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					                                                          Spring 2007

Dear Friends,

        The administration and staff of Ridgewood High School are looking forward to the first day of school on
Thursday, August 16, 2007. We are contacting you to inform you that all students registering at Ridgewood High
School are required to pay a basic school registration fee.

        School fees will be collected by mail and books will be distributed in class the first few days of school.

        We have enclosed the form we are using to collect these fees and for gathering other necessary information. After
reading the instructions on the back of this page, please complete the form and mail it with your check or credit card
payment in the enclosed addressed envelope as soon as possible, but no later than May 1, 2007. This year, families may
combine payments for gym clothes, locks, and cafeteria purchases with the school registration fee. A receipt will be
mailed to you. Please do not come to the high school to complete this process. If you have questions regarding the
payment of fees or require assistance in completing your registration form, call the Business Office for assistance at (708)
697-5525 or (708) 456-4242, extension 225.

        In addition to instructions for completing the fee payment form, we have also enclosed a General Information
sheet that addresses a variety of subjects of interest to both students and parents. Please refer to the school website for extra forms.

        We look forward to completing the fee payment process in an efficient manner and anticipate a successful
beginning of the new school year.


                                                  Kevin J. O’Mara
                       GENERAL INFORMATION

FEE PAYMENT RECEIPTS: A packet of information, payment receipt and student’s will be mailed in
August to those who sent in their completed form and payment.

IDENTIFICATION CARDS / YEARBOOK PICTURES: ID cards for new/transfer students will be taken at
Freshman Orientation and during the first several days of school.
 Freshmen yearbook photographs will be taken during Freshmen Orientation. Sophomore and
Junior yearbook photographs will be taken early in the school year. Senior yearbook photographs
will be taken during the summer before the school year begins and will be taken by appointment only.
Appointments can be confirmed through Prestige/Lifetouch at (630) 910-6800.

HALL LOCKERS: Students will be assigned both a hall locker and a gym locker. The hall locker number will
appear on the student’s schedule. Hall lockers will be available to the students beginning August 15, 2007.
New students will be required to purchase 2 locks from the school store for their lockers at a cost of $14.00 total
($7.00 each). All lockers containing student possessions must be locked.

SCHOOL STORE: School store hours will be posted at the beginning of the school year. Students may
purchase gym clothes, pens, pencils, paper, folders, computer disks, etc., from the school store. Gym clothes
and locks will also be sold during Freshman Orientation on August 13, 2007. An order form for gym clothes
and locks is included in this packet.

TRANSPORTATION: Students who wish to use public transportation at a reduced fare may obtain a Student
Riding Permit. To do this you need to send a completed application and a photo to the RTA. The cost is $5.00.
Applications are available in the school library. RTA Route 78 runs within two blocks of the school.
Information about all RTA routes may be obtained by calling: (312) 836-7000 or going to

FREE/REDUCED MEAL / FEE WAIVER: Information describing the Fee Waiver and the Free/Reduced
Meal Program is available at the school. You may pick up this information and applications at the Business
Office of the school.

INSURANCE INFORMATION: Student Accident Coverage is provided for students
enrolled in District 234 at no cost to the family. This coverage is secondary to your primary
family coverage. Students are covered while attending classes or participating in school sponsored activities
and sport programs, including football. 24-hour insurance is available as an optional purchase.

SCHEDULE CHANGES: For the 2007-08 school year there is a $50.00 charge to change a student schedule.
The deadline for changing 1 st semester classes was
May 1st, 2007 and to change a 2 nd semester class, the deadline will be October 1st, 2007. Students will need to
see a counselor for any changes in their schedule.

Sports Registration: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 9:00 AM
Freshman Orientation: Monday, August 13, 2007 (STUDENTS ONLY)
School Begins: Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 8:00 AM.
                                                     Ridgewood High School                                            2007-2008

                                                                                                                     Circle one
                                                                                                                     Grade 9 10 11 12
Use ballpoint pen-PRINT clearly or type

Student Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                  FIRST                       MIDDLE                                  LAST NAME

Address_________________________________________          _____________________   Home Phone (______)________________ (______)___________________
                Street Number                               Town Name                               Father                        Mother
Father: Cell Phone(______)__________________                                      Mother: Cell Phone(____)_________________

Father: Bus. Phone(______)_______________ext_______                               Mother: Bus.Phone (_____)_____________________ext_____

Only resident students shall be permitted to attend Ridgewood High School. To be considered a resident student, the student must reside in
District 234 with one or both of his/her parents or legal guardian. Acceptance of schoolbooks and student’s course schedule acknowledges
responsibility for books issued. This also certifies that the child’s address shown above is the legal residence of the parent/legal guardian as
of July 15, 2007. All exceptions to this rule must conform to Board of Education policy, and must be reported at the time of registration.
NON-RESIDENTS MUST PAY TUITION. The textbook rental/material fee was established by the Board of Education for all students and is
MANDATORY. If paid BEFORE May 1, the fee is $200.00. When paid AFTER May 1, the fee is $225.00. When paid AFTER June 1, the
fee is $250.00.**

RIDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL                                                     Make Checks Payable to: Ridgewood High School
All Students MUST Pay Registration/Book/Material Fees                          Complete Credit Card Information Below
Circle letter & amounts that represent additional
items that are optional.                                               Method of Payment: (Do Not Send Cash)***
A. Book/Material Rental**                           $250.00
      Before June 1-$225.00
                                                                                Check (payable to Ridgewood High School)
      Before May 1-$200.00                          $_________
                                                                                Check #__________Money Order#_____________
B. Yearbook (optional) $40.00                       $_______                                          $ 40.00
                                                                                Master Card (16 digits)
C. 2006-2007 Money Owed (books, fines) $_______

D. Advanced Placement Course Fee                                                Visa (13 or 16 digits)
      (ONLY IF ELIGIBLE)@ $82.00 each               $_______

E. Technology Fee @ $40.00 each
      (ONLY IF TAKING COURSE)                       $_________         Expiration Date: Month________Year___________

F. School Store-gym clothes/locks (optional)        $________          Signature of Card Holder__________________________

G. Cafeteria Debit Program (optional)               $________                                         $_________

 H. Senior/ Graduation DVD (optional) $32.00 $________
                                                                       ***Any one needing a payment plan, please arrange with Business Office before July 1,
 I.    Tax-exempt Donation to Ridgewood                                             there will be a 10% fee added to your bill.
       Foundation (optional)                        $_________

                      ***Total Cost of Items        $_________

               **Charges for non-returned rental books: Texts: $100.00 each; Workbooks: $25.00 each; Paperbacks: $15.00 each
                 ***Any overpayments made will be posted to the student’s Cafeteria Debit Account.

                     I have read and understand this form, and I am placing my signature on this form to confirm
                                              all information is accurately contained.

__________________________________________________________________              ________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian    SIGNATURE REQUIRED                                           Parent/Guardian      E-MAIL ADDRESS

                                                    Date___________________________                                                        MO E42905
Ordering Facts:
1.   All students must wear a gym uniform to gym class. The uniform consists of shirt and shorts (sweatshirts
     and sweatpants are optional).
2.   For safety reasons, all new students must order two (2) locks from the school store: one for your hall locker
     and one for your gym locker.
3.   Payment for your order must be sent to: Ridgewood High School; 7500 West Montrose Avenue;
     Norridge, Illinois 60706-1196. We must receive payment at Ridgewood High School by June 1, 2007 or
     you are not guaranteed to receive locks or a uniform in your size.
4.   We accept personal checks or money orders payable to Ridgewood High School. You may include this
     amount on line F of your student’s Registration Form, where Charge Card payments are taken.
5.   Don’t just send the money! Make sure you include your payment with your order preferably with the school
     registration payment so your son and /or daughter can pick it up during Freshman Orientation.
 The price sheet for gym uniforms and locks are as follows:

Size         Shirts               Shorts               Sweatshirt           Sweatpants
 S           $13.00               $10.00                 $17.00                $18.00
 M           $13.00               $10.00                 $17.00                $18.00
  L          $13.00               $10.00                 $17.00                $18.00
 XL          $13.00               $10.00                 $17.00                $18.00
 2X          $15.00               $11.00                 $18.00                $19.00
 3X          $17.00               $13.00                 $19.00                $20.00
        Locks are $7.00 each, but 2 locks are required per student. If you have them
                         from last year, there is no need to buy*****

Student Last Name:_________________ First Name:_________________
Parent(s)Guardian(s) Last Name:__________________First Name:______________
Home Phone#( ____ )__________________Work Phone#( ____ )______________
Cell Phone#(_____)___________________
Payment Type (circle one): Check or Money Order Check/Money Order #_______

Please order me the following garments:

                                                                                     Item         Initial
                                                                                    Delivery      Upon
               Size Requested Quantity Requested Cost Per Item             Total     Date        Receipt
Masterlocks Mandatory****                   2                 $7.00       $14.00
                                                       FOOD SERVICES
                                                         Ridgewood High School
                                                         7500 W. Montrose Ave.
                                                         Norridge, Illinois 60706
                                                          (708) 456-4242 x264

Dear Parent (s):

We provide food services for Ridgewood High School. We would like to introduce a convenient concept to you. It’s called the
Cafeteria Debit Program. This program is a computerized system that allows students to have a special account with funds for
making only food purchases for breakfast or lunch while at school. Please read the following helpful information.

