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									Job Description – NOCS 62/08
Department             National Marine Facilities Division - National Oceanography Centre,
Post:                  Third Officer

Grade:                 Marine graded post

Competency             STCW95 Certificate of Competency II/1 - Officer of the Watch. GMDSS
Level:                 General Operators Certificate
Responsible to:        The Master

Reports to:            At Sea: The Master, Chief Officer & Second Officer
                       Ashore: NMFD Operations Manager
Responsible for:       Deck Petty Officers and Ratings

Main Function of the Job:

     General navigation of ship.
     Maintenance of navigational publications.
     Management of a navigational watch.
     Maintenance of lifesaving and fire-fighting appliances.
     Act as understudy to the Second Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1        Health, Safety, Environment and General Conduct:

1.1      To be aware of and meet the NERC Core Expectations appropriate to the post.
1.2      To be aware of and comply with all codes of conduct appropriate to the post.

2        Seagoing Role:

2.1      Take charge of a navigational watch and GMDSS radio watch.
2.2      Take the station assigned by the Master at mooring, unmooring and anchoring and
         during deployment and recovery of scientific equipment.
2.3      Ensure that the appropriate Pre-Cruise sailing checklist is satisfactorily completed and
         the Master advised accordingly.
2.4      Correct up to date all navigational publications other than charts.
2.5      Assist the Chief Officer so as to ensure the safe handling, deployment, recovery and
         stowage of scientific equipment at sea.

NOCS 62/08
2.6     Assist the Chief Officer in loading, stowing and discharge of stores and scientific
        equipment when in port.
2.7     Carry out First Aid duties as directed by the Master.
2.8     Administer the ordering, issue and safekeeping of video tapes/DVD’s and Marine
        Society libraries.
2.9     Maintain Lifesaving and Fire appliances as required by the Chief Officer.
2.10    Participate in ship-keeping in port as arranged by the Chief Officer, and to write up the
        Deck Log for the times when on duty.
2.11    Maintain the stock of Meteorological Office forms and equipment by liaising with Port
       Meteorological Officers in suitable ports;
2.12    Fulfil the function of Principal Observing Officer.
2.13    Take an active part in the marine Report/Appraisal system currently in force and
        ensure that all training is entered into the Personal & Training Record Book.

3       Shore Duties and Responsibilities:

3.1     During the time ashore, when not on leave, marine staff may be required to work for
        periods at NOCS to assist in the planning and coordination of future research cruises
        together with the Principal Scientist and the NMFD operations staff, or to assist in
        supporting the overall management activities taking place at that time.
3.2     Be aware of the requirement of the general notes on Job Descriptions.

4       Training:

4.1     Attend such training courses as may be deemed necessary by NMFD shore
        management, to assist with both personal development and the development and
        improvement of the organisation. These training courses may be arranged at times
        that coincide with an individuals leave but, if felt important by the shore management,
        then the Third Officer will be required to attend.

5       Process Management:

5.1     NMFD operates a process management system in order to ensure efficiency and
        consistency and to provide an auditable framework for performance measurement. The
        post is required to conform with and contribute to this system. This will include
        involvement with system audits.

It should be noted that when a vessel carries two Second Officers instead of one
Second Officer and one Third Officer then the duties described above will need to be
allocated to one of the Second Officers. The Master may, at his discretion, change
around the duties of the Second and Third Officers to ensure that his Officers
maintain an all-round awareness of the ship operations.

NOCS 62/08
Person Specification – NOCS
Department:              National Marine Facilites- Sea Systems, National Oceanography
                         Centre, Southampton

Post Title:              Third Officer

Grade/Band:              Marine Staff

Criteria                                      Essential                   Desirable
Qualifications/Knowledge:                STCW95 Certificate of          Knowledge and
                                         Competency Officer of         experience in DP
                                          the Watch, 11/1 (no            operations.

                                           GMDSS General                Ship Handling.
                                         Operators Certificate.

                                      STCW95 Certificates
                                     PST (Personal Survival
                                         Medical First Aid
                                      Fire Fighting and Fire
                                        Prevention and or
                                     Advanced Fire Fighting
                                    ENG 1 Medical Certificate
                                       of fitness – without
Work Related Experience:                     Seagoing.             Scientific Research Vessel

Skills/Abilities & Special Attributes:
1) Planning & Organising:           Good time management
                                    skills and prioritisation in
                                     situations of conflicting
2) Analysis and Problem             Strong and independent
   Solving:                         problem solving abilities
                                     and task prioritisation.

NOCS 62/08
3) Communication Skills:    Confident and articulate
                               written and oral
                           communication skills at all

                                Broad IT skills.
4) Leadership/Management                                    Familiarity with
   Skills:                                                purchasing tools and

5) Other Skills:             Strong awareness of             Proactive in an
                               health, safety and        environment of change.
                             environmental issues.

                               Enthusiasm and the          An enthusiasm for
                             flexibility to learn new        advancing our
                                        skills.           understanding of the
                                                          marine environment.
                              understanding of all
                             relevant national and
                            international statutory
                           regulations applicable to
                               the role to ensure
                             compliance within the
                               Deck department.

Special Requirements:       Participation as part of
                            the NMF Sea Systems
                            team ashore at NOCS.

                            Holder of a UK Passport
                             and Discharge Book.

NOCS 62/08

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