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					                                        ‘It Really Does Matter’

                Welcome to Abbotswood School. Thank you for helping us today.

The following information should be read before starting your class – if we’ve missed anything please
ask! In the first instance consult the year leader for any information, assistance, supplies, advice, etc.
that you need.
                          Headteacher:              Tina Bunting
                          DeputyHead:               Fiona Brocklesby
                          Deputy Head:              Laurie Anderson

Year Leaders                     Year 3           Maureen Martin
                                 Year 4           Emma Pindar
                                 Year 5           Dawn Webb
                                 Year 6           Dave Bessant

School Times                     8.50                      Electric bell for 5 minute reminder
                                 8.55-9.05                 Registration
                                 9.05-10.05                Curriculum 1
                                 10.05-11.05               Curriculum 2
                                 11.05-11.25               Break
                                 11.25-12.25               Curriculum 3
                                 12.30-1.25                Lunch
                                 1.25-1.30                 Registration
                                 1.30-3.00                 Curriculum
                                                           (For assembly times liaise with your Year
                                 3.30                      Bell for end of day

The bell is rung in the playground by children at 8.55am, 11.25am and 1.25pm. Children line up
quietly in year groups. You should be there to meet them and bring them in quietly. An electronic
bell is rung to announce the beginning and end of sessions and home times. Chairs should be stacked
and the classroom left tidy.

Rewards and Sanctions
Our school ethos is based on rewarding the positive and we set high standards. Rewards include
praise, stickers, stars and ‘Star of the Day’ certificates. Year group leaders can inform you of the year
group system (usually 3 stickers = one star). Stars should be given for particular effort with work or
for particularly good behaviour. Please be sparing with stars as they are part of a cumulative Star
Award System. Aim for a ratio of 4:1 (positive to negative comments). This should largely alleviate
the need for issuing sanctions. There is a whole school system for dealing with inappropriate
behaviour. In each class there is a chart with children’s name. If children persist with inappropriate
behaviour (ie not following the Code of Conduct or agreed class rules) they should:

                (1)      Be reminded orally (a verbal warning)
                (2)      Have one tick recorded (lst choice)
                (3)      Have another tick recorded (2nd choice)
                (4)      Miss playtime in the ‘Breaktime Room (3rd choice)

If you have any problems regarding behaviour please consult (1) year leader (2) deputy headteacher
(3) Headteacher. Do not use any kind of corporal punishment. Refer the child to the Behaviour
Code on the classroom wall.

Playtimes       Please be aware that children are not permitted to stay in the classroom at break
                or lunchtimes even with permission. Children who are not allowed to go outside
                should be given written permission from their teacher and should be in the
                shared areas of the year group (by the computer banks). Children who are
                not able to join in PE or OSA should never be left in the classroom, but
                should be completing appropriate worksheets outside or be left with another teacher
                (see Year Leader for copies). Children who misbehave or have not completed work
                can be sent to the Breaktime Room at morning break with paper and pencil where
                they will be supervised.

                Children who feel unwell are sent to the office. The school welfare assistant is on
                duty from 10.30 until 2.30pm.

                There is no afternoon break. On wet breaks children are supervised by year team
                members on duty at beginning of break and LSAs at lunchtime. Wet break is
                announced by 2 short electric bells. There are games available in each year group for
                wet playtimes. Children stay in their own classrooms and do not use the computer.

Timetables      Your weekly class timetable for Literacy and Maths with an outline of planned
                activities is on the wall. See your year leader for year group and class plans. The
                purple planning folder will help you ascertain previous learning in Science and the
                foundation subjects. Please tick and initial to show which lesson you cover.

Duty Days       There is a rota system with one teacher from each year group on duty
                daily. Please consult your year leader. Supply teachers are expected to
                cover the duties of the teacher they are replacing.

Registers       The register is brought to you by Year 6 monitors. Select two of your
                class to return it to the office by 9.05 and 1.30pm.

                Registers must be marked at the beginning of morning and afternoon
                sessions. The marking code is in the front of the register. Any money
                collected for trips should be sent to the office in the plastic envelope
                that is with your register. The dinner register is marked daily in the
                morning. with ⁄ (dinner) S (sandwiches) or O (absent). Please add your name at the
                bottom if you wish to take a lunch. The cost is £2.23 payable at the office. This is
                for staff meals eaten either in the staff room or main hall. Children pay their money
                daily as they collect their meals.

Dinner Tickets The children should choose whether to have ‘blue’ or ‘green’ lunch (green is
               suitable for vegetarians). Please fill this in on the register. Just before lunch a
               pot will arrive in the classroom containing blue and green bands to be given to
               the children who ordered these lunches. The pot will also contain a list of the
               children who ordered these lunches so that you can check them off as they are
               given out. Please return the pot to the office with the afternoon register.

Marking         Follow our marking code which should be on the classroom wall. Children can be
                rewarded with one star for achievement and effort in any school curriculum work
                activity. Please do not be too generous as the children work towards certificates and
                a final reward.

                Please mark any work you have set children before leaving school. If this is not
                possible place a tick at the end of the work and initial it to show that you have
                seen it. Relevant notes and comments written for the class teachers concerning the
                day’s activities are appreciated.

Child Protection Procedures
               The Child Protection Liaison Officer in school is Fiona Brocklesby, Deputy
               Headteacher. If you have any concerns about a child, it is important that you inform
               her as soon as possible.

                Should a child disclose child protection information (e.g. any kind of abuse) to you, it
                is vital that you respond appropriately. Tell the child that what they are saying is
                important and that you need to tell the CPLO. Do not tell the child you can keep
                anything secret. Ideally, try not to question the child too much initially as this could
                prejudice any potential court hearing. However this may not be possible, so note
                down anything the child says to pass to the CPLO. The CPLO is trained to act in
                these circumstances and will liaise with Children’s Services.

Photocopying We operate an individual code system to monitor use of the
             photocopier in the staff room. A member of your year team will help

Fire            Procedures for fire are on the wall of each classroom near the door.
                Read this and find the nearest exist for your class before starting work.

Security        All staff wear a school badge. You will have been given one by the
                office. Please wear it and return your badge on leaving.

                Shut all outside doors when entering the building for security reasons.
                The only entrance for visitors during the school day is the main door
                where there is a security system. Once the 3.30pm bell has rung, please
                accompany your children to the door and ensure it is closed afterwards.

And Finally     Contact the office with your supply teacher form before leaving school
                to ensure that our records are accurate and that you receive the correct
                pay! Remember to sign out and return your badge.

We hope you have enjoyed working with us. Thank you for your help today.

January 2009