Getting bitten by these venomous snakes is like a

death sentence.

The Puff Adder, has caused more human deaths, than any other. It is four feet in length and

the venom is toxic, it has active fangs. The venom is useless if not delivered properly, so it

has to sink the fang into its prey, before the injection of the venom.

The Gaboon Viper, lives in South Africa, it has the longest fangs in the world. This Viper

gets stressed when handled, lashes out, and is irritable, and is very fast when about to attack.

Ten times faster than the acceleration of a Ferrari.. A venom this potent, a few drops can kill

as many as ten people. The longer the fangs , the deeper the injection of venom, it rarely

gives a dry bite.
Rattlesnakes, are found throughout the world, this is a unique snake, one the fastest on earth,

all are cold blooded. The forked tongue tracks its prey. Its tail reminds you that is nearby.

Now people are killing this snake to use its tale.

The Russells Viper, found in India, is a ambush hunter, not easy to find, and is aslo very

dangerous to humans, thousands of people a year in India are attacked by this snake, and, in

many cases, the amputation of a leg or a loss of a finger or hand is the result, because, after

bitten, instant reaction to the system, pain swelling of the area, blisters occur, kidney failure

and depending on the age and size of the victim, it can lead to death.

All these snake bites with fast medical care, you can survive, depending on your body

reaction, too.

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Description: vipers are one of the most dangerous snakes in the world