     1.   Cafeteria Debit Program Benefits:
           a.       Anyone making an initial deposit of $100.00 or more will receive some FREE MONEY, as we give a 10%
                    bonus! For example, if the initial deposit is $100.00 we put $110.00 into the account. If it is $250.00 we put
                    $25.00 more.
           b.       Keep lost and stolen money to a minimum, as once deposited, it is in a food account for safekeeping.
           c.       It supports continued management of dietary restrictions for individuals who would like this.
           d.       Please note. You can still be part of the Cafeteria Debit Program if the initial deposit is below $100.00.
                    Unfortunately, the 10% bonus is not available for any deposits below this. The only exception to this rule is if a
                    family has more than one student at this high school. In this case, after you make one initial deposit of $100.00,
                    you still get the 10% bonus. We then divide the deposit and bonus among the family’s students.
     2.   Cafeteria Debit Account and Deposits.
           a.       The school provides each pupil with a Student Identification Card (ID). We use the ID Card to set up the account;
                    to make additional deposits; and for all purchases. This helps eliminate money becoming lost or stolen.
           b.        Deposits can be made weekly or monthly. We also accept yearly deposits, as some families prefer this option.
           c.       You may make deposits for any amount by cash, with a money order, or with a check. If you are making out a
                    check, it needs to be payable to Ridgewood High School. You may make an initial deposit with your child’s
                    school registration fees. After that your account can be replenished by making a deposit directly to the cafeteria
                    cashier or to the cafeteria manager before school.
     3.   Cafeteria Debit Program Purchases:
           a.       Whenever a student wants to make a purchase, they select whatever foods they want from the menu for that day.
                    Once they present their ID for payment, we are able to immediately verify their identity by having the same
                    picture in the computer and their remaining balance.
           b.        Provided adequate funds are available in the account, the amount purchased during any given day may vary. For
                    example, purchases may be used for breakfast, lunch, milk or ala carte items.
           c.        The computerized system maintains a record of how your student is spending their deposited funds. A parent can
                    request an account history from our office, and the remaining balance is available to the student after each
                    purchase. A low balance statement will be sent home when a student need to have another deposit added to their

     4.   Unused Funds

                   a. Parents may request a refund of funds left in the account when the student graduates,
                      transfers, or no longer wishes to use the account. A check will be mailed to the parent.
                   b. Unclaimed funds less than $10.00 will be donated to the Ridgewood Foundation.

     5. Enrolling in the Mealtime Program:

                   a. You may include payment for your initial deposit with your child’s registration fee.
                       Please return this completed application as well.
                   b. Put a completed application, along with your deposit, in a regular envelope so you can
                      have your student drop it off in the cafeteria during the school year.
                   c. Please note. It is important to understand that the Cafeteria Debit Program does not
                      allow the withdrawal of funds for cash. It does not allow the option of charging
                      food like a credit card either. The only withdrawal from this account is for food
                   d. If you would rather mail the application and deposit you may do so.
                              i. Mail it to the school address.
                           ii. Then add the words, ATTENTION: Cafeteria Ridgewood High School

We know you will find our Mealtime Program beneficial and look forward to serving breakfast and lunch to you daily for the 2007-
2008 school year. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to call us at (708)456-4242 x264. Thank you.


Cafeteria Staff

                                         Food Services at Ridgewood High School
Student’s Name


Phone                                Student’s Grade

Amount $                           Signature of Parent

Dietary restrictions

Check #                                             Date Input                                     $
               Ridgewood High School Student Health History Form
Dear Parent or Guardian:

To insure proper medical treatment at school we rely on you to keep the school posted on new developments regarding
your son's/daughter's health. Please complete and sign this so we have current health information in your child's file for
the upcoming school year.

Student's Name: _____________________________________________                      Class of 20_____

Contact Names                            Relationship          Home Phone#          Work Phone#            Cell


Emergency Contact:

Physician’s Name

Present Health problems

Please check the items that apply to your child and write explanations on the blank lines below. Be sure to include any
changes in the health status in the past year.

_____       Strep infection (year ____)                              _____         Diabetes
_____       Scarlet fever (year _____)                               _____         Kidney or bladder trouble (explain)
_____       Frequent ear infections                                  _____         Heart disease (explain)
_____       Hard of hearing                                          _____         Bleeding disorder (explain)
_____       Poor vision
_____       Is special seating needed? yes / no                      _____         Special diet required (explain)
_____       Allergies (list & write reactions)                       _____         Dieting for weight loss
_____       Asthma-list medication if needed                         _____         Major operations (type & result)
_____       Headaches                                                _____         Permanent disability (explain)
_____       Convulsions or spells (explain & date)                   _____         Temporary disability (explain)
_____       Epilepsy (explain)                                       _____         Serious injuries or accidents (explain)
_____       Hepatitis                                                _____         Tuberculosis -TB (year ____)
_____       Birth defect (explain)                                   _____         Other significant illness (explain)
_____       Taking prescription medication (list medication & reason below)

Explanation: ______________________________________________________________________________

Special Equipment
Contact lenses: _____ soft   _____ hard    _______ gas permeable   Glasses: _____ yes _____ no
Hearing aid: _____    Braces on teeth: _____   Crutches/cane _____ Wheelchair _____

Medication WILL NOT BE GIVEN even with parent permission unless the proper documentation is on file in the Nurses’
office Please check the Student Handbook regarding the administration of medication.

Emergency Information:
If neither a parent/guardian, emergency contact listed above or the family doctor can be contacted in case of serious
illness or injury, permission is requested to take emergency action as deemed necessary. This may include transportation
of the student to a hospital or medical center.

Please check one: PERMISSION GRANTED_______________PERMISSION DENIED______________

Date ___/___/___ Parent/Guardian signature _______________________________________________