Debit Card Redemption Form by gabyion


									 Sprint Equipment Mail-in Rebate Certificate
 Select your device:
 □ $49.99 Treo™ PRO by Palm®                                       □ $49.99 Touch™ Diamond by HTC
 □ $49.99 Touch™ PRO by HTC                       □ $49.99 BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i Smartphone
 □ $49.99 BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i Smartphone (No camera)

                                                                                              Personal Account Information. Please Print Clearly.
  Claim Remittance Instructions:
                                                                                              Company Name: ________________________________________________
  Complete redemption form. Must be filled out completely for every
  device purchased in order to be processed.
                                                                                              Employee: _____________________________________________________
  Photocopy of proof of purchase label
  from the side of your device box.                                                           Mail-To Address: ________________________________________________ Apt.#____
  Sample shown.
  Provide a copy of your purchase                                                             City: __________________________________________________________ State:___
  receipt or packing slip.
                                                                                              Wireless Phone # ( ______ ) _______ – ____________
  Provide a copy of the first page of your                                                    (Associated with 24-month service agreement at time of purchase):
  most recent wireless service bill.
  Make copies of all these documents for your records. Any disputed                           Date of Purchase: _____ / _____ / _________
  claim will require photocopies for resolution.
                                                                                              Email address: __________________________________________________
  Mail all documents to:                                                                      You will be notified by email when we have received your submission.
  American Wireless, 565 Display Way, Sacramento, CA 95838
  Attn: Debit Card Processing Department                                                      Customer Signature: _____________________________ Date: __________
  Check your redemption status by calling American Wireless
  Customer Service 1-866-784-5157

Offer ends 09/30/09. Device cannot be returned once mail-in rebate certificate has been submitted. Redemption form must be postmarked no later than 60 days from the date of purchase. This offer is
good only with the purchase of a Sprint device through this website, powered by American Wireless. A separate rebate form must be completed and mailed in a separate envelope for each device
purchased. Allow 6-8 weeks for processing. The wireless provider reserves the right to review and approve all submissions and modify or withdraw this promotion at any time for any reason. Limit one
device rebate offer per wireless phone number. Good on new activations with a two-year contract of $39.99 or higher. Early termination fee up to $200 and a mandatory arbitration provision for each
device may apply. Requires credit approval. Customers must have active wireless service and current account standing at the time of processing. Redemption form will be processed after verification of
180 days of active Sprint service. Materials received become property of the wireless provider and cannot be returned. Reproduction, purchase, sale or trade of this form or proof of purchase is
prohibited. This form has no cash value. Offer valid only in the United States. Certain restrictions apply. Any card certificate lost or misdirected by the U.S. Postal Service or other delivery service is not
the responsibility of the wireless provider, or its Fulfillment Center. Illegible or incomplete forms will be considered invalid or ineligible for card. Fraudulent submissions could result in prosecution under
U.S. Mail Fraud Statute (18 USC Section 1341-1342).

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