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					                            London Council for Adult Education
                              Adult Learner Award Ceremony
                      Acceptance of the awards on behalf of the learners
                                      By C. Dawn Davis

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Dawn Davis and I am so excited to be part of this
amazing group of people. I’m sure I speak on their behalf when I extend our deep appreciation
and thanks to the members of the London Council for Adult Education for their efforts in
promoting adult education in the London area, which is what has brought us here today. Also, it
is more than fitting to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of our families, friends and co-workers
who have stood by us, encouraging us and supporting us in numerous ways and as well, we are
very grateful to those who nominated us to receive this honour.

Those of us today who have been chosen to receive the Adult Learner Award each has a unique
story, as we have heard, and I see these stories as light that has passed through a prism, revealing
a spectrum of colour, diverse and beautiful.

London is filled with the light of learning and in our case today, the London Council for Adult
Education is acting as the prism that reveals the spectrum of learning that is taking place in each
of our lives. Like the colours that appear when light passes through a prism, we are all very
different, we have different strengths and weaknesses, different hopes and dreams and very
unique ways of expressing who we are, but what we have in common is our desire to learn, and to
grow from our learning.

Each and every one of us is a work in progress. The recognition we are receiving today is a
milestone; it is not the destination. And even though we have had to endure many obstacles in
order to reach this point, our journeys will continue. I believe that the light of learning will
always shine within our hearts and minds constantly leading us to discover challenging and
wonderful new territory. We will learn at school, at work, at play, in our relationships and most
of all we will learn about ourselves. And it is my hope that all of us here today will seek out
opportunities to encourage learning in others, and by doing so we will all become the prisms that
display the awesome diversity of learning.
Congratulations Everyone!

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