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					                                                                  Part 7
                                            Consultation and Partnership

Kettering Borough Student Council
1.    Name
      The name of the Council shall be the Kettering Youth Council.
2.    Objects
      (a) to initiate works, projects or initiatives anywhere within the Borough,
           provided no expenditure is incurred, to the benefit of any one
           secondary school;
      (b) to represent young people in the Borough, to comment on public
           services, in particular those that most impinge on the lives of young
           people, and to initiate discussion with service providers on the
           development or changes to public services.
3.    Membership
3.1   The Council shall comprise 34 members who are supported by their
      school college or establishment to be active members of the Youth
      Council. If any member misses three out of six meetings the Youth
      Council can require them to no longer be a member after consideration
      of their reasons for non attendance
3.2   Schools:
      24 members elected by secondary school students in years 7-9 of the
      six secondary schools in the Borough of Kettering, i.e.
         Bishop Stopford Church of England School
         Ise Community College
         Latimer Community Arts College
         Montsaye Community College
         Montagu School
         Southfield School for Girls – Specialist Sports College
3.3   Each school will elect four representatives, who will each serve two year
      terms. Two representatives will be elected each year from students

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                                                                        Part 7
                                                  Consultation and Partnership

      about to begin year 9 of their school career, who will therefore serve
      until the end of year 10.
3.4   Elections shall be held simultaneously in each school in June, and the
      term of office will commence in October.
3.5   Elections will be preceded by a three-week nomination period.
      Nominations would be verified by the Head Teacher of each school, who
      would be the Returning Officer for the election. Candidates for election
      must be proposed, seconded and supported by five other nominators.
      Polling hours in each school would be at the discretion of the Returning
      Officer, but should be no less than two hours.
3.6   Vacancies caused by resignations, etc, would be automatically filled by
      the candidate who was third in the last preceding ballot.
3.7   Elections are to be by “first past the post”.
3.8   Other educational establishments:
      8 representatives from special schools and colleges:.
         Maplefields School
         Wren Spinney Community Special School
         Ise Brook
         Tresham Institute for Further and Higher Education
3.9   Each    establishment       will   select    two   representatives   from   their
      School/College Council who will serve for up to two years
3.10 2 representatives of young people who are not in employment education
      or training who are selected by the Knibb User Group who will serve for
      up to two years
4.    Officers
4.1   The Council will have a clerk and treasurer who shall be appointed by
      the Borough Council.        The Borough Council shall also appoint other
      officers to provide professional and technical advice to the Council as
      may be required.
5.    Meetings of the Council

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                                                                 Part 7
                                           Consultation and Partnership

5.1   The Council shall at its first meeting in each year elect a Chair and a
      Deputy Chair who will serve for twelve months. The annual meeting
      shall take place in September.
5.2   The Council shall adopt Standing Orders which govern the conduct of
      meetings and which will be appended as part of this Constitution. These
      Standing Orders may be varied by the Council provided two-thirds of the
      membership present and voting are in favour of the change proposed.
5.3   The Council shall be meeting six times a year, at the Municipal Offices,
      and shall spread their meetings so that they take place equally on
      Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, starting at 1.00 pm
5.4   Meetings of the Student Council shall be in public.
5.5   The Council may appoint committees, with a deliberative, not executive
      role, with a membership of between 6 and 8, provided that each
      committee includes at least one representative from each school, and
      with a specific remit fixed by the Council.
5.6   Committee meetings will take place as and when required, but outside
      normal school hours.
5.7   At meetings of the Council, eight members shall constitute a quorum. At
      meetings of committees, four members shall constitute a quorum.
6.    Financial Matters
6.1   The Council will be funded jointly by the Borough Council and a
      sponsoring organisation with local links.
6.2   The monies belonging to the Council shall be kept in a continuing fund
      administered by the Borough Council. Access to that fund would be
      permitted only on the instruction of the Student Council, and for lawful
      purposes. The Council shall not make instructions for the expenditure of
      its money which would be in contravention of this Constitution.
6.3   The Council’s financial year shall run from 1st January to 31st December
      each year.
6.4   The Council shall fix its budget for the financial year ahead before 31 st

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                                                                 Part 7
                                           Consultation and Partnership

6.5   The accounts will be audited annually by an officer appointed by the
      Borough Council who is a chartered accountant.
7.    Legal Status
      The legal status of the Council would be vested in the Borough Council,
      who undertake to treat the Council as an independent voluntary body
      and to respect its wishes insofar as those wishes are lawful and in
      accordance with this Constitution.
8.    Alteration of the Constitution
      This Constitution can only be altered with the agreement of the funding

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