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									Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar
One of the greatest Indian mathematicians who is considered to be amongst the most talented
mathematicians in recent history. With almost no formal training in pure mathematics, Ramanujan
made substantial contributions in the areas of analysis, number theory, infinite series and
continued fractions.

December 22, 1887, 6 20 pm, Erode

   CHANDRA                   BUDHA       LAGNA

   KETU          22-12-1887, 6 20
                 PM ERODE

                       RASI CHART

   SURYA         BUDHA       SUKRA       KUJA
                 GURU        GULIKAN

              SUKRA        KUJA          SURYA
              GULIKAN                    KETU

   LAGNA         NAVAMSA CHART           GURU

   RAHU                    CHANDRA

 th                                th                                      th
4 lord, Budha is in a dusthana 6 house, in Kuja kshetra. Amsaka is in 8 house, makara, Sani
                                                      th                            th
kshetra. 4h house is occupied by Kuja the vighna 6 lord whose navamsa is in 12 . Owing to this,
the native had very difficult formal education, due to family circumstances as well as disinterest in
certain subjects though there are positives like: a) parivarthana yoga between Budha and Kuja
            nd                               th                th
and b) the 2 lord Chandra aspecting the 4 house from 10 house..

Manokaraka Chandra, is in Guru kshetra in 10 house and in Sukra kshetra in amsaka, aspected
    th                th
by 6 lord Kuja from 4 house. Also there is a full aspect of Guru to Chandra. Ensuring an extra-
ordinarily developed mind, but with the Kuja given restlessness.
     nd                                                      nd
The 2 lord Chandra has been discussed above. Also, the 2 house is occupied by Sani and
Rahu, which in normal conditions curtail knowledge. But here, Sani is the lord of the 9 house
and he is in Uccha navamsa. An all important drishti of Guru is again a very positive influence.

  th              th
10 lord Guru in 6 house though in bandhu kshetram created lot of vighnams (obstacles) in his
work through diseases, financial difficulties, etc. Occupation of Chandra in the 10 house
aspected by 6 lord Kuja assured that there will be lot of support as well as animosity from people
towards the native’s works.

       th                                  nd                                           nd
Here, 9 lord Sani is in Karkataka, the 2 house. It is in Ucchamsa along with the 2 lord
Chandra which will surely let him fulfill his mathematical pursuits. Its association with Rahu
accented its properties of delays and frustrations.

 th                                                          th
5 lord Sukra in Swakshetra with amsaka in mesha, the 11 house. There is of course an
affliction by means of Gulika’s association with the 5 lord, in both rasi and amsa, which shows
the poorva janma afflictions, to the wisdom’s lord.

The all important Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) lords namely Budha and Guru in this case, very critical as
far as health goes, are conjoined in the Roga sthana, the 6 . The native’s life was curtailed with
health problems all through. Other than the TB that brought death for him, it is seen from the
horoscope that he had severe intestinal issues also.
Sani’s presence in 2 along with Rahu, did give him difficulties in learning but the budha-kuja
parivartana yoga and Kuja – Chandra association by means of drishti gave the extra-ordinary 5
house possessor, more depth.

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