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					          INTENT TO OFFER FOR 2009 START– DIPLOMA: Manufacturing & Product Design
(Please enter the line of learning in the space above)

Please complete one Intent to Offer per line of learning, e.g. if you have five lines of learning complete 5
forms. This is due to potentially different component choices and consortia members across each Diploma line.

Name of Consortia Head                            Wendy Wright                                                        Name of Consortia              East Cheshire Partnership
Consortia Head E-mail                                                  Centres in the Consortia Macclesfield College - 40517
Consortia Subject Leader                          Keith Hegarty                                                        (Centre Number) Centres as the Engineering diploma
Subject Leader Centre                             Macclesfield College
Subject Leader E-mail                   
Subject Leader Telephone No.                      01625 410013
Subject Leader Centre Address                     Park Lane
                                                    SK11 8LF

Details of person completing
form, if different from above:     Keith Hegarty – As above
                         Name                                                                                                    E-mail
                         Job title                                                                                    Telephone number
                                                                                                                                                                                      Edexcel use only
Diploma Component                              Line of Learning                                             Cohort Size (by level)                       Awarding body                    IQS          CDM
                                                                                                      1              2             3

Example Line                                   Health Society and Development                        20              20            20                Edexcel
Principal Learning                             Manufacturing &Product Design                         15              15            0                 Edexcel

Generic Learning                               Functional Skills                                     15              15
                                               Project                                               15              15            0                 Edexcel

        Signed:                                                                                                    Date:                nd
                                                                                                                                       22 December 2008

Please return form by fax to: 0117 950 1115 or by post to Edexcel, Bristol Regional Office, Cribbs Business Centre, Hollywood
Lane, Bristol, BS10 7TW. If you do receive a confirmation letter after two weeks please contact
Where you have consented when providing us with your details, we may also allow carefully selected third parties, including other companies in our group (being the Pearson Group of companies), to contact
you occasionally about products and services which may be of interest to you, including educational products and services. They may contact you by post, telephone or fax, as well as by e-mail. If you change
your mind about being contacted by these companies in the future, please let us know.

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