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									                                                    Women and Substance Abuse                                                        June, 2003
                        Substance abuse among women is an                                          to be a leading preventable cause of
                         issue that is often overlooked as a                                        mental, physical, and psychological
                         serious health problem with negative                                       impairments and problems in infants and
                         physical and mental health                                                 children.iv
                         consequences.                                                             Girls ages 15 to 17 were reported to use
                                                                                                    drugs (12.9%), and women ages 26 and
                                                                                                    older using alcohol (14.0%) during
                          KY Females for Substance Abuse Treatment
                             in Community M ental Health Centers
                                   Fiscal Years 2000 - 2002
    Numbe r of Clients

                         4,200        Drug          Alcohol                                          Pregnant Females Reporting Past Month Use

                                                                                                              of Drugs or Alcohol, by Age

                                                                                                                  U.S., 1999 and 2000

                         2,100                                                                      20
                                                                                                                    Drugs             Alcohol


                                                                                                           12.9                               14.0
                                                                                          Percent                               10.1
                             0                                                                      10
                                     2000             2001            2002
Source: Kentucky Department for Mental
Health and Mental Retardation, Division of
                                                                                                            15-17          18-25           26+
Substance Abuse
                                                                                      Source: National Household Survey on Drug
                        9 million women nationally have used                         Abuse, “Substance Use among Pregnant Women
                         illegal drugs in the past year. 3.7 million                  During 1999 and 2000”, May 17, 2002.
                         women have taken prescription drugs
                         non-medically during the past year.i                                      Almost 19 percent of pregnant women
                        The University of Kentucky Institute on                                    in Kentucky use alcohol and 24 percent
                         Women and Substance Abuse found,                                           of women report smoking during
                         that of the estimated 72,000 women in                                      pregnancy.vi
                         Kentucky who abused alcohol and/or                                        Women are more inclined to hide their
                         other drugs, only 22 percent received                                      substance abuse for a number of
                         treatment.                                                                 reasons, including shame,
                        Additionally, of the approximately                                         stigmatization, or fear of losing their
                         13,850 young women in Kentucky                                             children.
                         between the ages of 12 and 17 in need of                                  The issues women bring to substance
                         treatment services, only 7% have                                           abuse treatment are often more
                         received treatmentii                                                       numerous and complex than men’s
                        Studies find women develop substance                                       issues.
                         abuse problems faster than men, after                                     Compared to the general population,
                         initiation of substance use. They also                                     women in treatment show significantly
                         suffer more physical problems due to                                       higher rates of childhood sexual abuse,
                         substance abuse.iii                                                        domestic violence, medical problems,
                                                                                                    unemployment, homelessness, mental
Pregnancy                                                                                           health problems, primary care taking
                        The use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or                                        responsibilities, shame and guilt.
                         other drugs during pregnancy continues
              To identify and treat substance abuse
               among pregnant women, Kentucky has                    Approximately 20 percent of welfare
               the KIDS NOW initiative, designed to                   recipients nationally, have alcohol and
               increase the number of pregnant women                  drug problems and substance abuse is
               who receive screening, referral,                       among the most frequently cited
               prevention and treatment services for                  functional impairment preventing
               substance abuse.                                       welfare recipients from leaving welfare
                                                                      and completing job training.viii
              While the proportion of adolescent boys           WEB NOTES
               and girls needing treatment services are          Al-Anon/Alateen
               similar, boys are four times more likely          (http://www.al-anon-alateen.org/)
               than girls to have received treatment for         Institute on Women & Substance Abuse
               their substance abuse vii                         (http://www.uky.edu/RGS/CDAR/IOWASA/)
              Alcohol is the most commonly used                 Kentucky Department for Mental Health/Mental
               psychoactive substance during                     Retardation – Substance Abuse Division
              In 2001, in Kentucky, half of all high
               school students reported drinking in the          NOTES
               previous 30 days.                                 i
                                                                   National Institute on Drug Abuse, Women and Drug Abuse.
                                                                     University of Kentucky, Center on Drug and Alcohol
                                                                 Research, Institute on Women and Substance Abuse.
                          High School Students Who               iii
                                                                     Alayne White, Institute on Women and Substance Abuse.
                         Reported Drinking Alcohol in            iv
                                                                     Kentucky Coalition for Women and Substance Abuse
                           Prior Month, by Gender,               Services, Briefing Folder, October, 2000.
                                                                     National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, “Substance
                               Kentucky, 2001                    Use among Pregnant Women During 1999 and 2000”, May
                         50         41.9              39.6       17, 2002.
                                                                     National Vital Statistics Report.

                                                                      Kentucky Household Survey, UK Center on Drug and
                         25                                      Alcohol Research.
                                                                      “Welfare Reform, Substance Use, and Mental Health.”
                                                                 Rukmalie Jayakody, Sheldon Danziger, Harold Pollack,
                          0                                      Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.
                                   Male              Female

Source: CDC, Youth BRFSS, Risk Behaviors on
Adolescent Health, 2001.

              In 2001, Kentucky high school students
               (24.2% male and 17.1% female)
               reported having used marijuana in the
               prior month.
                   High School Stude nts Who Re porte d
                    Selected Drug Use in Prior Month,
                        by Ge nder, Kentucky, 2001
                   25                           Male
                   20         17.1              Fe male
    Per cent

                                           4.6 3.1     3.9 4.3
                              Marijuana    Cocaine   Inhalants

Source: CDC, Youth BRFSS, Risk Behaviors on
Adolescent Health, 2001.

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